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  1. The actual analog is MOAs. Each piece determines survival stats and one specific piece determines the type of MOA you get and the initial powers it has. Having a bunch of pieces with a bunch of different abilities to mix and match makes as much sense as modular frames, in that there is none.
  2. It removes incentive to ever buy Forma again for that slot. That isn't QoL.
  3. Is DE supposed to get more money out of existing players for content they've already done or draw in new players?
  4. This is not worth more rewards. Either this is supposed to be harder or not. This is not QoL.
  5. There will never be a piece of concept art that makes it into the game 1:1. Concept art doesn't have minimum system requirements. Then isn't it odd that they might not feel it's worth it if cosmetics are such a big draw?
  6. He put it as a surprise that a weapon is released and then is changed based on a bunch of people using it. It isn't a surprise. Every single weapon has had at least one change after its release. I don't get upset when the tide goes out and I build a sandcastle and the tide comes in and washes it away. There's a literal schedule to it. Whining that a game in active development doesn't treat your fave as sacrosanct is bizarre. Why play the game if you aren't actually willing to engage with the development of it?
  7. Then address the problem presented or let's ask DE to put a hard limit and discard anything over that limit. The daily login boosters are to make you play then and there. That's it. If it's affecting your likelihood of buying a booster then there's literally no reason to just hand you one.
  8. You're taking part in developing the game. That is DE's playbook. Why ask if this new thing might be altered in the future when you know the answer and should "invest" accordingly.
  9. Then name them. If it is simply better support for OSX and Linux, they are unsupported platforms. The decisions they make will be towards bettering their supported platforms, not making a good experience for the ones they aren't supporting. Address DX12 being worse for their game on Windows and the consoles. You are making an assertion that you aren't even bothering to fully support. Is it or is it not more complicated? If you can't answer that, it isn't a point in your favor, it's a reason to change nothing from what they are doing. They could move to Vulkan and their HQ burns down. That isn't a reason to stay with DX12. You like Vulkan, that's fine. You're coming off as a Vulkan evangelist rather than a player with a knowledge of what is and what could be, informing a difference of the current path.
  10. The existing game has unlimited supply on nearly every item available for a very limited demand. For a functional AH economy this is a very short time to bottomed out prices. Also a disincentive to buy PA if I can just wait a week or two and get everything for a handful of Plat.
  11. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's next on Baro's list.
  12. Neither of which are platforms DE supports. You're making an emotional plea for a technical problem that you note has almost no difference between your advocated method and the proposed method. And if they have already?
  13. Buff every frame's Health, Shield, Armor and Energy to 750,000.
  14. The solution for the current game, then, is not to basically make every single weapon into a Slash weapon.
  15. If the Armor bonus really means so little, why not just use Rush?
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