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  1. This... now this sounds cool but goddamn grind man XD
  2. Fair enough. Who knows maybe we will get one at some point again. It would definitly be interesting to see more of these kinds of weapons.
  3. Looks like you want more of these kinds of weapons. well yea. But i've never really noticed it. So its why i thought i might aswell place it here.
  4. The juno nul comba eximus have a shield and hammer?sword?. Do you think DE is gonna bring that weapon to us? Or will it stay as an enemy weapon?
  5. Ah yes. The old void keys. T1, T2, T3, T4 and Nova prime part in a ODD... I remember
  6. Damn man. Never happened to me yet sadly and i've been here for 5 years.
  7. Fair. But its more to sell... i have no need for primed anymore until the new primed weapon and frame come out.
  8. So we all know how the rare part of the relic is only a 2% intact, now if we use the refinement and bump it up to radiant it would be 10%, now if those 100 traces used actually went up to 20%, yes the possibility is still lower than the other relics aswell ontop of that. But i find it that way to many times. Its never really worth placing the relics at radiant for 100 traces for 10%. I usually place my relics at Flawless. Or if not, make common 40% on radiant, uncommon 35% and rare 25% if they still want to balance the numbers out
  9. There are times where I enter orb vallis and deimos and the map. Its just a blank map and I had to leave and enter. Ive tried both through necralisk and fortuna and enter the open session like that however the bug can still happen, this also happens when just entering the open session aswell!
  10. There are times where I login the game or come out of a mission. And the first thing I do is check the helminth. I can't enter the helminth chair at all anymore. So then i'd have to reset my game constantly due to this bug.
  11. I know and i still have the parts of the previous event. However a decontrustion to change their equipment would be a good option. or so i'd think
  12. say for example you have a plague kripath or a plague akwin and you want to reconstruct your weapon with better gear than before or change something. Wouldn't deconstruction be useful? We will have to level it all over again but this way we can re-use previously built items to upgrade them.
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