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  1. My guess would be something like quicker building combo counter and more damage for heavies? Could be pretty cool.
  2. Can we please stop with this generalization please? They have been ignoring minorities of the community, because they have grown so much, I too miss the olden days, but it's not the niche underground game it was in the beginning. Just because vets are neglected doesn't mean they don't listen, they simply don't listen as much to us specifically any more, because, let's face it, even if we spend hundreds to thousands of $/€/etc. on Warframe, it simply can't compare to thousands of new players spending a bit each, with the odd whale mixed in. I'm mostly playing Destiny 2, but I can't wait for Empyrian/New War, it's simply that I don't have much to do in Warframe right now, so I play something else. Back to topic, as someone who really dislikes conclave and most PvP in general, this sounds really nice. I actually enjoy the Gambit in Destiny quite a bit, but I would like it more if there whas no invading the other side. I think a strictly competitive but not versus gamemode would be great in Warframe. I'm kinda interested what that racing thing will be, that Steve mentioned a few times offhand. But I really like your idea! How about something like the floor is lava for ember? People would actually need to use wall cling, etc. Nyx could have a mind control effect, kinda like in the Mutalist Alad V fight. Banshee could give the enemy "radar" (disable invisibility for the entire enemy team).
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