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  1. Thanks for your support Momaw! It's a relief to know the team is working on it 💖 Thank you for confirming the long-term goal of awesome skin + audio + visual + stats. I hope the newly constructed back-end architecture will be allowed to apply to deluxe and/or tennogen skins in the future.
  2. Hyped! Looking forward to it! Thanks 💖 Wraithe looks like "Night Fang" from Pacific Rim 💖 So cool! Will he get gecko feet to stick to walls? Or any other lizardy traits? So far the hands and feet look awesome!
  3. Thanks for Home Time. You droped lots of little hints about DE's plans for 2021, but didn't give us a date on any announcements. Can we expect a DevStream soon? 💖 Have you played Khora recently? If you have, and you aren't bothered by the minimal line of sight script, please let us know. For the first time in my 3 years of playing on ps4 and also on pc, my poor Vernari is gathering dust! This isn't a witch hunt. I don't need a person to blame. Does DE have a greater vision for their changes to Khora?
  4. During TennoCon, DE showed new frames to us for their long term plan. I'm looking forward to the lizard frame. I hope it gets sticky "gecko" feet, if it crouches it can move freely on the walls and ceiling. Back on topic! I wanted to suggest a new warframe based on Chinese culture. I think continuing the trend of making content for our fellow players overseas is good form. I was thinking of: Wu Gang (simplified Chinese: 吴刚; traditional Chinese: 吳剛; pinyin: Wú Gāng). In his quest for immortality, after learning the method for eternal life he gave up trying to master it. As pu
  5. Sometimes the Warframe Team will run the DevStream on Friday. Sometimes they plan for it and it doesn't work out, other times its almost spur-of-the-moment and we get maybe 24 hours notice. DE deserves a codos for starting the good habit of posting the weekly schedule many days in advance! Thanks DE 🎇 and also thanks Digressive 🎇 for keeping a google calendar available! Helps me organize my week. In other news, the Prime Time stream will happen tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing our DE host try to use Khora in their missions!
  6. I'm glad DE is so concerned about scoreboard exploits. It shows they care. (Sarcasm) Meanwhile, back in the outhouse things are piling up. Operator/transference glitches into ally controlled mechs. Forces me to lose entire mission's worth of phasic cells, mission rewards, and affinity. Fluctus weapon retains zero affinity earned after every mission. My favourite frame Khora has been crippled. Vernari + Strangledome is nice... assuming I don't need to kill any enemies. Hey I have an idea, lets make all hit-scan, projectile, shotguns, beam-types, and bow-and-arrow weapons us
  7. My first bug report. I have posted it already. Did I provide enough information?
  8. TYPE: In-Game, character acquisition: self. DESCRIPTION: Complete loss of character control, camera control, chat control, all rewards and affinity forfeited. DETAILED EXPERIENCE: Orphix Endurance (tier 3), I am host. I transformed (transference/focus command) from Hildryn, cast 4th ability, transformed into human, summoned mech from gearwheel, attempted to transform into mech. Error occured. My camera attached to an ally's mech and mini-map(screen overlay) also attached to ally. Character control: none, camera control: none, chat control: available. I used "/unstuck" command, no eff
  9. It is a feature. The Helminth System https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Helminth
  10. Super banishment offence. I've seen streamers on twitch that use a macro to double jump automatically every time they jump, but technically those are also against the ToS too. There is a thread somewhere here where DE members address the "script vs macro" input triggered commands topic. But they say that even though macros aren't strictly prohibited, they go into a grey area in the ToS that should still be avoided. Scripts are prohibited. Don't do it.
  11. *On topic* Original poster, your picture is too dark for me to see that actual colours. But in general I agree with you about not being harrassed by players because you have a colourful frame. With that said, I hope you use modesty in regards your energy colour. I'm often blinded by things with bright energy. For example Mirage Hall of Mirrors + Acceltra using white energy. It makes it hard for me to see my surroundings, so for my own weapons and frames I try to tone down the energy brightness. "Do to others what you want them to do to you", right? *Off topic* I prefer Sp
  12. I know you have your login credentials, so you can post in the forums. But how long has it been since you played warframe? IIRC it was two years ago that two-factor authentication became mandatory... when that happened there were a few bumps in the road. For myself I had to completely change my email address contact info and then after that I put in my preffered address and it worked properly. But it was a pain. warframe-dot-com/user Does the info here match up with what you expect?
  13. Beautiful design! The light balance good. Two pins in one 💖
  14. You should chill. A lot has happened. New management changeover (10cent), a well deserved vacation (21-28 days), a week to meet with the team of new bosses and poor souls who stayed for the "graveyard shift", a new calendar year meaning new roadmap for boss, a new fiscal year meaning all their finacial records need to be audited... plus a lot more. Also you should learn how difficult game development is. DE is preparing releases simultaneously for Nintendo, PS4, PS5, Xbox1, Xbox Ser. X, and Xbox Ser. S. Not to mention anything new they want to add to PC. Nintendo, PS, and xbox all use dif
  15. Using R1 shoulder + A/B/X (xbox controller) allows you to activate your Battle Avionics abilities. You can open your Tactical Railjack menu at any time using R1 shoulder + Left Arrow on the d-pad. This has not changed in many months. If you are still having controller trouble: Options> CustomizeController> click Defaults> click All> back out of the menu until the changes are saved. From here you may return into the options to customize to your preferences. P.S. There are two different customize controls menus. If you click Options using your controller the top item is l
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