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  1. This. Those extra, unnecessary steps are extra-unnecessary Key word: additive. I think part of the problem lies with DE swapping between what stats are multiplicative or additive or "added to base stats before mods" or "scales off of". So I can understand where some of the confusion comes from. Some details about the discrete mathematics are only found on the wiki, further hindering transparency. But for the sake of the OP: it means 50 extra strength will be added to your next ability cast. So if you have 100% Str, it becomes 150%. If you have 300% Str, it becomes 350%. I wish there was magic multiplying and exponentially explosive numbers happening, but there aren't. Warframe might be a power/fantasy game, but as for being SUPER POWERED... well, I'm afraid that is purely a fantasy.
  2. I know right? I really hope not. In an office or internet cafe it's great, just not at home. Especially with how microsoft tried to force Xbox One users to accept a built-in R.A.T. (remote access trojan) into their hands-free microphones and cameras. Just because big brother can hack in and watch us doesn't mean I intend to give them a free pass. I tried offline editors. All the free products (that I tried 5+ years ago) were really clunky and limited. I know if I got the newest photoshop suite I could, but I ain't paying for that stuff. Especially considering the online options make it easy to slap together items that convey my ideas, but aren't award-winning images. My very first gif from scratch was in response to Lavos' Vials still being empty (fixed now, I think). I spent about two hours trying to make a complicated moving-sticker-gif (maybe I can do it with offline software) and after all that trouble I settled on a simple meme using https://imgflip.com/ (also good for GIFs). Now my motto is "if I can't slap it together in five minutes, it isn't worth the effort"... 10 minutes if I really care or having fun I grew up with Windows 98 and my dad sold PET computers when they were new. I have vague memories before Win98 when I would play Lemmings... I needed four or five 5" floppy disks to get the game started! Ahh, good times good times (sort of).
  3. I grabbed the Banshee Prime official video from https://www.youtube.com/playwarframe, I dropped the video link into https://giphy.com/create/gifmaker and added the caption. Sometimes I use https://ezgif.com/ to manipulate existing gifs.
  4. I made you a meme gif. Enjoy 😸
  5. Technically it could just be a normal human that is allied with the Tenno Faction. Like the many soldiers in the relays. As for "how many tenno are there?" This many: Each cluster holds 6 stasis pods. I can easily see more than 50 in this scene alone. So lots. Also we don't know if the Orokin were ever trying to breed or clone those "void devils" like chattel.
  6. Nyx and Valkyr are available through railjack, right? I predict Nyx and Valkyr are unvaulted next. Because these errors happen. Who do I want? Mag and Volt. "Sparky sparky boom combo!"
  7. Exactly. This too. I'm just repeating what the wiki says. I don't know with certainty because we both already agree that Stalky-boi likes to show up when we're vulnerable.
  8. "closed" is not the same as "log out, and log back in". Slayer-. can do it. You can too.
  9. Log out of the forums and log back in. It should update immediately.
  10. I have never used this strategy. Sounds good. Did this happen to you when you were a Host, or a Client?
  11. And for some reason, DE makes the +Punch Through mods super expensive. IMO all guns should have a minimum of 0.1m Punch Through by default. 0.1m for noobie guns like Braton (but not MK-1 Braton) and more for good guns like Braton Prime. DE could even institute the Pass Through damage system like they have with melee, reduced damage to every additional target struck. But anyway until that happens, I like my AoE guns. I enjoy Zhuge Prime because it doesn't have much bright-lights spam.
  12. How about if it was for a challenge? Like the "skull" challenges on Halo games. "Beat Sortie with a Clem, get 12000 Kuva instead of 6000" ? I would at least try!
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