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  1. After further digging, players who Polarized that Slot (Slot 1) pre-Hotfix did not receive the extra Vazarin Polarity Slot for Octavia Prime. If you fall into this category please contact Support and they will fix you up!
  2. Thanks for tuning into Home Time #44! See you tomorrow for Devstream #152!
  3. We have Hotfixed this issue! Please let me know if any problems occur post Hotfix.
  4. Octavia Prime: Hotfix #3 is now live! Fixes: Fixed cases of Octavia Prime not having her extra Vazarin Polarity slot.
  5. After some more digging we have found the issue! Working on an Xbox Hotfix now!
  6. Octavia Prime has an extra Vazarin Polarity slot in comparison to normal Octavia 🙂
  7. Octavia Prime: Hotfix #2 Now that Operation: Orphix Venom has concluded on consoles, Lavos/Cedo and their parts can now be purchased from Father’s Wares for Entrati Standing: Lavos Blueprint: Rank 2 - Acquaintance Lavos Chassis/Neuroptics/Systems: Rank 3 - Associate Cedo Blueprint: Rank 4 - Friend Cedo Barrel/Receiver/Stock: Rank 5 - Family Changes: Replaced the Pangolin Prime Blueprint with the Pangolin Prime Handle in the Axi C6 Relic. This was always the intention but was missed!
  8. Octavia Prime: Hotfix 29.9.1 Changes: Replaced the Pangolin Prime Blueprint with the Pangolin Prime Handle in the Axi C6 Relic. This was always the intention but was missed! Updated the Nihil Bosskey description to include details on its limited use and reward table. Fixes Fixed the recent Syndicate Sacrifice Vaulted items not actually being swapped out as indicated below: Replaced Arbiters of Hexis Sacrifice of Equinox Prime Neuroptics with Atlas Prime Systems Replaced
  9. Today's planned Hotfix will bring those to Father's Offerings!
  10. XBOX Hotfix: Octavia Prime OCTAVIA PRIME HAS ARRIVED! Conduct a devastating cacophony with Octavia Prime! OCTAVIA PRIME Strike up a symphony of destruction with the mistress of music, Octavia, in her grandest and most spectacular form. Featuring altered Mod Polarities for greater customization. Octavia Prime also comes with the brand new hip-hop inspired Bombast Instruments Pack! TENORA PRIME Add lethal staccato percussion to Octavia's melodies with this masterpiece assault rifle. PANDERO PRIME Pound the beat for a
  11. Hello! Popping in for a status update post Drops 2.0 launch. We're aware of the 'Error' occurring when attempting to Claim the drop after the campaign (stream) has ended - investigating with Twitch + internal tests. After Drops 2.0 launch our initial information that Drops in your Twitch Inventory lasts forever was incorrect. After some live testing it appears that you must claim the Drop within 24 hours of the campaign (stream) ending. This is an ongoing discussion to determine an official answer. We appreciate the understanding as we adopt the new Twitch Drop 2.0 program
  12. Thanks for tuning in! Youtube description now holds the Platinum winners, Love of Star Days winners, and more!
  13. Please relog and try again if you're experiencing a crash!
  14. Correct about the Wolf cosmetic. Separate item from the Saturn Six Mask.
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