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  1. Currently, we can apply non-prime default skins to prime warframes, will we ever be able to do the same for weapons? What are your thoughts on the return of manual blocking for melee weapons, is it ever coming back? News on Vauban rework? Will it be a full rework with new abilities like Excalibur or something more alike Saryn? On Devstream 100 you guys said you were working on an overhaul for Octavia's mandachord, is that still in the works? Will you ever revisit already-reworked-but-still-underwhelming warframes like Zephyr, Nyx or Titania? Has the mod rework to shave off mandatory mods like serration been scrapped?
  2. 1. Back in roadmap devstream, steve talked about a rework of the new player experience, even teasing it with a CGI image. Are there any development on that? 2. How's railjack coming along, any news on it? 3. Melee rework phase 1 got quite a bit of negative feedback regarding the removal of manual blocking, any intentions to readd the function? 4. Prime warframes can already use their regular counterparts default skins and helmets, yet prime weapons can only use the extra skins of their regular counterparts, not the default skin, could that be implemented? 5. Melee rework phase 1 brought in some beautiful new visuals, especially regarding electric damage. Are there plans to add those refined lightning bolt particles to replace more dated particles such as Volt's, Amprex's and Synapse's? 6. In devstream 100 there was talk of plans of greatly expanding upon Octavia's Mandachord, was that shelved for now or still in the works? 7 Was kingpin system shelved or still being worked on?
  3. Considering the aim button while in melee seems open, why not keep they keybind for blocking? I'm not too fond of this change as automatic things are a bore, there are enough instances of the game playing itself in other systems.
  4. Would it be possible to allow prime weapons to use their respective unprimed version's appearence? The system is already in place for warframes, who can use the helmet and body of their unprimed, default version, would you consider doing the same for weapons?
  5. Afaik only fortuna allows accepting bounties while in the Vallis, for PoE it's gonna be the same ol' talk to konzu do bounty then talk to konzu again.
  6. But is melee 3.0 shipping with it? Toss me a bone here
  7. Was there any word about wether melee 3.0 is coming with this update or not?
  8. I'm hoping the both of them will come together, I'm more hyped for melee 3.0 than for fortuna tbh
  9. It'd be neat if the shooting mechanic took the place of gapclosing (why would you gapclose with a gun anyway, right?). Taking block away from a weapon would be huge, considering in melee 3.0 blocking builds up combo counter, removing the gapclose though would give a fun advantage/disadvantage game, without sacrifcing buttons.
  10. I might be wrong, but isn't the "gunfire flings enemies" a redeemer only thing? I don't think the sarpa flings enemies.
  11. You do have a point. Though I've been toying with an idea today that could address that. As it stands melee 3.0 has two long-string combos depending on movement: forward or standing still. It'd be neat to take it a step further and instead of making predetermined long combos, they'd make short combos or even standalone moves that change depending on directional input (left right forward backwards or standing still). Players would weave these moves/short combos together for different effects, thus making their own custom combos, and stances remain for stylistic effects or to define the general gameplay of the weapon (for example, nikana blind justice has strong and fast short range moves, while decisive judgement has long range strong one hitters and tranquil cleave has long range fast multi hitters). Easy to learn and reproduce, and provides a lot more player-side interaction, while still being viable.
  12. That's the thing though, they want melee 3.0 to make melee focus not niche, and a viable and fun option. Warframe has always been about filling multiple niches, being a mix of shooter, rpg, hack and slash, stealth play, space dogfighting and more. Regarding combo effectiveness that's easily fixed by giving different combos different uses. One combo could be a gap closer, another could have a guaranteed slash proc, another could deal double damage, another could end in a slam attack/knockback for CC. That's already the case for some stances. The big problem is the input commands are incredibly inconvenient, particularly when paired with attack speed bonuses and unbalanced mods like maiming strike. Honestly, people who don't care about melee most likely don't care about the melee rework either, so catering the rework for them is a mistake imo, this update should aim towards people curious or interested in melee.
  13. There wouldn't be so many strawmen if DE just updated this bloody thread already. All we can do is speculate until we learn more about the system, which appearently will be on release. Anyways, the complaint is that they're equaling out the stances on the lowest denominator, with only 2 combos and a standalone move, while currently some stances have up to 5 combos. Even if this does add fluidity, it'd make dedicated melee incredibly repetitive as you'd be spamming the same few moves over and over. Rather than cutting down on combos, they should make currently existing combos more accessible, and expand on the simpler stances who only have one or two combos.
  14. The flip slam looked like the heavy attack to me. I think we really will only get 2 combos and a couple standalone moves.
  15. Maiming strike is a problem because it gives flat 90% crit instead of multiplying 90% like other crit mods, changing that is the only fix it needs...
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