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  1. poor squid boy he's pretty boring to play 😢
  2. Frost - Cryogenic Any melee assailant that strikes Frost has a 10% chance to be temporarily frozen on impact. - Increase freeze chance from 10% to 40%. Nekros - Soul Siphon A master of death, Nekros regenerates 5 points of Health any time an enemy dies within 10 meters of him. His passive also can heal Companions. - Increase radius from 10m to 18 meters. Nova - Explosive Counter Whenever Nova is knocked down, she emits a neutron burst which knocks down and damages enemies in a 6 meter radius. - Increase radius from 6m to 15 meters. Nyx - Evasion Enemies are 20% less accurate when targeting Nyx (except while Absorb is active).- Increase evasion chance from 20% to 35%. - Increase evasion chance from 20% to 35%. Rhino - Heavy Landing If Rhino incurs a Hard Landing, the ground impact will discharge a shockwave that deals damage in a 6 meter area of effect and knocking down nearby enemies. This stacks with Heavy Impact. - Increase radius from 6m to 15 meters. Trinity - Triage Trinity can revive fallen allies 20% faster (reviving them in 4 seconds as opposed to 5 seconds) and from further away. - Increase reviving speed to 50% (2.5 seconds) or give her instant revives.
  3. well Vazarin is capped at 8 revives, I still think it's a good idea and it's not like people would start spamming trinity just because of that, she is all about supporting the team so I think it fits her style and is way more useful than her actual passive. also I use vazarin on her so the Blessing radius is increased to 75 meters.
  4. Passive - Instantly revives fallen allies. 1- New ability - Purify //Well of Life replacement Instantly cleanses status effects and makes you and your allies immune to status effects for 10 seconds. - 5 seconds cooldown (after ability effect ends). - Ability range based off Affinity range. - Not affected by duration or range mods. 2- Energy Vampire - Remove or reduce the ability energy cost. 3- Link - Increase base duration (from 12s to 20s).
  5. I'm pretty sure you already decreased the drop rate of vitus on drones...WELL DONE 10/10
  6. please remove the battery taking longer to charge based on duration!
  7. I am dazzled how you guys make things easier for this spoiled community! O M G !!!!!!!!
  8. new primed mods could also be added as a reward for nightwave high ranks and then later added to Baro's shop
  9. Any plans for revenant augment mods?
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