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  1. The current intermission will likely end some time AFTER the end of the Scarlet Spear event that is due to arrive soon. I doubt DE wants to split the playerbase between an event and Nightwave. I don't have any kind of source for this, I just find it logical.
  2. I'm definitely a Lavan/Vidar Carcinox person. You get range, good rate of fire for tracking, low heat and the damage doesn't really lack. I'm disappointed though with what this question apparently is about... I came here to post "starboard wing turrets" as my preference.
  3. 1) Right now (and ever since Garuda's introduction), there are a number of things that can directly discourage players from using her signature claws (Garuda's Talons). Will Garuda's Talons ever be able to equip a Focus Lens? As the only non-exalted weapon exclusive to a Warframe, it leaves players with a lopsided amount of equipped focus lenses for missions, if they choose to use Garuda's Talons. Will they also be able to take advantage of other things that exalted weapons cannot? Will Garuda's Talons ever qualify for Melee-only missions (Sortie, Alerts, etc)? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Garuda's_Talons 2) A short while back, there was a fix rolled out for some companions, which put the Left & Right Regalia on the correct side of the companion. Will other companions see this fix as well? They've been broken so long that I'd forgotten about it until the fix came through (and the fix only targeted some of those broken, not all).
  4. Looking forward to seeing a hotfix... But what I really want, is to have Itzal and especially Elytron be useful in Empyrean missions. I haven't tried Odonata yet but at least it has a forward shield which will keep it safe from 14% of the incoming damage (so it just has to worry about getting 1-shot by the Missile Platforms, Crewships and the highly saturated barrage from 6+ Fighters as you go for a Crewship). Honestly.... Elytron was always Mastery Rank Fodder, considering its abilities revolve around stationary-target-attacks and no defence.
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