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  1. Thanks for tuning in! Platinum Winners Oberon Prime Access & 500 Ducats: Rcurz Fan Art Recap Megan’s Fan Art Favourite Fan Concept of the Week Shwlg’s Corpus Tech See you next week!
  2. How does 5 hours of Prime Time sound? Good? Good! Rebecca and Megan are entering the Dev build to show off more Harrow gameplay on Earth! They’ll be teaming up together for a cooperative Harrow experience before they shift gears for a continued 4 hour stream for GuardianCon at twitch.tv/guardiancon! Stay tuned in after Prime Time as they start fresh accounts and donate to charity along their journey! PLUS, we’ve got more amazing Fan Art, Fan Concept of the week, and don’t miss your chance at the newly released Oberon Prime Access giveaway for a lucky viewer! See you here tonight, June 22nd at 7 p.m. ET. Check your time zones here.
  3. The Grineer dominate Mars and have conquered its shifting sands. Turn their power against them with a new Towsun Skin Collection that delivers the look of a raging sandstorm! The Towsun Skin Collection includes: - Centuria Towsun Syandana - Zarr Towsun Skin - Twin Rogga Towsun Skin - Kesheg Towsun Skin Visit the Market to get this sizzling Collection on all platforms!
  4. Platinum discounts up to 50% off! Get the FREEdom to play your way on Xbox! You can earn Rewards Credits for purchasing Platinum in Warframe that you can put towards games, movies, TV shows and more from the Xbox Store. As an added bonus, get up to 50% off Platinum to help you add that perfect weapon or Warframe to your Arsenal! Make sure to stock up Tenno, this sale only lasts as long as Clem is tall. These deals are only available until June 26! Want to know more about how you can earn Xbox Rewards Credits by doing the things you love? Check out the Xbox Live Rewards program here!
  5. Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.7.3 Changes: Force Feedback will now work as intended for all beam weapons when using a controller. Oberon’s Renewal no longer affects Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones since it does nothing but consume Energy. Fixes: Fixed being unable to deal damage to the Jordas Golem from certain angles with the Fluctus.
  6. ** Easy steps to post images in the Forums: Upload your image to a site like http://imgur.com/ Right-click the image and select 'Open in new tab' Copy & paste the URL right into your Forum post
  7. Amazing progress!!! Can't wait to see it in person
  8. Thank you all for joining us!! Platinum Winners Oberon Prime Access + 500 Ducats: Darkfire1647 Fan Art Recap Megan's Fan Art Favorite Fan Concept of the Week Loone-Wolf's Laser Themed Warframe Thanks for watching!
  9. Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.7.2 Changes: Adjusted the force feedback when firing the Glaxion with a controller. Fixes: Fixed numerous issues with sending or accepting Friend requests resulting in a blank pop-up window. Fixed "CLAN" not being localized in the Clan tier title.
  10. Danielle is back as a special co-host with Megan on tonight’s Prime Time! Tonight it’s all about YOU, the viewers at home! Which Warframe do you want to see them use to attempt their daily Maroo Ayatan Treasure hunt? Would you subject them to a Hobble Key or Inverted controls?! The power is in your suggestions! Plus, can you guess which well-known duos they’ll be recreating in Multiplayer Captura? Tune in to find out! PLUS, we’ve got more amazing Fan Art, Fan Concept of the week, win 3x 1000 Platinum prizes, hear about the new Captura contest coming your way, and don’t miss your chance at the newly released Oberon Prime Access giveaway for a lucky viewer! See you here tonight, June 15th at 7 p.m. ET. Check your time zones here.
  11. Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.7.1 Changes: Mag’s Magnetize Discharge Augment disarm will now also have a chance to Disarm when the bubble explodes naturally. Ratels are now more aware of the objectives in Excavation, Survival and Mobile Defense missions. The Health Conversion Mod now activates upon taking damage instead of getting hit. Previously, Warframes (like Valkyr, Rhino or Nezha) that have abilities that make themselves invincible to damage, were consuming the conversion when hit even though no damage was being done due to invincibility. This rendered the Health Conversion Mod rather useless, and has since been changed to improve functionality. Fixes: Fixed Ash Fatal Teleport Augment teleporting enemies down through the floor in certain situations. Fixed Clients not resetting their Operator Energy regen (and therefore having incorrect Energy HUD values) upon exclusively using either the Void Beam or the Void Mode. Fixed a crash related to Ash Prime's Teleport. Fixed enemies frozen in Stasis sometimes remaining upright, misleading players into thinking they're still alive. Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker screen blur remaining active after the ability ends. Fixed the camera colliding with the player if you respawn after spectating someone in Archwing. Fixed Excavation spawn flow issues caused by breakable objects (Grates and Fans). Fixed the Fluctus not doing any damage to turrets or buttons in the Jordas Verdict. Fixed the marker disappearing on ragdolled Bomb carrier enemies in The Law of Retribution. We have also added some logging in general to Bomb carriers to solve future issues.
  12. My mistake, corrected to the 16th!
  13. Search 'Machete' in the Market and you will see it!
  14. Please hard restart your Xbox (hold down the power button until it turns off) and then launch Warframe from the 'My games and apps' App.
  15. Hotfix #1 is now live! Fixed the placement of the Inaros Noggle.