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  1. Honestly, my problem with bad augments is that even with a buff, it still doesn't really justify a mod slot. Those "press 1 to do damage" abilities would just be in a way better spot overall if the augment was part of the ability itself, instead of requiring a mod slot to make it any useful.
  2. Wukong rework is excellent!!! I will echo the sentiment of others in this thread though, and say that people have been waiting for this with Vauban too. If Wukong, the widely seen as worst frame can be made into something good then surely Vauban can too... which was supposedly once meta for trials???
  3. I still can't get Baruuk cause you put the grind remediers BEHIND the actual grind.. i have already destroyed my soul so much for ONE drop of Atmo systems, and i'm not doing it three more times.
  4. I log in just because of this update but you put the X systems AHEAD of the actual big grind walls that they cause... so i sleep!
  5. Okay but what's with the 300mb of hotfixes today???
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