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  1. Changes: Removed some sneaky [PH] Text. Fixes: Fixed a number of crashes related to the Mainline deployment. Fixed an issue with Dojo Polychrome not working. Fixed two progression stoppers in the Ceres Sabotages mission - clients killing the Core or a Host Migration. Fixed Fish Bait and Dye Blueprints not appearing under Fishing category in the Foundry. Fixed Steam FX Decoration appearing black when placing in the Dojo. Fixed an issue where 'Reset to Defaults' in the Options screen was not setting Gamepad Auto-detection (or Icon set) back to their default values. Fixed an issue where there was no Gamepad button assigned to 'forgot password'. Fixed some Operator amps not properly destroying Kuva clouds. Fixed new/fresh Void Strike buffs not applying properly after your warframe died while the buff was active. Fixed decorations being a contribution option for Alliance Vault if you don't have TREASURER permission in the guild. Fixed Inaros specter getting stuck in casting 2. EDIT: We also fixed HUD breakage and Plains crashes There are some other known issues we are working on, including Nekros' Shadows of the Dead not functioning properly as well as Vor’s Prize.
  2. Can you try logging into the forums using an incognito window?
  3. ZEPHYR PRIME ACCESS FEATURES: Zephyr Prime: Rule the skies as the golden avian of destruction. Zephyr Prime Glyphs: Show your devotion for the golden avian of destruction with all-new Glyphs! Tiberon Prime: Art meets ingenuity with this beautifully deadly rifle. Kronen Prime: Ancient blades, perfected for today’s combat. ZEPHYR PRIME ACCESSORIES: Commodore Prime Suit: Take command with this regal Operator Suit. Tibor Prime Armor: Have your Kavat strike fear and respect into any enemy with this golden Armor. Tibor Prime Gene-Masking Kit: Complement your Kavat’s Tibor Armor with this elegant Primed Gene-Mask. BONUS: Kavat Incubator Segment and Kavat Starter Kit. You can also find in-game Relics containing the Blueprints and parts required to build Zephyr Prime, Tiberon Prime and Kronen Prime. PC and Xbox One Release Date: Worldwide - March 20 PS4 Release Dates: Americas - March 20 Europe/Australia - March 21 Asia - March 21 Japan - March 22
  4. Imbedded Images sometimes often not shown

    Weird... I'll look into fixing this if I can. https://i.imgur.com/6ymAONO.jpg
  5. Forum Clans now Available!

    Watching how it evolves a bit so that changes aren't premature. A few requests also require a fair amount of work to implement. Update: - Clans are staying closed for now until I can implement a way to change without needing to submit a request and so that some information doesn't show publicly when it shouldn't (ie, your Clan Events). - I will look into hooking up to in-game clans but it won't quick or easy to do. - Yes, you can make a Clan for your Warlord if they aren't a forum enthusiast.
  6. Increased by 50% Unfortunately, we don't have an option to download messages at this time, but you should be able to set your notifications so that you receive an email as well, if that helps for archiving purposes.
  7. Upvote button gone? [Fixed]

    Oops. My bad. Upvote is back. Lotus Like is meant to be the primary button, yeah.
  8. Forum Clans now Available!

    Beta Black theme is a WIP, but should be slightly better now.
  9. Forum Clans now Available!

    Further updates: Choose between tiers instead of selecting multiple. All Clans are now Closed to resolve a few other issues. You'll have to let people in to your Clan as you see fit.
  10. Forum Clans now Available!

    Added a "Looking for Members" toggle under Clan Settings.
  11. Forum Clans now Available!

    If this feature proves popular/valuable, I'll see if I can get that done. Once I've cleaned up a few more issues, I'll see about implementing some Alliance options as well.
  12. Forum Clans now Available!

    Added new labels and filters, so no janky naming conventions needed.
  13. Forum Clans now Available!

    1) No, I don't see any reason why not. 2) Yup, again, no reason why not. 3) That's the hope, yeah! 4) yessir. thanks!
  14. Forum Clans now Available!

    'Public' is a bit misleading, so I've hidden the option for now so Clans can choose: Open - all content visible Closed - only members can view content I can still change a Clan to "Public" if requested.
  15. Forum Clans now Available!

    1) Within the Clan? Yup, same as normal posting. 2) Alliances can still use the Recruitment Subforum at this time. 3) It will become necessary for sorting/filter in the future. 4) You can create it for your Clan as long as you have permission. We can work on fixing bugs. Feel free to ignore this feature if you're not interested at this time. The other recruitment forums can stay open while this feature improves. Concerning deletion, we almost never delete threads/posts on the forums. Please use the appropriate moderation tools or submit a request via the Community Inbox.