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  1. 1. My friend needs Endo, the last 5 sorties gave us rivens. Just basic observation bias, you never get what you are hoping for, I'm pretty sure Ayatans and Rivens have the same dropchance (even though I personally have gotten way more rivens, which I'm quite thankfull for XD) 2. Almost no weapon is useless (hello stug XD) in this game, there are only degrees of usefull and I'm most thankfull for rivens of weapons I haven't used in a while (except the maybe 10% of weapons that are just objectively bad). 3. I agree, mostly because of diversity, which is why I'm really looking forward to being able to get kuva by doing disruptions, a gamemode I really enjoy. I would really like it however if siphons would reward 900-1000 kuva without booster. 4. You rolled a riven 100 times and didn't get a godroll, that's what you are actually trying to say. To get nothing usefull in 100 rolls would be so extremely statistically improbable, that I'm convinced that you aren't using the word usefull corectly. 5. Always remember, it will. But I'm also annoyed by the inconsistency, I wish they'd adjust disposition at least monthly. If you feel like it's not worth doing, I really fail to see why you are doing it at all.
  2. I actually really like that, since their inception, operators have become more and more usable and I'm having a lot of fun soloing kuva floods with a permanently rifted limbo while doing everything with the operator 😄 I'd love if they scrap frame benefits from focus completely, so I wouldn't feel gimped when not using Zenurik.
  3. Yes! I'd really like that! If for nothing else but ambience.
  4. Most of the ui changes have both, things that are better and things that are worse, at keast to me. With loadouts, I'm almost completely happy. I have 34 loadouts, and change and replace them often (I wish I could have like 60) some are funktional, like Eidolon loadout, but most are for certain Warframes and my favorite loadout for them according to my favorite playstyle with that frame. Because there are less loadouts than frames, I often replace the loadout of a frame, I don't feel like using at the time, with one I want to try again or one that just came out. In the old system, my loadout list was a mess for that reason. The abillity to sort them by name was a godsend and I hope we get more sorting criteria in the future, like last time selected, etc. It also looks much nicer in my opinion.
  5. One uncomfortable aspect no one talked about yet: If you don't have any money, you are also probably not buying any plat/prime access, meaning, from a purely buisness view, you are not a customer. If you only have 5 bucks a month for your hobbies, online gaming isn't a good choice, like others said, pc gaming is expensive, many hobbies are, that's sadly a fact of live.
  6. I like to play some games with a controller, but handling guns without a mouse is incredibly gimping. Analogue sticks are awesome for movement, but horrible for targeting and for me at least, horrible at camera control. If Warframe was a melee-only game with a fixed camera I'd probably prefer using a controller aswell.
  7. Couldn't they implement a speed check, to make sure selfish people with good internet conection can't use the option? If they simple implemented the option without such a measure would result in to few hosts I bet, but noone wants to be in a laggy session, least of all the host who feels bad for something he can't control most of the time.
  8. Yeah, this is really annoying and I like your suggestion, not sure how great it would be in Arbies though...
  9. So much this. I also refuse to call anyone a Veteran that refuses to help or even play with new players. Absolutely! I really think that if you want to only run missions with high level players with optimal loadout, you should recruit people or join a clan/alliance. Pubs are for casual play.
  10. While i'd like this for Frost and Mag, for Limbo it's really problematic:
  11. The thing is, I never heard of someone unvailing a riven while they do other stuff, usually you'd specifically go into a mission to unlock it, all you got to do is readd the mod after that mission. Alternatively you could have an open loadout slot and when you want to use a loadout, but with a small change, you simply dublicate that loadout, give it the name "temp" or some such and add the riven or whatever. After your done you can delete that loadout or just delete it at a later point when you need a free slot. Would mean all the players that are used to the system the way it is and has been, would have to change their bahaviour, people that are constantly changing and finetuning their loadouts would have to remember to hit save everytime, which isn't much work, but pretty much the same amount of work that you aren't willing to do yourself. I'm not convinced that more than a small minority of people are asking for this, it would be kinda $&*^ish to inconvinience all other players for the convinience of that group. I have nothing against a toggleable option like op proposed though, I just don't see it happening any time soon...
  12. Bingo! Also, I got to say, just looked through your post history and what I see is almost no constructive feedback at all and a constant stream of "DE doesn't listen anyway", "DE sucks", "This community sucks", "This game sucks", if this isn't just your current mood, but your general feelings towards this game, why are you even still here? Go play something you enjoy, something that doesn't make you want to create 20 posts saying how miserable you feel abnout everything. It's neither helpfull, nor healthy, I'm sorry, but I don't know what else to say.
  13. No, it's downloading one update after the other, first the one that's 6GB and after that it checks if there is another update and downloads that one. Warframe updates extremely often, because they release a lot of new content. I don't know of a single online game that doesn't use their own launcher, there probably is a reason for that... That's definitely not true for everyone, I always have 1-2 mb/s, so I don't believe it's their servers...
  14. They do, but there are so many posts a day and only so much time employees can spend on reading all of them. A huge portion of the feedback is also badly informed, plain stupid, unrealistic or could doom the game in a matter of months. The game hasn't been around for 6 years for nothing, they know how to keep this game viable. Then there are those ideas that they like but aren't as important as other stuff, that's also easier to implement. And finally it's their game and vision for how it should be and it doesn't matter how many player want something, if the DE doesn't want it in their game. I'm not saying we should be content and shutup, the feedback should keep coming, just wanted to say, that they do act on feedback time and time again, it might not be the feedback you or I liked, or agree with, but your post is completely useless feedback that probably fits more into general discussion.
  15. As someone who grinded for the parts and then later grinded for all of them again helping a friend get equinox, I absolutely agree. Mind you, I don't think the fight is bad, but it's not fitting for something that has to be redone an AVERAGE of 22 times. Other comparable bosses have to be run an average amount of 7 times, maybe 10 if you are unlucky. When I helped my friend, we had to do it over 70 times, that's absolutely stupid for a boss with unskippable "cutscenes". In my opinion they should just make the bosses drop the Blueprint and scatter the parts as low chance rewards through the missions on the corresponding planet. It's the same with the transmissions before the Ropalolyst fight, having RNG drops from "story segments" devalues them, imagine having to do the second dream multiple times, that would be horrible.
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