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  1. I was 100% thinking this too.... I'm a touch OCD I'll admit, and the fact that I have to keep backing off 1 each time I commit so I dont waste standing is irking me a bit.... everything worth getting is 1000k standing in most factions or higher... never odd numbers so what is the point of 250 increase. Give us the other 750 or take the 250 back at MR 29 Please! I feel ya, kindred spirit.
  2. Based on that logic, you would rather fly into the railjack and dock the oribiter to it, so you had a door to walk through and be in the Railjack, then that passage is just not available when entering railjack missions? Only issue is you would need to be able to dock 4 orbiters to the Railjack to make that work logically at the start of a misson.... Also, my scenario did not paint the Orbiter as the Car, the Landing Craft is the Car. it is the means you use to go from orbiter to other locations (excluding the Railjack currently) The Orbiter is effectively our Space RV....
  3. I think the issue is that the two are connected at all times... if you think if it like a Tank/RV/Car scenario....... you would not tow your Tank behind the RV, Real world: The Tank would be parked at the Base and you would take your Car there then drive off with the Tank, post mission you return to the Base and us the Car to go back to your RV, if you visit another area you move the RV with the Car in tow, rinse and repeat Tenno World: The Railjack is parked at the Dojo (or orbiting it if you consider multiple Railjacks at the Dojo), you use your Landing Craft to travel from th
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