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  1. It felt so amazing to be able to play Mesa against a boss enemy and not be completely useless for once. It also wasn't overpowered at all, it consistently performed at the same level as normal meta frames that were just using weapons that any frame could use. Other players would regularly out perform me, though it wasn't uncommon that I'd have the most damage but usually not by a whole lot unless the other players were really not focusing on damage, or just low MR. Nevermind that the non-tactical alert wolf doesn't have nerfed takiness, as I understand it. But no, DE has to strip us of abilities forcing us to use meta frames and weapons.
  2. That's 500 standing taken away from your small daily limits, taken away from your progression towards maxing the faction, can mean the difference between taking a whole extra day to hit the next level, and when stacked with other necessary purchases could add a week to your grind for the faction ranks. Getting the first T1 amp and some operator arcanes to not get oneshot all the time set me back 4 days until I could rank up again in Quills for example. Every day that passes where you don't have max rank with a faction, are days where spending any standing is punishing you for trying to enjoy the game by setting your already very limited progress back. I'm sure it seems like nothing to older players who already have max faction ranks and/or over double the daily standing limit. But it's a very bad experience before then. By the time you get max rank with Cetus/Quills I was burnt out on Plains and struggle to bring myself to even go back even though I put all that effort into maxing them so I could finally buy things. Bought a Mergoo lure to finally see what those were all about, did that a few times, and haven't brought myself to return yet (Been about a week or two).
  3. That's a lot of talk from someone who judging by post count and rep, doesn't need to bother with let alone actively struggle against harsh standing limits or the fact that ANY standing spent when you aren't max rank with a faction is standing directly taken away from your progression to said max rank, and from someone who in all likelyhood has all those blueprints or has the higher standing limits and max ranks necessary to not be bothered by paying the standing cost. The fact of the matter is its a huge blow to new players, the standing system is trash that actively penalizes you from buying anything, especially when it's something you HAVE to buy in order to keep progressing, or heaven forbid make the game fun (Like buying even just the T1 Amp compared to the garbage Mote amp). A lot of changes or new content seem to make the game worse for new players, or is otherwise designed from the perspective of old players and devs who don't seem to even think about how the experience will be for newer players, including players who only have 1-300 hours in the game which sounds like a lot for most games but is practically the time it takes to get past a tutorial phase in Warframe.
  4. There's no reason Nightwave should outright replace Alerts. They can work along side alerts without issue. The change to Nightwave feels like it's deliberately designed to be more of a frustration and to make Alert items / drops a higher scarcity to encourage cash shop purchases, especially for newer players who don't get to benefit from having already done Alerts in the past for all or most the objects, at the very least the important ones. At a bare minimum if they refuse to return Alerts, nightwave creds need to be around doubled. Preferably tripled. And not just from rank rewards, but from creds gained from other sources as well. For example, capturing fugitives giving creds.
  5. Add Khora to the list of trash reward tables too. On top of a far worse game mode that's completely unrewarding, and 95% of players abandon before zone 8, even right there on zone 7 not going through the portal to zone 8 for no reason (decent efficiency and almost guaranteed odds at beating 8, I mean, I soloed 8 a few times or came very painfully close on others and wasting 20 minutes) Normal Sanctuary Onslaught is a slog, and feels like a waste of time if you don't get a Khora part (or a duplicate part). As for Nidus parts / Infested Salvage, I did a couple hours worth of it without getting a part until one blessed game where I got a Nidus part every other wave, it was amazing. Infested Salvage is boring, but mostly just extremely annoying with that dumb MS Paint red goo filter, but at least it's easy so you're all but guaranteed to get Rotation C and don't have to bother leaving and coming back since its easy to just keep going to the next rotation C.
  6. A full squad and everybody else leaves on zone 7, not going through the portal to zone 8. What the hell is wrong with people holy crap. I managed to just barely solo zone 8 by myself as Nidus because the map wasn't trash for once. Of course all I get for that effort and time spent is another sogging relic... Delete or fix the Kuva Fortress SO map (Which I got for Zone 7...). The spawns are completely broken, you can go 15+ seconds without ever seeing an enemy spawn, and 90% of the time there's only ever one enemy on screen. I was only able to solo 8 because I got a good map for once where enemies were consistently spawning and in good open areas for my Nidus pull combo to do some work. Side note: Nidus is amazing by the way, so much fun. His 2 is the most satisfying mass pull ability I've experienced in gaming. I didn't think I'd enjoy him because pull abilities like that usually feel like garbage in games because they give them such tiny areas and/or the pulls are unreliable like a stiff breeze. Nidus's only problem is sometimes the enemies are awkward to pull. Sometimes they do orbits around it at a distance like some sort of carnival ride, and drones often are very slow to pull. But such a fun character, and while I'm glad I grinded for him instead of buying him, that doesn't excuse a very overly painful grind.
  7. 6 runs in a row where I can't reach 8 due to leavers and a bit of poor map layout / enemy spawns. One guy quit on round seven, not going through the portal to zone 8, because he "Maxed out" what he was leveling and then the map was too awful for one person to manage with terrible spawns. Wasted a total of around 2-3 hours of lost runs because of leavers, and a good chunk of them failed on zone 8 itself.
  8. I haven't been this frustrated since Ivara's farm. I'd rather farm Ivara again, and Ivara's farm almost made me quit the game. • 95% of players abandon you before wave 8. (And the Monkey-licking HOST MIGRATIONS completely screwing you by wiping away all your active effects you just barely cast, but still lost the energy on) • There is NEVER enough enemies spawning to gain efficiency on wave 8. • You have to get to and beat 8 for just a CHANCE at ONE of Khora's parts. 20 minutes of your life wasted every time you don't get it, or run out of efficiency with seconds left because no PANCAKE FLIPPING enemies spawn and you had got 2 efficiency orbs on the map plus being on your own because everyone abandoned you at waves 4 and 6. Enemies can die the moment they appear on your screen and it's still not pickle-slapping good enough for this Jam-stain of a game mode. • ALL OF THIS, on top of the game mode being unrewarding as hell, feeling like a complete waste of time if you aren't leveling a frame or getting Khora parts. The only reason for N(Normal)SO's existence is purely because the game wont allow non-30 frames into ESO and that Khora was randomly stuffed into there for hardly any reason at all (And flying in the face of all her lore potential we were taunted with). Thanks, I hate it. Modes with two frame parts on the same drop pool need to be Rotation A rewards, your the game needs to quit with the bs AABC crap making it so you have to waste 20 minutes of your life just for a chance at what you need. ELITE Sanctuary Onslaught on the other hand, IS rewarding and feels fun and worthwhile, but you can't get Khora from elite, and you can't level frames there either. N-SO is like filing taxes while washing dishes while listening to the audio version of a textbook.
  9. I've already said stuff on this so I'll just quote them both:
  10. Unless it was an operator game mode where you lose access to your weapons, frame, even mods. Imagine a Grustrag Three capture type of deal, but say the Sentients captured you and did something to your operator. Tenshin, or your highest Syndicate, intercepted the ship transporting you and you wreck on an infested asteroid/planet. You can find weapons, mods, even frames (Or you still have your frame, but it's blank). Or better yet, no frames at all but you can find "Golems" you can use Transference on to possess like that one moment we saw in the questline that was never utilized again. Or no capture involved, but an infested Orokin prison with high security measures that you cannot enter with your equipment, you enter using Transference to bypass the gates leaving you in operator mode alone, where you can operate disabled security golems and find weapons (with or without mods being involved at all).
  11. Broken War is clearly advertised as Broken, expectation is limited, but even so it's widely regarded as one of the better swords whereas paracesis is third place in its own category with a gimmick requiring 5 forma, 5 grinds to 30, for very little benefit when it doesn't even make it match other weapons in the same category. Except that it isn't. It's pretty terrible against them. Sentients float above the air or are giants, they're hard (Or at least awkward at best) to hit with Paracesis at all and if you do a +60% alone damage doesn't make it worth using. Some kind of Spear might have been preferable, if they were dedicated to a melee weapon, that had innate animations that had a minor homing effect towards the direction of the nearest enemy to the crosshair allowing it to aim up at sentients (and drones for that matter). Spears are also classically iconic as weapons of war, but swords are the modern icon I guess.
  12. I have all 5 forma into it. It feels very underwhelming, is it even in the top 20 melee weapons? There was so much hype for this weapon, with an amazing mini quest sequence to acquire it that had me thoroughly engaged. The weapon's appearance wasn't great but hey, I was into the gimmick of growing with forma. But I hardly even notice a difference with the weapon now that it's maxed out. It doesn't feel very strong, meanwhile it's slow and awkward to use. I mean, it's beat by the comparatively mundane Galatine and Gram Primes. It's third fiddle. It was a huge sacrifice to get the thousand ducats necessary to build it. Ten gold prime items worth of ducats + the cells, galatine, and eidolon shards. And it's third place to other weapons of its same class let alone melee weapons overall. Thoroughly disappointed in this weapon and it really undermines the entire story surrounding it. Why does each extra rank not directly add bonus void damage overall? As much as 100/200/300/400/500, the bonus could be pretty high, void damage is pretty weak anyway but any would at least be something to make the weapon feel at all important.
  13. I get that general impression with DE a lot lately, that they're pushing further towards weighting the game more and more to push people to the point that we just buy/spend plat instead of playing their content... The list of frames who's effort matches or exceeds that to just farm the plat instead keeps growing.
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