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  1. There's a megathread for a reason. If every one of the several dozen "Here's my thoughts on the new frame..." weren't merged into the thread specifically made to house all the feedback for the new frame, everything else would be drowned out. Maybe you didn't have popular ideas, that is a real possibility. Not just people can't see it, but people just don't feel anything towards it.
  2. peterc3

    My hopes for pets 2.0

    You've never actually used Kavats or Kubrows, have you? Also, I don't think there's anything in the game that can't one-shot everything up to level 50.
  3. peterc3

    Possible nezha change?

    These are the changes they are looking to make.
  4. peterc3

    Atlas approved kappa

    It's so funny. Obviously this is a solid exception to the rule because it is soooooooooooooooo funny. So, so, soooo funny. The video even says "This is not okay" Posting videos without any actual context, summary, discussion of any kind should put your Plat negative.
  5. peterc3

    [SPOILER] Lotus voice-over changes

    Any time you see the Lotus pop up, that is her live chatting with you. Purple hologram Lotus is Ordis trying to fake the Lotus, along with his routine inability to keep it together. It makes complete sense. Even though you've seen the transmission before, it isn't just the Lotus hitting replay on one of her videos, it's just her saying the same thing. In-universe it isn't a recording. In-universe Ordis is broken. Until Ordis is fixed, likely through a lore-heavy quest, nothing Ordis does can be bug/glitch-free. This also means all they need to do is get Rebecca to record lines and she can voice both regular Lotus and glitch Lotus. I don't think 150 is high enough to cover not just redoing every single piece of VO work that has been done for the Lotus, but every single time anything new has to be recorded and every single VA has to be brought in to do those lines also.
  6. peterc3

    Scarf as auxiliary

    I really don't see DE separating his scarf from his model to make it an Aux. If it wasn't done by the time it was released, there's literally no money to be made from doing it now.
  7. peterc3

    Simulacrum Deserves Some Ship Love Access!

    The cost is irrelevant. If I were to argue for a price, I would say it would be through a 1 per use crafted key. Relays are a hub, forced or not, to travel to and by extension, see other players and their interesting fashion choices. I don't see DE listening to a suggestion without actual thought put into it. This is at least the dozenth thread asking for this. None of them bother suggesting something to replace it as a reason to go to the Relay. Ideas are cheap. Solutions are not.
  8. There is currently 1 Umbra frame and therefore you can't draw any conclusions from it. The fact there is a thing with Excal Prime should really throw any kind of speculation based on it. Unlikely for any Umbra frame to be made from anything as recent as Revenant.
  9. peterc3

    Simulacrum Deserves Some Ship Love Access!

    "deserves" Replace it with an equally enticing draw to the Relays or I don't see it happening.
  10. peterc3

    Make operator mode "client side"

    Topics with "Make X client-side" are generally a warning that the person saying it has no clue what they are talking about, they're just parroting other people who were equally clueless. If DE leaves Operator actions to the client, they have to become less potent because there is no way you would trust the client with the things Operators are able to give the frames now.
  11. You are straight up told how to do it in the quest that introduces them and it is the exact same procedure to doing bullet jumps in your frame. How do you get through that quest and not know how to do it? That is a complete buff to Void Mode for no reason. You are invulnerable to damage, they aren't going to let you also move. It's a one-off scripted moment to demonstrate your learning about your abilities, a reawakening of old memories. To use Transference outside that one instance would require a change to every single enemy it would work on because they lack the animations and polish necessary to use them and to see them from that close up. You talk of lore, but you are ultimately projecting yourself through the frame to be able to walk around. If we physically went somewhere, there's no revives. There's no recovering from a game over without a literal deus ex machina showing up. If this were actually the lore, the entire game stops because it's literally game over. Any time we left the Void, they'd know where we were.
  12. peterc3

    Heavy weapons

    It's still an idea that isn't unique to Warframe. Between the old-style mission tiles and the new Landscapes, any ideas need to be, or at least have potential to be, useful for everything. One of the key parts of Warframe is movement, Parkour, the ability to go from point A to point B however you can. Why would I give that up just to kill the same things a bit faster but root me or kill most of my speed, when I can do it a bit slower and bullet jump everywhere?
  13. peterc3

    Survival missions make little sense to me.

    I'm pretty sure they are all Excavation now. 20 would fit their current plan. There a a good number of bosses that don't work outside their arenas. It's not a challenge, they are just tedious. You're not the focus of the mission. It's the operative, behind the scenes, getting something from the place that they give you part of their haul every so often. Any seriousness and desperation would have to be added in because it really doesn't exist.
  14. peterc3

    Heavy weapons

    When would that be useful in the current game? How would Archwings be useful in some tight corridors? If your solution is to bin everything about the current Archwings, this isn't going to work. People threw a fit when this was the case at Archwing's launch. Archwings were affected by the frame choice and therefore some were absolutely awful for using with Archwing while a few defined the meta for survivability.
  15. peterc3

    Survival missions make little sense to me.

    They're clones. Beyond the top echelons, they are entirely expendable. They aren't designing the game for hour+ missions. Are there any Survivals even left on planet-side nodes?