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  1. peterc3

    Broken Scepter Ability Should be Passive

    Then it gets nerfed, probably by a lot. Passive energy and health generation just by holding a melee weapon in PvE is different from PvP.
  2. Learning to play by hammering Hydron/Kiste/Viver/affinityandlootopia47390 is the issue with tons of players I see around here and elsewhere. Something key to that space but otherwise just another part of the game for everyone else gets changed by DE and it becomes a Problem because they have no actual game experience. They ahven't been playing Warframe, just a slice of it and anything that threatens that is Bad. Anyone that taxis people to the FOTM loot cave is doing an absolute disservice to a new player. You are destroying a new player before they even start.
  3. peterc3

    A plea for Prime Mandachord

    It 100% doesn't. Between the need to allow for 4 different Octavias in a group, the potential for abuse, the resource requirement for making the system, the need to store and retrieve that info from somewhere, there is no solid reason to do this other than the relative handful of people that might be able to properly use it would be happy. That's not a reason to change something in a game this size. Also, they aren't going to change a mechanic specifically for the Prime version of a frame.
  4. peterc3

    Host Migration=Lost of Items

    No, you're right. They actively avoid fixing the things you find important and just do whatever else. It couldn't be this is a problem that can't be easily solved. Either stop purchasing things or acknowledge you don't find these issues as important as you claim to do.
  5. Pickpocket gets more LS. You can't find the value in them, so don't use them and make squads with players that won't use them. Invisibility for her and anyone that wants it without needing to bring out your Operator. Sleep on demand. Have you ever used Ivara?
  6. peterc3

    Simple Vabaun changes

    2 brand new abilities with new animations and mechanics is not simple. Also that 4 isn't even remotely trying to even pretend to be balanced.
  7. peterc3

    Inaros Feedback/Rework

    This is how you are playing him. Guess what that disgusting lifesteal and huge health and armor pool lets you do? Take your favorite melee and go to town. I find him quite fun. Mostly use his 1, 2 is great to get out of a pinch, 3 is kind of fun in anything where kills aren't the most important thing and his 4 is really the only thing I find boring because I don't really use it beyond the charge for more Armor. If there's an Inaros just sitting somewhere, doing nothing, report them. Why change a frame because you and people who are going to leech regardless of what is and isn't in the game?
  8. peterc3

    Host Migration=Lost of Items

    Feel free to just not respond if this garbage is what you're going to respond with. The game is popular. The trend appears to be up for player counts outside mainline spikes. God forbid they stay busy with things that actually get people playing and not every edge case where P2P doesn't function perfectly and dedicated servers wouldn't even guarantee this stuff wouldn't happen anyways. It couldn't just be that they know what they are doing, more so than you think you know about their development, right?
  9. peterc3

    Weapons and frames standing gate locked

    The game only has a future because you aren't able to get everything in the first handful of hours playing the game. DE knows their game and their business better than you do.
  10. peterc3

    Host Migration=Lost of Items

    The entire point is DE's servers only have to deal with the Host and not all the clients. If the Host drops out suddenly, there is no way for the game to know that. If the Host hasn't said to DE what people have gotten, how are they supposed to know? That's not a solution. That isn't a compromise. That's just DE having dedicated servers. Unless you and everyone you have ever seen playing the game decide to pay money, that isn't happening.
  11. If you're actually a half-competent player, you can excel at any game mode with any frame. There's no point discussing something DE will never do.
  12. peterc3

    Inaros Feedback/Rework

    He also has lifesteal on finishers. That is his main passive. That you can also revive by tagging enemies and either killing them yourself or having your squad kill them is extra. This entire thing just reads like you don't like Inaros. Why bend him to your liking vs. find a frame that better suits your play style?
  13. Nothing but actual money will guarantee you something in Warframe. There is nothing you could do in-game that is worth even coming close to "almost guaranteed".
  14. peterc3

    Gallium, Solo Dojo and Extractors

    Gallium is a rare resource. Extractors will never work well enough for that class of resources. The game's intention is for you to farm things like Gallium, Neurodes, etc. Not passively with Extractors.
  15. peterc3

    Equinox’s Deluxe Day form

    You might want to see a doctor.