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  1. Vauban already has Photon Strike. What more do you want?
  2. That data is no longer accurate. Bleed does not bypass shields anymore. There may be other out of date details. Read warframe.fandom.com for accurate info.
  3. My thoughts as to why: I think it is necessary. DE said they want to focus on NewWar. Any challenges related to the new content will probably need new back-end code to make sure they get tracked successfully. The same is true for any new rewards (like the Arcane Ash helmet instead of the Operator Wolf Hood).
  4. Hmm, my favourite ghoul is.... the one that saws your tenno face off! But I suppose Ripkas would be good too.
  5. That's pretty nice of you. I can see how annoying that situation is. At the least DE should program Kickbot and Answerbot to have those canned responces already.
  6. Yeah, IDK why DE hasn't been good with the nightwave messages.
  7. Ah, I get it. Yes I totally agree! I think DE is trying to find ways to make challenging content without forcing players to use the "meta" solution. Or, at least I think they are. Some of DE_Megan's comments in her streams have suggested that the idea of "use meta or you're doing it wrong" is discouraged by the staff at DE. I hope the upcoming "in their shoes" content will accomplish that with Veso & Kahl.
  8. I think you are saying min-maxing is bad? Or are you saying that putting new content like Sevagoth into medium-end player like railjack is bad? Or are you saying that it's bad when all you have to do is mash the melee button? ...at least I think I follow you... Clearly you have a lot of something to say, maybe do you have a TL;DR version you could share?
  9. No worries! You're in the right place. I am also wondering about this, not just for console exclusive items, but also weird Steam/PC exclusive items. An example is the Rubido Skins and Phased Skins, they are "Steam Market" items that can be traded via Steam but not tradeable in-game.
  10. I read some forum posts this week about helminth charger bugs, so I decided to cook a few fresh ones. The one I made before Update 30.5.5 was glitched similarly to yours. The two I made after appear normal. An interesting change is that DE has altered the appearance of juvenile helminth chargers, they now appear as giant pimples instead of "helminth puppies". It would be good if they at least roamed the orbiter like Jumping Bean larvae. Pictures before Hotfix 30.5.5: Your giant pet is still cuter!
  11. Players have requested various forms of "let me pick my hard-to-get reward". Your Pity System suggestion wouldn't be so bad, but DE would need to start rating the rarity of drops. They already have enough trouble just organizing items by level of importance...
  12. I use the Rank 0 verson of Adaptation. And all my primed mods I have two ranks below max. It pays the bills without breaking the bank. I wouldn't worry about maxing anything out until you have surplus endo/credits and you want to rank them up because you see a direct benefit to your favourite frame/weapon.
  13. <snark removal> The behaviour of the user interface looks very consistent to me. If I wiggle my joystick, the keyboard and typing-input zones are disabled. It just depends on if the sensors in my joystick are drifting at any given time. About using your mouse and controller at the same time: yes it works. But typing into chat doesn't work. This is from joystick drift. Anyway, you are perfectly within your right to request this feature to be added into the game. It is not a bug or inconsistency because, as you already said, you are using a damaged controller that misfires signals to your computer. In the meantime you are your own worst enemy because you refuse to use the solution that DE already instituted (to address the drift issue by modifying the deadzone).
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