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    Simulacrum teleporter for orbiter?

    You want something more convenient, suggest a cost. Suggest something to replace the need to visit the Relay, something equally or more interesting than the Simulacrum. Without that, this is just one more thread saying the exact same thing as the other threads you failed to search for before starting this one.
  2. peterc3

    We Need a Equinox Revisit

    People would love to have the ideal build for every one of their abilities. You have to choose what to build up and what to sacrifice. It's the entire reason there's modding.
  3. peterc3

    Warframes with personalities

    Umbra was made specifically to torture, in a particularly bad way, someone that went against Ballas. Normal frames no longer have anything like that left besides the basic "feel" of how the frame moves and hold weapons. The frames already have personalities to a degree. The Umbra line is limited, though. Not everything will have the same mechanic as Excal Umbra and wanting everything to have it diminishes the interesting aspect of Excal Umbra.
  4. Why is it of note that a humanoid pile of constructed flesh and metal is "attractive"? Not the lack of eyes, or any real face, the body type isn't attractive.
  5. If you feel Rivens are bad, and given there is 0 content made with Rivens being factored in, the only thing to do would be to ignore them. Pay them 0 attention. Don't talk about them, don't use them, don't trade them. If you participate, at all, you are perpetuating a system you dislike, adding usage to their metrics. Pretending they are some super serious thing to contemplate, to be concerned about, to feel the need to warn others about them... you have given them that power and you can take that away.
  6. Then shared Affinity goes away or gets cut down. The goal is to get people to play with their team. If Affinity range goes away, some other mechanic, likely more heavy handed, gets put in its place. This, however, is entirely on you.
  7. peterc3

    Where is the game going

    Wow. Real insight here. A game not going well after 10 years.
  8. DE, please don't summon Meteor and destroy the Earth. You haven't said you are going to do it in the past and nothing has implied you are going to do it, I'm just making sure you don't do it. Then you aren't listening to what DE is actually saying.
  9. peterc3

    Fortuna Heist: General Feedback

    Sounds like rubberbanding. Your connection, or yours to the host, is questionable.
  10. You pointed to another game and said that was a good example of what you want. Most people have not played Dark Sector. Those people will have 0 clue what you mean by taking anything from DS and bringing it into Warframe. What, exactly, do you like? What elements would be better if they were brought into Warframe? How did the boss fights go in DS? Why would those bosses be good in Warframe? Your first point was to turn the Infested dark gray. Not sure how to say this is a bad idea without saying it's a bad idea. It has no connection to Warframe's Infested and is near featureless at a glance. It just blends into dark gray. You like ideas from Dark Sector but don't actually explain what that would look like for anyone who didn't play Dark Sector.
  11. peterc3

    Zaw and Kitguns need more customized

    The modular nature of the weapons is not supposed to be a duplicate mod system. A lot of these are already mods, why should they be able to be built-in to the weapon?
  12. Taking an existing faction and changing the dominant color scheme for the entire thing is, to me, fully out of the question. Your example screenshot does not sell the idea, at all. Actually state what made them good. Most people have not played Dark Sector and have no idea what you are referring to. You are talking to everyone on the forum, not just DE. How would you "beef up" Shield Lancers without making some equipment choices mandatory? The feet and the state of repair say Corpus over Grinner for me. If not Corpus, then it looks close to what the Tenno produce. The Grineer don't need something just because another faction has it.
  13. That's not what OP was talking about. They "theorised" every node will have some Archwing/Railjack component. I was asking for any sort of basis for that.
  14. Evidence for said theory? This would be somewhat unwelcome to most people playing the game, I would imagine.
  15. peterc3

    Umbra and his scarf...

    Or... They've seen one of the dozen+ threads that has brought this up and have plenty of free devs to do this, but aren't going to do it because the scarf is pretty much the signature of Excal Umbra. Without it, it would be plain Excal.
  16. peterc3

    Primed chamber avaiable, when?

    This argument gets rolled out a lot for Rivens remaining as is and a host of other issues people have with the game. What do you know of the number of players buying Plat for that purpose and people actually paying those high costs?
  17. peterc3

    Frost 2.0

    Then you are 100%, objectively wrong. Adding crap like energy steal or healing is completely outside Frost's design.
  18. peterc3


    Nobody has made the case that that group is significant enough to warrant this much attention. Oh no <X group> doesn't support the game. Make DE care about that group by demonstrating potential gains outside that niche. Passive aggressive wanking on the forums is not how one does that. You are doing a bang up job of being the stereotypical PvPer. This is how you get devs to ignore you and players to really not care if you leave.
  19. peterc3


    This is totally out of the question, though. This game is, first and foremost, a PvE game. PvP will always be a second class mode. They might leave it as is, they might improve it, but they won't let you go through the game without touching PvE.
  20. Wouldn't this turn every player into a host? How would more data being shoved between clients improve things?
  21. peterc3

    Simple-ish rework for Kavats and Kubrows

    This isn't simple and there's no way that happens and they maintain the same number of slots.
  22. peterc3


    What would "better" PvP do about this? DE should make the game fully unlockable via PvP?
  23. Quickmatch is generally no rules, just put you into the next available game, hence the "quick" part of it.
  24. peterc3

    QoL update to arsenal for veteran players

    You being at a high MR or you've merely have built tons of weapons doesn't get you to not be reminded this is a F2P game.
  25. peterc3

    What happened to my post

    In-game chat moderation has nothing to do with forum moderation. Or it was a crap thread. Probably going to lean towards it being crap, rather than mods doing anything wrong, personally.