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  1. I've played this game for a few years and I have come across so many toxic people. It's very irritating and frustrating to come across so many toxic people. To the people who claim that there is no toxicity in Warframe why don't you spend 10 minutes in general chat and tell me if you still believe that. I don't know what if anything could be done to create positivity within the community. It would certainly be nice during this time of global pandemic to see people up lifting one another up instead of beating each other down. Thanks
  2. Confirmed they are no longer healing lures. Just another glitch in glitch frame
  3. Don't you love war frame this has been out for years but they refuse to fix it.I remember when this 1st came out I did one eidolon run but it was so glitched I never did it again. I tried again today and the glitches believe it or not have gotten worse. Now there's a wait for nightfall glitch even though it's night time it's telling you to wait for night even though I've already killed one eidolon I have to wait I guess until the next night cycle did they now make it so you can only kill 1 per night? I would love it if the community would stop any and all purchases with war frame and deman
  4. This is intentional. Warframes wants it to be rare that way they can flood the market with ridiculous asking prices for mods. Come on now are you all new to Warframe? You see if they have sellers that sell at ridiculous prices then people will Purchase plat to buy them. When plat is purchased Warframe (glitchframe) makes money. Its always about greed and money.
  5. This game just isn't any fun any more due to the fact that there's too many bugs too and many glitches. Your time is completely unimportant to the game creators who require you to overly grind in order to access the fun content and during the fun content and during the grind you are bound to have a lot of disconnections host migrations and other problems like that that take away from the experience of the players As for me personally my time is very valuable and precious to me and the amount of time required in order to make this game fun would almost be worth it if it wasn't for
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