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  1. Thanks for the hotfix. Can we expect a bit of an explanation as to why it's so important to sync up all platforms for the event when it never needed to be done in the past? A lot of people are frustrated about this because they took time off work and to be fair, ignoring all the silly "console wars" going on, I think the biggest reason people are frustrated is that there were no earlier heads-up given about this, and no explanation for why it's so important now to sync things up when it's always been the norm for each platform to have its own thing going on. There's been talk of cross-progression recently, and this may be related to it. I personally don't care much for this if it means holding back content for PC, but my opinion is mine alone. Regardless, a clearer explanation on this would alleviate the frustration of some players. Still not fixed I'm afraid. Also, still no fix for clunky UI elements. And Little Duck dialogue camera is still broken.
  2. Is the "Apply 3 Forma" challenge really necessary? I believe that should've been removed alongside the changes you made. It offers 0 challenge and forces people to use Forma even if they don't have any need to. And yes I know this can be ignored, but since Intermission is meant to be "short and sweet", we don't wanna miss out on any points.
  3. Bless you. When will we see UI fixes for things like this? "No description available" when there's clearly a description that you just gotta go to "ABOUT" to actually see. Not to mention multiple other processes with the new UI that is unnecessarily more complex and takes more clicks than it used to with the older UI. And can we please get an option to see which relics are vaulted in our menus already? Sounds about the right time since we're trying to make the UI more useful. Also: The camera is still broken when speaking to Little Duck, even though it was supposed to be fixed a few hotfixes ago.
  4. -The game is too hard, please nerf the enemies. -The game is too easy, such a joke, DE give us a challenge. This community in a nutshell.
  5. I appreciate the response and thank you for all your hard work. Happy to be of assistance.
  6. Will it be possible to obtain this ephemera some other way if I happen to miss the livestream on that day?
  7. Dude, just let it go. And they're called Orbs. Calling them balls of death is just funny.
  8. Get woke, go broke. In all seriousness, whatever you're doing shouldn't be considered a waste of time as long as you're having a good time, and that goes for gaming too. Sometimes I wonder, "what am I doing with my life?", but as long as you have your times where you're productive as well, fun times spent on Warframe or other games shouldn't be considered a waste. That being said, to me there's nothing worse in games than losing progress, even minutes of lost progress can get on my nerves. I've had hours of progress wasted before, that does a number on me. That is the opposite of fun, and I've had worse than your situation happen to me in Warframe before. It may have been your mistake for knowing your host is leaving and sticking around and risking a host migration anyway, but the way Warframe tracks and saves your progress on their servers etc. has always been a bloody mess. I've had rewards simply not given to me in a mission because I was too laggy with the host, and of course getting booted back to your Liset with none of your rewards given to you because of a disconnection is just an awful system. Not sure how they can deal with it without dedicated servers, but I'm sure a break will help you feel better about the situation.
  9. No we don't. That sounds so useless, I'm actually impressed. Just LOL.. So the game manages to stay clear of any pay to win practices, keeping the balance between free players and paying players all these years, and with this simple brilliant idea, you break it all down. Pay us 60 bucks to get an additional permanent "trade"? Genius. If you don't pay those 60 bucks, tough luck. Of all things to tie this to, you choose Prime Access. Wew lad. And nice arbitrary limit you picked too, 10 additional orders? Is that your magic number? Could've been 9 or 12 or anything. Also, that would mean waiting for and purchasing 10 Prime Accesses. Sounds lovely. Hate to break it to ya, but none of what you just posted puts an incentive on anything. All in all, one of the best threads I've ever read, 10/10 would read again.
  10. For a few months now, I've noticed in this specific tiny area in the Plains, which is actually facing the edge with nothing beyond that is demanding in performance or anything, the FPS drops from 60 to about 40. It's very inexplicable, especially when you look at what I'm facing. Location added in case someone would like to attempt and re-create. FPS is not shown in the picture but it was around 40-42. If I were to turn the camera around, it goes to 60. It's really making my head scratch, since I'm literally looking at an undeveloped area beyond the level extension, and it's still causing my FPS to drop. Outside of this little corner, FPS is a stable 60.
  11. The problem with this topic is the inconsistency from DE. Back when everyone was talking about this, they didn't change anything and used the "we must respect the efforts of the players that already farmed for it" excuse. Then they repeatedly lowered the stupidly high build requirements of other things, and most recently they pull the Plains of Eidolon rework, and change all the crafting requirements to be way less grindy (wisps) AND they remove the need to craft every single arcane. Instead you get it ready-built. The best part about it is that the majority of players did not mind this change. Why? Because it made life easier for everybody, even if it came too late. The arcanes grind in the Plains was absolutely ridiculous, and we went through it anyway. And DE changed it anyway, in their own words "disregarding the efforts of the players". So, what's your excuse for keeping this Hema requirement in, DE? No they don't. It's a dead topic that no one talks about anymore.
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