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  1. Thanks! Any chance that Gara could get an appearance toggle so she can keep her gorgeous glass on during Splinter Storm though?
  2. As would Grendel. Just like how we can inverse press/hold for some abilities, it'd be good if we had the option to auto-cycle abilities on cast for select frames.
  3. Still waiting for that Gara appearance toggle so she can keep her glass on during Splinter Storm <3
  4. You're forgetting that it already make no sense - Gara can put her Splinter Storm on as many targets as she likes, limited only by stuff like ability duration. Clearly, game mechanic-wise, that means she doesn't need to use her armor for the ability, but can generate more glass as needed. In other words, there's nothing limiting her from keeping her glass armor on during Splinter Storm. And let's not forget the huge walls of glass she can conjure out of nowhere.
  5. In other words, it's gonna become "From 5-10 base, to 0.75-7.5 base".
  6. The Ember style is a buff compared to the energy cost of Oberon's, Nezha's, and Mag's 4, though. Ember's 4 costs 10 per enemy up to a max of 100 energy. Oberon's, Nezha's, and Mag's cost 100 even when used against a single enemy. For Sevagoth, it might be another matter, but it's definitely a buff to the ones I mentioned, not a nerf.
  7. Can we get this for Grendel too? So the max drain is 10 enemies? Also, you know how Ember's 4 costs energy per enemy up to a maximum, but neither Nezha's, Oberon's, or Mag's 4 does despite also being AoEs "targetting" individual enemies? Pls give them this treatment, as well!
  8. Nice! But could we please get an appearance toggle for Gara so she can keep her fantastic glass during Splinter Storm, at least before Gara Prime drops?
  9. Thanks, but can we get a toggle for Gara already so she can keep her fine glass on during Splinter Storm, pls?
  10. You know how there's syndicate operatives (and other folks) all over the relays? Please let us hire some of them! This would both help alleviate Ticker's small daily selection, and add a little bit more life to the relays. (If we in the future could hire Solaris and Ostron folks - all the better!) (Also, please give us more than one possible gender per syndicate for the crew members!)
  11. May also affect other missions, but this is the only one I've found them in. Will update this post if/when I spot them elsewhere. Might have to do with a Corpus node being populated by Grineer. 4/4 replication rate from entering/aborting the mission. Edit 1: New lich, same problem. So that's 5/5 times now. Haven't spotted any carriers on any other nodes or planets, though.
  12. I hate to break it to you, but that's how Corpus crewmen are stored. It's not a bug. I'm not joking. I've seen them jump off and attack me.
  13. Thing is, you can't have that. You're limited to three crew members total. You can have two normal and one lich, but that leaves you unable to complete any of the Pilot/Gunner/Engineer, Gunner/Gunner/Engineer, or Pilot/Gunner/Gunner formations, so best practice is to ditch the lich for a third normal crew member. Seeing as you've based your comment on us having more crew members than we actually have, I have a hard time taking the criticism about me overthinking this. Sorry. I'm not exactly sold on your idea about an Artillerist role either. While having someone to man the artillery would
  14. TYPE: In-Game, Zephyr, Animation Sets. DESCRIPTION, Bug 1: Zephyr can equip the Zephyr Harrier animation sets even if you don't own them. DESCRIPTION, Bug 2: Zephyr Agile Animation Set uses Zephyr Harrier Agile's icon warframes other than Zephyr. VISUAL, Bug 2: REPRODUCTION: Pick an animation set for Zephyr (Bug 1) or other warframe (Bug 2). Not owning Zephyr Harrier may be required. EXPECTED RESULT: Not being able to equip what I don't own, and the animation set having the right icon. OBSERVED RESULT: The opposite of the above. REPRODUCTION RATE: Bug 1
  15. TYPE: In-Game, Railjack. DESCRIPTION: Unlike normal crew mates, Liches don't attempt to revive allied crew mates who are bleeding out. REPRODUCTION: Bring a non-Lich crew mate with a bad weapon into a high level Railjack mission. Get boarded and let the enemies put your crew mate in bleedout. (Optional: Kill the enemies afterwards.) Watch as the Lich goes about their business without reviving the crew mate. EXPECTED RESULT: Liches, like any other crew member, should revive crew mates who are bleeding out. OBSERVED RESULT: Liches don't revive crew mates. REPRODUCTI
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