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  1. This makes, what, at least 3 significant apologies in the last few weeks due to poor / hasty decision making? Apologies mean nothing when clearly the root of the issue isn't being dealt with. Do better. Those of us that have been here since the beginning know DE is capable of far more than has been shown to us lately. Stop making excuses. Stop taking shortcuts. Stop scrapping your efforts and starting over shortly before launching something. Do. Better.
  2. With how many fixes are focused on the 100/100 score, it's almost like that is causing more trouble than good and shouldn't even be a limitation in the event. Literally no one likes that restriction. It feels bad. What does that even mean? Are people hacking in Rare Crates to get more Umbral Forma? And even if they were, the game is predominantly PvE so why would anyone care? How is that a bug? Mass Vitrify is supposed to block enemies, so why do Coildrives get to be an exception?
  3. On the topic of the "Meta Analysis", I feel the biggest failing lately has been increasing layers of unnecessary grind. With Liches, the community has shown that the core loop isn't difficult and can be quickly farmed. But the worst of the grind is front loaded, making the system unappealing to start. First you have to grind murmurs to figure out which mods are needed. Then grind Kuva missions to get relics. Then MAYBE get the mods you actually need from cracking those relics instead of any of the other fodder that are in them. Then trial and error to get the right combination. AND THEN you have to grind through forma'ing the Lich weapin 5 times (which is more than needed for the mods) just to get the full mastery. That was fine on the Paracesis only because it was a one-off special situation... Why were relics even involved in this? The parazon mods could've have just been made a mission reward from the Kuva missions or missions on the Kuva fortress. Relics are just adding an unnecessary layer. Make the mods more accessible, maybe in exchange make them only good for 2 uses instead of 3. Then we've got Empyrean. The initial grind was reduced but it never should've been as high as it was. Then once you have your railjack, Intrinsics are a slow process, gear drops are quite low, and until you can get a new reactor (at a 4% drop chance...) most gear you get isn't usable. There is no satisfying loot-cycle with railjack And now Scarlet Spear, where in an unlikely bug-free scenario, it takes hours upon hours of playing to get any of the rewards. It was touted as a way to get enough Arcanes to be usable, but the cost for them is so high it's infeasible to get enough of even one kind. Plus scores being restricted to an instanced Flotilla instead of just being for the given player regardless of Flotilla. This is all showing a trend of a lack of respect for players' time. Not to mention the issues of time gating when we can even do things: Eidolons being restricted, Scarlet Spear's entire design, Acolytes/Plague Star, etc
  4. So, finally realized you are out of warframe ideas? Considering Protea is just a female version of Vauban with the powers the community wanted Vauban to have.
  5. In an attempt to resolve the issues with the game constantly freezing and getting stuck on infinite loadscreens, I hit the "Optimize Cache" option. 24 hours ago. It is currently sitting at 58% complete. It always takes a long time, but never anywhere close to this.
  6. I would love to be able to love Railjack, except that myself and others are literally incapable of playing the game lately. Constant freezes and infinite load screens mean I can't even play missions to get the resources to finish building my Railjack. As I reported a few days ago here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1152389-game-is-currently-unplayable/
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