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  1. I want them to be balls of rage, to be always angry at you. So when you find the last requiem you don't have to run 50 missions and pray the damn thing's gonna come out.
  2. That cloud-inspired bundle I forget the name of. I was hoping it'd be a nice thin syandana and armor pieces, but they ended up just being balloons.
  3. If there were no time gates in this game, everything the devs try to make would be completed in 1-2 days, then people would forget about it and cry on the forums that there is nothing to do in the game. Timegates don't equal fun, they just make it so the fun is spread in short bursts over a longer period of time.
  4. Nothing regarding railjack is locked behind any kind of timegate. You can join other people's railjacks and you really should, to get some avionics and mk3 gear or else you'll be flying around an oversized rubber duck or wasting resources on trash gear.
  5. Necramech pvp would just be whoever gets enough energy to press 4 first while firing the mausolon at all times. It would be interesting to do if only the next released necramech could join, but I doubt DE would just take deathmatch and use the necramechs in it. They gotta overcomplicate it and take months to do it.
  6. They just have to make 1 normal frame every 3 months to keep up the pace. That said, if they did run out of frames to prime, they'd just Umbra them all. With the future holding more sentient battles, I'm sure they could give an explanation for it too.
  7. The idea sounds good. Might give liches a lifetime of more than 5 seconds of my mesa looking at them. But we need liches 2.0 first.
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