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  1. Imagine how many runs you could have been doing in the time it took you to make this thread and write the novel about someone who I can guarantee does not remember you.
  2. /!\ /!\ ATTN: It has been 0 minutes since Warframe has died its googolplexianth death. /!\ /!\
  3. Complaining about the people you run into in pub runs. If you are so set in having things go as efficiently as possible, run solo or form your own squad.
  4. If I wanted to play this way, I would play a game that had it. You are right about this. It is a game changer. To a game that isn't Warframe.
  5. Nora runs Nightwave. Nobody checks the flashing news items but some other, also in-game, warning will get people's attention?
  6. Phorid is essentially a placeholder. Nothing changes about the fight until they actually work on it.
  7. Nearly every suggestion on the forums is bad. Me commenting on something does not compel people to respond or acknowledge my comments. When OP says X thing makes Warframe feel mobile gamey, they aren't connecting the dots and it shows. The common aspect is the free to download, free to play nature of the game. The main driver of money being spent is on cosmetics or pay to progress faster. Pretending this game isn't fully playable for free and that most people aren't going to spend a cent on it will not make an idea appear in the game faster or even at all.
  8. Not only reducing the urge to speed things up by dropping all times by a third, but new assets too?
  9. This isn't reasonable given the nature of the monetization of the game. 500p is less than several bundles of items in the Market. How is losing future revenue worth only 500p per person?
  10. Have you ever used melee in Warframe? Why would you want enemies to scatter? Why would Rip Line heal her? You can't just bolt stuff onto a frame and their abilities for no reason. How does that fit into a berserker/valkyrie? At this point, if you find Valkyr useless, you are the problem.
  11. This is straight up, unmitigated, garbage. The only diversity this will add is making Rivens de facto required mods for every single player.
  12. This divides the player base into 2. Only there's something even bigger you aren't addressing, which is: higher level enemies are not more difficult than lower level enemies and therefore do not warrant more rewards. There is no challenge in sleeping and pulling out your CL dagger. Higher levels do not activate deeper AI trees. There's nothing to justify more rewards.
  13. Let me just copy my reddit comment over: Why not play the frame you want to and not make the new frame something it isn't and was never said to be?
  14. Maybe this is a sign DE doesn't consider Kuva/Rivens as essential to the Warframe experience as people on the internet claim them to be.
  15. It's incredibly derogatory. It's been wrong to call trans people that for quite a long time.
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