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  1. It takes 15 minutes to Forma and relevel something. Forma BPs are thrown at you. Built Forma should be going constantly in your Foundry or are rewards for various things in the game. Formaing something is not the insane ask you proclaim it to be.
  2. Maybe they'll be next. Oh wait, the fact DE doesn't do everything all at once means they are garbage. New look at a frame is more towards their stated intent than frames made before said statements and actions. Quelle surprise.
  3. Not really, no. The game will be made to work as DE expects and the players are free to express their (dis)satisfaction with that design, but DE is under no obligation or need to change the game to quiet the mob.
  4. There is. Play solo or in a group that you control the composition of. Or if you really don't want buffs, fine. You get none and that includes heals. The vast majority don't mind or have the ability to ask in chat not to do something. The crowd spoke when Speed briefly became a pick up.
  5. Each having paid nothing to play the game. This just means more drain on a system with no pay off. More players doesn't make storing or transferring data cheaper or easier. Where are these mythical companies that will buy my game and hand out money for no return expected? Why is "Chinese" relevant? I mean, it is. Everything in the game can and probably will be changed at some point.
  6. Every time someone asks about a Deluxe skin, the release date gets moved back by 4 weeks, 3 days. Also, the Sun gets destroyed and remade every sunset and sunrise.
  7. This isn't a definite. Stating unequivocally that dedicated servers will be better than the existing experience is a lie. It might be better in some respects, but things like lag will absolutely not be better for most people. It couldn't be that there is no problem or that it is being vastly oversold. You have the answers and DE is obviously terrible. Show them how awful you think it is and stop playing.
  8. All of this would exist with dedicated servers.
  9. What is the basis of you saying there is no logical way the Tenno Council, an in-game stand-in for the Design Council, should exist in the Orokin era?
  10. Why is this feedback something DE needs to listen to? Is there a possibility your feedback is wrong for the game?
  11. Either you would have to be extremely lucky to hit unaimed shots, or you give everyone a version of Mesa's original Peacemakers. There's no point and DE would shut the game down before doing something so stupid.
  12. Except the entire game that came before that update. Those that like the game will stay, those that don't will leave. This is a throwaway to you, but is the entire reason they do it. Potatoes aren't worth it to DE to allow you to really farm for them.
  13. If the complaints are coming from people that want to play, then great. But if they are coming from people who aren't actually enjoying the game, that no longer want to play, then the best thing they can do is just stop. Reevaluate their relationship to something they clearly dislike on the whole. Free themselves and find a game that suits them rather than take a game they don't like playing and have DE try and keep them, an impossible task.
  14. Tribute costs Energy and an ability slot. Those numbers and effects are not suitable for a passive that neither takes Energy nor the place of another Ability and randomness doesn't make it any better.
  15. Most of what Nightwave has is killing things. Usually in some way that is done as usual. If you are saying the reaction to most of what Nightwave has you do is like homework, like you are being forced to do things you don't like to do, "almost never something I want to do"... you're saying you don't like most of the game. Mining is not most of the acts in Nightwave. Why can the simple answer not be to just stop playing a game you mostly dislike? Reread the OP and tell me this is a person who likes to play Warframe.
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