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  1. Hello, I'm making a new clan and I would like a logo, sadly I am so bad I fail at drawing stick figures. So I was wondering if maybe you could help me out? The name of the clan is Knights of Sorrow (edgy I know xD) maybe you could do something that fits that theme? I would like it to look kinda metallic. If you do make one I would give you the following rivens: Vasto Acri-Critanak 127.7 cd 190 cc 113.2 flight speed - 51 mag capacity, Twin Gremlins Critaata 253.6 cc 362.1 dmg -49.8 fire rate, Strun Visi-Zetitis 20.2 dmg -10.6 recoil 9.9 cd (no minus) Would this be okay as payment?
  2. IGN: ---SD---Cree MR: 22 with 1100+ hours ingame Started playing 5 years ago on another account but lost my email and password rather fast, after that I stopped playing for about two years, 3 years on this account. Previous clan: The Shadow division (Phantom Vanguard before them) Current clan: Reckless ascension Discord: --Cree--#2344 Country: Sweden, I can speak english pretty well. I wish to join either of the two, would be great to join a active community. I kinda lost the will to play after some internal problem in my previous clan and I hope I will get back into it with a good clan to play with.
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