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  1. Make more. Assuming it wasn't normal kuva that we all but bathe in, Worm almost certainly knows or can figure out what it was. Make an Alad-esque trade with her or steal the formula. On the plus side, this could also teach us more about Continuity and how to perform it- Give the Entrati new bodies.
  2. Liches need to be Invaders that can jump into your missions the same way other invaders can. And then add an Invasion mission to the Invasions tab that you can see if you have an active lich, funneling all lich players towards those invasions. And scrap the BS alternate node mechanic. You can keep the influence thing, and missions in those areas can simply have an increased chance of spawning your lich if you do those normal nodes, and those nodes have the resource theft. Boom. A thousand times better of a system, now to make a million times more enjoyable on top of the
  3. The way we can craft Broken War into War, we should be able to fix the Broken Scepter into a Kuva Scepter. Since it has Kuva in the name it should be related to the Kuva weapons, so the crafting requirement could be x amount of Kuva, Broken Scepter, and maybe 10 Riven Slivers plus some rubedo, or a forma. The Kuva Scepter could easily have an interesting mechanic where it counts as a Hammer for heavy attacks, using the heavy mace-like bulb on one end , and counts as a polearm for the light attacks (With the blade-like head). Improve the passive to instead make it so enemies
  4. So Ember and Frost are coming out of the vault? Who is going in?
  5. While they're at it, make it so Mastery Rank also lets you use your abilities. MR 10 = Use your first stage 4 from frame rank 1.
  6. I've played a lot of Xaku lately and invested a lot in grinding a potato and several forma. I believe Xaku could be far more thematic and enjoyable if The Lost's Gaze ability created its own obelisk based on the design of the Cambion Drift obelisks, instead of relying on targeting an enemy. Place the obelisk right where you want it to be. Similarly, Accuse could also create a pillar distinct in that it might have a shattered or split appearance with the void fissure crackling inside its core. It'd behave like a decoy but when shot by an enemy, it converts that enemy the way it does n
  7. Just added: Spear/Lance weapons. Weapons that have high reach but they all focus on long forward thrusting attacks with two main stances, one that relies of rapid attacks and one that relies on powerful singular attacks. You might even double down on that and distinguish them as Spears vs Lances. Spears could focus on Status and rapid hits while Lances focus on crit and heavy attacks. Both could also have combos that provide a lot of forward movement if holding forward. High damage potential but without a lot of ability to sweep whole areas, being focused in a "Line" in f
  8. Why the hell are you nerfing one of the only enjoyable abilities to come out of Helminth instead of improving all the worthless garbage? "iT wAs AlWaYs InTeNdEd" DE today wouldn't allow bullet jumping, they'd just delete coptering without compensation.
  9. "Evasion" just straight up needs a rework, evasion is horrible and does not work like evasion usually does in most games where it actually works. Evasion should be a chance to not take damage, not a chance for enemies to not aim at you. Like in most games were you see a floating "Miss" for example. It's not that you didn't get hit, it's that it registers as a "miss" and you don't take damage. That would fix global problems, not just Xaku problems.
  10. "Power" weapons. As in, for example a weapon that has the visual effect of wreathing your hands in an elemental vfx, and its m1 is to hurl elemental balls, alt fire for an elemental lobbed bomb. A different one that fires beams with an alt fire that calls a pillar from above. Another that projects an ignis-like cone effect, alt fire to create a stationary DoT mine. Kind of like how in Skyrim to use magic you equip the spell and use it the same way you use any other weapon. Power weapons would be excellent for reinforcing player theme in playing caster frames where you don
  11. Since this hotfix, consistently every time I do an Isovault, the requiem door throws me back in front of it when I try to go through. I have to force it hard but you can eventually get past with persistence. I also very frequently get a glitch where I cannot use archwing anywhere, it always says invalid. And just now, I FINALLY got a non-common Necramech mod, Necramech Continuity which I was really hoping to find and finally did. Only to then experience the worst run yet where I got the Corn glitch where my mech lost its limbs On top of that, my warframe disappeared. I could not
  12. I like garuda and enjoy playing her, but she feels really janky and somewhat depresses me with the missed potential. I'm throwing it out into the world how I find myself wishing she worked instead. The purpose is to improve her playstyle, reliability, and something I always strive for: Internal synergy. Passive: No change. 1- Dread Harvest - Works like the blood ball does currently. Note I say blood ball, not dread mirror. Hold to cast the blood ball the way we do not. However, tapping instead lobs a projectile that has the effect of tapping dread mirror n
  13. All non-mother tokens are pointless. They're a horrible nonviable option if you want to gain standing from them. Their only uses are for crafting or spending on rank up rewards. Removing the blatantly ridiculous scint costs on some of his token choices doesn't change that. You should only ever be spending Mother tokens to rank up. The others are horribly overpriced.
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