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  1. Given how long you've ignored this issue with Deconstructor, and the planned nerf to blood rush, this doesn't look like fixing an oversight. It looks more like you are nerfing melee to "buff" guns. In fact, I'm pretty sure that is why this one single oversight (for sentinels) is being fixed and many others are not. You have further pushed Sentinels into uselessness.
  2. Oh yeah. I guess there is that. Just didn't think he'd want to go back there after being trapped for so long.
  3. So at the end there, that Corpus Captain (don't recall her name) is found by Parvos. But is it Parvos? He already had left there, since this is after The Deadlock Protocol. Is this The Man In The Wall? Can it now mimic other people rather than who it is speaking to?
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