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  1. The change with sentients interacting with stasis seems reasonable due to their adapatation, I am thankful that it won't be impacting how other factions interact with it. Won't have to dust off a chilling globe frost build anytime soon.
  2. Helping ensure people stay in their homes and practice social distancing?
  3. This is an unexpected change, not nesseserily a bad one but being able to quickly react with various view points was useful. I support what was posted I found the post amusing I disagree with the post It also helped to declutter threads by not requiring a further explanation if it wasn't nessesary. If it helps avoid problems that were larger than we as users see, fair enough in that case. But I think just one type of reaction is a little bit too much of a simplifacation, rather than doing a reclassifacation.
  4. From the revisions you have planned, what lessons are you taking from it to improve content additions in the future so they (hopefully) shouldn't need an adjustment later on?
  5. Which game sounds would you like to update/remake but haven't found the time to do so?
  6. Atlas as Cupid, because love can hit like a tonne of bricks sometimes.
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