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  1. The main appeal of this Set is that you can deal true damage while they sleep for x seconds, but it does neither of things. Enemies do not take finisher damage, and even the slightest tic of damage wakes them up. There was so much potential here, especially for cloud weapons (pox/torid/Mutalist Cernos), and it's just...disappointing.
  2. My solution was to just make the glass a glowy orange so it looked molten and therefore non-rigid.
  3. NW series 2 will likely start Sunday or next week, and Warframe will likely still be here several years down the road. No reason to complain you can't have her immediately.
  4. 1) this was a know issue that has already been posted to death 2) it's already being resolved in the next hot fix 3) Posting bug reports in General Discussion? Really? Do you even Forums, bro?
  5. You put a meme worthy announcement of yourself leaving in a section of the forums that DE has explicitly stated they ignore in the hope they'll notice it? Seriously. That's you're plan?
  6. That's not how we look when we cross our legs-both cheeks would remain on the chair with only the leg leaving the surface. This is how people sit when they are about to fart.
  7. That sitting pose is driving me nuts though. *That's not how they'd look if crossed rrrrreeEEEEEEEEEE*
  8. I'm buying Zeny-not-a no matter how the eyes look, but I wonder if flattening them out could give them a more solemn vibe?
  9. Nightwave is a new system, and with all new systems, it is practically impossible to predetermine how they'll truly work once implemented in game. It is only once released and with stats and feedback that they can begin to calibrate it to within reasonable boundaries. If you've been playing Warframe or literally any continuous 'live service' game for any decent span of time, this is a concept you should be quite familiar with by now. How people still do not understand this simple concept after all this time is quite beyond me.
  10. Especially if he puts it in General Discussion
  11. Just like DE made it crystal clear several weeks ago that by the end of Nightwave you'd be fighting him so often you'd get sick of him (their actual words), and yet still you wastes time RNG farming him?
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