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  1. When you pop out of Umbra, he does his own thing, right? He has a 'mind'. But when we're in him, we control him. When we are occupying his body, nothing happens without our say-so. Which indicates that, for one reason or another, he is not controlling his body. We are not his mind, but we are controlling his body. That is mind control. Technically body control/possession, but that's literally semantics and usually considered a subtype of mind control anyway. I say overriding his will, because that's the most likely explanation, but honestly it's neither known nor matters. And yes, I have seen that cutscene. It's literally the same one the quote is from. The quote was illustrating that, technically, transference isn't mind control on regular Warframes as there isn't an original mind in the host body. Or at least not an active one or one that has any say as to what its body does. Not that it matters because it's the same process.
  2. He has his own will, which we override when using transference. That's a part of his whole 'can move on his own' thing. We take control of his body. That's pretty much mind control by way of possession. By contrast, other frames are described as 'No sense, no self, no death'. Again - it's consensual, and thus without a lot of the trappings that usually come with mind control, especially possession (which is usually forced upon a person) but nevertheless, we are directly controlling his body, putting our mind over his own.
  3. Uh... literally every time we use transference on him? Admittedly, it's consensual and mutually beneficial mind control, but mind control nonetheless.
  4. According to the Detron crewman entry, they mostly avoided it by directly converting a human mind (so not as much shoving a soul into a robot, as much as turning the soul into a brain) and otherwise not doing it at all. They reference that machines that could grow and behave independently of Orokin were 'blasphemous'. They also reference this in Ordis's backstory - they talk about how the Orokin's greatest fear was a 'thinking machine'. Hence why they only ever turned people into machines, instead of building them outright. But apparently, Ballas and the Sentients inventor disagreed with this. It's unknown whether or not Ballas was aware that they'd grow out of control, or if he was convinced the 'flaw' would be enough to stop them, but normally it seems that they were going against common principles. It's likely that there were more than one given Natah's dialogue however. As for Natah's awareness of Wally? Well, that I have no explanation for, shy of whatever it was that 'changed' her to be able to resist the Void.
  5. Genetic algorithms are a thing that exist. It's likely that Sentients were programmed with the ability to meld individual charactersitics to produce new abilities. In this case, combining a 'farmer' with the ability to replicate organic matter for terraforming farmland and a 'carpenter' who can build new structures to produce an entity capable of replicating pre-existing organic structures - a mimic.
  6. They were indeed a lot of fun. Much better than the current Corpus spy tile set. Though the emphasis on lasers meant Limbo didn't really have much issue. Though that's to be expected, these are Corpus security systems so it's thematic.
  7. No, people just misinterpret Lotus talking about her mother and father. Their robots that can self-replicate, presumably with a genetic algorithm similar to what we have with coding, just... physical. Hunhow, it appears, was a terraforming robot with an emphasis on preparing lands to cultivate food - hence 'farmer' and whoever Mother is had a part to play in constructing cities - or at least fabricating the basic infrastructure for future colonists to take over - in other words, the role a carpenter plays in the construction of a wooden home.
  8. Both sexes. Remember Nezha Deluxes showcase with an... emphasis on the crotch? Or that area for a couple male frames in general.
  9. Apparently the quote 'stay a while, stay forever' is also from that game. Alad has a taste for the classics, apparently. The really really really classic when you consider Warframes time setting.
  10. You're absolutely right. However, so is Dragoncroac - chronologically, TSD occurred after Infested Alad and after the Tubemen of Regor - the event where he was cured.
  11. Agreed. It's not like they can't make clean lore, with interesting links. Sigor Savah's lore's been pretty clear cut for example. Starts on Venus, uncovers Venari, becomes enraptured with her and winds up saving her. Escapes and dedicates his life to trying to uncover Khora on the Plains. Figuring they'd be buried, he goes after Ghouls as they disturb the ground, presumably bringing up parts. In the meantime, he becomes a mentor to Teasonai, teaching him how to maintain the Plains after seeing the light of preservation due to Venari.
  12. I'm not sure where you live, but over in the UK he's a very popular voice actor for adverts, or certainly was when I was a kid. Which means I was listening to Ballas long before I was in Warframe. I freaked when I found this out because I always found his voice super soothing and had no idea why.
  13. Because it's also providing Alad with stuff to make the Sentients stronger. Albeit in a way that Alad dislikes. Rock and a hard place, am I right? As for my thoughts... I think Natah has been brainwashed by the other Sentients. I do still think her original betrayal was of her own accord - although Orokin reinforcing her betrayal isn't out of the question. Mostly thanks to the New War trailer, where we hear somebody preach to Natah about how 'they' seduced her. Which, to me, sounds very like what Natah has said here. Even if the trailer itself is non-canonical, we do know they provide hints towards the future. Remember the hospital noises in the Sacrifice trailer? It's possible that 'Mother' gaslighted the hell out of Natah and convinced her that the Orokin forced her to betray them. After all, Natah's speech doesn't add up with Ballas's during Chimera, where he declares that she never was loving to the Tenno. Natah accepts she was once, albeit due to manipulation (in her mind, at least.) So, uh... who's right? Unless neither of them are and both are being manipulated. Though this doesn't take into account the Man in the Wall, or the fact that Natah seems to be able to resist the void somehow, since she was on the moon - there's no longer doubt about that now. She confirms it, it's not just a part of Apostasy and Chimera being visions/dream sequences. Which means she was deep in the void, and somehow didn't die? Curious.
  14. Loza03

    Corpus on Ice

    I think it's cool. Of course, they're no Tenno, but that makes their plucky survival that much better. I mean, who doesn't like seeing regular people survive threats we beat the hell out of all the time? It's grounding. Even one of these monsters would make a pretty solid threat to even elite soldiers - Tenno are just that badass. However, I have a bad feeling about poor Mikel. Maggots are an infection vector after all...
  15. So, something I discovered. Ordis covers the Sabotage mission on Jupiter as well. Indicating that they're not writing new Lotus mission control dialogue. An argument for this could have been made with Fortuna, but now it's a trend, as an existing mission type has, albeit only for one node, received reworked dialogue. Either she's staying evil, dying, or coming back in a different role, but this is very strong evidence that Lotus will not be reprising her original role if she returns to our side.
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