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  1. OK, if you genuinely feel this way, if you aren't playing because you don't like it anymore, if you don't like the community anymore... Why are you still here? Why are you making yourself engage with things you don't like? Be it the game, the forums - why make yourself miserable like that?
  2. Rest in peace melee being a wet fish without combo. Sayonara, it being so ludicrously strong after scaling that nothing else mattered. Light a candle for pressing two buttons over and over again being in the top 10 most efficient ways to play the game. Now throw the coffins off a cliff, because 3.0 is actually going to make it so that Plague Zaws or Memeing Atterax don't win the game for you, but that not having those mods and crazy scaling isn't making your weapon lightly tickle the enemy. These things were one of the many elements contributing to the game being so outrageously easy that engaging with the game is a suboptimal play. It's far from the fix-all, but every little helps. Melee weapons will be more like higher-power guns. Skana, one of the weakest melee's in the game, will have 120 base damage, which is absolutely nothing to sniff at. That's a lot higher than most other multi-hitting weapons such as automatic rifles, and brushing the ballpark of single-shot burst weapons. Imagine what later weapons will have - we could easily be seeing the kind of damage potential of burst weapons such as shotguns at rapid pace and no ammo. Y'know, like a melee weapon should be.
  3. One thing I noticed about one of the animations is that the continuity spike or whatever it is, comes from the same place as the Parazon - heel of the hand/top of wrist. It's nice detail to show that they're related to you and on the same level as you, because they've got something similar to you.
  4. They mentioned you can only kill them - temporarily or otherwise - with the Parazon. At least that's my understanding. The ability kill is the initial 'activation' of the Lich.
  5. Kuva Liches be like: Personally, the idea of overcoming an incredibly powerful opponent tickles my power fantasy, so long as it's well-designed. Bring em on!
  6. This is a lot of detail for something which was only discussed for a short time. Particularly the 'stealing loot' The mechanics of that have not yet been 100% confirmed. It could very easily be 'you complete missions, they 'steal' something from the mission you just completed' - they don't steal your loot, they just become stronger from you running missions with them active. Little Duck says she takes a cut of Disruption rewards, but does she?
  7. True, but DE might have changed their minds, which may contribute to the Kuva Liches showing up now. Again, they might be going for the best first impression possible. Still, that's just spitballing. I'm not exactly hacking into DE's servers to get the latest scoop on their development.
  8. It seemed to work for the regular Grineer Galleon though... although I noticed a few rooms were different (one door that is always locked was open) so who knows? Either way, the Corpus Ship is my bet for what's taking up time.
  9. They did start talking about 'ripping the band-aid off'. So, yeah, quite possible.
  10. Sad but true. Consider: we used to, and still technically do have this in game already. If you had channeling active, and blocked just before an enemy attacked, you would open them for a finisher. Most people had no idea that move even existed. I only have it in my head because it's very occasionally useful for Skiajati.
  11. I guess with the recent updates about the Corpus Ship Steve mentioned they want to bring that out with it to match the initial reveal? I suppose this is a bit of a passion project for them so they want Empyrean to make a good impression. That would make sense. Again, it's gonna take a while anyway, getting narky isn't going to make it come out any sooner.
  12. Great video! What are your thoughts about the possibility of regular fights potentially becoming a lot more stylish with Melee in the near future?
  13. Remember - the base damage getting multiplied by crits and CO is getting increased significantly. The Skana at present deals 35 damage at base, but the one shown deals 120. That's an increase of about four times. Even though a lot of multipliers are going away, the ones that remain are multiplying something that's already useful at base - not something that needs multipliers to do its thing, and thus so many multipliers are added that the game can't keep up.
  14. Addressing this first, they've said a couple times that channelling mods will apply to heavy attacks - which will likely include the heavy slam. This should provide the necessary burst of health. In general, channeling is being replaced by two things, one of which isn't implemented in phase 2 (which lets be real, is different enough to qualify as 3.0 proper). The channelling is replaced by heavy attacks that use combo, distinct as number of hits, as the resource - not energy. These will deal greatly increased damage, and are one of the ways to cause enemies to be affected by the 'lift' status, which is a slower ragdoll that doesn't yeet them away from you, instead leaving them suspended for a moment near your location, which can be prolonged by continuing to attack them. It will also be replaced by a Devil Trigger-style Rage Mode. Details are scarce on this, however.
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