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  1. Somewhat late in replying but.. Thank you. I tried looking around but didn't see this article.
  2. Can we get the Official spelling, for the names of the two new Warframes that were showcased? It was pretty hard to hear one name to begin with... and the other has a few spellings that I can imagine being used.
  3. Random viewers. Need to be logged into your twitch.tv account. They usually do 3 platinum prizes (1k each) and 1 prime pack. Big events/occasions (like anniversaries) will often involve other prizes (although that's not the case this time obviously).
  4. Will we be able to use melee weapons on our... hoverboard (okay, I forgot the name) since it'd be pretty nice to equip the Jat Kittag and play some Polo with ospreys.
  5. I took the screenshot first, as I always do. I had expected to be on the third page at best to be honest. If you look back through (select) past patch notes threads where I've posted Redtext, you'll see I always post first and edit the screenshot in later. I only post them up because I have an interest in seeing them myself and I absolutely hate crawling through 5+ pages looking for that one person who posted it, so I try to make sure it's early in the thread. I was also quite miffed that the forum went down for a bit when I went to edit the picture in afterwards... ended up coming back after playing through the new quest. I do agree with you though, the rush for the first page by some people is ridiculous.
  6. Thanks for the hotfix! Will post Redtext soon! (well edit with)
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