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  1. Possibly, but I'm not 100% sure. The flashing from the icons could be affected by the slider, but you'd have to test it out
  2. I haven't had an issue where it copies my Orbiter's colors. Mine keeps the same colors I set to the Railjack, but it reverts to the default skin
  3. For me all of that was affected by the "Effects Intensity" slider. It was buggy for me before so I thought it was a slider to affect the intensity of the screen shake effect listed directly above it, but after this update it started to work properly without me knowing. It affects the brightness of all sorts of things in game; Abilities, Starchart, Holographic asset effects
  4. Lighting issue encountered upon returning to the Drydock. The lighting from the propulsion system sticks around after the ship docks and the engine shuts down. https://prntscr.com/t5zhw2
  5. Nothing major or game breaking, but some of these problems have persisted since day one of Railjack. This first one is a recent bug I've experienced. I noticed it sometime after the Deadlock update and I can't recall it being an issue before that content drop. The railjack, when viewed above the Orbiter, shows with the default skin. https://prntscr.com/t5ywml This one I think was, initially, fixed with the Deadlock update, but broke again with one of the following patches. The ordinance component is discolored and will only take on the correct color after reselecting a skin. Getting the color to reflect correctly in the drydock through this method does not persist into any mission and the color will revert to default. https://prntscr.com/t5ywpa https://prntscr.com/t5z2tu This has been around since launch of Railjack and I'm surprised it hasn't be resolved yet since, while minor, it's a very, "in your face" kind of bug. Carcinox weapons do not take on the ship's energy color. [ Note: I've only ever really used Carcinox and Apoc so I don't know if this issue applies to other weapon types. I'm also using the Zetki versions of both weapons. ] Carcinox - https://prntscr.com/t5ywux Apoc - https://prntscr.com/t5ywwa This issue is a bit of a weird one as a whole effect seems to have vanished. Near the conclusion of the Railjack cinematic when leaving the drydock the ship jumps away and a void wake is supposed to appear in the distance as the ship enters void space. The ship, now, seems to jump away a few degrees to the right as opposed to directly away from the viewer and there's no wake left as it shoots off into space. Kind of a bummer since that effect, while small and short lived, was a very nice punctuation to the end of the whole scene. https://prntscr.com/t5ywsu Finally this last bug is a little weird as a patch went out a while ago that fixed the initial color issues with Tether, but that fix didn't apply to it's explosion. In short; Tether's explosion color remains default. Tether active - https://prntscr.com/t5z84z Tether explosion - https://prntscr.com/t5z7gb
  6. The pinning issue should be solvable by increasing the pull strength of the coils. I get around it, somewhat, by mainly throwing tethers onto the ceiling or overhangs which pulls them below where the tether is hanging from. I don't use it to much, honestly, and the last time it got a lot of use from me was during Scarlet Spear ground ops.
  7. Yeah that fixed my problem. I've been operating under the impression that the Effects Intensity slider was, specifically, for the intensity of Screen Shake, listed right above it. I'm feel super stupid 😕
  8. I'm actually just dumb. This whole time I thought the Effects Intensity slider pertained, specifically, to the the intensity of screen shake, listed directly before it = n=
  9. Like these, right? https://prntscr.com/t5ty1y https://prntscr.com/t5ty3f
  10. It's because a change in this patch caused -all- effects; Warframe powers, Operator abilities, effects on enemies like the Simarus target outline to become incredibly faded. It's like all of those effects are set to 25% opacity or something 😕
  11. They removed the option to enable and disable adaptive brightness with this update, me thinks
  12. You might be having the same issue I posted about earlier where all effects in the game are faded as if an opacity slider for them has been set low.
  13. Update: The issue effects Emblems and Ephemera https://prntscr.com/t5wmvt
  14. I don't believe it's a bug. It's an effect called pearlescent. It's present on most, if not all, items of the Gammacor aesthetic. It would be nice if they would tone it down though. It's a bit overpowering when you use darker colors.
  15. I'm a, general, fan of the Vauban rework, finding use with most of the kit. My biggest issue is with how the Overdriver ability applies. I've resorted to only buffing myself with it because regardless of how close I may get the mine to land near an ally it's a coin toss on whether or not it'll apply to their sentinel / companion or them and I've had instances where a couple of players were grouped up only to have the first two mines thrown to them apply to their sentinels before them forcing me to use twice as much energy and grind progression to halt while I wasted time trying to get the buff onto everyone. My request is to make the buff AoE. I think it's fine that it applies to sentinels / companions, though I've never wanted to buff them intentionally, but the random chance it wont affect my, preferred, target; the player, is cumbersome
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