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  1. From 5-10 base, to 7.5-15 base. Thank you very much for the nerf on what were already a very expensive skill to maintain. And pls don't come up with the "only when there are 10 enemies affected by the abiltiy" because it will be happening for like 95% for the time! I don't know why you developers insist on this... it's frustrating having to deal with this after so many time and resources spent to make a thing nice, viable and fun to play. Can you please stop?
  2. Pls make firing weapon cancels reloading when magazine is not fully depleted? I'd love this QoL
  3. Pandero Prime using regular pandero skin while holding it with a glaive weapon, as following
  4. Maybe making Conductor (Resonator's augment) effects match the prime one would be a good idea
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