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  1. Well that's not very much is it? =/ For 5.99 should have a bit more going for it.
  2. Vitruvian t shirts? Are these still available or preorder only?
  3. I'm just gonna throw this out there. Maybe, just *maybe*, sniping isn't for you.
  4. Just...Why though? Please tell me this was an oversight.
  5. An amazing unknownish combo that is laughably good is Mutalist Quanta. It sucks the Alt fire bubble into the center of the Mag bubble and it just stays there in the center while you pump main fire ordnance through it. I cackled like a mad man when I first tinkered with it. Even with only half mod slots used it shreds max level enemies in Simulacrum like wet paper.
  6. Probably not the highest priority issue, but it is hella tacky and unprofessional looking in certain circumstances. Please fix, my Vauban's arm is Hekkin tired QnQ
  7. So you're giving it an EternalDrkMakover?
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