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  1. Lance_Lionroar

    Transference bug is still here

    Just leaving this out there. The hotfix from yesterday listed that it's fixed the "archaic" bug we've been suffering from, where you die and are unable to re-spawn and keep getting "ability in use" and need to die to get things working again. I noticed everybody celebrating in that thread, but didn't see if anyone checked back in to inform them that the bug was not really fixed. So yeah, hotfix for the hotfix soon?
  2. Lance_Lionroar

    Captured by Zanuka with only 1 Warframe. Results!

    RIP. I forgot that Baro's appearance was on Pluto.
  3. Lance_Lionroar

    Captured by Zanuka with only 1 Warframe. Results!

    Or... you could've just bought and used a G3 beacon on the alt account you created..
  4. I mean, I had some faith in humanity until I ran into you. Twice.
  5. Lance_Lionroar

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.14

    Now that's a big hotfix.
  6. Lance_Lionroar

    wisp: this seriously needs to stop

    I agree. Warframes should just stop having butts. Very offensive.
  7. Lance_Lionroar

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.13

    Are there any plans to fix bugs with Tridolons like the transference bug with tens of warframes lying on the ground, or the "ability in use" bug when you die (more general than just Tridolons)? Not to mention Eidolons teleporting despite having a charged lure in range etc. Also a dismount function on Archwings would be nice.
  8. Lance_Lionroar

    Got banned for the T word

  9. Lance_Lionroar

    really need ready to buy amps.

    Or, you could just buy the crafting components that you don't feel like farming from other players and still build your amp without any grinding on your part.
  10. Lance_Lionroar

    I really miss the Prime Trailers!

    Wrong thread buddy, the 1000th "content drought" thread is over that way.
  11. Lance_Lionroar

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.12

    On the topic of Archwing issues, can we soon get a way of dismounting Archwings without having to melee attack? It's very inconvenient and causes all kinds of issues with unintentional landings and being stuck in animations. It also potentially wastes a Void Strike charge for those who do Tridolons etc. Why not have a dismount feature just like the K-Drive?
  12. Lance_Lionroar

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.11

    Any chance of getting a way to dismount archwings without having to melee attack any time soon? I hate accidentally slamming into the ground and being stuck there for a few seconds.
  13. Please. This has been requested a bunch of time already. You can dismount your K-drive by pressing the interact button, can we have something similar for the archwing? I hate accidentally looking at the ground as I press E and just do a hard slam and being stuck in the animation for a few seconds. We need this method of travel to just be smoother in general.
  14. Lance_Lionroar

    Acolytes Return January 25!

    There goes memeing strike again.
  15. Lance_Lionroar

    Craft Times

    People need to back up a little with the name calling. OP has been respectful in addressing others and you should do the same. Just because you disagree with what they say doesn't mean you should call them childish or sheep or any other insult you can think of.