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  1. Question in relation to the Flux Energy being removed, and being replaced entirely by your Warframe's mods and energy pool. Will your companion's abilities be enabled while piloting? As they can impact energy usage. For example, Charm from a Smeeta Kavat to refund energy used, or Dig from a Sahasa Kubrow to passively restore energy by creating energy orbs next to you. - Also, I would love to see a comparison video between the old and new systems before release. The same mission, as close to the same load out as possible (with the addition of the command tree being used). Edit: A
  2. Currently, to check how many imprints you either have or have remaining for a companion, you have to go to the Incubator and access it's second screen. When you just need to check one or 2 creatures, is isn't too much of a hassle, but if you are in a situation where you have a large amount to check it quickly becomes tiresome. I'd like to suggest a small icon be added in the Companion list interface which indicates how many remaining imprints you have for the creature. Example: The icons show at a glance there's 2, 1, and 0 remaining imprints on those creatures.
  3. New range of cosmetics following on from Ephemeras? Wonder if one of them will be an "angel" reward for buying X amount of debt bonds from Ticker.
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