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  1. Since we do get to own them, I'm planning to name mine DW-91471. "Don't Worry, I'm Not Going Anywhere'.
  2. Only if we get to drop the Nechramechs from Orbit.
  3. Anybody else notice that when the Sun Worm came out, the infested turned blue, and when the moon worm was out, they were yellow? Why are the infested the opposite colour of whatever skyworm is out at the time?
  5. Because they wanted to? And they made decisions that were economical that allowed them to achieve those goals?
  6. No, because of technical reasons. Each tile in a tileset is effectively its own small map with loading zones, they aren't actually fit together in a normal way, and there's nothing between them to fly between. They'd have to completely reconstruct the entire tileset technology, one of the foundations of the game, to perform such a feat. It'd also likely tank the performance to have that many assets loaded at once to be able to physically see the map. Whether or not this is possible from a development standpoint to overcome these hurdles is irrelevant - the amount of work it would take would be prohibitive in an actively-maintained game as it would pretty much cause the entire game to have to come to a complete standstill. So, yes, there is a need. Need I remind you of 2018 and the endless 'content drought' complaints from one year of light content? Something which resulted from the Railjack we got in the first place? Now how about several years of equally light, if not no content whatsoever whilst they completely overhaul the entire game.
  7. You also won't be able to subsume everything at once anyway. Helminth has 10 ranks, and you only get unlimited subsume slots at rank 10, meaning you're gonna need to go through a grind to get every possible ability at your disposal anyway. I hate to shamelessly self-promote, but I feel the need to since there's a degree of misunderstanding in this thread:
  8. I know bumping isn't really great practice, but in the interests of keeping everyone informed, since I'm still seeing misinformation around.
  9. You can only get one ability. Full stop. DE pre-selects one ability to be infused.
  10. I'd love teleport or wormhole. My go-to is Limbo, and more space/time shenaniganry is good as far as I'm concerned. Alternatively, that weapon-stealing power from the Broken Frame (Xaku I think his name is?) would also be suitably magic for me.
  11. You can use the augments, by the way, important information. And hey, even if you find nothing from any of the abilities they have these, maybe you'll find something from the 8-ish new powers. Or maybe not. Not my place to judge I suppose.
  12. Warding Halo is explicitly Deconfirmed (as Fire Walker is the ability you get from Nezha), and if the weaker version's out the picture than Iron skin probably is too.
  13. Frost is confirmed to be Ice Wave. Saryn is confirmed to be molt. Also confirmed. Source - Pablo's twitter for Saryn and Nezha, and this twitter post for Frost
  14. The only change I'd make to this theory is that it's probably just the Warframes that dip the straw in as it were. The Rhino Prime Codex and Umbra seems to indicate that they don't need a Tenno link to use their void abilities. Tenno, having bathed in the void itself, seem to be able to bypass the system entirely. Railjacks, too, might have their own source, since it grows tendrils direct from the Reliquary Drive. As for why the Orokin wouldn't use the Tenno power source after discovering it? The Sentients probably couldn't go anywhere near that big of a void energy field, so they figured it was safe, and decided it was easier just to keep them plugged into the mains.
  15. Not really? Chargers, for reference, have their arms twisted backwards and their necks broken in such a way that their heads fall limp under their bodies. This is honestly nothing new for Body Horror.
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