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  1. It's 100p on the market if you want it that bad. Was even cheaper before.
  2. Don't worry, they'll get a second, better skin, just like Nova did. It's just gonna take 4 years, maybe less for Ash, but at least he has another deluxe.
  3. All Diwata skins to use on normal melee weapons. They look so good yet you barely ever see them.
  4. We can remove cysts after only 1 day now!
  5. Either dead or serving the person I sold it to, they can't be traded more than once.
  6. It works with channeled abilities so there's that.
  7. Irhyo

    I need

    AkTwin Grakatas, just hold 2 in each hand.
  8. I don't like liches because at the end of the day, you're doing the same old boring missions you've done a thousand times, with the occasional "Press X to kill a thing" added in. And no, having lvl 110 enemies doesn't qualify as making the missions challenging or whatever. There are plenty of frames that either lock down the map or kill it before it can spawn. The missions themselves are just lazy, basically just crank the enemy level up and spawn a thrall or 10. That's the only connection they have with the liches, When we do a mobile defense, we're not stealing lich data that adds to our murmurs, when we're doing exterminate we're not facing a higher than normal number of thralls, it's all just the same thing. The lich fights themselves are boring too, basically just a little tankier versions of normal mobs with wow, resistances? Yeah Mesa exists and she doesn't care about any of that, she just looks at them and they die. At the very least if we could farm fissures or something while farming murmurs, it would at least feel rewarding. Also no, it's not a nice helper, it's a waste of space that does nothing to enemies but tickle them. Where gas and slash liches DE? Don't even get me started on the 5 forma requirement on the kuva weapons. At least the saving grace of that is that you can slap whatever mods you on want them. I forgot this scenario: You run lich missions, you're a few murmurs away from knowing the 3rd requiem. You get the last murmur and hurry to the exit then boom, your lich spawns. Since you didn't know the last requiem, you fail to kill it and now you're forced to run lich missions for no payout for another bloody half an hour until it decides to show up again.
  9. Yes. You can only advance rj missions if the ground teams send codes, otherwise progress is halted. To be fair, we got what they said it was gonna be mostly. Teams in space rely on teams on the ground to do things. We kinda sorta have this already, it's the relay chat as that's your flotilla and you send/receive codes from random squads in the flotilla. Too bad it's filled with that spam. All in all, I expected worse. Like squads linked to desync and stuff like that.
  10. Nobody is gonna mention Chroma? Ok I'll do it. Chroma's 1.
  11. So what you're telling me is that Syndicates will cover up my items' affinity/focus gains right? Why? You can't scroll through that menu in loading screens, so you only have the 10s before extraction and after the mission is done. In this image you only have 2 syndicates, so it's not that bad, but pretty much everyone will have 3 that get standing and 1 that loses standing(And some who have 4 syndicates active at once will have 5 spots taken by them in that screen). I like how they are shown now, in their own tab I can safely ignore because I don't care about it, but this? Oh boy. Is this the screen that shows up if you press Tab during a mission too by the way? That'd be the cherry on top.
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