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  1. On improving new player experience: it isn't all about bad/dated tutorials and unexplained systems. So much of the lore and introduction to mission types were tied to one off events, and that is what new players are missing. "What's an invasion?" "oh you had to play Gradivus Dilemma 5 years ago to have that explained". These need to be mini quests! Just short things to introduce the characters and mechanics. Alad's involvement in Second Dream makes no sense without the events that saw him infested then healed. Also it is way past time to get rid of fake Lotus. Give us an option of who our mission commander is (please Teshin)
  2. Kyta Raknoid is one of the hardest enemies in Orb Vallis. Why does it only give 104 affinity without a booster? Same for the Condors.
  3. Next time an update come out, could it please NOT reset my colors on my favorite frames and weapons? That'd be great....Getting real tired of that happening.
  4. At least We All Lift Together is already on Google Play. Haven't looked for the rest EDIT: I don't see Smiles from Juran! 😞
  5. Yeah...except Nakak doesn't have the mask...*I'm Quills rank 3
  6. Aaaaand somachord in Sacrifice is even more of a grind with one less chance to get a fragment and not being a guaranteed spawn. -_-
  7. In other news, the Corpra skin and Blades of the Lotus skins mostly look really good. But why does every other skin added look like plastic? The texturing is flat and just...not good at all.
  8. They should still be a guaranteed spawn. I shouldn't have to speed run through the quest multiple times. Kinda kills the enjoyment of the story aspect if I have to farm it.
  9. Scoured every room of every mission while replaying the quest. Only found a somachord part on the first and last mission (Earth). WTF
  10. The title of the Helios one made me think my wife's comic made it on. 😕 oh well
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