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  1. [DE]Drew

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    Quoting before I get quote sniped!
  2. Should be fixed now!
  3. It won't fit properly with additional platforms. It sometimes broke already if an update was too long. I'll look into alternatives though.
  4. [DE]Drew

    Make it able to downvote

    It has always been a pretty ambiguous button. We don't plan to remove it at this time, but your point is well taken. Their goals are different than ours. There was no jump to this conclusion. We had a downvote at one point. This is from experience. The responses here are a great example of what we're striving for: constructive disagreement/discussion.
  5. Enable cookies so it remembers who you are.
  6. [DE]Drew

    Make it able to downvote

    As @krc473 mentioned, downvoting isn't constructive. Disagreement is very important, and it requires nuance and dialogue that a downvote can't convey.
  7. [DE]Drew

    How much data does Warframe use?

    If you're running Windows 10, you can set data limits, which is a nice feature (you can probably also control this on your phone if it's running a somewhat recent OS version). I used a mobile hotspot for a good chunk of University. Besides data limits, the parts that can suck are upload speeds and ping.
  8. We've discussed this in the past, and it'd be a bit too crazy to have subforums for each. However, we could do something like a temporary subforum for a new 'frame instead of trying to contain everything in megathreads (just as an example).
  9. Tenno, In preparation for Warframe’s launch on the Nintendo Switch, we’re updating the forums to accommodate the new platform as well as consolidate (and, in some cases, expand) the forums based on traffic, popularity, and overall usefulness. The forums will be offline on September 21st, from 10am until 2pm ET while we makes changes. In addition to adding dedicated Nintendo Switch subforums, our goal is to eliminate the redundant subcategories. Each subforum will either be a parent category or be nested within a parent category (ie, how Off Topic is nested within General Discussion). Our logic for what deserves to be a parent category versus nested depends on how much traffic the subforum receives, its overall usefulness to the community (including the development team), and its general content. You may notice that several subforums are merged into other existing subforums. One such consolidation is the reduction of the recruitment forums into a single parent category. After years of forum activity, the recruitment forums are not active enough for us to keep them as a separate set of subforums. However, the Trading Post forums are quite active, and will subsequently be split by platform. Feedback categories will be turned into parent categories, giving us the option to add subforums to any of them in the future. And last but not least, the very popular Extras subforums will be nested under the Fan Zone parent category, where you can post all your art, concepts, and more. Also, we have finally changed the dark theme to have more updated background art and color codes (coming this Friday). You can choose which theme you’d like to use by selecting the ‘themes’ link at the bottom of the forums. As always, we will continue to monitor forum activity and make changes as necessary.
  10. [DE]Drew

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.8.1

    We can help you with this. Please contact support
  11. [DE]Drew

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.8.1

    Clans now have a 'Founding Warlord' rank above Warlord. The code to decide who is supposed to be the Founding Warlord will ignore players who have been inactive for 30+ days, so your Clan doesn't get an inactive Founding Warlord.