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  1. peterc3

    Valkyr claws working like Garuda

    New feature does not mean vaguely similar things in the past have to be redone to match new feature. Let's throw Nidus' stacks on to every frame. Add an exalted weapon to all of them. Add a melee weapon built-in for when you don't have one equipped. Garuda always has them out. They're part of her model. Excal and Valkyr create their weapons as part of the ability.
  2. peterc3

    TItania deluxe skin

    No. Much like the Sun disappearing at sunset, this skin is never to be seen again.
  3. peterc3

    Survival mission option proposal

    Said person in the cage with the bear has access to infinite CC, healing, energy replenishment and can probably go invisible and/or totally invincible. To that person, the bear is as much of a threat as the toddlers.
  4. peterc3

    Survival mission option proposal

    If difficulty were the only thing people are after, this might work. They don't want actual difficulty. They want their ego stroked. They want shiny things.
  5. peterc3

    Nyx Passive shouldve been like this

    Gunslingers aren't known for dodging bullets. A mind controller making her targets not sure where she actually is is entirely within theme. If they're in melee range, they'll most likely target Nyx anyways. This would be useless.
  6. peterc3

    Quick Limbo Tweak Idea (QL fix)

    None of these are quick and easy or would even qualify as quality of life. Your suggestions range from impossible - basically giving anyone in a squad with Limbo his passive, to increasing the issues people have with Bad Limbos by turning the battlefield into a sea of rift portals.
  7. peterc3

    Some concerns about the changes in chat moderation

    Any proof mods have the power to directly change what KickBot triggers on? Just saying trap cannot get you banned.
  8. peterc3

    Orbiter decorations - more capacity?

    The door animations are not for show. It's likely that the only reason the room capacities are as high as they are is because the game is able to hide the stuff that isn't in the current room. There is no "whole ship capacity" to speak of.
  9. peterc3

    Option to disable cleanup prompt in launcher

    The only way this would be allowed is if you then agree never to report any performance issues, ever. The launcher is trying to save you from yourself. If people could be trusted to actually follow through on "not this time, definitely next time" things like this would not be required in computing.
  10. peterc3

    Mesa Prime look suggestion.

    Shapes that invoke chaps or a bit of a duster, only just the bottom half, on a gunslinger frame. Makes thematic sense and they don't look bad at all.
  11. His fans on these forums don't give us the choice.
  12. peterc3

    Sortie prize rework ('minor')

    They fully understand token systems. They don't want one in Sorties.
  13. peterc3

    Improvements to the app

    Nope, not going to happen. What about those without smartphones or tablets, what then? Why would they completely invalidate the reason Alerts exist, to get you to jump into the game or keep playing once you're in?
  14. peterc3

    Fix the ugly rng machine aka the rivens

    That takes up a mod slot. It walks and quacks like a duck but you are calling it a cat. What is the point of making this not a mod but takes a mod slot anyways? You've missed the point of Rivens. Your suggestion is allowing all Rivens to work on anything within the same class, choose the stats on the Riven, have the stats affect the base stats of the weapon. This is an insanely huge buff to RIvens on the whole and DE would have no choice but to start designing the game around their existence. This has nothing to do with rarity but the fact anyone with even a single Riven now has access to whatever weapon and stat combo they want. Your proposal invalidates weapons having different stats for a reason. Might as well reduce every weapon category to a single actual gun and turn the rest into cosmetics.
  15. peterc3

    Is Nidus EVER going to get any new cosmetics?

    It's up to the artists to make something for him, something that will be approved by DE.