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  1. As long as the damage reflection isn't reduced by the damage reduction like manymany case already in game (e.g. mesa's 3, ice chroma and shock chroma's 2)
  2. Remember that mesa's first ability augment is still bugged for hitscan weapons and thus not providing the bonus status chance on the bullet charged.
  3. Ma guarda che coincidenza... Proprio al tennocon dove riveleranno il prossimo prime... Ma chi sarà mai? Una qualche divinità legata a dragonball?
  4. Regalia colors still uses first energy color and not both. Double energy colors for sigils and emblems when?
  5. @[DE]Megan Mesa prime 1st ability augment is still bugged and not working for hitscan weapons since 3 years and various bug report posts. Pls fix or either rework the augment
  6. Firestorm Mod still cannot be equipped on Simulor series as advertised... pls fix!
  7. Mecha Overdrive still not working
  8. Why even bother with Broman and gothalion? they don't know the game for what it is. they don't live the game. They are only big streamers that "casually" play warframe. Borderlands2 and Destiny's are their bread not warframe.
  9. Why did you nerferd corpus enemies? the challenge were almost perfect. This is not meant to be for lower level players
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