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  1. Oh, you mean the bit that also has a hole in it? The sentient's bodies are tuning fork shaped. It's not as easy to see from this angle, but there's a hole there too. It's not like it's impossible to make sentients that have proper profiles either, I don't have issues with the Symbiliysts in this respect, or the Alkonost. Note that whilst they still have gaunt designs, they both have larger areas that can be aimed at. The Symbilist has its head shape droop down over the hole in its torso.
  2. What, pray tell, am I supposed to shoot at? I don't believe their arms take damage (and if they do, they fall off removing them as a target anyway). Their legs isn't exactly a logical target and their 'head' is right above that giant hole in their torso, which I remind you, is their centre of mass.
  3. Symbalists seem to be the tanks of the Sentients, so one or two resistances would be a poor fit even with the shield. However, who's to say that the health gates sentients adapt at needs to be the same for all that can adapt? How about this: Symbalists have four (or maybe more) resitances, and get them very early in their health bars, and uniquely cannot have those resistances stripped whilst they have a shield up. This means they quickly become immune to damage. However, once their shield is destroyed, their resistances can be removed like any other sentient, and because all their resistances were achieved much earlier in their health bar, they've used them all up for the rest of their HP, allowing them to be swiftly dispatched. Similar to a Nox - hard to kill right off the bat, but a bit of smart play can quickly turn the tides.
  4. The Sentients are difficult to kill because of their unique mechanics and high damage. When on their home turf, they also have various hazards in their environment to add to that, with ample bottomless pits, damage hazards and sections that make the Sentients invincible. What they shouldn't do is compromise the primary design of the game, which when on foot, is running around and shooting things. Noxes encourage this by giving a large and clear weak spot whilst also having projectile weapons (which are generally speaking, more fun to fight against) and a distinct silhouette to make them instantly recognisable. Sentients, however, have much smaller hitboxes and move frequently, and the holes in their hitboxes are usually just that, holes, which means there's places to shoot around them. Bear in mind a majority of weapons aren't pinpoint accurate, there is some bullet deviation. Which means with something as skinny as a sentient, you can quite conceivably have your crosshair on the enemy, it turns red, and you still miss because of their hitboxes.
  5. Lore < Gameplay at the end of the day. If something's making the game less fun - in this case, Sentients being frustrating to hit even though you aimed at it properly, then that's just poor design, punishing you for doing something right. I use Limbo and Magus Lockdown, but I would rather not have to spam the same handful of powers because some skinny a-holes don't have the common courtesy to get shot when I shoot them. In other words, I prefer it when I'm being active and using the movement and shooting mechanics (I use Limbo because rolling in and out of the rift to evade damage is fun for me), and the Sentients somewhat rain on that parade. Given DE's supposed dislike for 'press 4 to win' strategies, a lot of their 'endgame' enemies seem to encourage it in one way or another.
  6. Hitscan Weapons, Homing Projectiles, identical silhouettes... The annoying part is that several newer enemies actually do fix things like this - plains Bombards are much better than regular ones, all the Amalgam enemies have much different silhouettes whilst still being solid enough to not be a pain to shoot. Hell, even with the Sentients, Mimics and Symbalysts have that whole laser sweep gimmick that offers potential for more involved dodging if you want it. DE knows how to do a bunch of good things individually, they just cant seem to wrap their heads around doing all of them at once...
  7. Personally speaking, it goes like this - mid-short range on defence or mobile defence. Enough to ensure people can still fight if they want to whilst still adquetely protecting the point. Both have pros and cons - minimum range slows the least, but can fail to defend some points and trap enemies in the rift without an adequate way for other players to get in to kill them. If there's an NPC, just banish them. For Interception, find a point that isn't the one that gets the most traffic, is either getting the second-most amount, or is considerably out of the way of easy access to the others. For example, on the really big courtyard map on the ice planet, D or A are good picks. Mid-max range are more acceptable on these, though I'd still recommend Mid for nullifiers and Fissure buffs. Max-range Limbo Cataclysms under fissure are bigger than most tiles. For Excavation, I try to avoid it (because Excavation is a bad game-mode). I've never had anyone cause a fuss, probably because Limbo can't slow down the slowest mode in the game. If you have an exalted user in your cell, consider asking if they'd want a Banish as Exalteds pass through the rift.. Even though Exalteds aren't what they used to be, it's still a terrifying combination.
  8. As somebody who really likes Sentients.... yeah, I gotta agree with you. I feel like DE should alter the hitbox so it doesn't 100% match the model, but extends around the various bones and holes, at least for the smaller fighter sentients, so it's less likely your shots just harmlessly pass through them. It's just frustrating otherwise. And letting them stand still for five seconds wouldn't hurt either.
  9. Empyrean isn't really a clone of other space games. I can't really think of many off the top of my head that incorporate ground fighting (boarding parties) and dogfighting at the same time, on the same ship. Most that use both have them be separate entities - for example, hopping in a fighter or fighting with on-foot combat. There's a few - I know the old Pirates of the Caribbean MMO did the equivalent with naval combat, but it's quite rare. And, frankly speaking, it's somewhat disingenuous to call Empyrean just space shooting as well, since a significant chunk of it's gameplay is traditional on-foot parkour shooter gameplay. Right now it's a 75/25 split between Railjack and ground respectively, but the devs have suggested Corpus will flip that number for its missions, and Scarlet Spear is bringing squad link, which will likely be closer to a 50/50 - although any bias would likely be towards ground combat, since it's indicated in the limited promotional material (and bugs leaking enemies) that one half of the link will be entirely on foot, whilst the Railjack sections will have at least some on foot sections as well, even if just boarding parties.
  10. Zetki is common, and offers higher damage and time to kill thanks to primarily innate firerate bonuses, at the expense of some quality of life stuff, mainly uptime. They fire faster, but unlike Lavan weapons which have the same bonus, each shot also accretes twice as much heat as any other. This means that whilst you fire fast, and kill fast, you also aren't shooting for long. This can be compensated for, but at the end of the day, they are less consistent than the other houses. They also have great status. Vidar offers more crit and innate damage bonuses on its rolls, unlike the other two houses which offer firerate bonuses. This can allow for higher numbers than Zetki and the normal heat accretion lets them be more consistent, but bear in mind that they have reduced status, which depending on the weapon can impact overall damage potential based on damage types and behaviour - for example, the Cryrophon might not care a lot due to being a slow-fire big hitter, but the Apoc definitely will suffer. Lavan is basically Vidar, but for Status weapons. It has good status, but without Zetki's extra up and downsides. Roll type nonwithstanding. Which school js best overall will likely change as more weapons get added.
  11. Jesus, sometimes this board gives me a headache... I get why people are negative, but some people are just mean-spirited about it. Some thread feel more like a political debate than talking about a video game. Not a civil one either - the kind where both sides sling mud. With stones in it. I've been hanging around the Sonic Reddit since yesterday, and yeah the whole community just got a huge win to its name so it's in a much better mood overall than this one, but even the negative things are pretty chill. Even the ribbing at Birds of Prey is done primarily through memes. And then you got one of the communities that was held up as one of the friendliest, at least for a while... I would be lying if it said it wasn't colouring my perception of the game. Not even what people are saying, just how damn angry people are at this game. Sorry, just needed to vent...
  12. Ironically, the reason I'd want more compression is for the precise opposite reason - there isn't ENOUGH progression in certain core stats, and it makes balancing endgame harder than it needs to be. I'd personally turn things like Warframe's health, armour and shield mods into permanent upgrades acquired from progression through various important story parts (probably the cinematic quests), with the possible exception of the Umbral varients. I say that because it's a lot harder to balance enemies average DPS when deviation in effective health between two end-game builds is in the tens of thousands. Umbral Inaros builds have tens of thousands of effective health before Arcane Grace and Adaptation come into play, whereas a Limbo or other squish sporting Quick Thinking will only have one or two thousand EHP at best. Less if the player decides not to have that safety net, where their HP will be in the hundreds. How much damage should an enemy deal so both have an engaging experience without being instantly obliterated or die only once they develop a tickling allergy. Endgame players should be in another league to newbies, in part because that gives the newbies something to live up to (see that 100 days of Warframe video), and in part because it just feels good to progress and be able to beat enemies that were monsters to you before. Even if Levels were eliminated, there would likely still be stronger enemies that incorporated a similar system.
  13. I believe they were privately emailed. On account of the fact that a large announcement saying "CONGRATULATIONS, RECIPIENT OF 250,000 DOLLARS! LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, THIS PERSON JUST WON 250,000 DOLLARS!" miiiiiiiiiiiiiight attract unwanted attention.
  14. I'm aware of the Cloud Walker Nerf, but the Universal Vacuum distance nerf? Which one was that? Let's call a spade a spade - A nerf is a change to an intentional behaviour, a fix is one to an unintentional one. Bioware/EA never intended people to get that much loot and/or have fun with their game... True, but OP is crusading against all nerfs.
  15. If it's the building seen in the video, I believe that has been there since Deck 12 was originally added.
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