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  1. It's refreshing to hear you guys keeping up the Hotfixes and more changes to come. Keep it up. We all lift together. Also in the Veil Proxima, Crewship shoot these Aura fields that fully regenerate Fighters Health. I cannot damage them enough because they completely regenerate all the damage they took. It's really frustrating to fight them because of it, but I know ya'll can do it, and I'm patient enough to wait for more Hotfixes. Again, Cheers to you Rebb and the rest of DE. We all lift together.
  2. To add on my previous post: No essential loot (Avionics, Wreckage, resources) is dropping in Veil Proxima. This is really bad. I hope you can get to this.
  3. Great Hotfix as usual, but you really should fix the issue of not being able to return to dry dock after a skrimish. Many have lost some good rewards because of the hotfix incoming.
  4. Nice Hotfix. Still some bugs but keep up them nice Hotfixes Bugs: -Game breaks when slinged at a meltdown crewship Notes: -Avionics drop variety is relatively the same and I'm not noticing any new avionics being dropped. I guess bad luck on my part -It's a real hassle in the middle of a fight trying to get loot drops from the ships. why not reward us after the ship of any kind(fighterships, crewships) after being blown up? That way we can focus on the fight and not to worry about scurrying to grab the good stuff. Keep up the work.
  5. Since I have gone and built my Sigma series railjack I am wondering if others have to have their railjack built in order to go in mine as soon as the next phase is launched? My friends haven't built their own just yet and I'm the only one among them that has it fully built.
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