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  1. Lance_Lionroar

    It's too big.. (orb Vallis)

    That's what she said.
  2. Lance_Lionroar

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.4

    Way to assume my whole background. I already know all of this, I always put myself in other people's shoes (especially developers and creators), and I do know how programming works (even if I'm not a professional in the field). Obviously fixes will always have different priorities, and everyone will want a specific bug fixed. Guess what though? Sometimes things that are clearly high priority take too long to get fixed (see EXP exploit) simply because DE does not notice it. All I'm doing is giving this attention to make sure DE sees it, that's it. Also, they're very aware we're all very thankful for their fixes. Just replying with "thanks for the fixes!" is simply a waste of space on here, we're instead being constructive by using this space to bring more issues or bugs to DE's attention. That doesn't mean we're not spreading positivity or spreading negativity. Still, if you see spreading positivity in a different way, you can go do it somewhere else.
  3. Lance_Lionroar

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.4

    Still no fix for not being able to name our crafted K-Drives. Is gilding supposed to be a thing or not? People need to know how this will change so they can decide whether to craft more K-Drives or not. It's pretty lame that it's been this long, and the only way to get an insta forma and the ability to name your K-Drive is by paying for it with platinum.
  4. Lance_Lionroar

    Fortuna: Hotfix

    Still no fix for being unable to name our CRAFTED K-Drives. Also, I still see everyone's MOA names as just "MOA" whenever they're the client and not host. Previous fix needs fixing?
  5. Lance_Lionroar

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

    Thanks to whomever the hell deleted my previous reply. Anyway, still no fix for being unable to name our CRAFTED K-Drives. Also, the MOA names appearing to clients as just MOA is apparently still not fixed.
  6. If I'm not supposed to have any choice in the matter, and it's all DE controlling when I open up my rewards (which is pretty backwards, but okay), then why did they make the change from initially having the Teshin mail automatically open up as soon as you finish the challenges to only receiving the rewards when you manually open your inbox? It simply seems it went past their heads that ANY other mail would still automatically open up your inbox and therefore activate the rewards prematurely (which, again, they gave you the choice to manually activate when you want to).
  7. Exactly. And because people are too damn lazy, you can still include the option to have it automatically open for them.
  8. Lance_Lionroar

    How is this still a problem? (Wasted Conclave Standing)

    I mean, I'm not even against that. Just give us some way to reach max rank with Teshin and get the rewards. I'm not interested in the process itself, and I sure despise how this mode works. +1 I'm of the exact same mind. Already made a feedback thread suggesting just that, but I'm pretty sure it'll go unnoticed. It's weird that after all these years we still don't have a toggle option in our settings for "Disable force-opening of Inbox upon receiving new mail".
  9. Did it ever occur to you that it's my choice to do as such?
  10. Lance_Lionroar

    How is this still a problem? (Wasted Conclave Standing)

    Bloody ouch. The sad thing is, this could be easily fixed by giving us the option to disable the game force-opening our inbox whenever there's new mail. I already created a thread about that.
  11. And that's why, refer to my suggestion a couple posts up. Simply give us the option to disable this for the ones who are bothered by it. Make it on by default so that it continues to go on like this for all the new and confused people, and it only goes away when they willingly turn it off. Meanwhile, giving the rest of us peace of mind.
  12. That is a terrible way to circumvent people's inability to read the star chart, by needlessly sending all of us mails (with no option to turn it off), when most of us can clearly tell where he is. I was speaking in general though. Not just Baro mails, but generally force opening our inbox whenever there's new mail is not a good idea and I don't see why it's still there after all this time.
  13. Pretty please? I'm pretty sure we're all capable of opening up and checking on our mails ourselves. It's pretty disruptive, and can forcefully and prematurely give us rewards we are intentionally delaying the receiving of. I really do not understand why it's always been this way.
  14. I've finally decided to play Conclave (it's as depressing as it sounds), with the mere purpose of ranking up the syndicate to the max level just like I've done with the rest of the syndicates in the game. I read up on how to optimize standing points gain etc, and saw that you can potentially get 50,000 points by completing the weekly challenges and opening your inbox to receive them. So I did that, and decided to wait until I get to Tempest rank before I open it. Today I log in and #*!%ing Baro has arrived so of course the first thing the game does when I'm on is force open my inbox AND default to the Teshin mail instead of the stupid Baro location one (why isn't there an option to turn off that mail? I already know how to find him on the star chart). I was only 2k points away from ranking up, so there goes the 50k points I worked towards. GG. I've used search and found reports of this issue dating back years ago. This is pretty ridiculous, with how un-fun Conclave is to begin with, this really adds to the fun.