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  1. Ever since updating my computer (Windows 10 Home, 64 bit) a few days ago, attempting to launch Warframe through Steam causes Steam to immediately freeze and the entire computer to start lagging.
  2. I've checked missions on Venus, Neptune, and Pluto. No Frostleaf. It's kinda hard to do a weekly challenge (the Silver Grove specters) when one of the blueprint components isn't showing up anywhere.
  3. On improving new player experience: it isn't all about bad/dated tutorials and unexplained systems. So much of the lore and introduction to mission types were tied to one off events, and that is what new players are missing. "What's an invasion?" "oh you had to play Gradivus Dilemma 5 years ago to have that explained". These need to be mini quests! Just short things to introduce the characters and mechanics. Alad's involvement in Second Dream makes no sense without the events that saw him infested then healed. Also it is way past time to get rid of fake Lotus. Give us an option of who our mission commander is (please Teshin)
  4. Kyta Raknoid is one of the hardest enemies in Orb Vallis. Why does it only give 104 affinity without a booster? Same for the Condors.
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