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  1. Why is this bounty a thing?

    It's trivial with no other players. There are mods that make it exceedingly easy, mods that are useful outside the Bounty, even. It's like 49% of the goal of Void Sabotage, and those are routinely in places that you don't normally go and you'd have no clue they were there without some degree of Loot Radar.
  2. This isn't simple. You can't make this guarantee. The whole point of Stasis is that you can set up shots and enemies are completely frozen. In return, you only have free use of your melee and frame abilities. Free use of a Tigris P while immune to nearly everything and all enemies frozen if they get near you is beyond broken and there would have to be a nerf to its effectiveness.
  3. Regarding the negative Platinum balance autoban issue

    Are the "innocent" actually innocent? What if they are doing due diligence, but people on the internet are... lying???
  4. Bring Back Artax Riven

    It's a weapon for us to use, not a beginner's introduction to the game and an ease into the combat mechanics. It isn't meant to do much damage, only inflict the Cold proc. Glaxion isn't a beginner weapon. Glaxion has a decent Status chance. Why don't you try and explain why you are comparing a Sentinel weapon put into the game for a very specific reason and a sub-par weapon not behaving well before a rework of the entire category of weapons? The biggest reason might be to insulate those just starting out from encountering the garbage people that try and sell their Rivens for stupid amounts of Plat. Or the reason could be simply that DE doesn't want a Riven for the Artax and so it got rid of them. Kind of the main reason for anything happening.
  5. new sortie condition

    But doesn't that sound like so much fun? So ReWaRding????
  6. Void Onslaught potential

    True endgame is a myth used to bludgeon developers who can't achieve the hundred different ideas of a hundred different players. No to taking inspiration from the usual raid-style gear tiers that are required to negate some nebulous thing that happens where if you don't have X% Fire Resist you are instantly killed. This needs further elaboration, because they are usually one and the same in Warframe. You work toward X gun or Y frame by grinding Z node to get resources to build it, or the pieces to then build, to later assemble. You do Syndicate missions and wear their Sigil to get standing to get the gun, the mod, the Syandana. This is icky. This really stands out from anything currently in Warframe. The point of these is to encourage people to do X task to make the Syandana glow, move, whatever. It's an incentive to play the game. Having something flashy that doesn't urge people to go back to content is, at least to me, not going to work with this game.
  7. Would be nice. Would also require a fundamental redo of how colors are applied to/rendered on various parts of a model. As it is, they are limited to 4 different areas of variable colors. 4 is easy. More needs "interesting" solutions that require significantly more time to solve.
  8. MetaCritic, among others. Steam isn't the only place to sell your game, pretending companies should be forced to sell on Steam and give a percentage to Valve is inane. The idea that these companies go through the not insignificant work to make and maintain a digital storefront just to hide reviews is beyond stupid. Review bombing is still operable on Steam, so no, it isn't immune.
  9. People would still miss it. Like adding another dialog in between selling things. People are exceedingly good at ignoring vital info.

    What? Who has more than 1 account, maybe 2 to start from the beginning? This doesn't match with anything that DE has released, let alone them flat out saying it was because of low engagement.
  11. Clan Dojo and Adminstration Suggestions

    Selling a mod removes it from the game. This wouldn't, it would make it even easier to get a mod. I don't think it would reard anything but the satisfaction of helping someone else. This would be a way to shift lots of Endo to a new player, currently not a thing that should be in such plentiful supply to new players. This is all kinds of not happening. Maybe a gun range for clan members to test others' guns and setups, but nothing that will give MR.
  12. Warframe didn't kill Destiny. Warframe can't kill something not even out. What is the point of this rather mindless fanboy nonsense? Is Steam the only place to review games? Are publishers obligated to give Valve a cut of sales? Are Steam reviews immune to the usual problems with giving random people on the internet a platform for speech?
  13. A quick mission to do with a definite end? Why have all the missions in the game when we could all just play Bere with a Tigris P and an Atterax with Maiming Strike. Just have the one mission, the one set of weapons. What's the point of everything else in the game?
  14. Bring Back Artax Riven

    Do they have a guaranteed Cold proc? Are they used to introduce people to the weapon system in Warframe? Do they have almost no damage?
  15. That's a pretty bad argument. X feature is in the game, so things added need to take that into account. You can either get a big pile with the Siphons and Floods or accumulate less at once, but more over time with Kuva Survival. Floods are in the game, so Siphons should be removed.