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  1. 'Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Steel Path Khora Farming.
  2. That is exactly the problem. It very frequently does make a player bored. It's also what the game's design continues to lean more and more into doing with the Steel Path, the Wolf of Saturn, Treasurers, at-launch Railjack, Eidolons, Profit-Taker. Even Sorties are a result of the issue. Warframe's problem is that the effective ways of playing the game and the fun ways of playing the game are becoming more and more divorced from each other. The most fun way to play Monster Hunter is to learn Monster tells and exploit openings in their movements. It's also the most effective way. The most fu
  3. It would be, so it'd require some nerfs to external sources, but whilst it's power creep it has one really, really important benefit. If everyone has energy regeneration of roughly the same amount (or even better, if each Warframe had a particular amount of regen), then that provides a baseline. If there's a baseline, that turns energy from being a fairly abstract meaningless number to having a value. If 100 energy was, for example, 10 seconds of baseline energy regeneration, then now energy means something. In turn, you can now balance abilities around that value. For example, an
  4. 1: They're children. Children are pretty androgynous to begin with before puberty, and whilst Tenno seem to by and large be pubescent, they're only partway through that. 2: Clothing is only gendered by society expectations. Societal expectations which are wildly different in the Warframe universe - the baseline outfit for both genders is a skintight suit, at least among those in the relays. 3: Why would the Tenno work out beyond baseline medical necessity? That's not who they are practically or thematically. Practically, they have enough canonical void power to basically disintegrate
  5. If I recall correctly, the framework that Dojo's run on really doesn't like Rollers, so it's a technical problem.
  6. Ah. checking back on my pictures for it (I did this as a look at this absurdity challenge run, so I have pictures) I used Weeping Wounds not Blood Rush. I'll update my original post, sorry for the confusion.
  7. Eh, throw on Blood Rush Weeping Wounds, Mk1 Skana with no forma and no potatoes can handle early-tier Steel Path, so it should be able to tear up regular levels no problem.
  8. IIRC, you'd start gaining energy after popping the Zenurik Spoiler-Super, which could also give energy. It was permanent, but also selfish. I don't think Zenurik itself is really a problem, as much as just... energy as a whole could probably be reworked to be more interesting and self-balancing rather than just hooking your frame up to the basically-free win juice or rely on pitiful, uncommon 25 energy drops.
  9. I object to this reference! Each one also has reversed outfits. Houoh has a Cravat whilst Miles has a Tie. I didn't switch the colours though since the evil one already has a suspicion indicator of bad eyes, but one with plausible deniability (Aforementioned plot reasons is that the Dragon is blind by the party's doing. She's taken this out on her followers by making them all put their own eyes out, but Houoh was blind for other reasons and has an Ersatz Eye.) so reversing colour schemes and also making him wear bright red would make it too obvious. I never saw the point etie
  10. Projection much? (on their part)
  11. I'm pretty sure they confirmed that we'd be getting the hound too?
  12. I'm low-key hyped for the Flux Rifle. For whatever reason, I've always found the weapon and its design charming and it's not... the worst weapon, so I'm looking forward to it being better. Briefcase weapons, whilst they're not transformable on the fly (which was what I was hoping for most...) they're still up my street. Morph weapons are my jam.
  13. Remember that DnD game I mentioned in, like... February?? I've just planned out something I have to gush about. I'm looking forward to it because... hoo boy. So, 3/4ths of the party have found themselves locked up awaiting trial. They're going to be defended by Miles Fringevalue, prosecuted by Houoh Wright, who's secretly a cult member for the DRAGON they managed to piss off a few months ago and has snuck in some of his buddies in case he doesn't get what the BBEG wants. Whether or not they get a guilty verdict (which will depend on the response one of them makes to a corrupt gover
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