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  1. For me, even when getting perfect captures more than half the time it doesn't count toward the challenge.
  2. This is wrong. RMB does aim with the last range weapon equipped, but you do not have to waste energy turning your exalted weapon off/on again. If your exalted weapon is active simply hitting your melee key will unsheathe it again.
  3. 100% this. I am glad so many fixes are being done, but melee builds are already very tight, and Tek Gravity needs to be universal to make it worth giving up other important mods.
  4. I don't like that sentinel rivens are being removed. rivens were the only things that made most sentinel weapons viable.
  5. Thanks for the fixes, but please take that ugly rubber ring and latice off the Varida Operator suit, and put it back the way it was. It looks much sleeker before.
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