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  1. We made a few changes to the script to catch missing Noggles. Thanks for the reports!
  2. Sorry for the confusion. Because Nezha Prime will still be available after these scripts run, we include it in the following year so that we don't miss anybody who buys Prime Access later.
  3. Tenno, We are continuing the tradition of giving out Prime Warframe Noggles at the end of the year! For every Prime Warframe you purchased in 2020, either through Prime Access or Prime Vault, you will receive the corresponding Prime Noggles* to decorate your Orbiter! The Noggles could take a few days to arrive in your inbox, so please be patient while our script propagates on each platform. We’ll be monitoring for any missing Noggles. We purposefully chose to keep these Noggles as a separate gift for players who purchased a Prime Warframe and as such, we have no plans to include them
  4. Yes, if you change your IGN, your previous name will be immediately available for use on another account.
  5. This is a cool idea! I really like the idea of "alternative to selling". Might be worth experimenting with a few weapons to start and see how it is received (disclaimer: no promises or timelines, but I'll keep this in mind). Thanks for all the suggestions!
  6. We've been held up on fixing these. Sorry for the issues and delays ☹️
  7. Tenno, We have simplified the forum reactions to include only 'Like' (+1 Reputation). The previous reactions were essentially doing the same thing as a 'Like' by providing 1 Reputation. If you have a response that cannot be conveyed by an emoji, we encourage you to make a post explaining your opinion. Reactions are a good way to quickly show support, but posting your constructive thoughts is always appreciated. Thanks!
  8. If you're running Windows 10, you can set data limits, which is a nice feature (you can probably also control this on your phone if it's running a somewhat recent OS version). I used a mobile hotspot for a good chunk of University. Besides data limits, the parts that can suck are upload speeds and ping.
  9. This is an issue on imgur's end, unfortunately.
  10. CHROMA DYNASTY COLLECTION This regal collection contains the Chroma Dynasty Skin, Dominion Sword Skin (can be equipped on any heavy blade melee weapon) and Eminence Sugatra. CHROMA DYNASTY SKIN Behold, a new elemental king! (Please note: the "wings" are under the Auxiliary slot) EMINENCE SUGATRA The signature Sugatra of Chroma Dynasty and his mighty Dominion sword skin. Chroma Dynasty Glyph is also available! Invasion Changes & Fixes Accelerated the Grineer/Corpus Invasion schedule. Downtime between attacks is now 12-24 hours instead of 24-48.
  11. I'll DM as needed, but I'll try to give some generic options as well: PC: https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using You can also set your router to use Google's DNS in your router's settings. Console: Manually ("custom" on PS4) set up your network connection and set your DNS to use Google's Primary Secondary I believe Xbox One can use IPv6 2001:4860:4860::8888 2001:4860:4860::8844 The remaining network settings can probably be left to their defaults IP can be set to "Automatic" unless you require a static IP
  12. This will depend on what network equipment they are using, but if you have them contact us, we can help!
  13. Tenno, We're aware that some Internet Service Providers are issuing a bad DNS that can cause connection issues. We turned off a proxy yesterday and as a result, a small number of players became affected. You should be able to override your DNS to fix this issue*, and we are investigating further. Sorry for any inconvenience! (*we can help guide you through the DNS change if necessary)
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