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  1. Either you would have to be extremely lucky to hit unaimed shots, or you give everyone a version of Mesa's original Peacemakers. There's no point and DE would shut the game down before doing something so stupid.
  2. Except the entire game that came before that update. Those that like the game will stay, those that don't will leave. This is a throwaway to you, but is the entire reason they do it. Potatoes aren't worth it to DE to allow you to really farm for them.
  3. If the complaints are coming from people that want to play, then great. But if they are coming from people who aren't actually enjoying the game, that no longer want to play, then the best thing they can do is just stop. Reevaluate their relationship to something they clearly dislike on the whole. Free themselves and find a game that suits them rather than take a game they don't like playing and have DE try and keep them, an impossible task.
  4. Tribute costs Energy and an ability slot. Those numbers and effects are not suitable for a passive that neither takes Energy nor the place of another Ability and randomness doesn't make it any better.
  5. Most of what Nightwave has is killing things. Usually in some way that is done as usual. If you are saying the reaction to most of what Nightwave has you do is like homework, like you are being forced to do things you don't like to do, "almost never something I want to do"... you're saying you don't like most of the game. Mining is not most of the acts in Nightwave. Why can the simple answer not be to just stop playing a game you mostly dislike? Reread the OP and tell me this is a person who likes to play Warframe.
  6. What if the dev is evaluating that feedback and just doesn't agree with it? They incorporate the good things they find but ignore the vast majority of the flood of nonsense? Why are the players experts on someone else's game?
  7. Either popularity means DE has to listen to something or it doesn't. Let's go with all those popular fan concept frames. Lots of them are very popular, but DE doesn't feel compelled to make them or entertain the idea beyond a shout out. Rivens could disappear and nothing would change about the game. Seems like DE is treating them with exactly as much care as they think they should be. Why is the mob right about this?
  8. peterc3

    Auction house

    Right, not to discount the tech angle, but the one thing, beyond all else, that stops them from the very idea being openly considered, is that trade happens in Plat. If it becomes easy to trade Plat, easier than it is now, the incentive to buy it rather than trade for it, diminishes. Thereby directly affecting DE's income. People can keep ignoring that Jupiter sized elephant or they can actually engage with that beast and try to come to an idea that addresses it.
  9. Are those actual sales between two legitimate players or people just trying to game the system and boost the stats? Why is it assumed those that were playing the old market are now not playing the market with the new info? People draw tons of Rule 34 content for the frames. Does that mean Warframe should just become that type of game or is DE still allowed to make their game, even if vocal forumites are wanting something else? How long should the bug have taken to get fixed, given your knowledge of the game and its code? Given the game is more than whatever new thing is added, I'm not sure what you want here. Just iterating on old content means people leave. Going back after introducing something new, waiting for people to break it and gather actual data, not the wonderful feedback that people throw up on the forums, and then refining it and bringing it more fully into the game, either in its original form or something else entirely, is the game. It's how the game has always been. If you still don't see the cycle, that's on you, I'm afraid.
  10. peterc3

    Auction house

    Crafting systems would like to say hi. In Warframe, those resources are needed by every player and are used as a progression system, as such they aren't tradable. In something like WoW, those resources are only really in demand from dedicated crafters and other people buy what they end up crafting. You must compare apples to apples or there is no point to the comparison and has 0 weight in an argument to implement an AH. You say this as if it isn't the entire reason there is no AH, as if it isn't a huge factor in the argument. There would be nothing to stop an AH from being made except for the trading of Plat.
  11. The amount is/was irrelevant. You (the community) have yet to produce a compelling argument to even get DE to consider scaling rewards at all.
  12. I will deny from now til the heat death of the universe that this does or should influence how DE designs their game. Literally nothing in the game requires them, their worth is purely player driven and is imaginary, more so than the game itself. Is it so out of left field that something like a mini game, along with Zephyr's and Wyrm's, wouldn't have any real resources given to it and it would just be released as is, barring any bugs that could be fixed without impacting the actual game? Someone had a fun idea nd built it. Better throw it in the trash than agree to support it forever. What's the point of wasting time in a video game?
  13. In case it wasn't obvious... it is not a perfect fit, to me. Can you explain how it perfectly fits Vauban, the man, the works, the frame as it exists now?
  14. The game is designed and built as a co-op game. You can play it solo, but that is not something that is explicitly designed for in all the content.
  15. Can you expand on why a frame, named after a fort designer, would have a Sentinel as the big part of it's kit?
  16. A mini game is content that needs constant updates? They have very different game play. Should they have the same rewards? The Index already outstripped any Credit need before, PT does even more so... therefore Index needs to one up that? This needs to stop. This is not a legitimate issue. The fact a handful of people feel the need to prop up Rivens as some sort of essential part of the game and therefore every ancillary system needs to feed that invented need does not make this an urgent issue that DE needs to fix.
  17. DE doesn't want PM to target bosses. Changing an entire ability just to do that WiTh SyNeRgY doesn't change the fact DE doesn't want it to target bosses. This would end up with the tracer round just disappearing on bosses and nothing having changed.
  18. You're jumping to a conclusion with data you don't have. For all you know, Hildryn's shield gating doesn't do what they hoped or it can't be used on other frames.
  19. Suggest another method to make everyone from a MR1 to an MR25 have a minimum amount of time to blow through a boss and this will change. They generally do work. This seems like it might be a problem with your connection in this online game. If you've played for as long as you claim to, you would note this is not the first iteration of the damage system and it will not be the last. This is not something you just slap together and replace. What content? Things get superseded and others just don't pan out. Expecting them to support literally every piece of content they have in the game at once, in perpetuity, is lunacy. They have said multiple time they cannot do this. They don't ignore it, they just can't move at the pace you want them to. 1 is dependent on 3. 2 may not even be on DE's end. 3 is a fundamental piece of how the game even works, enemies and players alike. It alters how the game flows and how fights from trash to bosses work. 4 is vague.
  20. If you know of a position in the company where I can be paid to find threads like this, by all means let me know the details. In this context, what would a "natural" progression gate look like? I'm actively telling you how this free game operates. It is completely irrelevant that you have paid money. That doesn't change the fact nobody has to to play the entirety of the game. You can't spend money to increase your MR. It's up to you to pass the test, whether you've spend money or not. If this is happening a lot... you might want to check that everything on your end of the connection is perfect.
  21. Try other nodes. You might find the rest of the game a lot more fun even at lower MR. You won't level that much slower, either. DE puts time and money into new frames, new weapons, new game modes. You, having paid nothing to play the game, are heavily encouraged to try everything, in hopes of you spending money.
  22. It's not like you lose any XP gained in the interim. It's the main time gate for the game. How do you call it a useless statistic, if you want to increase it so badly?
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