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  1. Grasp of Lohk gun fire audio seems to start glitching out when you have 5 or more guns, with the more guns you have the more often it makes that terrible sound. The video bellow shows what I'm talking about, the ability gets really painful to use with this glitchy audio blasting in my ears.
  2. Same thing here, It seems to only and always break when you get this as the spawn tile. And all statues look like this, with the panels being non-interactive.
  3. With the introduction to shield gating on every warframe you just can't die from the explosion when killing the Exploiter Orb as long as you have at least 1 shield (which is basically impossible not to have shields at the point of the explosion) Just though it was cool how you had to get out of there or use some kind of ability that makes you invulnerable to not die, that and now we can't die as wukong for a chance at his loot buff passive triggering. Would be cool to see this ignore the shield gate effect so that the explosion has importance again.
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