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  1. Will the squad-link feature showcased in Tennocon 2019 and somewhat used in the Scarlet Spear event ever become an actual thing, or has that been scrapped completely? Can you tell us more about the differences in how Corpus queenpins and Kuva Liches work? As in, what feedback have you taken from Kuva Liches and how has that been applied in Corpus queenpins. Warframe has a huge backlog of things showcased in devstreams and Tennocons but never released, ranging from Planes of Duviri to modular archwings to Lunaro melee weapon and Grineer buzzsaw melee. Can we get a rundown on which have
  2. "Confirmed" is not a word you should ever expect from DE.
  3. I noticed this didn't have the usual "post your questions" thing. Are you guys still gonna do community questions?
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