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  1. 1. Maiming rivens are bugged to be added as normal crit chance rather than maim, as others are reporting. 2. It's incorrect to show 1x combo multiplier for the purposes of calculating dps with blood rush. Your combo multiplier is either 0 (1 to 4 hits), or 1.5x+, it's not possible to have a 1x combo multiplier. If your multiplier is 0 (less than 5 hits) blood rush actually doesn't contribute any crit chance/DPS. I tested this in the simulacrum, just use a fragor prime with crit chance mod and blood rush, you can't orange crit til 5 hits (1.5x multiplier). The default should be 0x combo multiplier, the next should be 1.5x
  2. Not sure if you're still reading this thread, but I used to main zephyr pre-movement 2.0, but with the current movement meta, her passive really gets in the way. Reconsider making her aim glide floatier but her normal gravity stable. She's really great but just too hard to move around with and that's part of why she's so unpopular.
  3. Are you aware a rank 7 ash can bring the final objective from 100% health to 0% with one cast of bladestorm? Completely immune and able to shoot while attacking the core? A rank 1 ash can unlock shuriken and oneshot enemies without even aiming and in some cases not even being able to see their enemies? There are so many broken abilities here. Energy needs to be nerfed into the ground, ability damage needs to be nerfed into the ground, there's no reason for gunplay or tactics because you can press 4 to win just like in PvE. I could go on and list everything that's needed to fix the game, and it's only a few things, but it won't matter til someone who does balancing at DE stops and listens, you know?
  4. My question: Why aren't ability mods in the market? Last time you talked about removing ability mods from the drop table, you ignored the option to sell unranked ability mods for credits. Maglev is essential in PvP and speedrunning, just because you don't appreciate it, it doesn't mean it's a "bandaid mod." But I have some insider info which suggest you'll get some changes you might like sometime soon. Enjoy warm coat while it still sucks.
  5. I will believe this post when I never see a stupid gamble box anywhere in the game, for the rest of forever. I appreciate the response but I am not getting my hopes back up any time soon. This was a long dreadful day of depression and I am considering the game dead and abandoned until further notice. But I'll stick around for a further answer.
  6. Can personal leaderboards sort by stink instead to reward players who actually played a lot?
  7. To be fair, it may not have been fixed perfectly, knowing how it was broken might lead to finding a new loophole.
  8. Could my score be reset to what it was before I tested and reported the exploit? Thanks.
  9. Once the codex is fixed up for U14, will it give mastery or other benefits? A few streams ago, you described the removal of randomized stats on mods as a "regression," any chance of us getting those back? It was my favorite part of the game during update 5 and 6. I really like the eximus units, but sometimes they seem a bit unfair to deal with. A few of them have AoE effects which can't be dodged, blocked, or countered is there any plan to shape the eximus units so they can be dealt with skillfully? The arson eximus are good because they have obvious avoidable effects but the shock eximus simply drain your energy if you're in the next room over which is frustrating.
  10. Is anything coming that will add a real challenge to the game? The difficulty curve has a negative slope. Can we talk about the codex? It doesn't feel like an in-game wiki, there is very little incentive to scan enemies, and the explosive barrel has more lore than most of the Warframes, not to mention the following: Why do nauseous and toxic crawlers only spawn in alerts? Why do they, and their eximus variant require 30 scans in the codex when they spawn so infrequently? Can we name our player ship and have it show up on loading screens, on panels, and so on? Is the star chart going away affecting the progression of missions or how levels are connected? I am trying to comprehend how picking nodes will work in the new system. What are you trying to accomplish by adding travel costs for going between planets?
  11. You want to teleport to the enemy and then NOT have the OPTION to press E to do a lot of damage? If you don't want to finish them just walk away instead... I don't understand.
  12. Trin needs no less than a full rework. I am glad she's being nerfed but I was hoping with a little bit more creative solutions... couldn't it revive teammates? You can only support one teammate at a time with it because it isn't recastable quickly... Trin has no way to heal teammates instantly if their health bar tanks quickly... I feel like the kind of support you'd like to offer your teammates using a healer frame, you can't really do with her. I'm also worried about a couple things here: For example: This incentivizes waiting til the last second to heal teammates, probably resulting in them dying a lot, rather than keeping them topped off. When people die because Trinity is trying to use abilities effectively, they'll be mad at the player and sometimes fail a mission because of it. Everyone in a group mods their stug/castanas to put them at ~1 health when they shoot the floor, a team coordinates when to self damage, then trin blesses for 99% damage immunity. What happens when you cast blessing while a teammate is down? What % health did they have after they're picked up? 0%? When they're alive again do they have full immunity? But energy vampire looks like it will still make trin useful, but only as a suppliment to spammy frames like mag and nekros.
  13. It's a really big picture so it might be worth clicking on for some detail. I think I did alright for someone who hasn't drawn a picture in years. Inspired by my favorite tile (screenshot here). All done in MS paint with a mouse. Also holy poocrap how is everyone so good at art! Good luck to all of you (well, besides the people using photoshop to filter a screenshot lol).
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