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  1. [DE]Drew

    tower white pigment drops

    I'll dig through the Condroc droppings and see if something is up.
  2. [DE]Drew

    Word filter is abysmal

    I cannot respond to every inquiry in this thread, but I'm still listening. Please stay focused on constructive suggestions/feedback. Whether you think something is offensive or not is not up for debate. The reality is that there are words and phrases that are hurtful to some players. We want to foster an environment (to the best of our ability) that allows as many players as possible to feel comfortable in-game. If that means we need to restrict slurs or spam, we will. Even if you want to argue that certain things are not slurs, the moment they become spammed so much that they affect chat in a negative way, they will likely be filtered. Language is nuanced, we get that, and it's what makes this chat moderation issue so difficult.
  3. [DE]Drew

    Word filter is abysmal

    Mods cannot access the Community Inbox, unless you mean someone on the Community Team?
  4. [DE]Drew

    Word filter is abysmal

    Our Community Inbox is the best place, it's reviewed exclusively by the Community Team. @Thundervision and @God_is_a_Cat_Girl those are the types of false positives we hope to correct. Sorry about that 😓
  5. [DE]Drew

    Word filter is abysmal

    This is not a topic for public discussion. We're here to move forward and make our community stronger. Some players have already been posting positive ways to improve our moderation systems, which we greatly appreciate.
  6. [DE]Drew

    Word filter is abysmal

    No 'except' here. Let me be very clear that we do not condone either behavior. Making jokes that hurt players in our community is not appropriate. Responding to those players with vitriol is not appropriate. Neither will be tolerated.
  7. [DE]Drew

    Word filter is abysmal

    This makes me very disappointed to hear. One of the most critical aspects of maintaining a healthy community is working to avoid any feelings of "us vs them". Moderators who feel they are being harassed should always feel comfortable coming to the Community Team to resolve any issues. We never want moderators to feel resentful towards their fellow players. That's antithetical to the motivation behind all of our community initiatives. When we have to moderate our moderators, something has gone terribly wrong. In that same regard, players who feel they are being unjustly targeted by moderators should always feel comfortable coming to us as well to resolve any issues. At the end of the day, we're all humans trying to have fun playing Warframe. We each have different motivations and inclinations, so words and ideas will affect each of us differently. What you find innocuous could be extremely hurtful to another player. We understand and appreciate that you may just be having fun, but we need to balance that against the real harm it can cause some players. Working towards that balance is a continuous process for both our automated and human moderators. If you're someone who has been banned due to a flaw in our moderation system, we appreciate your patience and understanding. Maintaining a healthy community is a collaborative process between all of us. Moderators exist to facilitate that collaboration by making sure it doesn't get hijacked in negative ways. They exist to lift players up, not shut them down. But please remember that moderators are human, so there are bound to be disagreements. In those situations, try to give them the benefit of the doubt that they have the best intentions. We also ask that our moderators assume the best of other players as well. If we keep this in mind, we can focus on what really matters: having fun!
  8. [DE]Drew

    Feature Request: Group finder

    I can definitely see the value in this, but it's not something we're focused on doing at this time.
  9. Killed it. 100% hackjob. The About Me section will be the default in the future if it is available.
  10. 😞😞 I'll see if I can add some more control to prevent it auto-emojing everything.
  11. [DE]Drew

    Every image from imgur is broken.

    This is an issue on imgur's end, unfortunately.
  12. Let me know you still see issues with this. A couple things might have affected it, but it should be back to how it was before.
  13. [DE]Drew

    So, we have... profile banners?

    Sorry for getting any hopes up but we do not intend to allow custom photos. Some of my previous code changes were reset with the forum update.
  14. [DE]Drew

    Forum Maintenance (done)

    Maintenance complete! A few of your settings may have changed during the transition.