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  1. I not againts havingreally necramech cosmetics for plat but addding them an npc with a sindicate that is almost empthy feels scammy specially because is just a recicle skin that has been in game since release, also you can only use 1 sigil on necramech and if the one u get bya plat DE why? ps invati sekhara energy color is bug on them
  2. I play grendel he is pretty good, his 1 alone is like a turret that kills anything that is not status inmune, has good buffs and a big health pool. In fact they already nerf him (sentients) cause DE notice he can just make any enemy he can eat useless while its killing it. Bad example.
  3. it wasnt just a few seconds he was as fast or more than nova cause ez to use so less human mistake, he still quite fast they just killed the fun of modding for it with the cap on speed and barelly change anything for normal gameplay. In my case they killed a build i had for open worlds and for the speedrun people (yes they are a thing) was a big blow cause he was a new option. Also people like going fast in videogame and when they cap the speed they dont like it surprise.
  4. Or use naramon which is the same but u spam pizzas or equip energice, also a riven is better so using the xoris was suboptimal
  5. No matter how hard they nerf them they are gonna be better unless they make them worthless, also S#&$ logic
  6. This is extremelly lame and feels like a reaction to people bicthing, this wont change the * meta * unless u make them worthless honestly this will just make everyone mad. Another bad choice nerf we had several this year (ie Limbo 2 duration on scarlet spear and infinite combo for pseudo exalted with Xoris)
  7. same problem here also, the whole showcase thing was delay also
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