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  1. HI we have a bug with Deferred Rendering Shadows 😌 TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [when Deferred Rendering is ENABLED: Warframe, Enemy and object like storage continer, dose not have shadows ] VISUAL: In orbiter ( working shadows ! 😁) In the plain ( working shadows !😁) In Star Chart map. ( no shadow 🥵) In Dojo ( no shadow 🥵) REPRODUCTION: [just enable Deferred Rendering, and see you have no shadows] EXPECTED RESULT: [we need shadows 😄”] OBSERVED RESULT: [when Deferred Rendering enable shadows not working exepet the plain] REPRODUCTION RATE: [happend all the time in this places BUG Effect: Clan dojo,any Star Chart map,Railjack,fortuna, and the Orb Vallis | not effect: the plain, or the orbiter ]
  2. Why this is so grindy and also feel like pay to advance faster, almost like pay to win. + Bugs are insine. ? Were is sqoud link ? Why we don't have open world integration to plain of eidalon and fortuna
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