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  1. Thanks, nobody would've noticed it. OP didn't add the (i), that's the point. It is also a game with an M rating. (Iirc we cannot handle "war" in names, it is only in the title.)
  2. The weekly Clem mission from Darvo is avaliable after completition again. Just completed it for the second time, the alert and Darvo help is still up. I also swear the Clem mission was in NW, but i do not find any trace of that.
  3. Correct, NW is intended for older/stronger players. By its design. Some quests are easier so new players can do that and earn auras or nitain even if they earn 1/10 of rate as veterans do. It may be a tiny bit harder for newbies, as there aren't effortless 10k credit, 100 endo, resources, orokin cell, aura from alerts, but they bumped up the NW money earned and spaced it lower.
  4. I don't see why the game being free has to do with anything. Since the game is free, we shouldn't provide our feedback and delete the whole forum. Actually, the moment you pay for a game, you can demand everything from the developers, as the entitlement is justified. /s Paying means you are now part of the game development. /s
  5. Have you tried googling it? Strange idea, search engines let's you search for information on the internet. Solutions on various websites: bootcamping or wineskin. Or gpu passthrough with VM. Read up which of these is viable for you/works with modern wf. There's more demand for an official linux port than mac. Both of these are miniscule in scale.
  6. Modular things are already bad enough, why create unique/balanced/usable things, when we can just throw in trash unused parts, so the players need to sort which is usable. It's really fun to rebuild kitguns if you just want to change something tiny, and the need to leveling it twice. Strenght/weaknesses doesn't exist in modular setup. We have the modding system for different builds. Also, some combination of the constructed item must be stronger than it non-modular competitior, or it is just too much hassle for nothing. So the leftover is just subpar things to try out then trash. I like amps. They have unique roles, well defined things it can do. Each part changes how it's handled. Modular things should differ more, little differences are meanless, and ending up on a subpair choice is just bad.
  7. Looking good, coloured bars, label under, names etc are back. Much more usable. On the other hand, I have just got my first Atmo System drop (4 piece to be exact) . While i have 19/3 so it dropped at least 6 times (it used to be 1 piece) repeller system, 25% lower droprate. If anybody noticed, the temporary unvaulted relics are sligly bigger.
  8. niutp

    Warframe Builder

    Bladed Rounds mod doesn't work. No matter the checkmarks/selections, cd won't change. Same for all cc/cd conditional mods (for shootable weapons). But accuracy/firerate/sc conditional mods seem to work. Melee mods do not have any of the problems described. Edit: As well as the new Motus Setup only increases the sc not the cc.
  9. Welcoming the mid-season for those who never met an aura mod as they started playing in the last 3 week/didn't reach the requied rank to buy one. Or cannot craft the latest warframe because it includes an unobtanable resource and didn't stock up enough before the drought. Even if the rewards aren't the greatest, it is still way better system for the majority than having nothing. A bit late, but at least we know DE reads/knows about the inconvinience of the mid-season. I still think S1 shouldn't have ended until it had an alternativa/continuation. You know having logged on somewhen in 2014 August makes you really super-veteran and worthy of an exclusive colours similar to others."Don't hand out rewards without work." Gets upset when others have to work for it, not just log in. What's next, getting upset that operation weapons are included in invasions.Then unvaulting?
  10. Bug fixes are always welcome. Good to see some change in the relic ui, even it was a tiny and barely noticable one. You shoudn't have released the ui in a broken state, not being able to refine mid mission was a tiny problem compared to this barely working thing. The nitain situation is pretty bad, that should've been the top priority instead of syncing nightwave with console. Seeing noobie questions about it every day, and cannot provide a practical answer.
  11. My Christmas orbiter interior disappered around end of March by itself. Weapon skins look cool, i don't remember these being a thing last year.
  12. Anyone else dislikes the new minimap of poe remaster? It looks the same boring brown everywhere, no elevation/hills (but more rocks i guess) and harder to tell where things are. Just because new poe looks like that, the minimap doesn't have to.
  13. Yes, riven stats aren't updated ingame yet, my decent Tonkor/Mutalist Cernos rivens didn't change a bit. I do agree that riven nerfs aren't a good thing, so maybe _only_ buffing (leaving strong weapons rivens in the dust-unchanged) compared to the weaker weapons recieveing stronger buff? Of course in before update status. But it would create a powercreep overtime, which i do not mind. Or maybe everything having the same dispo would solve everything.
  14. And where are we going to have alert mods now? Chilled, Seeking fury, intensify, contiunity, split chamber, focus energy.... pretty sure some of them dropped from alerts. Again, instant endo/credits and reward is missing. Nightmare alerts with a cool mod? Now you have to choose, and way too slow. You could have everything just by being in the right place, right time. They should've just upped alert duration and frequency (+variety?). I don't know who thought this was a good idea. edit: I know the difference between the 2 nightmare types, but opening up 20 different planets and having random nightmare mods drop cannot be a good replacement against the guaranteed mod, we wanted to reduce the amount of grind/duplicates/randomness with the new system.
  15. The forced tranmissions were already too much even with 'Hint disabled', covering up HUD (defection and hostage timers), but now it has definitely went overboard, especially with -that- fortuna thing. We have no official information of the duration of the Season 1, do not draw conclusions based on the minimum time. I have a feeling that it is dependent on how good the new system will work or completion rate (so DE doesn't know it yet), i doubt you have to max every single thing out.
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