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  1. Skating. Everywhere. Walking. Running. Big gun. Little gun. Melee. Everywhere. Seriously, though. Pwease think about it.
  2. Am I misremembering or have Operations typically been weekend things anyway?
  3. That's because there are 2 different nukors with different stats and different riven dispos
  4. Hory chet, I just logged in and noticed they reverted it. Well I'll be a Tenno's Space Uncle... @[DE]Rebecca
  5. Nah it leaves (left SMH FML) a very satisfying flowing mist about you.
  6. You used to be able to use Black in an energy color to cancel out parts of ephemera to single out specific parts. Like here, you could put Black in the primary energy color to cancel out the fog and leave only the mist. It was awesome and had dozens of creative ways to use it. And for no reason whatsoever someone got a wild hair made everything visible all the time and even take wf energy colors on top. No one complained this wasnt how it was, noone wanted this, noone asked for this, please please please revert it.
  7. That's not a bug, that's how her passive works, and it's why the lowest possible shield cheese works on her immortality build.
  8. How about a stealth effect that doesnt make the several dollars a skin a complete waste?
  9. Lich name Tiff Devil', so can ssume it is in fact pronounced deh-VIL'.
  10. I would like to point to you that the doorknob in question has been playing Warframe for only just under 4 years, and somehow has managed to never notice the very large holo shoved in his face every load in with the word "NEWS" in size 142 font. Nothing to be gained by making excuses for people who make excuses for themselves.
  11. Oh, well would you look at that. A pop up of the latest patch notes that is immediately visible in your face every single time you load into your orbiter.
  12. Noticing Inaros' theme and body mesh are rather conveniently perfectly suited for a Kuva Lich themed Graxx. Thoughts?
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