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  1. I'm adding a sell prices for those. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. We try to make sure vestigial resources/items can be sold for credits at least. If you have one collecting dust that cannot be sold, let me know, and I'll see what we can do.
  3. We have been looking into ways to give this to platforms that do not have the same 2FA options. We haven't forgotten, we just haven't had a chance to set up a good solution yet.
  4. Tenno, We began a tradition last year of giving out Prime Warframe Noggles near the new year, and that tradition continues today! For every Prime Warframe you purchased, either through Prime Access or Prime Vault in 2019 (with the exception of Ivara, Ash, and Vauban Prime who will come at the end of 2020), you will receive the corresponding Prime Noggles! The Noggles could take a few days to arrive in your inbox, so please be patient while our script propagates. We’ll be monitoring for any missing Noggles. We purposefully chose to keep these Noggles as a separate gift for players who purchased a Prime Warframe and as such, we have no plans to include them in any packs (accessories or otherwise). The Prime Noggles began as something we made for fun, and rather than have them hidden away, we decided the best thing we could do was to give them to players for free as an extra ‘thank you’ for your additional support. We hope you enjoy your Prime Noggles as much as we enjoyed making them! Happy Holidays, Tenno!
  5. Announced tonight at The Game Awards - Rising Tide is here! We’ve included everything from PC Update 26.1 - Hotfix 26.1.3. Adventure into your new Orbiter, build your Dry Dock in your Clan Dojo, and forge your Railjack. The total download size for this update is ~ 1.39 GB. DRY DOCK The Dry Dock has arrived - it’s time to prepare with a new QUEST: RISING TIDE. By the end of this quest you’ll have assembled a Railjack, but it is not ready for flight. The time will come, Tenno. The balance of power is tipping. An imminent threat grows stronger, surging across the Origin System. Will you stand against it? Keep pace in the arms race by starting construction on your Clan’s Dry Dock! Build the Dry Dock, assemble your Railjack and prepare for the coming battle. What will begin as a hangar will evolve into your sanctuary, a space to hone and upgrade your ship with powerful technology to become the weapon you’ll need. Build the Dry Dock by rallying your clan and contributing Resources to its construction. After that, if you have completed the Second Dream Quest, start the Rising Tide Quest to begin forging your Railjack. BUILDING YOUR RAILJACK: RISING TIDE QUEST The Grineer threat is mounting and you must rise to meet it. Track down the pieces of a long destroyed Railjack and breathe new life into it with the help of the newest Cephalon, Cy! The Lost Cephalon Building your Railjack begins with recruiting a Cephalon to pilot it. Begin by researching the Railjack Cephalon in at the Railjack Research Console in your Dry Dock. Once the research is complete, return to the Railjack Research Console to purchase a Railjack Cephalon blueprint and begin the process of crafting him in your Orbiter Foundry and installing him in the Dry Dock. The Broken Vessel Time has not been kind to the Railjacks. You’ll need to work with Cephalon Cy to find viable salvage from wreckage across the Origin System. After Cephalon Cy is installed in the Dry Dock, locate the six necessary Railjack components, retrieve them, then return back to the Dry Dock to restore them to glory. Once your Railjack is rebuilt, you’ll be able to board and explore your ship. Ignition and flight command requires additional components, which have yet to be located by Cephalon Cy. Cy's Transmission volume are affected by the ‘Transmission Volume’ slider. NEW RESOURCES PREVIEW: This update previews new Resources for future update EMPYREAN! When Empyrean launches, a wide variety of Railjack Specific resources will launch in missions, but we are previewing 4 new Resources early to aid in the construction of your Railjack: Eximus Units will Drop 2 of the new Resources: Eximus units on Europa Ice Planet tileset = Cubic Diodes Exmius units on Ceres Shipyard tileset = Carbides Note: On-kill extra drops (like Khora and Hydroid) do not apply to these Resource drop type - Cubic Diodes and Carbides have a 100% chance to roll the table for a 50% chance, can't boost that 100% any further! Mining will reward 2 of the new Resources: Plains of Eidolon: Pustrels (ORE) Orb Vallis: Copernics (ORE) ORBITER 2.0 Your Orbiter just got an upgrade, Tenno! See the stars through the new viewing ports and marvel at the improved lighting and materials coming with the Dry Dock update. Your decorations will mostly survive the transition, with a small chance for error near certain walls. Simply move pieces around, or start from scratch with the ‘RESET DECORATIONS’ option from The Old Blood! Added a new slider for Orbiter ‘Wear & Tear ’in the Equipment > Orbiter > Orbiter Appearance menu! This new ‘Wear & Tear’ section allows you to choose how much internal amount of nicks and scratches you want the Arsenal section of your Orbiter to reflect AND what color those markings are. Eventually these markings will apply to sections of the Orbiter outside of the Arsenal area once they have been given their updated looks! EQUINOX ANTONYM COLLECTION Kill with contrast using this signature collection for Equinox. This collection includes the Antonym Equinox Skin, Astreos Sword and Shield Skin and Circadian Syandana. EQUINOX ANTONYM SKIN Few things are more destructive than a secret. Unleash your opposite with this skin for Equinox. STRATUS PISTOL SKIN A billowing new skin to provide a unique, ethereal look to your pistol. ASTREOS SWORD AND SHIELD SKIN Husband and wife, dawn and dusk. A signature Sword and Shield skin for Equinox. CIRCADIAN SYANDANA Rise and fall, ebb and flow, peace and war. A signature Syandana for Equinox. CUMULUS COLLECTION A cosmetic collection as ethereal as a misted mountain and as striking as a thunderclap. Contains the Stratus Pistol Skin, Cumulus Syandana and Cirrus Armor Set. CUMULUS SYANDANA Roiling and swirling with the promise and threat of a thunderhead, the Cumulus Syandana is for those Tenno who dwell among the clouds. CIRRUS ARMOR BUNDLE The preferred armor set of those who call both the mists of morning and the fog of war home. A perfect complement to the the Cumulus Syandana. THE ORIGIN PACK The Origin Pack is the best possible value for a Tenno looking to boost their Arsenal and get some spectacular new Cosmetics! The Origin Pack features the new Parotia Syandana and 200 Platinum. *December 13th Edit: Missed having launch dates for the Pack available in the thread as they are listed in the news post. Apologies! General Additions: Added 2 new Achievements: Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: Enter the Dry Dock (25 Gamerscore) Some Assembly Required: Assemble a Railjack (50 Gamerscore) MELEE CHANGES Critical Chance On Rivens We recently increased the stats of the ‘Steel’ Category of Melee Mods (True Steel, Sacrificial Steel). We are now doing this for Rivens among other Mods to bring them up! Doubled the amount of Critical Chance on Melee Rivens and gave the Critical Chance 2x for Heavy Melee. Amalgam Ripkas changed to 187% Critical Chance (x2 for Heavy Attacks). True Punishment changed to 100% Additional Combo Count Chance, -50% Combo Duration. General Melee Changes & Fixes: Increased the Combo Counter cap of the Venka Prime from 220 to 240. Defiled Snapdragon Stance has received some spice: Added a Slash proc to the third and fourth attacks in the neutral combo. Added a Slash proc to the second and third attacks in the block+forward combo. Increased the damage and combo point value of the last hit in the third attack of the block+forward combo. Fixed ‘Chance to not gain combo count’ Riven curse not applying at all. This Riven curse has been reworded to ‘% chance to gain Combo Count’ for further clarification. KUVA LICH CHANGES We have 2 design changes to Liches to aid in the co-op nature of our missions, as well as the general mission flow: 1. Rank 1, 2, 3, and 4 Liches now drop Kuva for all squad members when a Parazon is used on them - whether that leads to defeat or ranking up, the Kuva is yours on Ranks 1 through 4! Kuva numbers are balanced against Siphons / Kuva Survival missions, and take into account the fact that multiple Liches spawn in missions. The aim is to not make this the best Kuva run, just an added value. Siphons and other missions are meant to be the optimal path. Rank 5 Liches do not have Kuva as a drop as they could intentionally be kept alive for a vector to acquire Kuva. The Drops are: Rank 1: 150, Rank 2: 200, Rank 3: 250, Rank 4: 300. This is lower than some other discussed numbers because we are now letting it share across Squadmates. 2. Liches now run away (but don’t rank up) if you’ve downed them 3 times, but don’t use your Parazon on them. This allows you to overpower your Lich and have it flee, instead of having the only way to remove it from a Mission be your failure to know a Requiem. General Changes & Fixes: Operators can no longer perform Mercy kills on Larvling or Kuva Lich. Your Warframe is armed with the Parazon for a reason! Fixed issue with Requiem Mod UI lingering and not updating properly after performing a Mercy on Kuva Lich as Wisp. Fixed Kuva Lich weapons showing as fully Mastered in player Profile before hitting rank 40. Affected accounts should now see the corrected Mastered status based on progress. Fixed Kuva Lich screen overlapping with the in-game Market UI if the Market is opened while viewing said Kuva Lich screen. Fixed Kuva Lich despawning after getting downed while temporarily friendly from Revenant's Enthrall. Fixed Kuva Larvling spawns automatically setting off the alarms. Fixed issues with the Vanquish / Convert context action appearing on Kuva Liches for Clients. Fixed a script error that could occur after Vanquishing your Kuva Lich. Fixed failed Kuva Lich Parazon stabs showing as two fails. This was just a UI bug, and not actually counting towards two fails. Archwing Flight Changes: The changes that refined Afterburner and brought Blink to all Archwings were not included in this Update because we could not get them to work properly in time, and we did not want to hold the rest of the content. We were optimistic we could include it, but it was apparent in our testing that we’d cause quite a few binding blunders releasing it in its current state. So we are putting time into releasing a more controller friendly version of the changes for our console Tenno. That said, one Archwing change we did include in this update from the batch in PC’s Update 26.1 is Itzal's new ability “ARCH LINE”. This means that Blink will be temporarily unavailable until we release it on all Archwings with sensible bindings. It goes without saying that we know this is extremely disruptive for our Tridolon hunters who heavily rely on the ability - we will be resolving this in the next Update! We know this is not ideal, we apologize for the temporary hold on Blink while we work to improve overall Archwing controls on controllers. ARCH LINE has replaced Itzal’s Blink ability: Launch a tethered hook that either pulls enemies close, or pulls the Warframe towards any stationary objects it hooks onto. Garuda Changes & Fixes: Added a projectile explosion range FX to Garuda’s Dread Mirror blood projectile for the local player (one doing the casting) so you can see your output. Slight trim to the Bloodletting cast animation. Bloodletting now gives 35% Energy instead of 25%. Reduced Seeking Talons charge time by around 15%. Increased Seeking Talons Status Chance from 50 to 75%. Fixed motion blur on Garuda's Dread Mirror. General Changes: Increased maximum Dojo Room capacity from 100 to 128 to accommodate for the new Crimson Branch and Dry Dock additions! Added a new Captura Orbiter Scene so you can finally take a family photo with you and your 99 Domestik Drones - now with a new skylight! We now allow the use of Skins on Zaws - this 2 year old request is finally seeing the light of day after some under-the-hood restructuring. If you come across any issues with Exodia, or odd behaviours, please let us know! Skin compatibility is automatically determined by Strike! Restored Mirage’s Eclipse granting its ‘light’ buff when Mirage is on fire AND when under the effect of an Electricity Status Effect. Capitalized Ember’s name in her Inferno ability description. Tweaked the density of Ember’s Ability FX on nearby hits. Improvements towards Orokin Derelict mission markers to address pathing issues. Reduced Orbiter machine sounds while in Menu screens. Optimizations: Optimized batch removal of friends to reduce server load. Made some micro-optimizations to screens with a button-bar. Made some micro-optimizations to the categorized grid UI and other UI scripts. Made some micro-optimizations to the Mod and Upgrade screens. Made some micro-optimizations to sorting Mods by "recent". Fixes: Expand spoilers below for full list of fixes
  6. Fixed an inaccurate description in the notes.
  7. Welcome to the future of the Warframe Conclave! Welcome to the world of Player driven Dedicated Servers! As we mentioned in Devstream #81, we’ll soon be introducing Dedicated Servers to address one of the biggest complaints with the current Conclave setup: that of lag and shoddy connections. In an attempt to address these issues, we're enlisting you, our loyal and excited players - and your computers - to provide a solution. With the addition of volunteer Dedicated Servers we will be providing our PC players with the option to turn their computers into a server to host Conclave matches without the need to run the actual Warframe client with it. The intention is to provide a more robust and optimized matchmaking environment that will alleviate the majority of these PC PVP woes. Due to the networking architecture of the console environment, for the foreseeable future, Dedicated Servers will be restricted to PC users and will not be brought over to consoles- sorry! We’ve attempted to streamline and make the process of running a Dedicated Server as hassle free as possible. As such we can show you how to setup your own Dedicated Server in a couple of screenshots! First, simply launch Warframe to bring up the Warframe Launcher and click on the Settings Gear in the top right: From here click on the Start Server button under the new Dedicated Server tab: From there you’ll be prompted to select the Conclave mode you wish to host, along with the options to restrict access to your Clan/Alliance, the option to host a VARIANT mode (more on this new mode later), as well as the option to include your own personalized MOTD seen when players enter your server: Clicking 'Ok' will then launch a dedicated server on your machine! A new command window will appear which will output all of the log details for your brand spanking new server. You’ll be able to track how many players have joined, what maps are currently being run, along with a plethora of other backend info from here: Easy as pie! At the present time there are no hard restrictions on who can or cannot run a Dedicated Server. If your machine meets the minimum requirements for Warframe you *should* be able to run a Dedicated Server without issue. Additionally, electing to use your machine as a Dedicated Server will result in your machine sending and receiving data. Those who may have a bandwidth cap should monitor usage to ensure that overages aren’t incurred. At this current time there is no way to explicitly join a Dedicated Server; as there is no in-game UI to support this. Instead, the system leans on our backend matchmaking logic to place you in the best possible server for your choice of game modes. So for example: if you have two available computers - you can setup one as a Dedicated Server hosting machine running an Annihilation match. You can then launch Warframe on your other computer, search for an Annihilation match in the same way you’ve done before, and be confident that you will reliably connect to the first machine. It should be noted that you can run a Dedicated Server AND an instance of the Warframe game client on the same computer, however this will increase the strain on your machine. Those with lower end PC’s should be cautious when attempting this. Overall the system is setup in such a way that it will continually try to place you in the most stable server available at that time. This will fluctuate over time as people bring up and pull down Dedicated Servers but should as a whole improve the Conclave experience. This first iteration of Dedicated Servers will also launch with a Leaderboard system. This system will keep track of your Dedicated Server efforts and your ‘Karma’ score will accumulate the longer you have active players on your server. This Leaderboard can be viewed in game under Profile > Leaderboards. While the first iteration is limited to just these ‘Karma’ points, we want to highlight players who are actively helping to improve the Conclave experience for their fellow Tenno. Future updates will flesh out and expand upon this feature to better support these Dedicated Server Champions! Dedicated Server Leaderboards can also be found online here when they go live: http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/dedServerStats.php If you're getting serious about using your PC as a Dedicated Server, please read the documentation from [DE]Maciej on what settings you can control: Please post any and all feedback on this new system below. ==================== Player Hosted Dedicated Server FAQ: Q: What are player hosted Dedicated Servers? A: Player hosted Dedicated Servers are servers set up by players (hosts) who host a multiplayer match (Conclave or Lunaro in the case of Warframe) on their computers. This allows clients to connect to a player host for a generally better experience. Q: How do I host a Server? A: See in thread above. Q: Do you plan on supporting other modes (Trials, Dojos, etc.)? A: By popular demand we are looking into this. Q: Can I have multiple server instances running on different physical machines with the same account (and get leaderboard credit for each)? A: This is something we do not currently support, but do plan on adding in the future. Q: Can I run more than one Dedicated Server on a single PC? A: No, because unless you have a very good PC this might not actually perform very well for players- but we're thinking about it. Q: Does Warframe support Linux? A: No, but we're investigating using WINE for this. Q: Can I run a Dedicated Server on a spare computer (and get credit) and play Warframe on my main machine? A: Yes. Q: How are the Leaderboard scores determined? A: As of right now it’s calculated between Hosting time & number of players in the game. This may change at some point after further analysis. Q: Is there a way to relaunch the game without having to close my server? A: Not at this time, but we’re looking for a way to do so. Q: What does a Clan Only Server mean? A: Only members of your Clan can join your Dedicated Server (experimental). Q: What about Consoles? A: Consoles will not be getting the Dedicated Server option- sorry! Q: When I host, I see lots of stuff I don't understand, will you upgrade the interface? A: Potentially, but we have to keep it simple so it doesn’t use too much system resources.
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