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  1. No, you know what this is? You reach an MR, any MR, but don't take your test immediately. Instead, you continue ranking weapons and frames and earning MR points. When you take your test, all that excess XP is just gone, you've not earned any progress toward the next MR at all. And that XP is gone for good, there's no way to get it back. That's what this is. As should be clear from the above, DE figured out how to handle this kind of situation ages ago when they made the MR system, so I'm not sure why they're fouling it up so badly now.
  2. This is going to make absolutely no difference whatsoever, especially with the incoming weapon buffs. On-kill parazon effects are only usable by low-level players who take a while to whittle down enemies, but those players don't have access to the mods that would provide those effects. There have been numerous suggestions from the player base and from content creators on how this could be improved, pretty much all of which are better than this.
  3. This is incredibly unfair and forces me to interact with the system in an extremely unfun way. What am I supposed to do, grind the infusion menu over and over, infusing and removing abilities for no reason other than to farm the measly amounts of XP it gives? The good way to gain helminth XP is to subsume frames, but I've already subsumed all of them, I literally can't do that again. Withholding that XP is nothing short of toxic.
  4. DE: Guns are too weak. Also DE: Let's nerf the only gun that's not too weak. 👍
  5. Even if it was 50, I'd hesitate whether it's worth bothering to opening the stream. Aaand it's been upped to 50 less than fifteen minutes after I posted this. If only it were this easy to change your mind on some of the other silly things in the game...
  6. I mostly agree that PSF is a total outlier, but IMO it shouldn't be a mod at all, and knockdown resistance should be a built-in feature of every warframe, 0% at rank 0, 100% at rank 30. Same thing with other QoL mods that never see play, like jump height, sprint speed, and such. Just remove those and add their effects to the frame as it ranks up. I came to this realization when I played the Nihil fight, which I actually really liked; since stats are irrelevant in that and it's all about mobility, I just made a special Zephyr build with all the mobility mods. And you know what? It was huge fun to zoom and dash and jump and glide around like that! But in normal content you can't do that because you need your power mods. This comes down to the same basic mistake as the Wisp augment, balancing power against QoL, which should never be done as a matter of principle. As for augments, a huge number of them are a result of DE's faulty thinking along the lines of "this ability needs a design change, but instead of just making the needed change, let's implement it as a mod that costs a slot". I think they think this gives players more meaningful choice or something? In reality it's of course only annoying and frustrating. Either way, if it were up to me, a lot of augments would meet the same fate as the QoL mods mentioned above, they'd just be removed and their effects added to the base functionality of their respective abilities. For the rest, do what they did for QoL mods and implement a special augment-only slot; there's even a blank space that would be perfect for it right next to the exilus slot. And this time make sure not to foul it up by including things like Drift mods.
  7. Agreed 100%. If it let you place six of them, I could justify it. I had to ditch a bit of duration from my build (since my exilus slot is already occupied by the mandatory Primed Sure Footed), but if I could just place more reservoirs around, that would offset that nicely. But this is just... awful. I think I'm going to keep it, because having to place reservoirs individually is just too much of an annoyance, but I'm not happy about it. DE is once again repeating the old mistake of balancing power against quality of life, and the reason that's a mistake is that you end up annoyed no matter which option you choose. Annoyance is not a feeling games should be designed to elicit.
  8. Okay, allow me to rephrase: Please fix this bad design decision. Let's be honest, placing all at once is how the base ability should work. There's only an extremely limited number of circumstances where you don't want to place all three, and even those are just down to design oversights (e.g. someone on the team is using Marked for Death, which the shock mote procs; the obvious solution being to make the shock mote not proc it). Same thing with Titania's 2. These abilities are bad because they make you press buttons for no reason. It reminds me of GTA Online, where you have to press a button to make your character sit down in front of a computer, wait for the animation to finish, then press the button again to interact with the computer, wait for the animation to finish, press the button again to log into the criminal network, wait for the animation to finish, and only then you're allowed to actually select a mission you want to do. And then you have to do the entire process in reverse to get out of the chair again and actually play the damn game. Making the player press buttons for no reason is... not very good game design, let me put it that way. And don't even get me started on buff duration. The devs should play Diablo 3 for an hour or so. Buffs in that last ten. Freaking. Minutes. And you know what? It's not a big deal, the game's perfectly fine and fun to play. There's no reason to make the player refresh their buffs every forty seconds, all that does is distract and detract from more interesting things they could be doing.
  9. That's nice. Now please fix the bug where you can only place two of them instead of the full six. Also, their colors are still screwed up.
  10. It doesn't say anything like that on the mod.
  11. There seems to be a bug with this where you can only place two instead of six.
  12. As a PC player, I'd rather have the alert. Xbox players get a reward for playing the game, we get a reward for staying away from it.
  13. Wait, I thought that was a QoL feature. Aw. 😢
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