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  1. April 9th 11:05 AM ET Status: Operation Scarlet Spear: Update 27.3.9 is live! As a reminder again, the Operation will go live sometime after we launch. We will inform you when it is live! April 9th 9:30 AM ET Status: Today is update day! You will be greeted by Red Text around 11:00 AM ET. As a reminder from yesterday's status update, the Operation will go live sometime after we launch. We will inform you when it is live! We also want to apologize as we made an error in noting the correct hotfixes that we grabbed. We did in fact grab PC Hotfix 27.3.9 for this Cert build - the update title has been edited to reflect this: Operation Scarlet Spear: 27.3.9. See you at 11:00 AM ET! April 8th 4:15 PM ET Status: Operation Scarlet Spear: Update 27.3.8 has passed Cert and will be going live tomorrow, April 9th @ ~ 11:00 AM ET! You will be greeted by Red Text to countdown to the update's deploy. As an early heads up, since this is our first work-from-home console launch, the Operation: Scarlet Spear event itself will begin sometime after the update has deployed. To help address issues quickly if present, we want to give our QA troops hunkered down at home the ability to jump right into the event with the community. Once everyone is in a position to do so on our end, we will launch the Operation. Once it is live we will inform you across the usual Warframe channels and post the dedicated Operation thread with all you need to know to start the collective fight against this new Sentient threat! We're extremely grateful for your patience as we work out the kinks of our new work setup so that we can bring you Operation: Scarlet Spear and more. April 8th 10:00 AM ET Status: Operation Scarlet Spear: Update 27.3.8 has just been sent to Cert! We’ve included everything from PC Update 27.3.0 - 27.3.9 which of course includes Operation: Scarlet Spear and the many hotfixes that preceded its launch to address bugs and important event changes. The official update thread and the Operation thread will have all of the latest information relevant to XB1 Tenno - the content in this status thread only includes up to 27.3.0 as that’s when we jumped into development on consoles. The total download size for this update will be approximately ~1080 MB. Once we have passed Cert we will update all our usual channels and this thread with an official launch date and time. April 7th Status: As announced on today's Work From Home Community stream, we are aiming to send to Cert this week! April 2nd Status: We have posted a "1-Week Later Top Items" thread to inform PC players on the current state of and plans for Operation: Scarlet Spear. We also included a note relevant to our console players that we are sharing here with you to get you up to speed: Be sure to read the full post to get all of the details! ----- The first Operation of 2020 is in development for Xbox One! We are grabbing everything from the recently released 27.3.0 update on PC, which of course includes Operation: Scarlet Spear and much more! We will also be grabbing Hotfixes that will be going live on PC over the next while that address bugs and bring changes necessary to improving the Operation and anything else that needs polish. Once we have sent it to Cert we will update this thread with the news and include the total download size so that you have time to manage space if needed. Now let's get into what you can expect with Operation: Scarlet Spear: 27.3.0. Console Specific Notes: Controller Changes & Fixes: Fixed inability to activate Railjack Abilities bound to the same button as ‘MOVE_UP’. Fixed context actions sometimes not displaying the correct button callout to use them. Fixed nonfunctional button callouts when upgrading avionics and attempting to filter the type. Fixed the button callouts for "Toggle Interior" and "Randomize All" in the Railjack Customization Menu not functioning properly. Fixed two Callouts for the same button, Sort and Distill, in the Arcane Manager Screen. Fixed Rank Up button not appearing outside of the Arcane Equip screen when opened via Foundry. The following additions that came with PC’s Update 27.2.0 are still in development for XB1 and will not be available in this update: HDR Preview: We are still looking into the tech support to potentially bring the HDR Preview option to Xbox One X - stay tuned! Deferred Rendering Preview: We are still looking into the tech support to potentially bring this option in the future! XB1 Specific Notes: Fixed Credit total in the End of Mission screen not taking into account Kuva Lich tax while Credit Booster is active. Fixed objective markers moving wildly in Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna missions depending on the player's position while in Archwing. Operation: Scarlet Spear “It’s a two-prong attack - Ground team and Railjack team! “ - Little Duck This update features Operation: Scarlet Spear - a brand new event that will require the ultimate effort from the Tenno. The fight against the Sentient Threat has reached new heights - and the Tenno will be using the new “Operation Link” aka OpLink! Ground teams and Space teams will be connected realtime using OpLink - working together to deter the Sentients! For a limited time, you’ll be able to earn a new Weapon, a new Weapon Variant, Stance Forma Blueprint, Medals, Arcanes and more! A forum thread will be posted detailing Operation: Scarlet Spear and how you can participate in the fight against the Sentients once it is live on XB1. NEW AVIONICS Arm yourself with new Railjack Avionics to bring aid in the wake of Operation Scarlet Spear! You will be able to find these Avionics from new Sentient Fighters, officially known as Gyrix and Ionix, in the Railjack mission of Scarlet Spear. Breach Adrenaline: Increase Shield Regen during a Breach Sentient Fortitude: Decrease Shield Damage from Sentients Revo Reducer: Omni Revolite consumption reduced Sentient Scalpel: Increased Gunnery Damage vs Sentients Hardened Casing: Reduce Breach Chance Overloader: Increase Maximum Ordnance Munitions NOVA ATOMICA COLLECTION Harness the reactive power of Nova Atomica. Features the Nova Atomica Skin, Alamos Sniper Skin, and Radia Syandana. TIAMAT SHAWZIN Compose ballads of old threats risen anew, with this Shawzin. NEW SENTIENT THEMED DOJO DECORATIONS If Biomasses, Biofluid and Bones are your vibe then strap yourself in for an abundance of new Sentient themed Dojo Decorations! NEW ARBITRATIONS MODS (Max Rank) Add these new Mods to your Arsenal to spice up your life! These Mods will be available for purchase from the Arbitrations Honors store in Relays. Preparation (Warframe): +100% Energy on Spawn Aerial Ace (Rifle): On Kill: Refresh Double Jump up to 6x while Airborne Mending Shot (Rifle - No AoE): Shoot Health Orbs to obtain them with +110% extra effect Energizing Shot (Pistol - No AoE): Shoot Energy Orbs to obtain them with +110% extra effect NEW WARFRAME DISABLE AUGMENTS (Max Rank) Not everyone desires the Passive attributes that Zephyr, Nezha, and Titania bring, but still want to use them in battle. With these new Augments you can now rid yourself of their attributes and bring them to a more grounded version. Zephyr: Anchored Glide: Disable Zephyr passive ability. Increase power strength by 15%. Nezha: Controlled Slide: Disable Nezha passive ability. Increase power strength by 15%. Titania: Ironclad Flight: Disable vacuum in Razorwing. Reduced damage by 40% while airborne. The New War Chapters: As you may already know, in Warframe Revised we added The New War Chapters section of the Codex that allows you to shortcut to the Chimera Prologue and the Erra Quest (Sacrifice Quest completion required). For those who have not logged in since before Warframe Revised, you will be presented with a welcome screen once the update is live that will include a direct shortcut to The New War Chapters to get you up to speed before you play Operation Scarlet Spear. We’ve made a few changes to The New War Chapters section of the Codex: Selecting a completed New War Chapter will show the End of Quest screen. Selecting a New War Chapter in progress will show the Quest details like in the Codex. Ensure you’re ready for the next chapter in The New War! General Additions: Open your eyes to a new Drusus tale with the Nova Leverian! Access the Leverian through the Codex or Market (via Nova). Mastery Rank 28 Tenno will soon be able to practice the Mastery Rank 29 Test in Cephalon Simaris’ Relay room! Added an option in Captura to ‘Enable Self-Knockdown’. Added custom reload sounds for the Miter! Impact Changes: Instead of ending in a knockdown or ragdoll, accumulating 5+ Impact Effects in this update will result in a "big stagger" with smaller staggers leading up to it, which has a random chance to activate a Parazon Finisher if the enemy is under the Health threshold. Each Impact Status adds 10% chance for the Parazon Finisher to be available. Gas Changes: Gas Effects will continue to tick radial Damage-over-Time for the average of the remaining Effect duration if their host dies. Gas Status Area-of-Effect radius increases with the number of stacks, to a max of 10 stacks. Removed Gas damage resistance from Toxic Ancient Auras. Status Chance Mod Changes: Increased Hammer Shot Status Chance from 40% to 80%. Increased Shattering Justice Status Chance from 20% to 90%. Shattering Justice has also changed from being an additive rankup to a multiplicative rankup. Increased Stunning Speed Status Chance from 10% to 30%. Kuva Lich Changes: Based on feedback with the recent overhaul to Status Effects in Warframe Revised 27.2.0, the conversation of how Status Effects should react with Bosses or VIPS has started. Our first step down this road is starting with Kuva Liches. Currently, there are two special rules to this “Boss Status enabling”: No Status Effect will exceed a maximum of 4 stacks, with the exception of Impact which can stack up to 6 times. Keep in mind there is a cooldown to how quickly you can stack up Impact Status Effects to avoid stunlocking the Kuva Lich. Radiation does not change the enemy’s Faction, and instead of increasing Damage done to enemies with stacks, it increases the Damage taken from enemies who have turned on him/her. Optimizations: Further performance improvements towards Titania’s Lantern when cast on a large group of enemies. Improved cache optimization to clean up even more space in the download cache. Improved world-state synchronization for Alerts, Sorties and other global events (there may have been up to a minute of desync). Optimized backdrop rendering performance in all levels. Fixed Codex generation randomizing the block order of the Fragment entries (this should be deterministic to avoid updating several MB of resource for no reason). Improved game synchronization in hostile network environments. Railjack Changes & Fixes: Added Battle and Tactical Avionic categories in the Avionics Upgrade screen. Crewship boarding will be denied when the meltdown timer has 3 seconds remaining. This is to avoid multiple issues with being put into a broken state due to the boarding cinematic competing with the Crewship exploding/attempting to teleport you out. Removed the hanger door of the Grineer POI with the ‘Steal the Destroyer’ objective to resolve issues of the door not opening. When in doubt take it out! Upon returning back to the Railjack after exiting through the Archwing Cannon, in this update you’ll be spawned at the back of the Railjack bridge instead of near the Forging Bay. Enemies that you’re focused on while in a Turret in this update will display their Status Effect stacks. Fixed Exo Skold Crewships in the Veil Proxima dropping Mk I Armaments. In this update they will drop MK III Armaments as intended. Fixed the UI in the Super Weapon Platform not updating after the Radiator is destroyed for Clients. Fixed inability to disengage bombs placed by Grineer Boarding Parties if a Host migration occurs during a Railjack mission. Fixed incorrect Archwing movement animations if you exit the Railjack while Bullet Jumping (Moving left will play the forward animation, moving forward will play the moving right animation, etc). Fixed a bug where the screenshake from a Grineer Crewship reactor meltdown would linger forever if it was active when the Crewship exploded. Fixed Vidar Reactors Mk III missing their component modifiers. Fixed Tactical Menu not displaying correct Battle Avionic values that have had their Grid Upgraded in the Dry Dock. Fixed case of Crewships sometimes staying completely still. Fixed seeing black boxes when in Turret AR mode. Fixed Railjack fighters sometimes going out of level bounds while in combat. Fixed the ‘Forge All’ button having no effect or sound. Fixed having to select the ‘Railjack Crew’ button twice when selecting it from Dojo Navigation. Fixed Railjack name text lingering behind when joining another player’s squad and loading into their Dry Dock. Fixed missing looping sounds for Ramsleds in the Saturn Proxima and Veil Proxima. Fixed a script error when casting the Railjack Void Hole ability. Foundry Crafting Time Change: As per player request, we’ve reduced Forma, Orokin Catalyst, Orokin Reactor, and Exilus Warframe Adapter build time to 23 hours so that 1 can be built consistently every day. Magus Lockdown Changes: We are making changes to Magus Lockdown due to it being virtually one of the best CC and Damage combinations in the game. In some cases you can clear waves of Elite Sanctuary Onslaught without even using a Warframe or Weapon, and simply spam Magus Lockdown to victory. This goes well beyond the intended use of it and we are changing it to a CC only Arcane - true to its name - Magus Lockdown! Magus Lockdown will no longer apply Puncture damage to tethered enemies. The amount of active Tethers is now limited to 2 per player. For example, Void Dash once > one Tether, Void Dash again > 2nd Tether, Void Dash a 3rd time > 3rd Tether, 1st Tether dies etc.. Magus Lockdown no longer affects the Golden Maw due to the Arcane killing the Maw and preventing Quest completion. This also fixes a script error when Magus Lockdown activates while encountering a Golden Maw. Grendel Changes: Grendel’s Nourish now mimic’s Titania’s Tribute buff selector. If you’re unfamiliar with Titania’s Tribute buff selector, this means that Nourish is a tap to cycle/select buff and hold to cast. This is a reverse of how it functioned prior to this Update. When consumed by Grendel, Sentients now have a max duration they can be consumed before popping out that is affected by diminishing returns. This change was made to prevent Grendel from prog stopping missions where all Sentients must be exterminated for the mission to succeed. Grendel can now consume Grenades - cause why not! Titania Changes & Fixes: Titania has a new Passive: Titania generates Health for herself and nearby Allies every time she casts an Ability (4hp/second for 20 seconds)! The personal Titania Parkour Boost is staying, just the communal Trampoline isn't. Titania can now use Blink while in her Razorwing ability! Fixed casting Titania’s Razorwing right as you fall into a teleport volume in the Simulacrum resulting in an infinite white screen. Arcane UI Changes: Updated the Arcane ‘DISTILL’ term to ‘BREAK DOWN’ to acquaint new Arcane Management mechanics. Added tips to the Arcane screen for ‘BREAK DOWN’, Arcanes that refresh, and how to obtain respective Arcanes. Arcanes are now displayed with their respective Icon in the HUD, instead of the generic Arcane icon. The Rank-Up button 'RT' is now displayed to the left of the next Arcane Rank in the Arcane Upgrade screen. Arcanes that are sold in Vendor Offerings will now only show Max Rank tooltip information, and UI indication that the Arcane you’re purchasing is Unranked. This fixes Arcane tooltips expanding off screen when viewed in Vendor Offerings. Clarified Arcane requirements for Arcane Trickery, Arcane Ultimatum, and Exodia Might by adding ‘Kill’ to the ‘On Finisher’ line. General Changes Increased Status Chance for the Gunblade type weapons to match new Shotgun Status Chance values. Made Fall Off changes to the following weapons: Redeemer Fall Off increased from 20-40m to 10-20m. Redeemer Prime Fall Off increased from 20-40m to 10-30m. The Rakta Dark Dagger Shield bonus when damaging an enemy afflicted by Radiation in this updater will only be granted if you have Shields. Atlas’ Immovable Passive in this update will also apply to Staggers. The Warframe Upgrade Arsenal stats in this update will display Resistance values granted by Mods: Made spawn changes to improve flow of enemies in the Lua Survival tileset. Removed knockdown from Elite Shield Lancer grenades. Charging weapons, like the Staticor, previously only showed Charged Attack Damage in the Arsenal stats, in this update we additionally show Quick Shot Damage values below the Charged Attack stats. You will no longer receive Ghoul Threat Inbox messages due to their redundancy. Fixes: 3+ pages of fixes are coming with Update 27.3.0. The full list will be posted once the update is live!
  2. Status Update: 3/16/2020 Warframe Revised: Update 27.2.2 is live! Reminder now that the update is live that it is a Remaster, and Warframe will need to be re-downloaded in its entirety to bring it from 48 GB to 29 GB! This will appear no different from any other update, business as usual! It will download in the background as is expected with all main title updates. We hope you enjoy all that Warframe Revised has brought! Status Update: 3/16/2020 Warframe Revised: Update 27.2.2 has passed Cert and is launching TODAY at ~11 a.m. ET! We would also like to clarify that the Impact, Gas, and Kuva Lich Status Changes mentioned on Devstream #140 will not be in this Update. You can expect those changes in your next Update! --------------------- The first Mainline update of 2020 on PS4 is in Cert! We have grabbed everything from Hotfix 27.1.1 - 27.2.2, which of course includes the “Review, Revise, Refresh” Warframe Revised update. That said, things may feel a little different this Update. Depending on where you are in your Warframe journey, you may notice big or small changes once it has gone live. However you play Warframe, it’s likely the ‘Warframe Revised’ Update will touch some part of the game for you. Please take the time to review the information below to familiarize yourself with the coming changes - big and small. Now let's get into what you can expect with the first Mainline update of 2020! This is a remaster update! Warframe on PS4 is not only getting Revised, but reduced (in size that is)! For those unfamiliar with the remastering process, when we launch a remaster update we are essentially doing a big cache cleanup to optimize old and existing assets. When we do this, we free up space that ultimately reduces the overall size of Warframe on your PS4’s HDD. When the update goes live, Warframe will go from 48 GB to roughly 29 GB after it has been fully downloaded again! It is important to note that since this affects existing assets, Warframe will be re-downloaded in its entirety. This will appear no different from any other update, business as usual! It will download in the background as is expected with all main title updates. Here are some things to keep in mind: You do NOT need to delete Warframe before the update. You do NOT have to back-up your data before the update. Your Warframe settings should be saved after the remaster launches, but we have run into issues in the past where they have - we apologize if this occurs! Console Specific Notes: Similarly to when we deployed Warframe Revised on PC, our PS4 Tenno can expect a 2x Affinity Weekend to follow the week that the update is deployed. We will post a PSA once the bonus weekend is live! Controller Changes & Fixes: Added a new Railjack pilot control “Pilot Centered Crosshair” option that, when set, the look input will only turn the Railjack and will not affect your crosshair. To enable/disable go to Options > Controls > Scroll down to “Railjack”: You are already familiar with the enabled state of this option as it was the previous default and only crosshair option. Now, when you disable this option, the left stick will move your Railjack (forward/back/side to side), and the right stick will now allow you to freely move the reticle across the screen. Railjack Pilot Cenetered crosshair_1.mp4 Increased the smooth time for non-centered reticles while piloting/using turrets in the Railjack. Fixed missing bumper functionality when cycling through Components and Armaments categories in the Configure Railjack panel. Fixed both the "on" and "off" state of the Railjack Ability Menu not getting bound to the Custom Ability Menu keybind. Fixed an issue where rebinding the Ability Menu in the Railjack controller options would allow you to open it with the new binding, but force you to use the default binding to close it. Rebinding the Ability Menu will now use the new binding to open and close it. Fixed customizing your Railjack controls always showing them as their default button regardless of the changes. Fixed “Vector Maneuver” and “Drift Maneuver” not functioning as intended (only boosting) due to binding conflicts. Fixed an issue where performing a Dodge while piloting Railjack would only ever cause it to lunge downwards. Fixed Blink not working who have never customized their controls (ie. using defaults). Fixed custom Railjack bindings not applying to hijacked Crewship turrets. Fixed ability to endlessly descend the Railjack by holding down bumpers while Piloting. Fixed “Search” and “Show Ranked” being bound to the same button, causing priority issues on selecting in the Avionics screen. Fixed an issue where “Move Up/Down” couldn't be rebound in the Railjack controller options. Fixed excessive “rise/fall” sound triggering when Piloting Railjack due to controller issues. Fixed script error when equipping Armaments onto your Railjack due to controller issues.Increased the smooth time for non-centered reticles while piloting/using turrets in the Railjack. Fixed missing button functionality to swap through tips in the Railjack Configure screen. Fixed “Search” and “Show Ranked” being bound to the same button, causing priority issues on selecting in the Avionics screen. Fixed script error when equipping Armaments onto your Railjack due to controller issues. Fixed excessive “rise/fall” sound triggering when piloting Railjack due to controller issues. Fixed Railjack and Decoration placement headers appearing under the Archwing settings in Options > Controls. Fixed “Search” and “Show Ranked” both being bound to L3 when using a controller, causing priority issues on selecting in the Avionics screen. Fixed an issue where “Move Up/Down” couldn’t be rebound in Railjack controller options. Fixed an issue where rebinding the Ability Menu in the Railjack tab controller options would allow you to open it with the new binding, but force you to use the default binding to close it. Rebinding the Ability Menu will now use the new binding to open and close it. Fixed customizing your Railjack controller controls always showing them as their default button regardless of the changes. Fixed “Vector Maneuver” and “Drift Maneuver” not functioning as intended (only boosting) due to controller issues. Major optimization for Survival missions geared predominantly to improve performance on consoles. The following additions that came with PC’s Update 27.2.0 will not be live in this update for PS4: HDR Preview: We are looking into the tech support to potentially bring the HDR Preview option to PS4 Pro - stay tuned! Deferred Rendering Preview: We are looking into the tech support to potentially bring this option in the future! Audio dynamics processing to master output: The code to support this is currently not ready to go live on PS4 with this update! We are working towards it for a future release. PS4 Specific Notes: Made fixes towards high-latency issues in the Vox Solaris quest, as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1165740-vox-solaris-quest-bug/ Fixed clipping issue with Titania’s Empress skin and the Obsidian Corvus Syandana. Made improvements towards a (up to 4 second) hang that could occur when selecting “Appearance” in the Arsenal. The New War Chapters: A Codex Quest chapter entry for The New War has been added for those who have completed the Sacrifice Quest! As you might be aware, The New War has started, and with Scarlet Spear coming soon we want players to be properly informed as The New War develops. If you have yet to complete the Chimera Prologue or the Erra Quest, head to The New War Codex Quest entry to access a shortcut to these Quests. Railjack Onboarding Changes: The Rising Tide Quest gives you your very own Railjack, but the barrier to entry is - conclusively with months of stats - too high. We are releasing a revised series of Blueprints (BP) in the Quest that sees costs reduced between 66% - 75% for Railjack parts, and building time reduced to 6 hours each. There are 3 situations players may find themselves in: 1. Haven't started Rising Tide. Anyone just beginning will have fully new reduced BP costs. 2. Has started Rising Tide. Anyone with any progress at all gets 1x Rush Repair Drone, and will transition to new costs on the next Stage. Any old costs will be refunded. 3. Rising Tide Complete. Anyone with a complete quest gets 2x Rush Repair Drone. All cost differences will be refunded. WHY: Upon Review, stats show truly the only people that saw Rising Tide to completion were our veterans, which was originally our intent to design content for veteran players. However, to sustain the cost of future development and events like Scarlet Spear, accessibility is key and we have to adjust the barriers to entry for Railjack. For those who were early adopters, 2x Rush Repair Drones will be given out. Anyone with the Rising Tide Quest active will receive 1x Rush Repair Drone. For those unfamiliar with Rush Repair Drones: these items can only be acquired via rare drop in the Veil Proxima, as they allow you to instantly complete a given Armament or Component. Railjack Changes & Fixes: Expand the spoilers below for the full list! Kuva Lich Changes & Fixes: Expand the spoilers below for the full list! Armor and Damage Changes (Enemy): This section will go over before and after scenarios with our enemy Armor, Health, and Shield changes. Reading this section should give you a conceptual and on-paper understanding of what we're changing and why, but practical experiences will tell the full story here. You may need to refresh some aspects of your Builds to truly optimize your power against your enemies. Before: Armor, Shields and Health on an Exponential Curve After: Armor Shields and Health on an S curve Damage Changes: Enemy Damage output should still be close to what is was in the previous Live version of the game before the update, but we have made a few changes that will affect how players take Damage in-game. Damage-Type Changes: Slash Status now does not bypass Shields and instead deals damage over time to Shields. Slash Status still bypasses Armor. Toxin Damage used to apply to Armor with a 25% bonus. Now it is neutral. For role distinction, Toxin bypasses Shields (but not Armor) where as Slash Status bypasses Armor but not Shields. Player Changes: Player Shields, Health, and Armor used to be shared with all AI, so they had all the weaknesses and resistances that their AI counterparts did. Now Players have their own unique Shield, Health, and Armor type classified as TENNO! These have all weaknesses and resistances neutralized (for now). Player Shields now reduce 25% of incoming damage. Player Shields now recharge with custom player-only logic. Shield recharge delays are based on depleted or partial depleted shields. Partially depleted shields (any amount) is a 1 second recharge delay. Full depletion is a 4 second recharge delay. These changes to Player shields are in addition to the Shield Gating changes, which you can read about in our Shield Gating section! Why: Armor Scaling and enemy Damage Reduction was the nucleus for this change. For years Tenno have had the tools to deal with these things, but the tools were uniform: Use Corrosive Projection, or else. While this is a simplification, it removed the feeling of choice. With these changes, we hope players experience a feeling of variety and choice when taking on enemies. By changing the scaling for Armor, we could consistently change the scaling for all! Infested Damage: We did not want to overlook the Infested in our review. Infested are close-range enemies that telegraph most attacks - and now if one of those attacks hits you, it simply does more damage. Stay agile, stay moving, and the mission is as good as won! Why: Having Infested simply deal more Damage encourages you to use mobility in ways that is not the norm for their ranged counterparts. Rewarding mobility is a key part of Warframe. AI Aimbots Up until now in Warframe, the higher the enemy level, the better their accuracy. High-level enemies would be pinned at the best Accuracy they are capable of - not quite 100%, but getting pretty close! Things like your movement and Mods would reduce accuracy, but the potential for bad 'Aimbot' moments was too high. We have spread this progression across a greater range of AI now. We are decoupling enemy accuracy from level to reduce the overall 'Aimbot' like behaviours you face at higher levels. Why: This change allows us more accurate balancing of foes at higher levels. This change alone would be noticed by simply sometimes 'getting hit less', but in conjunction with the numerous other changes we are making to enemies, it is part of a holistic Refresh to the underlying mechanics behind Warframe's enemies. Shield Gating: Friend and Foe Friend: First, let's answer 'What is Shield Gating?' when it applies to you as a player. In this implementation, Shield Gating is the mechanic of preventing an instance of lethal ('1-shot') damage if you have Shields active. Simply put, the goal is to reduce the number of '1-shots' you take when your shields are up, particularly for Shield-based frames. When any shields are active, an incoming hit that depletes your last bit of Shields will not continue into your Health pool, and also triggers a brief time where your Health is protected. Once that period is over you can take Health damage normally. Additionally, you will no longer take Slash Status Effect damage to your Health while Shields are up. Foe: Enemies - Corpus in particular - also have received a bit of a Shield Gating, but with skillful gameplay you can overcome this. Any Headshots or shots to Weakspots completely bypass Corpus enemy Shield Gating. In addition, 5% of the damage dealt when hitting the shield gate will target enemy Health - this allows you to take your Forma fueled weapons back to low level enemies and hit them hard instead of hitting the shield gate. The goal here is to make Shields a mechanic you want to play against with Mods (Auras, Elemental) or to bypass with skill (Headshots). Slash Status Effects will now deal damage over time to Shields, Toxin damage remains as-is (bypassing Shields to directly affect enemy Health). Damage from Warframe Abilities will ignore the enemy Shield Gate (i.e if an instance of Damage from an ability is greater than the Shield value, it will go into health as well). Why: Giving both Friend and Foe shield gating has two purposes: we want to reward skill a bit more in all Corpus missions, and give the 'squishier' frames a bit more viable edge and a chance to really explore Shield-focused builds. Toxin Damage and Status Effects are still your friend against Corpus or Shielded enemies! Arcane Changes After years of Arcanes as a system - with several additions to the offerings and replacement locations, we are doing several things: Increasing the maximum Rank of Warframe and Operator Arcanes to 5, up from 3. Arcane Revives are a bonus that begins on Rank 3. Adjusting the power of Arcanes at Rank 5 to generally behave as if you had 1.5 equipped, list as follows - Expand the spoilers to see the full list of power adjustments for Arcanes: Magus Arcane Changes: Expand spoilers below to see full list of changes to Magus Arcanes: Removing the ability to Equip two of the same Arcane simultaneously. Added the ability to Distill assembled Arcanes back into multiple unranked ones. Added an ‘Incomplete’ category to Arcane management screen when accessed via Foundry. Arcanes that can trigger again while the Arcane is active are indicated in the Arcane Manager screen with a 'Duration Can Refresh' text. Arcanes will require 21 Arcanes to reach the new Max Rank of 5. Scarlet Spear will feature a buy-what-you-want shop for Arcanes based on the currency earned in the event. It will launch sometime after this Mainline. Why: The reasoning here is mainly toward the ability to equip two of the same Arcane. This reasoning is one of past inconsistency and time determining intent. There are a lot of builds that specialize the use of two Arcanes, but we want to encourage a variety instead of duplication. Arcanes are the only Upgrade system in the game that allows two of the exact same upgrade to be equipped - and we would rather players have variety than duplications. In the same way you can't equip Amalgam Serration and regular Serration, you can't equip multiple Rivens per weapon, or any duplication of Mods at all, Arcanes will follow. But we are making major changes to the Ranking (up from 3 to 5 with power changes). Instead of having 2 of the same Arcane with a double effect, you can now choose between 2 different Arcanes that behave (generally) at 1.5x efficacy than before. Self Damage Changes: We are getting rid of Self Damage and replacing it with something else: instead of Self Damage, it's now 'Stagger'. This change completely removes the chance of killing yourself, and instead now creates scenarios where you will interrupt yourself - or 'Stagger' - to varying degrees if you aren't careful. The degrees of Self-Interrupt start with a small stumble all the way to full knockdown depending on how close you are to the center of explosion. Any Mods referring to Self Damage will be converted to acknowledge Stagger. With this Self-Interrupt system, we have added dozens of new recovery animations that harness a ninja-like recovery experience. By pressing 'Jump' at the correct time, you can execute a ninja-skill-based knockdown recovery to ALL in-game knockdowns. This ninja recovery window is indicated by a glowing FX on your Warframe. Stagger Video (slo mo on recovery).mp4 In addition to Self Damage being removed, some of the more powerful AOE weapons without Self Damage presently will have the Stagger added, but it should only be noticeable in cases of extreme inaccuracy on the player's part. The Weapons include: Kuva Chakkurr Opticor Opticor Vandal Battacor Simulor Synoid Simulor Ferrox Astilla Shedu Kuva Seer Cyanex Staticor Pox Tombfinger Granmu Prism Exard Scaffold In the original Dev Workshop, we said: As a result of this overall systemic change, Weapons with Stagger will be getting approximately a 20% buff in Damage, with any weapons with AOE receiving a 50% Radial Damage Falloff from central impact. This is no longer accurate after continued testing. What we are doing now is: No damage buffs have been added, but any weapons with AOE are receiving ~20% increase in Radius. Additionally, AOE weapons are receiving a Radial Damage Falloff from central impact. This means on the very outer section of the explosion Radius 10% of the Damage will be dealt. Tactics will be deadly - aim true, Tenno. AoE Weapon Radial Fall Off Changes: Arsenal Stats now show Radial data and fall off when viewing a Weapon! The following lists the specific AoE weapons Radial Damage Falloff from central impact (expand spoilers): Why: Several players brought up the history of the Tonkor and we want to make sure we ship this change in a place that's conservative in its starting point from a balance perspective. The complete removal of Self Damage does change the pace of destruction with some of the game's most powerful weapons, so we want to make sure we can iterate upwardly instead of releasing a bonanza of explosions with no other choices. With the removal of Self Damage, Cautious Shot Mod has been changed to be Rifle compatible and reflect the new Stagger mechanic: +90% chance to reduce the Stagger effect from self-imposed Radial Attacks. Excavation Health/Shield Scaling Changes: Excavation missions have had the same property since launch: all Excavators have 500 Shield, 2500 Health no matter the mission level. Now, both Health and Shields will scale following the same formula as Mobile Defense Terminals. Shield Regeneration of Excavators will be a percent of health vs. flat value to deal with scaling shields. Why: This change will bring Excavation in line with existing mission types that have scaling properties after several years of having flat values. True to our initial goal of fixing inconsistencies, we are making these mission objectives scale in a consistent manner to other mission objectives. Titania Changes: Spellbind: Hold Titania's Spellbind to cast Status Immunity on yourself. Previously you had to cast it while looking at the ground to accomplish this! Tribute: You can now select which Tribute to cast, by cycling through the different buffs like Ivara's arrows, or Vauban's Minelayer. Lantern: Lanterns are now locked in place, allowing for more easily-controlled CC. Razorwing has a new FX upgrade! Razorwing flight model has been brought more in line with Skywing controls. Broad Warframe Armor Change - not just Vauban! To provide a minor bump in survivability if your CC or strategies fail you, a handful of “squishy” Warframes/Primes have received Base Armor increases! Expand the spoilers below for the full list of Base Armor changes: Why: The conversation surrounding Arcane Guardian led to a significant review of Armor stats on Warfarmes. The Majority of Warframes received an increase in the Armor stat to increase survivability. Compounded with Shield Gating and the numerous other changes covered, we expect a much more fair feeling playing field for all Warframes. Reward Cleanup: Base Missions: Base Missions have gotten a small cleanup for this Mainline. This change will be told from the perspective of a single node for example purposes, but the logic applies gamewide to Base Missions - which is to say, the Node on the Star chart (excluding special missions like the Index, Open Worlds, Rathuum, Assassination). Consider the node Memphis, Phobos. Base Missions like Memphis are receiving a bit of 'fat trimming' in terms of the lowest-point rewards available within them. For example,'Memphis' on 'Phobos' will have its 500, 1,000, 1,500 Credit Caches removed, as well as the 15 and 50 Endo. This will only leave the 2,000 Credits Cache, and the 100 Endo drop for each category, with a drop chance of the sum of all prior denominations. Why: This is more of a Review and clean up for some of the less-rewarding aspects of missions. Right now the base Solar Map nodes exist to progress from planet to planet, while providing either general rewards (Mods, Credits) or specific return rewards (Ivara, Nidus, etc). By getting rid of the lower value items on the general rewards, people playing for the first time should come across a bit of a bump in their resources and credits. We have more plans for this to write about at a later date. UI QOL: This is a summary of the UI changes announced in a recent Dev Workshop "Why Do We UI Like We UI: Part II?". 'Item Labels' are now set to 'On' by default, but can still be turned off. Avionics Screen no longer uses 'Hold to Confirm'. (As mentioned in RJ Changes) Intrinsics Screen no longer uses 'Hold to Confirm'. (As mentioned in RJ Changes) Razorwing has a new FX upgrade! (As mentioned in Titania Changes) Hold to Confirm added to Revive to avoid accidental aborts, particularly during Arbitration missions. Added a 'Forge All' button on the Payload screen in Dojos. (As mentioned in RJ Changes) More stats on DPD (Detailed Purchase Dialog). This screen has been re-tooled to be less hover-dependent and provide stat information at a glance: If the Warframe/Weapon has been Mastered. In the case where it has not been fully Mastered, it will show the current rank. The number of “Blueprints Owned” (if applicable). The “Purchase”, “Blueprint”, and “Gift” buttons have all shifted to accommodate all this new info display! General scrollbar usability improvements. Why: As outlined in the original Dev Workshop, we are looking to course correct some UI decisions based on feedback. Profit Taker Change: Due to the frequency of the Profit Taker Ability being too high and frustrating, we have made a minor QoL change to the Profit Taker encounter. The cooldown has been increased on a very specific, but noticeable, attack: The Blue shield projectile knockdown attack. 100x Restore Blueprints (Scaling Costs): We have added a new series of Restore Research and Blueprints that yield 100 of given Restore. Visit the Clan Dojo Tenno Lab to research, and prepare your Railjack Resources accordingly! Upon research, you will be able to build in batches of x100 with costs scaled from the x10 Blueprints!! Why: The frequency at which players use these in missions vs. the 1 minute wait times for building 10x meant we could level up the batches here. Railjack Resources are being used for Research to give another use for what you are picking up! Sharing Sentinel Mods: Shared Usage Allowed: Sentinel Weapons and Warframe weapons cannot share Mods, which is to say: if you have 1 Maxed Serration Mod, your Sentinel's Weapon cannot use it if you have a Primary Weapon with it equipped. You either switch your Sentinel Weapon to a different class (Shotgun, Melee), or acquire and max a duplicate Mod. We are removing this condition and now your Mods can be simultaneously equipped. Why: Over time, the amount of systems to put your time into have increased. The appeal of grinding out a Duplicate Mod for Sentinels just isn't a proposition we want players to be faced with in the context of everything else the game has to offer! Greater than 100% Status having meaning: Years ago we added Orange and Red Critical Damage numbers when you land a Critical with greater than 100%. For years, Status being greater than 100% has done nothing except guarantee Status - which is good, just not an added incentive to go over 100%. We have changed that this update. When you hit a Status Chance greater than 100%, a single damage instance will be able to create two Status Effects. This means if you have a Shot with 200% Status Chance modded with both Blast and Toxin Damage, that single shot will result in both Status Effects! It is worth noting we haved fixed a UI inconsistency that is 'Display Only'. Previously, the Arsenal shows Status Chance affected by Multishot, which made reading the new >100% value confusing. For example, the Arsenal might say 120% but really the Status Chance is 80%. We don't have Multishot affect any Critical Stats (Chance or Multiplier), so we haved fixed this display inconsistency. Multishot now has its own Stat. Shotguns have a unique Role here based on a very patch-work history with how they interact with Status Chance. A Shotgun that shoots 99% Status Chance would give you 35% (roughly) status per pellet. 100% Status Gives you 100% Status per pellet. This huge jump in performance happens with just a 1% gain - why? Well, to answer that we have to look at our choice to make what the UI conveys reality. It would feel broken to shoot a Shotgun with 100% Status and not see a perfect spread of Effects. In reality, to make Status consistent we have to treat Shotguns as a special case. Shotguns as a special case means we have buffed the Status Chance of all Shotguns by x3 or greater. The UI now behaves to show the reality that you are determining Status Chance per pellet. Stacking Status Effects: But wait - THERE'S MORE! In addition to being able to achieve two Status Effects on a single shot with >100% Status, we are also adding new meaning if you get a duplicate Status Effect on an enemy overall. This section will outline exactly what this means for each Status type, including information on how multiple Status Effects behaved with stacking prior to this Update. Expand the spoilers below for the full list stacking behaviors based on Status type: Players - aka Tenno - can only have a Maximum of 1 Stack on them - you cannot receive Stacked Status Effects as a player from enemies, fear not! Why: The inclusion of enhanced or different stacking of Duplicate Status Effects is one to refresh the appeal of Status. In addition, we've removed 0.25x Multiplier for Elemental Status Effects, meaning all Elemental Status Effects are 4x more likely. Why: Critical has long been king - and while we are leaving Critical as is, our goal is to bring Status into the Arsenals in a new light for all Primary, Secondary, and Melee weapons. Our long-term goal with this change is to build upon this series of changes to eventually allow Status to impact bigger threats like Liches and Eidolons. Faction Aura Changes We are rebalancing the faction Auras to not completely bypass our rebalancing effort. More importantly though, with the complete rescale these Auras (mostly Corrosive Projection) will not be as necessary as they were. Corrosive Projection, Shield Disruption and Infested Impedance new Rank values are: Unranked: -3% Rank 1: -6% Rank 2: -9% Rank 3: -12% Rank 4: -15% Rank 5: -18% Why: We think being consistent is key. Passively removing 100% of an enemy's defenses is not an interesting choice, and we were completely inconsistent in this regard with Auras (i.e the efficacy of 4x Corrosive Projections vs 4x Shield Disruptions). Status Chance Mod Buffs: The Status Chance Mods we released many years ago have not been considered worthwhile - there are simply better options within the Status Mod builds (Dual Stats) or Critical builds are more appealing. We are buffing all Standalone Status Chance Mods to increase the appeal of building for Status on your Weapons: Rifle Aptitude increased from 15% Status Chance to 90% Status Chance Melee Prowess increased from 15% Status Chance to 90% Status Chance Sure Shot increased from 15% Status Chance to 90% Status Chance Shotgun Savvy increased from 30% Status Chance to 90% Status Chance Why? This is a long overdue change that will thrive when paired with the above change of giving >100% Status meaning. The goal is to give your Arsenals a shake up in terms of what Status may mean for some of your Collection! This is a power output increase across the board for Status. We will review the other Status Mods at a later date, but have no firm plans for them now. Grenade Markers: Sometimes the devious enemies of Warframe decide they'd rather stay safely behind cover and throw explosive surprises at the Tenno instead of rushing in. They do this when you are stationary for long periods of time. Some time ago we added an audio warning so that thrown grenades would chirp or tick, but experience has shown that they are still easy to miss during the chaos of fighting. A visible HUD marker and a warning glow have been added to grenades that are thrown at you to give you a better chance to react. PLUS, you can now shoot the grenade before it explodes, allowing for increased tactical revenge! Why: More awareness on where Grenades are has been a longstanding community request to help the flow of battle. We are adding it to allow for more player tactical choice. Grenade hud.mp4 Fun extra fact: Saryn's Molt will shed an attached grenade!] FOV Maximum Change Fresh from the oven comes a hot bonus change: we've increased the max FOV value from 78 to 90! Why: Out of the players that do change their FOV setting, ~84% change it to the max. You may be wondering “why not max it even further??”. It comes down to the potential of the diegetic UI, FX, etc breaking when going plus ultra FOV. We hope you enjoy this bump for now! Mag Magnetize Change: You'll notice a new Arsenal stat for Mag's Magnetize ability called 'Magnetic Pull'. This value now represents Mag's force of gravity that pulls targets towards a central enemy. 'Magnetic Pull' is scaled with Magnetize's Rank and can be Modded with Ability Strength Mods. Magnetic Pull' stat has been added to address enemies that are only affected by the pull for brief moments or those that ignore it completely, as opposed to getting pulled towards the central target. Gear Wheel Changes and Fixes: Added “drag and drop” functionality to the Gear Wheel! Simpy select the item with 'X' and drag it to the desired slot with the left stick. To accommodate for this change, we have removed the R1 button in the Arsenal that would swap to the Emote Wheel to now remove items from selected Gear Slots. When removing items from a Slot, the first 13 slots will not reposition due to the first 12 allowing custom bindings. Anything above slot 13 will reposition if items are removed. For example, if you have something in slot 13 and 14 and remove the item in 13, the item will now be in slot 13. Deactivating Gear items by selecting the item in the Gear Menu a second time will now re-equip the weapon you previously had equipped, rather than always equipping your Primary. Gear Wheel Changes - console.mp4 Fixed mounting a K-Drive with a Scanner equipped not restoring it after dismounting. Fixed any equippable Gear item not restoring properly after performing a Hack or Finisher on an enemy. Optimizations: Expand the spoilers below for the full list: General Additions: Expand the spoilers below for the full list: General Changes: Expand the spoilers below for the full list of changes! Fixes: Roughly 7 pages of fixes are coming with Warframe Revised -The full list will be posted once the update is live!
  3. We’re ringing in 2020’s First Mainline with a Double Affinity Weekend Friday, March 6 at 9:00AM ET - Monday, March 9 at 9:00AM ET on PC! Check out all that’s been reviewed, revised, and refreshed while levelling your gear at double the speed. Console Tenno will have a Double Affinity Weekend following their first Mainline launch. Get ready to squad up and conquer your missions!
  4. Tenno, We have simplified the forum reactions to include only 'Like' (+1 Reputation). The previous reactions were essentially doing the same thing as a 'Like' by providing 1 Reputation. If you have a response that cannot be conveyed by an emoji, we encourage you to make a post explaining your opinion. Reactions are a good way to quickly show support, but posting your constructive thoughts is always appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Welcome to the future of the Warframe Conclave! Welcome to the world of Player driven Dedicated Servers! As we mentioned in Devstream #81, we’ll soon be introducing Dedicated Servers to address one of the biggest complaints with the current Conclave setup: that of lag and shoddy connections. In an attempt to address these issues, we're enlisting you, our loyal and excited players - and your computers - to provide a solution. With the addition of volunteer Dedicated Servers we will be providing our PC players with the option to turn their computers into a server to host Conclave matches without the need to run the actual Warframe client with it. The intention is to provide a more robust and optimized matchmaking environment that will alleviate the majority of these PC PVP woes. Due to the networking architecture of the console environment, for the foreseeable future, Dedicated Servers will be restricted to PC users and will not be brought over to consoles- sorry! We’ve attempted to streamline and make the process of running a Dedicated Server as hassle free as possible. As such we can show you how to setup your own Dedicated Server in a couple of screenshots! First, simply launch Warframe to bring up the Warframe Launcher and click on the Settings Gear in the top right: From here click on the Start Server button under the new Dedicated Server tab: From there you’ll be prompted to select the Conclave mode you wish to host, along with the options to restrict access to your Clan/Alliance, the option to host a VARIANT mode (more on this new mode later), as well as the option to include your own personalized MOTD seen when players enter your server: Clicking 'Ok' will then launch a dedicated server on your machine! A new command window will appear which will output all of the log details for your brand spanking new server. You’ll be able to track how many players have joined, what maps are currently being run, along with a plethora of other backend info from here: Easy as pie! At the present time there are no hard restrictions on who can or cannot run a Dedicated Server. If your machine meets the minimum requirements for Warframe you *should* be able to run a Dedicated Server without issue. Additionally, electing to use your machine as a Dedicated Server will result in your machine sending and receiving data. Those who may have a bandwidth cap should monitor usage to ensure that overages aren’t incurred. At this current time there is no way to explicitly join a Dedicated Server; as there is no in-game UI to support this. Instead, the system leans on our backend matchmaking logic to place you in the best possible server for your choice of game modes. So for example: if you have two available computers - you can setup one as a Dedicated Server hosting machine running an Annihilation match. You can then launch Warframe on your other computer, search for an Annihilation match in the same way you’ve done before, and be confident that you will reliably connect to the first machine. It should be noted that you can run a Dedicated Server AND an instance of the Warframe game client on the same computer, however this will increase the strain on your machine. Those with lower end PC’s should be cautious when attempting this. Overall the system is setup in such a way that it will continually try to place you in the most stable server available at that time. This will fluctuate over time as people bring up and pull down Dedicated Servers but should as a whole improve the Conclave experience. This first iteration of Dedicated Servers will also launch with a Leaderboard system. This system will keep track of your Dedicated Server efforts and your ‘Karma’ score will accumulate the longer you have active players on your server. This Leaderboard can be viewed in game under Profile > Leaderboards. While the first iteration is limited to just these ‘Karma’ points, we want to highlight players who are actively helping to improve the Conclave experience for their fellow Tenno. Future updates will flesh out and expand upon this feature to better support these Dedicated Server Champions! Dedicated Server Leaderboards can also be found online here when they go live: http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/dedServerStats.php If you're getting serious about using your PC as a Dedicated Server, please read the documentation from [DE]Maciej on what settings you can control: Please post any and all feedback on this new system below. ==================== Player Hosted Dedicated Server FAQ: Q: What are player hosted Dedicated Servers? A: Player hosted Dedicated Servers are servers set up by players (hosts) who host a multiplayer match (Conclave or Lunaro in the case of Warframe) on their computers. This allows clients to connect to a player host for a generally better experience. Q: How do I host a Server? A: See in thread above. Q: Do you plan on supporting other modes (Trials, Dojos, etc.)? A: By popular demand we are looking into this. Q: Can I have multiple server instances running on different physical machines with the same account (and get leaderboard credit for each)? A: This is something we do not currently support, but do plan on adding in the future. Q: Can I run more than one Dedicated Server on a single PC? A: No, because unless you have a very good PC this might not actually perform very well for players- but we're thinking about it. Q: Does Warframe support Linux? A: No, but we're investigating using WINE for this. Q: Can I run a Dedicated Server on a spare computer (and get credit) and play Warframe on my main machine? A: Yes. Q: How are the Leaderboard scores determined? A: As of right now it’s calculated between Hosting time & number of players in the game. This may change at some point after further analysis. Q: Is there a way to relaunch the game without having to close my server? A: Not at this time, but we’re looking for a way to do so. Q: What does a Clan Only Server mean? A: Only members of your Clan can join your Dedicated Server (experimental). Q: What about Consoles? A: Consoles will not be getting the Dedicated Server option- sorry! Q: When I host, I see lots of stuff I don't understand, will you upgrade the interface? A: Potentially, but we have to keep it simple so it doesn’t use too much system resources.
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