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  1. I haven't drawn in years, going to give it a go. Day 1 - Ring Day 2- "Mindless" Day 3- Bait
  2. Previously it was stated that in the big Orbiter update, all decorations should be fine. But myself and others still have concerns about items becoming lost or misplaced. Has the plan for moving decorations over changed at all?
  3. I'm interested to see what this reward will be, and if it will have any unique properties.I'm hoping it brings some kind of Focus sink, as the current Focus system is in need of one. One you have all the schools capped out (either fully or just the ones you care about) there's no use for all the millions of spare focus you will eventually gather over time. I'd happily play the content for how ever long is required, and burn a few million focus + Lua Lens in order to unlock an extra Operator Arcane slot or two.
  4. How is the development going with the Orbiter graphical update? It was said users decorations should be safely moved into place, but is that still the case or should we start taking decorations down?
  5. Didn't turn out quite like I hoped it would, trying to position Grineer is trickier than I expected.
  6. The main issue I have with Arbitrations isn't the reward or even the permadeath (outside of host migration problems it causes), it's how all the game modes are not equal in terms of rewards. Right now there's little to no point doing any arbitration mission type outside of interception and excavation, due to everything else being much slower. It would be great to see everything on a level plane in terms of reward rates, preferably brought in line with excavation rather than nerfed down to Defection level.
  7. I previously purchased full sets of every arcane blueprint from Cetus, most of them I have yet to craft still so they're sat in my inventory. If they aren't planned to be converted into built arcanes, I really hope they can be converted into something to get the standing back from them.
  8. Others have mentioned it but it really would be great to see abilities which work by impacting the ground, having a bonus depending on the height the ability is cast from. Even the mod Heavy Impact (and Rhino's passive) could be given the same treatment.
  9. When the MOA crouches down to walk, instead of crouch walking have it roll forward as if it's mimicking a Ratel before returning to a stand or crouch.
  10. I'd love to see how fluid switching to something like a Dagger would be for using Dispatch Overdrive for speed missions. If you need a build to use, "Ludicrous Speed" on my account on PC
  11. Will there ever be a European based dispatch point for the merch store?
  12. What was the reason for making the Umbra statue larger than the other statues? Also, will there ever be an inactive name clean up?
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