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  1. I believe that DE should invest the time to integrate the Toggle System into the current cosmetics system. Not only for Gara's skin, but for many other cosmetics. This is a long standing issue and will continue to haunt the Artistic Design Team until it is solved in the way that the players have suggested. Read more about cosmetics, their categorizations, and potential solutions here:
  2. I'm still thinking that Twitch Drops are the enemy. For example if a Tenno playing Warframe on Nintenno Switch wants to watch a stream on their Switch console, they can only use YouTube and will not receive any drops. Can't we get a solution to make everyone happy? The solution for xbox users this week is a good example of compromise. So why not go one step further? What if all I had to do was login on the Mobile Warframe App during the specified time to receive the reward? I could watch the actual stream on my own time. Otherwise I often just get caught up in the whole "fancy drop h
  3. I had this happen in Update 30.0.0. I would complete a mission, start a fresh Kubrow Egg, and then not be able to use the Helminth Chair. Restarting the game fixed it.
  4. lol. I think the mask is the least of our concerns. At least that mask matches the theme of Cetus and Plains of Eidolon cosmetics. As much as I like the Eros Wings Ephemera on some of my frames, it is absolutely not "Warframey".
  5. Is there a link to the official Covenant House website? I don't see it in the original post and I can't find it on the Doner Drive webpage either.
  6. What about the Play Station players? I only received a single scintillant on my PS4 profile.
  7. I was not joking. If Sheldon was trolling or not, I don't know. But I would rather say it out loud rather than assume the devs know what players want. I don't recall. All I know for certain was that in late-2019/early-2020 the official announcement was "no Plague Star for 2020". lol I hope not, but that would be better than nothing. The cost of rushing a Forma is 10p and the breakdown value of a Forma Bundle is 12p each (iirc).
  8. In response to the comments in the Dev Stream: Yes, I want Plague Star and my "Forma Machine"! I am surprised the dev (who shall remain nameless) actually thought players were not interested in this event. P.S. Looking forward to the Sistas of Parvos 😻 and my own personal Hyena!
  9. Can we please have the option to choose which immersion-breaking cosmetics our game client will render?
  10. Agreed. Please make Starlight Market a Spawn Room for the Dojo. ⭐
  11. You are correct. Teshin sells a version of the mods exclusively for the VFX of the elemental bullet jump. Those specific mods do no damage. For your consideration: Deals damage: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Lightning_Dash Non-damage: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Voltaic_Lance
  12. Yes I would like more control over certain cosmetics. This thread proposes an efficient way to deal with them and I think it would make everyone happy.
  13. Officially Certified? Impossible. Darvo Bek is the only life-form that has been certified by DE. Chances are anyone claiming to be "certified" is a lot more likely to be "certifiable".
  14. Does this mean that on Wednesday @ 10AM we be watching the Devstream? Is this the official Devstream announcement?
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