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  1. Add the other two ephemera to the shop and I'll be okay with the dilution of the drop table.
  2. Apology accepted. Please use the search function in the future.
  3. Everyone acting all high and mighty about age ratings here, as if they didn't play GTA when they were kids.
  4. Thanks for the hotfix. While the addition of fashion frame and mod builds sharing is nice, it seems that the chat is now flooded with these in a way very similar to spam. I believe adding a chat filter can remove these, but can we have a more optimized fix for this? An opt out option or a way to somehow lessen its appearance all over chat would be nice. There's also weird lighting bugs like the red flickering indicating Stalker spawning, except it keeps happening with no spawns. And what's up with the electricity effects since the update? They look really wonky, more like strings or something like that. You can see it by using Volt's 4 or looking at the Grineer electricity mines.
  5. Thanks for the hotfix. Still no fix for being unable to aim glide with a melee. Still no fix for having to manually switch to mining gear after every melee swing. Also: Can we please fix the level boundaries in archwing missions? MY IMMERSION.
  6. Thanks, but we seem to run into the "too few enemy spawns" issue even in the higher level tilesets. Sometimes not even when playing solo. I think just upping the spawn rate in general in missions like survival, especially making it independent of how many players are in the mission, would be a great help. This is good. Some teleport pits are actually unnecessary to begin with, and their existence should be minimized. Especially when you consider how merely touching an area you're not supposed to debuffs you of everything. Are there any planned changes towards manual blocking? Or at least manual gliding? As it stands you can only glide with your primary/secondary weapons unless you only have melee equipped. Not only does this prevent blocking while gliding in mid-air, but also if you only have a primary + melee equipped and you're carrying a canister, merely clicking RMB will automatically drop that canister. It's very annoying, and the opposite of fluid. On that same note, there's still no fix for unequipping the mining gear whenever you melee. It was not that way upon release, this got bugged somewhere along the way and it's not being talked about.
  7. Ember Prime should've won the cosplay contest.
  8. Thanks for the hotfix. Can we expect a bit of an explanation as to why it's so important to sync up all platforms for the event when it never needed to be done in the past? A lot of people are frustrated about this because they took time off work and to be fair, ignoring all the silly "console wars" going on, I think the biggest reason people are frustrated is that there were no earlier heads-up given about this, and no explanation for why it's so important now to sync things up when it's always been the norm for each platform to have its own thing going on. There's been talk of cross-progression recently, and this may be related to it. I personally don't care much for this if it means holding back content for PC, but my opinion is mine alone. Regardless, a clearer explanation on this would alleviate the frustration of some players. Still not fixed I'm afraid. Also, still no fix for clunky UI elements. And Little Duck dialogue camera is still broken.
  9. Is the "Apply 3 Forma" challenge really necessary? I believe that should've been removed alongside the changes you made. It offers 0 challenge and forces people to use Forma even if they don't have any need to. And yes I know this can be ignored, but since Intermission is meant to be "short and sweet", we don't wanna miss out on any points.
  10. Bless you. When will we see UI fixes for things like this? "No description available" when there's clearly a description that you just gotta go to "ABOUT" to actually see. Not to mention multiple other processes with the new UI that is unnecessarily more complex and takes more clicks than it used to with the older UI. And can we please get an option to see which relics are vaulted in our menus already? Sounds about the right time since we're trying to make the UI more useful. Also: The camera is still broken when speaking to Little Duck, even though it was supposed to be fixed a few hotfixes ago.
  11. Will it be possible to obtain this ephemera some other way if I happen to miss the livestream on that day?
  12. Would it be possible to add alerts between Nightwave seasons downtime, at least for things like Nitain, to help out new players instead of being stuck with no way of obtaining that resource? My OCD thanks you. Little Duck is still bugged in Fortuna when speaking to her, the camera goes to the left and shows an empty space instead of her model. Mining is still bugged, whenever you melee an enemy the tool gets unequipped and you have to manually re-equip it. So much for fluidity.
  14. Can we get alerts back between the Nightwave seasons downtime? Will anything be done about event exploiters and leaderboards? Will Wisp ever get floating animations when using melee instead of walking on stubs? Find out on the next exciting episode of DBZ. Also for the love of God why can't we enable/disable Ambient Occlusion in display settings anymore?
  15. Thanks for the hotfix. Just chiming in to say I agree with the other players advocating a leaderboards wipe. I had absolutely no clue about the negative damage bug, and I was just astonished at the top scores I was seeing in the leaderboards, now it all makes sense. Keeping these fraudulent scores would be an insult to everyone else who put in honest effort. Also, from last hotfix: Are there any plans to give Wisp floating animations when using melee/aiming/crouching instead of making her walk on stubs? Ambient Occlusion is still greyed out in my display settings in options.
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