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  1. Why you guys would decided make a break between Intermission and next series, there is just no point at all. A a break for break, do u know how ridiculous that sound ? Why cant u guys just post a Series 3 page and actually tell us the #*!%ing start date and continue the intermission if you guys would actually know there will be a break. If u guys are worried about the image of stuff like that of your content, don't, because that just will end it up breaking your image more.

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  2. 22 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    Clan Trophy Tier Rewards:

    Your Clan will be eligible for Operation trophies if you've got what it takes! Our intention is that if roughly 50% of a clan of a given tier is active and participating, they can earn a Gold trophy. Trophies are a cosmetic item that signify earning a specific milestone for a given operation. For Operation: Hostile Mergers, earning Gold will signify the milestone of rallying your clan or cooperating with other clans to earn points (i.e Solo clans bringing more firepower by working together). Not everyone will get Gold, and that's okay!

    So, trophy is counted by all clan member's event score sum ?

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