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  1. I've got some more ideas for you. Perhaps it could be made so that Mind Control forced a single target (or several in a small AoE around the initial target) follow your crosshairs for a short duration without protest. "But that's useless!" you say. Truly, it is... until they fix stealth! Then this skill becomes the most effective way of getting around heavier enemies which are otherwise too difficult to take out quickly. It's also rather ninja-esque. Nyx, hiding from the shadows uses her ninja powers of influence to infiltrate a location without arousing any suspicion. (Banshee
  2. I got a Vauban BP. So did my friend sitting next to me in the same room. (What kind of game are you playing, Mr. RNG?) It was a mighty fine coincidence considering I just completed by Vauban today and was about to purchase the BP myself..
  3. There is simply too much clutter for the devs to be expected to sort through, I feel. ...Also they probably spend more time in the Design Council section than over here in the Improving Warframe section. We could stand to benefit from some kind of peer reviewal system, (which we have in limited form already and could stand to be used more,) as well as requiring moderator approval for threads to keep the repeat-threads to a minimum. What dev is going to look through three dozen threads identically titled "UI Improvements" in the UI Feedback section of the forum? A single thread for the in-game
  4. They could stand to have a Sonic the Hedgehog style spin-up animation before going in for an attack. They're small enough so that they can still catch you off guard even with such a handicap.
  5. One Grineer boss engineered some kind of magical cure to the genetic degradation the cloning has been causing. Grineer are not stupid. Or at least, they're not all equally stupid. I always thought Corpus Crewman were organic (a given, considering they can be infested) android slaves, and that the VIPs we had to suck up into our hands were likely the only living pure-bred humans on the vessel. My reasoning/speculation is as follows. The Corpus want nothing to do with the Technocyte Virus, so they packed their bags and more or less left the solar system, controlling their vessels and pro
  6. Stalker is just a ghost story people make up to encourage newly recruited Tenno to run through levels faster.
  7. Except as an exclusive high tier reward for placing highly in events.
  8. I don't see the problem with charging credits to unlock the rest of the stock colors, (granted, they don't need to do this by any means...) however the alternate color packs are totally fair game for plat only purchases. Just stick around and stop complaining about things not being free and I'm sure you'll score lots of cool things for nothing. I'm still a bit miffed that I missed the 1cr Saturated Color pack. I'll be sure to follow Warframe news from now on. =P
  9. Thankfully, because some people have jobs to run, children to take care of, school or other objectively more important things to do than play games. I'm grateful that the guys at DE are so careful to let everyone get in on the fun, and I hope they continue to give the hardcore players nice-but-obtainable bonuses and all participants the neat event exclusives prizes. On the subject of Prime exclusivity.. I believe all exclusives should be timed exclusives, and that after one or two years, maybe during an anniversary event, Excalibur and Frost Prime should be made available again.
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