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  1. I don't have the imprints, but my condolences for your puppy. He looks like a good boy.
  2. Seriously, DE? Brilliant implementation here, can't go to your dry dock after any hotfix so you're just forced to abort and lose all your rewards. Also, selling Dirac and Rush Repair Drone on the market for platinum vs. all the grind required feels pretty gross and definitely giving pay to win vibes. Reminder that giving liches cheap insta-kills on us is bad game design.
  3. Thanks for the hotfix. Please reconsider your decision to keep the Liches insta-kill mechanic. It's simply annoying. It makes no sense lorewise or gameplay wise, and excusing it with "we kick everything's ass so it's about time someone kicked ours" is not enough. The liches do not earn the right to somehow magically kill us because we don't have the right mods, they're too weak. Also I've been avoiding Liches since my first one because of how mind numbingly boring the murmur grind was, that should be re-evaluated. I really want a reason to partake in this system but it just doesn't make sense to me as it is at the moment. As for Railjack, it's been decent so far aside from all the bugs, but you should look into giving our Railjacks a bit more armor or something, it goes catastrophic every 2 seconds and it feels like I'm piloting a paper plane. The forge cooldown is also annoying and doesn't make much sense. Overall, being an engineer is not very fun at the moment and some balancing should be made. Couple of hotfixes in and we still got a few funny UI bugs too. A random developer marker "PH" right at the start of the description when you hover over "Refine", and there's a "0" next to the names of our default ship components, as if they're meant to be ranked up, but they can't. And why are we unable to see players list/names like the rest of the game? I have to constantly press Esc to make sure no one got disconnected.
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