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  1. Loza03

    Combo Counter

    As far as I can tell, it does combo for quick Melee, it just doesn't show.
  2. Loza03

    warframe.. "cultures"?

    It's revealed in one of the lore imprints that once someone's been infested, they act as a pattern of sorts. A Lorist was infected, but instead of becoming a single infested creature, she became many, all healing other infested. It's implied that, since this is from the 'Corrupted Ancient' which is an Ancient Healer, that this lorist went on to be the pattern that all future Ancient Healers would be based on. That means that once the original Prime was created, they could effectively engineer it in terms of the patterns. My personal theory is as follows - this is speculative. Ballas found the appropriate individual then infested the person alongside Orokin tech implanted into it, producing the Prime. He then handed over a batch of unrelated infested material to infestation specialists to craft into forms that could be more easily produced, using the newly created pattern as a base, altering the overall pattern once it's made. The Prime gets sent off to fight whilst the production version is made to replace it when it inevitably gets destroyed. The primary version of the pattern is the version the Helminth defaults to, unless its given proper Orokin tech to produce that frame. This might be why we get Prime blueprints for Warframes but prime parts for weapons - the tech's the only thing that's preserved, not the 'flesh', and we grow the technorganic Prime Warframe parts over those components. Weapons, though, they're all tech so can be kept in relics as-is.
  3. Loza03

    Bug or Feature? Either way...

    I do indeed. Because you still failed.
  4. Loza03

    Melee 3.0 - Your most pessimistic predictions?

    Most pessimistic? DE fails to properly address the core problem of Melee, that most melee weapons aren't powerful enough at higher levels to offset the inherent risk of melee, making the majority of them unsustainable and not fun with a majority of frames.
  5. Loza03

    Bug or Feature? Either way...

    Oh, I've sunk hours into fights only to lose at the last minute. I remember this one boss where it took me a year of on-and-off fighting it to finally beat the damn thing. I didn't demand to see the credits though. It's still my fault. Your unwillingness to accept the fact you failed is not the games fault.
  6. Loza03

    Bug or Feature? Either way...

    Many times actually. Not in the specific case you put forward, but I failed sortie 3 yesterday to some mook on the way out. Not pleasant, but oh well, I did better the next time. I also failed a bunch in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and it inspired me to do better. Fatalis is no joke, let me tell you.
  7. Loza03

    Bug or Feature? Either way...

    You get rewards from completing missions. You died, therefore you did not complete the mission. Therefore, you did not get rewards.
  8. Loza03

    Combo Counter

    It only shows up if you draw your melee weapon. Hold the weapon switch button to pull it out and you'll be able to see the combo counter.
  9. Loza03


    I discovered this back when Limbo froze projectiles. Fired one off, forgot about it, wound up in the position it was going to explode...
  10. Loza03

    I think i made a mistake

    You can initiate in all the syndicates to get their respective sigils, yes.
  11. Well, they don't know we're kids. Nah, we're cold, voiceless golems, living statues of flesh and death, sowing carnage at our own whims. Never speaking, never indicating remorse. Just reducing their friends, their family to meaty chunks - if they're lucky.
  12. Loza03

    2019 Schedule Opinions?

    Well, I'm rewatching the stream, and here are my thoughts with that. Warframes: Those are likely to be done fairly quickly all told. It seems that it doesn't take that long for them to make new Warframes from the point they've been showing them to us of late - remember Garuda and Baruuk were all shown off a couple weeks before their respective updates. Deck 12: They're almost certainly lying about 'not having anything to show'. Those flickers that happened throughout the stream are almost certainly related. I'm predicting this very soon. Possibly even in the next week. Gas City: More than likely the next actual update. It's a return to an old area, we've got a frame that's a return to an older incarnation of the art style, updated with newer evolutions... it just fits. Plus, that's been in dev for ages now, and from what we can tell from Steve's twitter reveals, the lighting and all that stuff seems pretty damn close to done. Could see this in February Wolf of Saturn: not impossible that it comes with the above. Though could also take on its own update depending on how big it turns out actually being and how long it takes the New War to come out. We don't know enough about this one. Might be in February, or maybe March. If the latter, perhaps the anniversary stuff will be made a part of it? New War: Waaaay closer than Sacrifice was relative to where we are in the year - provided the above go well and depending on Railjack (discussed later) I can see them meeting spring easily. Sacrifice came out mid-June, and from what I can tell from Steve's twitter, started Mocap in April. So if they're getting Mocap started now? I can absolutely believe they can get it out in the spring. Only wrinkle is... Empyrean/Railjack: If Railjack does wind up a part of New War, the New War will most certainly be delayed to match. But, in all honesty, having New War be in the state it seems to be in and what we know about all the tech bodes very well for Railjack's development. Quarter one is out of the picture, but there's a strong chance we'll see it in the spring or summer - probably around the border therein. If they winds up divorced from each other, we'll still probably see Railjack around this time but see New War much sooner. Beggers can't be choosers. And, man, if it weren't for this roadmap I would most certainly be begging. Planes of Duvir: to be frank, we know nothing about this. This is the major update I could see pushed back to 2020. A full new faction plus a tileset to match is no mean feat. Don't forget, this includes a crapload new stuff like new weapons, new mechanics, a niche for the new faction... stuff we expect from factions in Warframe. It's not just the new enemies and tileset. Other Balancing stuff: Not gonna lie... I get the feeling DE might pull back on this compared to 2018, where there were a lot of small QoL tweaks, fixes and quite a few reworks. Stuff a lot of the community has, frankly, forgotten about. And it wound up one of the slowest years they've had. Melee 3.0's a given (I'm expecting part 1 with Gas City, if only so they can justify Revenant's misplaced Nodachi) but if they're learning from the mistakes of 2018... After this analysis, I'm actually pretty confident they can do most of this. Bring on 2019!
  13. Loza03

    [Game Improvement] Chess

    People have been asking for Komi, which is a smaller version of 'Go' since the Sacrifice came out, so I don't think this will fare much better.
  14. Loza03

    Planes of Duviri Speculation

    We were also supposed to have killed the seven executors. Ballas survived presumably due to Hunhow and Natah's scheming but if he survived, it proves it is possible. I imagine it was achieved by having Ballas die with the rest, but keep a Yuvan off to the side for a quick Continuity resuscitation, whilst having the rest of the Yuvan get killed to leave the rest of the Executors dead as dodos. And, from there, it's possible a few of the survivors got revived via missed Yuvan. That aside, it's canon that we didn't get all of them - we pretty much ignored any who weren't at the ceremony (which, admittedly, was probably most of them.) as we see in the Simaris lore imprints. It's possible some of the survivors banded together and used robot bodies to get around Continuity.
  15. Loza03

    New freee roams worlds ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They said on devstream today that they're not planning any big surprises like a new open world for Tennocon. Instead they're planning for several smaller surprises relating to the loose roadmap for this year. Which to our knowledge, don't involve an open world.