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  1. Melee still has access to individual mods more powerful than everything else in their respective category. Not 'anything' else, mind you, 'everything' else. Blood Rush provides a higher total crit chance boost than stacking both Maiming Strike and Sacrifical Steel together. It'd still be higher if you could somehow stack the regular true steel on top. Unless you count Sacrificial/true Steel's X2 bonus on heavy attacks, which mind you was only added specifically to keep up with Blood Rush - and Sacrificial Steel is already substantially better than other weapon classes crit mods. Status is
  2. Higher density of Cryotic, warranting more or stronger guards?
  3. Plains of Eidolon's indicated that's actually possible already, DE just kind of... don't do it? Depending on the level, there's always 1-2 snipers in sniper towers on PoE, which indicates that they have special spawning behaviours that will put them there. Presumably, it's not impossible to retroactively (or maybe for future tilesets) to do something similar. Put in a spawn point on potential sniper towers and make it so that only sniper class enemies spawn there. Maybe some other similar things - individual rooms have a chance to spawn 'extra' enemies in addition to the generic chaff.
  4. The New War trailer demonstrated that a full Sentient invasion dropship (not a minor scouting party Condrix or Orphix) can casually obliterate a galleon on impact and not be slowed down on its way to a planet. So, even assuming that a net or blockade is feasible for Steel Meridian, it'd just be setting up two birds for the Sentients to kill in one stone.
  5. Makes sense - they indicated they were trying to get the update out this month. So, it makes sense that most of the big stuff like maps and modelling are already done.
  6. Technically speaking, aside from the Scalers this isn't true for Status mods. Instead, Melee gets to have copious amounts of status that doesn't rely on status chance at all! Which is arguably worse!
  7. A lot of the trailers and promotional content indicate that there is gonna be a lot more alien planet stuff, which does make me wonder why they decided that the first half or so should be walking around beautiful landscapes doing... things, followed by 2.5 hours of brown muddy trenches.I mean, I know that the gameplay should speak for itself (would REALLY like for it to stop crashing so I can experiment without worry) but lets be real here, something looking good gets people hooked until the gameplay loop has them interested. Xenoblade Chronicles X has a very similar premise and its first area
  8. Nope. Stage 2 was meant to be the balancing pass version of it too, and they royally screwed that part up. Or at the very least, did for Scaling. Seriously, I don't use scaling mods and... melee's fine without it. It's still powerful, very much so. It did not need access to amount of power that scaling mods provide!
  9. I am very much hoping that they're not. Scaling mods are very, very clearly the outliers in this equation. Nothing else in Melee's arsenal even comes close.
  10. They did, mainly the fact that you can infinitely chain stuns and knockdowns. Which, yeah, it doesn't come up with how fast we can shred, but more than a few stances have access to stunlocks. As I've said before, Melee has some individual mods better than everything else on offer, so, yes, it is in a somewhat overtuned state. Mainly, that the rest of its modding options are equal to better than their gun options - for example with crit, Sacrificial Steel has access to up to +275% compared to Primed Point Strike's +187%. Blood Rush offers +760%. And you can equip both with basically no
  11. On paper you can fudge the proportions a bit, and you choose the angle that its seen in, and the lighting, and you don't see anything the artist doesn't want you to. In game? Not so much.
  12. Several of the kids' memories seem to come from before the accident, I'm afraid, so sadly this doesn't seem to hold water. My understanding of the line is that she specifies that it was against protocol to put children on a military ship. But the line from the second dream: "The soft lines of a hand, my mother's, I think. We were watching the stars, awaiting the jump to Tau. She was afraid." wouldn't seem to imply a military mission. So it's possible the claim that it was a Military vessel was a cover-up, as the Orokin were wont to do. After all, they weren't expecting any survivors.
  13. Melee's have individual mods stronger than entire builds in their respective category. You can throw ever non-augment Crit or Status mod onto a build and be unable to match Weeping Wounds, even conditionally. From a mathematical perspective, Melee is not fine. The fact that did not even come up on stream is incredibly concerning to me.
  14. Currently on a soft break, playing it whenever I feel like it. Most of my plans regarding games revolve around getting my hands on the Neset armour in MHGU, because it is very tasty.
  15. I think one underused aspect is enemy 'passive' capabilities - that is to say, enemies being resistant or capable of certain things. So long as these are well-explained it could be very helpful. So, for example, snipers having the ability to pierce damage resistance - not dissimilar to how Corrosive/Radiation not only deals +75% damage to armoured health, but also bypasses some of its DR. In the same way, Snipers could have the ability to partially fire through damage resistance - for example, 90% damage resistance is treated as 65% damage resistance when they're the one shooting you. A B
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