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    False Advertisement (feeling cheated)

    Sorry for any frustration - this was not our intention and we hope to improve the pack descriptions.
  2. Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 Chat Moderation Changes: In-game Kick, Ban, and Spam Flush messages will now be handled as a system notification instead of a private message. We are in the process of reviewing the human element of our in-game chat moderation. You can read the details here: Changes: Improved the accuracy of the in-game FPS counter and made made numerous improvements to the Max Framerate setting as described here: Made numerous optimizations to enemy/NPC navigation and included additional optimizations for modern CPUs with F16C instructions Tweaked audio delay to Eudico’s Bounty transmission. Tweaked audio of Nef’s billboard lines. Enthrall can now be used while on Ziplines. Mining results now use the themed resource icon if available. Garuda Changes & Fixes: Capped Garuda's Dread Mirror and Blood Altar dashes to 150m/s max. No more going going 42km/s anymore. Fixed Dread Mirror’s dash causing players to get stuck. Fixed delay between the end of Garuda's Seeking Talons release animation and being able to charge her Dread Mirror. Fixed a crash while Garuda siphons blood. Fixed (maybe) Blood Altar and Dread Mirror falling through the floor. Fixed Garuda Dread Mirror failing to cast because of TARGET OBSTRUCTED when the leap into the air would clear whatever obstruction was blocking her. Fixed Seeking Talons not being cancelled by Stalker. Fixes: Fixed a memory leak in the gear wheel that would degrade performance the more often you used it Fixed non-energy draining abilities getting canceled when riding vehicles. Fixed Kyta Raknoid spin beam removing invulnerability. Fixed terrain clipping in Connector 13 of Grineer Settlement tileset. Fixed some types of camera shake ignoring the view shake option. Fixed Companions orbiting around you sometimes when you stop moving. Fixed rushing forward with zero input when equipping Archwing. Fixed enemies having trouble entering cover. Fixed certain melee sounds that were playing when using abilities in Operator mode. Fixed choppy automatic weapon fire sound playback Fixed Champion of the People challenge not working as advertised. Fixed Thurible loop sound to stop playing if you get killed while using the ability. Fixed issue where lures/tranq rifle gear items were getting into bad anim states. Fixed the Hades Tonfa skin not applying the correct material to the flame. Fixed Kitguns not creating tracers and other effects after exiting Submersible Archwing. Fixed the behavior of the Max Framerate setting: when Vertical Sync is enabled the Max Framerate has always been locked to the Refresh Rate and the UI now shows this properly. Fixed K-Drive GrindSwap trick not triggering when jumping from rail while grinding. Fixed a crash that could occur when loading into Orb Vallis. Fixed non-EMP fishing spears ignoring the reset condition on the "Catch X fish without missing a throw" riven challenge Fixed dropship passengers getting frozen mid air. Fixed Oxylus Lifeform precept not showing Kubrodon points. Fixed ‘Stay Frosty’ Challenge being impossible (edit) inconsistent due to K-Drive height calculations. Fixed launcher crashes related to high-resolution displays. Fixed missing chain dangle on the Hades Tonfa skin. Fixed missing lightmap info on some cave water planes. Fixed Cryotra only firing at targets within its firing range. Fixed a script error that could occur in the Ayatan Treasure screen. Fix to Howl and Nekros’ Terrify sometimes not making the target run away in the Plains or Vallis. Fixed invisible hazard bubbles in Hive missions. Fixed a loot crate that was under the floor in Grineer Shipyards tileset. Fixed gory nano particle effects not being hidden when gore is disabled. Fortuna: Hotfix Fixed a crash that could occur with gore disabled. Fixed (potentially) crashes on Windows 7 without Service Pack 1. Everyone on the team wants to point out if you are in this scenario, you've resisted updating for almost 7 years. C'mon. Fixed a crash in the Ambulas fight. Fixed an issue with the mining laser UI getting stuck on screen if town gates were opening. Fixed additional crashes.
  3. Nintenno, We've received some feedback that the content descriptions under the eShop for Prime Access and Prime Vault are not entirely clear. We've listed each pack and its contents below. Prime Access has two packs available for purchase: Warframe: Chroma Prime Access Pack includes - 2625 Platinum, Chroma Prime Warframe, Rubico Prime Sniper Rifle, Gram Prime Sword, Exclusive Chroma Prime Glyphs Warframe: Chroma Prime Accessories Pack includes - 1365 Platinum, Imugi Prime Armor, Impetus Prime Syandana, 90 Day Affinity Booster, 90 Day Credit Booster Prime Vault has five packs available for purchase: Warframe: Prime Vault - Mag Prime includes - 400 Platinum, Mag Prime Warframe, Boar Prime Shotgun, Dakra Prime Sword, Mag Prime Glyphs, Yamako Prime Syandana, Distilling Extractor Prime and Blueprint Warframe: Prime Vault - Mag Prime Accessories includes - 200 Platinum, Yamako Prime Syandana, Distilling Extractor Prime and Blueprint Warframe: Prime Vault - Nova Prime Pack includes - 400 Platinum, Nova Prime Warframe, Soma Prime Assault Rifle, Vasto Prime Revolver, Edo Prime Armor Set, Velorum Prime Sigil, Nova Prime Glyphs Warframe: Prime Vault - Nova Prime Accessories includes - 200 Platinum, Edo Prime Armor Set, Velorum Prime Sigil Warframe: Prime Vault - Magnetic Mayhem Dual Pack includes - 1200 Platinum, Mag Prime Warframe, Nova Prime Warframe, Boar Prime Shotgun, Dakra Prime Sword, Soma Prime Assault Rifle, Vasto Prime Revolver, Mag Prime Glyphs, Yamako Prime Syandana, Distilling Extractor Prime and Blueprint, Edo Prime Armor Set, Velorum Prime Sigil, Nova Prime Glyphs We offer separate accessory packs due to frequent requests from players who only want to purchase those items. Prices will vary by region. Sorry for any confusion!
  4. You can view the drop rates here. We update the drops page whenever rates change, and they do not change based on who you play with. I wouldn't be surprised if players are more cognizant of drops when playing with friends though.
  5. This isn't something we're currently planning (interesting idea though).
  6. [DE]Drew

    Forum clan page update

    Updated! Sorry for the delay.
  7. [DE]Drew

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    The "MIGRATED" Accolade is meant for console accounts. Working on getting this hidden on the PC side (but your Migrated console account should show it after the next corresponding console update)
  8. Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 Additions: A "CLOSED BETA" Accolade has been added to Closed Beta Players profiles - if you made your account before March 18, 2013, you have a new Accolade! Garuda Changes: Dread Mirror Added an 8 meter area-of-effect stagger when reaching a target with Dread Mirror (not affected by Mods). Added a small noise movement to the Dread Mirror shield. Increased enemy insta-kill threshold from 35% to 40% (i.e. enemy is insta-killed if it’s below 40% of Health). Charging Dread Mirror projectile while in the air will let you hover for a few seconds. Dread Mirror animations play faster with Natural Talent equipped. Blood Altar Added an 8 meter area-of-effect stagger when impaling an enemy with Blood Altar (not affected by Mods). Increased Blood Altar heal radius from 6 meters to 8 meters. Blood Altar animations play faster with Natural Talent equipped. Seeking Talons Reduced total Seeking Talons charge time by 33%. Seeking Talons charge now starts faster and slows down as it expands. Increased minimum Seeking Talons charge size from 15 degrees to 25 degrees. Reduced maximum Seeking Talons charge size from 120 degrees to 95 degrees. Charging Seeking Talons while in the air will let you hover for a few seconds. Charging Seeking Talons now makes a sound cue when fully charged. Changes: Numerous performance optimizations across the entire game! The previous K-Drive performance improvements have also been re-integrated in a more stable state. We’ve touched upon shaders, particle system, weather, and more! Servofish parts now display which Servofish they can be Dismantled from! Increased the Vega Toroid drop rate to bring inline with other Toroids. Orb Vallis Excavation missions now spawn Excavators that will equally match player count, with the exception of a full squad of 4 players where only 3 Excavators will spawn. Improved Bounty boards to gracefully refresh and have next set of Bounties all lined up and ready to go without having awkward downtime of "no bounties available, please check again uhh sometime". Chat will now autocomplete when attempting to link a Zaw, MOA Companion, K-Drive, and Kitgun. Updated the Chroma Morkai Skin to appear more leather-like at the creators request. Updated the Ferita Rapier Skin to allow separate tinting of the blade at the creators request. Made a micro optimization for modern operating systems by deleting code that would generally only help on Windows XP in rare cases. Made some micro optimizations to checking for offscreen-objects. Optimized Titania’s Razorwing ability sound. Optimized out small frame-time spikes that would occur periodically during gameplay. Tweaks to improve interpretation of the Corpus hack panel states in Orb Vallis. Improved the pacing of random enemy encounters and Dropship reinforcements in Orb Vallis. Conservation Changes & Fixes: The Conservation gear when tracking animals now functions similar to the Fishing gear, where tapping the bound key will auto-equip the respective item, instead of having to hold the key and re-select the item. Fixed continued issues with hunting footsteps not being visible. This includes a key issue with AMD graphics cards as well as general visibility. Echo-Lures no longer need to be equipped in your Gear Spiral, they are auto-equipped in the Conservation gear when a Tranq is equipped. Increased the fire rate of the Tranq Rifle so that it enters the reload state faster. Fixed animals sometimes spawning in range and instantly running away. Fixed animals vanishing too quickly instead of being ‘taken away’ after being captured in Orb Vallis. Fixed not seeing the correct UI text when the Conservation gear is active when using a controller with the default ‘classic controls’. Fixed the controller binding to switch between options in the Conservation gear not functioning. We now show the 'Infinity' symbol for Conservation gear, indicating the fact that it is not consumed on use. Fixed various poop decals not being correctly hooked up. Fixes: Fixed a bug where you'd impact so hard with your Archwing in the Plains/Vallis that the game would crash as well. The world is not ready for this hyper-realistic 4D flight simulator. Fixed Chilling Reload, Streamlined Form, and Drifting Contact missing from Alerts. Fixed an issue with the 'Grindy' K-drive trick gathering point when not actually grinding. Fixed an issue with Scanners not animating when scanning a target. Fixed an ancient issue where high-level bridges could become uncrossable for pets. Fixed Resources obtained while K-Driving not actually saving to Inventories. Fixed Warframes with Channeling abilities being permanently nullified by Scrambus or Comba enemies when hit by their projection Aura while in Operator mode. Fixed inability to Capture a Corpus Base Camp in Orb Vallis due to the Defend timer never ending or the Eximus unit not respawning if the Bounty was previously abandoned. Fixed Pax Seeker activating on Warframe Exalted Ability Weapons (i.e. Titania Razorwing, Mesa Regulators). Fixed Pax Seeker projectiles and Phantasma’s Alt Fire ignoring Nullifier bubbles. Fixed Orb Vallis Recovery Bounty objective timer not resetting if multiple Recovery Bounties are completed in one session. Fixed the Ambush Coildrive being invincible if the player previously abandoned a Coildrive Defense without hacking it. Fixed a non-functional Garuda Blood Altar being left behind if used on a detonating Volatile Runner. Fixed areas where Loki could Switch Teleport out of Orb Vallis. Fixed Mining in Orb Vallis counting towards the ‘Plains Prospector’ Challenge. Fixed the Chroma Morkai Skin not using the correct colour channel on his tail. Fixed K-Drive custom names not displaying in the End of Mission screen. Fixed custom MOA Companion names not appearing in mission for Clients. Fixed a script error when attempting to Chat link a Kitgun with a custom name. Fixed knee slide, fall whoosh and foliage velocity sound not being stopped in some cases. Fixed the Akvasto Prime playing the wrong sound. Fixed duplicate K-Drive objective marker appearing when replaying the Vox Solaris quest. Fixed an invisible container mesh near Thursby’s spot during Vox Solaris quest. Fixed Affinity numbers from enemies not killed by the player not being clamped to the screen and appearing in incorrect places if they died behind the player. Fixes towards Dropship enemies floating in mid-air. Potential fix for script error causing the MOA Companion Anti-Grav Mine Precept to send enemies too high into the sky. Fixed a script error when switching from Mouse/Keyboard to controller when attempting to purchase an item. Fixed a script error when viewing a Bounty board with no active Bounties available. Fixed a script error when casting Garuda’s Dread Mirror. Fixed an issue with Nekros's Irkalla Binds not being attached when in Archwing mode. Fixed an issue where using the Assimilate Ability Augment on Nyx will deactivate toggle sprint, and force the player to toggle again. Fixed an issue that allowed the Kyta Arachnoid to be targeted by abilities when Overshields were active. Fixed an issue with lockdown alarm lights not shutting off after the Stalker leaves. Fixed various crashes. Conclave Fixes: Fixed script error when selecting Khora in the Conclave Arsenal. EDIT: Missing from original notes Fixed Orb Vallis map overlapping with Enrichment Labs map. __________________________________________________ Fortuna: Hotfix Changes: Changed Moa Money, Moa Problems challenge to read “Configure” to stay consistent with Legs’ prompt. Fixes: Fixed Bounty UI refreshing/flickering if bounties update while in town. Fixed a crash caused by Vacuum pickups. Fixed a crash caused by new cloth optimizations. Fixed a script error that could occur at EoM or when hitting TAB as Operator. Fixed Pax Bolt triggering from Primary weapons. Fixed a subtle texture error on Floofs. Fixed the “MIGRATED” accolade showing on PC (It is planned to show in future console updates on console accounts)
  9. [DE]Drew

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

  10. [DE]Drew

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

  11. [DE]Drew

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    Quoting before I get quote sniped!
  12. [DE]Drew

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

  13. Should be fixed now!