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  1. Have you made sure to level your Kuva Weapons to Rank 40? Did you make sure to grab Necramechs, your Arch-weapons and Companions? There should be an excess of MR as of Arcana.
  2. Technically all Potato Peelers are non-Euclidian, as Euclidian Geometry is geometry on a plane, and as you may be aware, we live on the ground.
  3. I'm really hoping Outriders knocks it out of the park for this reason. Another successful action RPG without some big controversy around it would remind DE that #1 is a title that needs defence in a hurry, but more than that, some of Outriders mechanics seem if not inspired by Warframe, going in the same direction as (outrageous powers, and up-close and personal action). I'd be surprised if the Outrider's devs didn't at least play Warframe and like that experience, even if they wound up making dramatically different choices of how to get there. And inspiration goes both ways.
  4. I'll admit I don't play an awful lot of multiplayer outside of Warframe and TF2 (and TF2) at the moment, but TF2's bot problem is, if not unique certainly unusual. Besides, that was mostly a jab at the game. Core point still stands. When I play TF2, yelling at people to play how I want them to makes me a $&*^, but they likewise can't make a call about how I play, despite the fact there's 11 other people Most games don't force people to take turns having a good time. Even turn based games. Again this whole idea that we should just respect player's playstyles whilst they
  5. For my money it's taking a look at what things should be managed by a player's build, and what by their actions. Right now, 90% of a player's performance is decided in the Arsenal, which heavily disincentivises action in this Action RPG. I reckon resource management would be the most impactful change. Players having a lot of energy, health and ammo to work with would be a lot more interesting if you had to restore them through good gameplay, rather than activating some doodad. Outriders has the right idea, is what I'm saying (that game puts a lot of emphasis in its marketing on how each c
  6. Plenty of games have no such issues with pubs. If I load into a pub game of Monster Hunter, I'm still gonna play Monster Hunter, even if I'm grouped up with hardcore farmers. If I load into a game of Team Fortress 2, where there's 11 other people in the server, and half of my team are engies, I'm still gonna have grand old time playing Team Fortress 2 (unless the enemy team has a bot. Or two. Or ten.) I don't have to roll the dice and pray that one of my team mates gets to decide I don't get to play Warframe today. The idea that you should just accept other players playstyles is a tr
  7. The blueprints are bought from Loid, same as the Cortege. The 'Damaged Necramech Weapon Components' drop from the Iso vaults, specifically tier 3.
  8. It was the perfect chaser for all the innocent lives.
  9. I fail to see the relevance of Superluminal Mormon Hovercraft on the current conversation.
  10. Solid Operator, IMO. I'm not much of a fashion judge, but they look alright to me.
  11. And in turn, rewards can serve as new building blocks to further tinker with builds. I desperately want Ripline on Helminth. I'm not fond of the rest of Valkyr's playstyle (low-duration Limbo suits me) but Ripline is so much fun. I know, and it's sad.
  12. Yes please. Hopefully not another plugsuit though. If you want a Tenno that looks robust and warrior-like but using the Tenno aesthetic, you're out of luck.
  13. Sandboxes still have rules. Explicitly, you're limited to the toys you have, and the laws of physics. Part of the value of Sandbox play for a child is figuring stuff out within those rules. There's also social rules, like 'being the guy who hoards all the toys' being the closest thing to a Social Faux Pas that there is to a kid. Nobody likes the bully. Sandbox video games, likewise, impose rules. Largely, these exist to maintain the 'sand' as it were. If the goal of sandbox play is to be creative and play how you like, then there being a single or a handful of overwhelmingly 'best' approa
  14. I'd go about it by killing two birds with one stone. Energy is also broken, making high-powered abilties way to strong because the intended limiting factor - energy - isn't really a factor. I'd move the main focus of energy regeneration away from arsenal-based tools like Zenurik or Pizzas, and more onto in-game performance with guns. You use resources and play to get resources - that's how action games work. Several weaker weapons get better energy regeneration values, meaning there's an actual reason to bring two guns now - a damage dealer and a resource donkey. Similar changes get made
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