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  1. Please consider releasing features like this with temporary trade embargos. That way kinks can be worked out before people invest lots of real world money which is hard to rollback.
  2. Do you think you could reset Sortie progress whenever you roll out new rewards? It sucks for anyone who has already completed their Sorties today. One less shot at Nehza.
  3. As a long time player who has been pretty burned out by endless game modes, I believe the increase in difficulty ought to be met with an restructuring of rewards. Namely, rather than the AABCAABC rotation cycle we've had for so long, perhaps we could switch to a more intuitive ABCABC rotation cycle.
  4. The biggest problem with progression is the completely asynchronous relationship between the various instated progression mechanics. To wit, we have our overall Mastery Rank, our independent Warframe and weapon Affinity Ranks, our Mod Ranks, and enemy level scaling. We can also consider the accrual of resources to be closely related to the other progression mechanics. It is similarly affected by disorder. To solve this problem the various mechanics need to be fleshed out and unified. Any suggestion designed to tackle this problem would have widespread implications and stand to affect every area of the game.
  5. We already have an effective cure. Termination. Furthermore, if we let Alad V get his hands on any sort of treatment we can be sure that the ensuing economic fiasco will be worse than the American health care system.
  6. Maybe we're all being pessimistic and "rotate" only means that the Syndicates are going to trade inventories. So people who are locked into New Loka can buy keys where were previously limited to the Arbiters, and so forth. Would prefer this.
  7. While I cannot realistically buy the team coffee, I want them to know that I send them my most caffeinated sentiments. Most looking forward to the new 'Frame. I love her jacket.
  8. How to do I have a cake shipped to DE's headquarters?
  9. I once had to cite Chicago style. Another time I had to cite in Harvard style. MLA is comparatively fantastic.
  10. Also I'm missing Stasis Slots. As others are as well. I'm worried about what other things might be disappearing beneath my notice.
  11. I have a tiny suggestion. Do you mind calling it Classic Desaturated so that it A) falls next to the other two Classic palettes alphabetically and B) won't confuse people when the next color back bundle comes out? (Since those are Alpha and Beta, it follows that the next one will be Gamma, right?)
  12. On the subject of MK1-weapons... While I would have advocated for their inclusion prior to reading the linked thread, I agree that a preferable solution would be to remove them entirely. Undermodded weapons are sufficiently weak enough to serve as "first weapons" for new players. DE doesn't need to introduce deliberately handicapped weapons to that end. (For that matter, the "broken" mods are also a questionable move...) As much as I'd love the mastery, new weapons would fill the void in a much more satisfying way. Oooon the other hand, if DE introduced the MK1s and gave us the means of upgrading them while preserving Forma/Catalysts in addition to introducing this as a mechanic for other weapons, I don't think it'd be as problematic. Maybe.
  13. Shield bypass is alright, as long as it isn't allowed to deal fatal damage. Also Kubrow DNA degradation is a pretty hot topic.
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