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  1. To start off, this is something I've been pondering over the past few days ever since I recently completed the mainstory+all optional quests in Monster Hunter: World (my 'break' game from warframe). As a lot of people know, one of the grandest gripes that veterans and content creators have is the lack of "endgame" content. At the moment I feel that the scope of what Warframe can achieve in missions is too short and simple to ever qualify as endgame. Arbitrations were supposed to be endgame but came up short as long drawn out grind fests or cheesing enemies, I actually haven't even seen many people queue for any Arbis except for excavation as of late. Disruption was a step in the right direction of balancing time spent vs. rewards given and hopefully the expansion of the game type will go further in that regard. -One thing that I really feel that Warframe could use beyond its current system is more unique, intrinsic rewards from certain enemies/bosses and an expansion of the scope of boss fights. For instance, I'd like to propose something akin to how MHW handles its current endgame (which will be subject to upheaval with its new DLC) with Tempered enemies and Event quests. In short for those who don't know, in MHW a "tempered" enemy/monster has increased difficulty in the form of higher stats and more aggressive behavior and "Arch Tempered" Elder monsters with massively increased stats as well as new attacks, behaviors and gimmicks. This hike in difficulty (both active and artificial) is offset by increased rewards over normal enemies and access to new variations of gear. In addition to that, there's this "siege" quest, much like a raid, that offers some of the best-in-class weapons currently, that hinges on multiple teams of players hunting the same monster and each teams progress helps one another (example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfvoUXl53CI). -Another thought would be to add weapons and cosmetics exclusive to each boss (with non-abysmal drop rates) akin to how Vor currently drops Seer and Cronus or how MMO bosses from games like WoW and FFXIV drop gear items exclusive to them. Expanding upon my first idea, I'd also suggest something like a special arena where we could fight multiple bosses (with scaled up stats) simultaneously. In order to not break lore and whatnot we could say maybe that its a Simaris simulation? I imagine just an average arena with 2-4 tenno fighting Lvl. 100+ Vor/Void Vor/Sargas/Jack/Alad and Zanuka in a timed mode (or other modifiers like nightmare missions).
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