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  1. Tenno! There will be a few minutes of infrastructure maintenance occurring on all platforms on Wednesday, January 13th at roughly 5:00AM to 5:15AM Eastern Time. This should not impact gameplay but at most there may be a few seconds drop during that window of time. If you encounter any hiccups please re-log into Warframe. We will inform you when this is complete! Thank you. Edit: This action has been completed and comments will now be locked.
  2. Edited post to clarify 50 Nightwave Intermission Credits, not 50 regular Credits. :)
  3. Greetings Dreamers! As you may know, Nightwave Series 3: Glassmaker is coming to an end, and today we are announcing that date as January 24th 2021. Many of you have braved the trials of Nihil, hunted for clues, taking down those affected by his partial retribution, but there is still time to take the final battle to the Glassmaker himself. You have until January 24th to face this dire threat from the past. When Series 3: Glassmaker ends, there will still be a path to earning the Vitrica! Similar to how Wolf Beacons are available on Baro and the Emissary Boss Fight is available in th
  4. Thanks for pinging me! I've included a link to the Podium of Generosity AKA gifting leaderboard in the main post.
  5. A little generosity among Tenno goes a long way. This has been a tough year for everyone, and with the holidays approaching, the need for generosity has never been greater. The challenges of 2020 have been especially hard on children, for whom a friendly and supportive voice can make all the difference. Nobody understands this better than Nora Night. Here’s where you come in, Tenno. From Monday, December 14 at 2 p.m. ET until Monday, December 21 at 2 p.m. ET, you’ll have the opportunity to support struggling youth by sending in-game gifts to friends, squadmates, or even strang
  6. So! If folks are still having trouble, the secret may be that you must unlink from both sides, not just warframe.com and not just Twitch Prime. Both Twitch domain and Warframe domain need to be unlinked then relinked. If after that you're still having no luck, you'll want to open a support ticket and the team may be able to help! They are truly the masterminds when it comes to busting these cases!
  7. This is in fact the last Prime Gaming drop of 2020. Nothing to share about 2021 just yet!
  8. Discord Tenno, Apologies if you were caught off guard by a flurry of notifications this afternoon! We accidentally flipped a permission that shouldn't have been on. This has now been fixed and we've deleted any messages that landed in channels that don't normally allow for posting. Perhaps we can use this accident as a test case for more open channels in the future...Tenno...
  9. Tenno, Did you claim this in-game content? If you claimed this item but are unable to find it in your inventory, please relink your Warframe account to Prime Gaming here! Why did this happen: in this case, some ongoing improvements coming to Prime Gaming slightly changed the way Warframe talks to Twitch. Relinking fixes this and will allow you to enjoy your free items!
  10. A big mustachio'd thank you to everyone who submitted an entry for Moframe of Mind 2020! We had an absolute blast going through your Captura these past couple weeks. You can watch the full winner reveal with Rebb and Megan from Home Time #33 Here. Moframe 2020 Contest Winners Honorable Mentions
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