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  1. peterc3

    Assimilate Nyx Mod Exilus?

    Then it will lose everything but allowing you to move.
  2. If changing in-game settings can make your eyes hurt, your monitor is set up incorrectly.
  3. peterc3

    bounty 2.0 or make an additional free roam

    This can't work with the existing system. It would have to be entirely redone, the Plains themselves, the Bounty system, everything. Given this would still be player hosted, this would still exist in your proposed system.
  4. peterc3

    Your acces to in-game has been suspensed

    I'm offended by the lack of humor in the supposed joke and the fact you felt that was worthy of sharing to the larger audience of Region. If you are going to be bigoted trash, try harder, at least.
  5. peterc3

    Mastery Rank = Foundry reduction time

    Literally the only possible change is to make it 23 hours. It is something you make every day and you have to somehow interact with the game, whether it be in-game or in the app, to collect it and start another. This is why it is a day long build. They aren't going to make it even easier for late game players to blow through new content even faster. The Forma is the same to a MR1 as a MR25.
  6. peterc3

    &o - Do we need better scaling?

    Here's the truth, though. It isn't harder. The only difficulty in staying in the same mission for an hour+ is maintaining consciousness and not going into a coma. There is no mechanical difficulty in staying that long and as such deserves no more rewards than usual. Right, they've been playing for longer. They absolutely balance around how much most people have, otherwise you'd never see new resources added. I would feel punished if the reason they had those resources was because I had the same amount of time played but played the game in smaller chunks.
  7. peterc3

    &o - Do we need better scaling?

    In other words, if you do 3, 20 minute Survivals, you'll have less than the person doing 1 for 60 minutes. That is a punishment for not being able to commit to large blocks of time. This is not what DE is aiming for. To pretend it isn't punishing "casual" players is to not actually think about it. When subsequent content resource requirements take into consideration the piles of resources "hardcore" players have, the casual players are screwed. If DE doesn't take them into consideration, the vets blow through the content without even trying.
  8. peterc3

    Ideas for "Dmg 2.5" // IPS rework

    This idea is DOA. This isn't easy and to think it is is to minimize the mountain of work that needs to go into it.
  9. peterc3

    &o - Do we need better scaling?

    There are players who can't commit to hugely long runs at one time. It has nothing to do with whether they are willing to invest time or not. It overly benefits people who can just sit in one mission for hours. That is not the game DE is trying to make.
  10. Or, if you want easy access to all the game offers, buy some Plat and buy slots. Or, find something people want and trade for Plat. There are already incentives for increasing MR, like shiny new weapons and whatnot. This is just wanting more because you want more.
  11. peterc3

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.4

    By that logic, every frame is Prime.
  12. peterc3

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.4

    Where did you read this, because nothing in the quest says they are at all the same as Primes. Because it isn't a Prime.
  13. peterc3

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.4

    Not a Prime and there's nothing to say the Prime things should be available on Umbra.
  14. peterc3

    Will We ever get lore on the other frames?

    First and foremost, every frame can/will be Primed. Secondly, there is zero reason for the abilities to be different with righteous fury for Valkyr P. vs. uncontained rage with regular Valkyr. Presto, no change beyond fluff required. Alad V was fascinated by the frames, vivisecting them only to find relatively nothing. If he were to find plans for Valkyr P., he could have tried to make Gersemi into Valkyr P. by brute force, with nothing but a scarred and angry result: regular Valkyr. Requires none of the logic leaps required to say Valkyr P. violates lore that isn't even completely revealed. Given the lack of actual lore, there are no conflicts. This is an assumption. First and Final are mutually exclusive given what is in the game.
  15. peterc3

    Equinox Maim nerf is harsh

    1. Nerf things for certain people 2. ??? 3. Profit, somehow That the main ability of a fairly popular frame was not only nerfed but done without mentioning it and nobody else was aware of it, this much time after the last hotfix? Maybe if you jump to that conclusion, you should reevaluate your relationship with the game/devs.