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  1. It could happen. The third Orb Mother is sitting in a pool of coolant at the moment and lacks any visible legs. I'm doubtful, but it is possible.
  2. Firstly, I must ask one question. Will the Kuva Lich System be updated with new features in the future? If the answer is no, DE you must remove the system right now. It will only be a pain in the ass for players! The Kuva Lich system in its current form can only be the foundation for further content of the Kuva Lich System. It must be built upon, or it will only become a detriment to the game. If the answer is Yes, I hope you haven't overloaded yourselves with work. This will need a lot of it and I think you are facing a tight time table to get that done before people tire of the system completely. And here are some additions that I think the Kuva Lich System needs to have implemented in the future. Enemy Kuva Liches At current, there is one addition I believe the enemy Kuva Liches need. After ranking up to a certain point, the Queens should give the Kuva Lich a fleet of ships that appear on the Star Chart. This addition does two things: 1. It allows players a way to get some of their stuff back. Now players can't be allowed to raid one ship belonging to the Kuva Lich to get all their stuff back, but they should be able to see what raiding a Kuva Lich Ship will get them back. So say if the Kuva Lich steals a relic, the player just has to play the Kuva Ship Mission that lists that Relic as a reward. Obviously a system needs to be in place to encourage players to hunt down the Lich, which can be easily explained as the Lich buffing up security so you can't steal your stuff back (represented by missions giving less stuff back or having ever increasing difficulty). 2. It allows the Kuva Lich to have a Boss Node. The simple reason behind this is it gives players a way to directly attack the Lich when they have figured out the Requiem. It could also allow the Lich to have more personality, with their ship having a interior theme or decorations. One could also use these to build up Murmurs faster (raiding them for intel), but I think Converted Liches would be better way to handle the Murmur Grind. Converted Liches As it stands, they have no use in the game at all. There is no benefit in converting. We should be able to utilize those we have converted. And here are a few uses. 1. KILLING YOUR CURRENT KUVA LICH! Everyone has complained about the Grind and RNG. This is a no brainer. You send off a converted Lich, and in 24 hours (or maybe 12 hours) they've locked your current enemy Lich in an escape pod and fired them into the sun. You don't get any gear for this, but it clears out an unwanted Lich far faster than the grind would. And alternative is you can put your converted Kuva Liches to work uncovering the Murmurs. This can be as simple as a bonus to the gather rate per lich assigned, or them going off to straight up get the exact information. The later option has potential for events, like your Converted Lich being caught and you have to save them. This has the potential to give the system more depth. Both of these options help solve the grind issue. 2. Bodyguard Pretty simple concept. You can have one Lich spawn in with you at the start of a mission and they stay till it ends or they are "forced to retreat." I would suggest they can revive you if you go down. 3. Helping out with other Grinds The basic idea is they are the new resource drones. You can send them to a sector and harvest resources for you. And given they are powerful soldiers, you can even lend them to the various factions in the game for standing. There are a lot of ways to implement this, as simple as the current resource drones are or something more complex that could add further depth (example: You lend a Lich to Fortuna for a standing mission, but then Nef Anyo sicks the Orb Mother on the lich and you have to go save/fight beside them). Maintaining Converted Kuva Liches Obviously with what I had just suggested, a limit on the Convert Liches is needed. Firstly being a cap on how many you have. I think this would be best tied solely to master rank and the cap to match up with the Resource Drone Deployment cap as they would effectively replace the resource drones. Retiring a Kuva Lich to make room for a new one is pretty simple, you send them to Iron Wake to join Steel Meridian. I'm unsure if any active systems are needed like we have on the pets. They are intelligent beings, so we shouldn't have to tell them after each mission to get medical attention or to feed themselves. You could also let players further customize their Lichs cosmetically. Let you colour your edgiest Lich in bright pink. Obviously there is plenty more that could come from the Kuva Lich System, but these I believe are the first ones that should be implemented to develop it into something the community won't grow tired of.
  3. I have had issues with the Thralls getting stuck in floors making defence missions impossible to complete. While I can't be 100% positive, I believe it is related to the "power jump" they can get. In an exterminate mission, I saw a Kuva Thrall jump through a wall and fall under the map. Now he teleported back onto the map after falling a bit under the map, but the Thralls in the defence mission are just stuck in the ground. You can't reach them to kill them. I have had to abort two missions so far because of it. A common environment design between the two was the ground above the trapped Thralls is sloped slightly. This happened on the small Corpus Land Defence Mission (He got stuck in the tunnel coming out of where the players spawn), and the Infested Corpus Ship Defence. On the infested mission there is that second floor around the pod. He slipped under over by the part that is all sloped.
  4. One thing thing that must be changed in the grind is when you are learning a Requiem, you shouldn't "uncover" ones you have already figured out by just trying to kill your Kuva Lich. It COMPLETELY wastes your time. I figured out the first two segments by trail and error. And then the two Requiems I "uncover" afterwards were those two. The Grind was completely useless, merely telling me what I already knew.
  5. One issue so far. Let me back stab and finish with the melee button. It is very jarring to walk up to an unalerted enemy, go to backstab him, and just bop him on the head instead cause I didn't hit the interact button.
  6. My only thoughts on the Kuva Liches is what will become of the Liches we convert? Will they just be an ever growing pile of friendly NPCs that randomly spawn in? Or will we be able to directly use them? Like say we just don't like our current enemy Lich, can we send out our friendly Lich to kill or get the proper parazon sequence of our foe (at the expense of the enemy Kuva Lich's weapon of course)? I think this would help with frustrations over the grind involved. After all, players should want to defeat their lich for a reward. Not to clear out a spot for a better one.
  7. Concerning Ember's Rework, it is an improvement. But it could use more. Fireball still feels weak, and charging it up doesn't seem to change much. Immolate is interesting. I find the energy drain is sometimes an issue, other times it isn't. I'd say the worst thing about it is when you accidentally turn it off. When you mean too, it feels like a smart move to save energy. But when you do it by accident, the lack of any effect makes me feel like I wasted it. Maybe some fire wave sent out on deactivation, based on the level at the time? As for Fire Blast and Inferno, got no complaints. I actually do like the new Inferno, looks and feels powerful. Concerning Vauban's rework, I have not played him enough to give proper thoughts. I did one mission and he didn't really feel all that different. And his orbital strike has far too long a cast animation. That is all I got for him.
  8. The only issues I've found with Grendel are both with his first ability. I don't think there is much that can be done, but I do find people can kill the enemies I Feast before they reach my stomach. The other is probably a tricky one to solve, but the energy drain from storing enemies seems to build too quickly. I generally only hold 2 or 3 enemies cause any more seems to make the energy drain skyrocket. Unless there is some bug with the energy drain, my only thoughts on a solution would be a set number (like 2 or 3) of enemies are free of charge to store. Then any after that trigger the drain. As it stands, the drain prevents me from benefiting from his passive or using his Pulverize. Both need lots of enemies to be used at their best, but that leaves me with little time to use them as I run out of energy. It even makes using his 3rd ability unappealing, as I don't really have bodies to spare shooting at enemies. I need the few I have for healing and buffing. I only use it to eject extra enemies I ate up by mistake.
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