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  1. Imagine if it had its own slots like an exalted weapon or Venari does. And it had four slots similar to pet behavior slots that you could insert your own mine loadout into, say 10+ different mine options. The other mod slots (if any) could be weapon or companion mods that could effect the mines.
  2. That's too small, it'd still have the same problem it has now. Where in public groups nothing will live long enough for you to effect. You need to be able to mark things as quick as possible, because not only do you have to burn 2-5 seconds to mark enemies, you then also have to burn 2-5 seconds in animations until a given enemy actually gets damaged. Meanwhile Piddles McGee already waltzed through the room with an Arca Plasmor, or spun to won, or nuked the room by any other means. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Same problem with Garuda. She can tactical nuke a very small area, but that also takes around 10 seconds assuming you have a dread mirror stack already. The thing you wanted to hit with it already got wiped off the math with a single click of m1 by the squadmate. Or wiped the entire room already before you could deliver your own damage just to the small area.
  3. Frustration is not the same as difficulty. Give an enemy 2 billion health, it wont be difficulty, it will be tedium. Same game design error occurs when you just make an enemy immune to the player's abilities. At least Nullifiers have some amount of effort put into them instead of the enemies literally immune to abilities, or the terrible energy leeches and parasitic units that provide no feedback what so ever unless you notice your energy suddenly dumping buckets with no noticeable reason because the enemy is blended in with the crowd, or not even in the same room as you. And then Warframe's boss design amounts to a third grader playing imagination games who just says "NOoooOoo, you can't! I'm immune!". Not to mention how bad the weak spot mechanic is, horribly unreliable with not much feedback either and I have no idea how they expect new players to realize you're supposed to shoot the lens flares. Hell, half the time it feels like it doesn't do anything even now after hundreds of hours in the game. In a Sortie against Sargus the fight took 15 minutes because apparently nobody but me knew to target the lens flare to actually deal damage, and even then it didn't seem to work half the time. It ends up feeling little better than button mashing waiting for something to happen. And to what end? Weapons are just as overpowered as abilities yet Warframe makes you focus on them, weapons almost never get shut down and you basically can't use abilities against most bosses. The only thing that does is the very rare disarm mechanic that I only see like once every hundred missions.
  4. I simply no longer have the will to play since hitting rank 30 in the nightwave. It isn't a conscious effort, there's just nothing there anymore and I don't feel compelled to play the game as it is... I want to want to play, but I just don't. Side note is that It doesn't feel like warframe has enough gameplay sometimes. Like the only reason to play is the endless grind, and frankly high level content is ruined by the abundance of anti-ability effects and immunities, so I only enjoy playing against the Grineer faction. So I end up just hanging out in my orbiter staring at the map wishing there was something I felt like doing.
  5. A mode like this would necessarily require a separate form of progression and rewards, and general game systems revolving around not warframes or your operator, but playable Grineer and Corpus units and systems to support those units.
  6. #1: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1127953-risk-of-frame-new-game-mode-roguelike/ #2: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1134145-sustainable-content-idea-2-player-made-levels/ #3: #1 talks about a singleplayer/co-op experience that's very efficient in providing endless content. #2 talks about community driven content that provides endless content and creativity in sharing user generated maps and quests. Now to go against the grain a little.. a PvP mode that isn't awful. Credit to this comment: You could reskin the Plains of Eidolon and/or the Vallis with some relevant tweaking to make them more appropriate to the mode. You play as either Grineer or Corpus factions on either the red or blue team. Infested and Sentients can be a neutral (Hostile to everyone) hazard. Instead of a hero or villain unit, you could have a warframe. Also, let it be known... That unironically, a battle royale would actually be a good idea too. Starting as your operator and finding frames, weapons, and mods. (Frames might be limited use too, if it's destroyed its destroyed unless repaired/healed) Coming from someone who hates battle royale games, has never played one, and never intends to but might support a Warframe BR. At the bare minimum it'd be an opportunity to draw more players and monetization options that don't involve grindwalling all new content behind grindwalls so awful that it's ideal to just grind plat instead.
  7. Then don't touch it, that's your weird choice. Meanwhile others can enjoy designing and sharing custom level design, and/or playing unique experiences from the host of shared levels. User generation is one of the main cornerstones of sustainable content responsible for incredible communities that thrive for a long time while providing a abundance of opportunities not just for players, but for content creators to share and make videos off of as well. Your train of thought is remarkably limited. Featured levels, pulling up levels spotlighted by content creators, organized lists of user rated and vetted levels. You wont be playing low effort junk if you don't want to, the same as any game with such a system whether it's Mario, or Doom. Neverwinter I believe goes even further with a whole quest system, if I remember right.
  8. Idea #1: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1127953-risk-of-frame-new-game-mode-roguelike/ Idea #2: Give us a Player Studio, let us create our own custom levels. Unlike normal missions, these are exact maps as the player made them, not rand- Well, I guess you could give us the option to create random levels as well, designing our own tweaked tile pieces. Script markers for specific triggers and results of them, some people might make Chains of Harrow type missions, others unique defense missions. Let us play with things as well; Such as spawning shield drones with 400% the normal shield output. Bombards four times their normal size with four times the armor, health, and fire rate that can either randomly spawn and/or is a scripted spawn as a "Boss" for Wave 10 and so on. Object placement, of course. Some players might make puzzle games using spy vault and lua tools. Hide buttons all over the map, in hidden corners, create speed trials... How you decide to allow reward structures to work with the player content is totally up to you. Obviously there still needs to be a reward, gameplay that is actually fun with infinite content is one thing... but it will still feel horrible to play if it's essentially a "waste of time" without rewards. There can be Unrated and Rated maps, Rated Maps are vetted to allow rewards, Unrated maps are unvetted without rewards; or perhaps the only reward you get is affinity and focus for them. Player made levels could be accessed with a UI similar to the Dojo access on Navigation, it might be accessed through the transference machine similar to my suggestion for the roguelike, who knows. But once I thought of this, it makes perfect sense for the game and could be exactly what Warframe is missing.
  9. Yeah no, I don't think that means what you think it means. There is NO false argument, or argument in general, that I am propping up to attack. It's not even making sweeping generalizations, I'm referencing a subset of people who may possess this characteristic (Similar to some people being more susceptible to gambling/loot box mechanics in some games), and gave anecdotal support for my assertion from my personal experience and general observation. Literally every content creator of the half dozen+ I watch has commented on the subject.
  10. A) Warframe doesn't have much in the way of enjoyable sustainable content. B) Nightwave is a toxic system that causes some players to psychologically attach to it. If they can't progress in Nightwave, there is no reason for them to play the game they feel. I know because I am one of them, even though I consciously recognize this phenomenon I just flat out lack the will to play now, just like last season after I hit rank 30 and didn't come back until mid season 2. C) They pin all player hopes and expectations around mainline updates. Not to mention the only real gameplay Warframe has: Grinding new frames, and the once in a blue moon new quests. D) They're pushing away a lot of content creators, most of whom are at the very least branching out and playing Warframe less.
  11. It's amazing to me that that was a spoiler that I had never seen spoiled or even referenced anywhere, not a single stray second of a youtube video, no off-hand joke or reference... Isn't there a No-spoiler mode intended for streamers and youtubers? If you can find it that might prevent it.
  12. I can actually easily imagine DE converting space into an "open world". Like a space sim, fly specifically to the different planets/moons, and enter the atmosphere over a node to fly in. They could potentially make each node a physical location and the planet is an open world No Man's Sky style, with the physical nodes located on the planet seeded when you enter atmosphere and generated as you approach. The nodes could either still be randomized, or locked in place with a specific map (they could make use of their random generation tech to create a whole roguelike game mode/ mission type that isn't part of the open world, but a mission type accessed through your operator as a kind of focus training). The Solar Rails would be "Fast Travel" points that launch you at sublight/FTL towards the other planets. When you approach you'd see markers for all the other planets and locations, so you just aim in that direction and zoom across the system to the desired location. Players who want to travel similar to how we travel now could have a sort of autopilot feature that presents things the way we see them now. You'd just have a different loading screen showing a "cutscene" of your travel. As an actual open world you might be able to do thing slike mine asteroids, fish space whales, tranq aberrations, fight enemy faction fleets/battlegroups / ships. Ect. Would be a great open world for after the Infested faction open world. A Space open world, naturally with all factions within it.
  13. It'd be nice if her 2 also ignited enemies in range around her, dealing increased damage the more Heat gauge she has. The Firequake augment could make this ignition also cause a stun. Or preferably, the stun would innately be a part of the ability (Bandaid augments suck). This would also give it synergy with her passive. In fact, her passive's range might also increase the more your hear gauge fills up, and enemies within range get ignited.
  14. When grinding Khora, I had enough parts to craft 6 Khoras.... Minus any systems at all. For roughly 4 weeks, before I finally got a system drop. Then after I started crafting her, all of a sudden I got 2 in a row the next time I did SO. Then another. Within the week of now just casually doing SO, I had 5. It honestly very much feels like DE weights drop tables to withhold the last part you need for something. Then once you get it, it's no longer necessary so the barrier is lifted. Because I've seen people sharing very similar stories but where the part that refused to drop was just the chassis, because they must have gotten lucky with systems and blueprint so the final part to get the drop manipulation happened to be the common chassis instead. Even if this is not the case, DE still refuses to incorporate bad luck protection and chooses to keep the grind experience as bad as possible. So this is the experience they choose to give players, the impression they let people have. In fact making it even worse as time goes by with worse and worse grinds. Most frames released these days seem to be ridiculous grinds where you're better off grinding platinum instead of the thing itself, and that comes with a slot and potato on top of that whereas you might have to grind 40p anyway in order to get a new slot and a potato even if you did grind the frame itself. Free speech is a value. It has no worth if the citizenry don't respect it, and once that respect is lost the law will follow suit.
  15. You don't have to burn them at all... You save them until you can use them one way or another.
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