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  1. Please remove auto blocking. It’s done nothing but get me killed and stop me from using certain abilities.
  2. Press the right analog stick when your melees active.
  3. Fishing in the plains of eidolon is broken.
  4. A bit disappointed that the Equinox prime armour set has no special effect... as well as the Chroma prime armour set.
  5. Melee phase 1 is broken and in my opinion, not good.
  6. Will there be a survey on the melee phase 1? And also, does this event have a clan trophy?
  7. I did. Over 50 platinum but I couldn’t trade it.
  8. I tried to trade platinum with someone in the dojo for ayatan amber star. For some reason I could only trade 38 platinum and I had more than that, so after I made the trade, it tried to do it again and then I couldn’t give anymore platinum at all afterwards.
  9. Somethings changed with the trading systems in a bad way.
  10. Does it need to be child friendly? I did have an idea but I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate.
  11. I love this game to bits. But the only problem I’m having with this is that fact that it doesn’t work well with SKY broadbands
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