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  1. Here's to hoping for an appearance toggle for Gara so she won't have to lose her gorgeous glass during Splinter Storm!
  2. I don't have a New Year's promise, but a New Year's wish - please give us an appearance toggle for Gara so we can admire dat glass even during Splinter Storm. She just too gorgeous to go unglassed. .
  3. Wow, didn't expect this update to be out this soon! Thanks for that! Also, can we please give Gara an appearance toggle so she can keep her glorious glass on during Splinter Storm. She just doesn't look as fab without it.
  4. Yeah, I managed to do a throw into jump on a few occasions, but couldn't intentionally replicate it. I dunno if you're doing something I don't or vice versa, but there's definitely something funky going on when it only happens for one PC player. I'd suggest uploading a video on Reddit, both to see if anyone else has the same issue, and to be able to link it in this thread or a bug thread.
  5. What the title says - hitting an enemy with Afterburn's fireball triggers Precision Strike's reload speed buff. Link to demonstration video. (Also DE pls make Spectral Scream an exalted / semi-exalted weapon.)
  6. PC player here, and I can still tap-slam with my S&O. Is this still messed up for you, and what platform are you on? This might be a bug.
  7. Oh, definitely! I'd love to be able to play Xaku with fashion!
  8. All I want for Christmas is an appearance toggle that lets me ogle Gara Deluxe's fine glass during Splinter Storm <3
  9. No worries, take your time with the good work ^^ (But pls, give us an appearance toggle so Gara can keep her glorious glass on during Splinter Storm <3) (Reference pic:)
  10. Any word on giving Gara an appearance toggle so she can keep the glass at all times?
  11. I've been seeing quite a few posts about giving Gara an Appearance toggle so she can keep the Deluxe's fancy glass at all times. DE, please let us look gorgeous during Splinter Storm as well <3 Edit: reference pics from @TKDancer
  12. Now that Entrall's gotten a new augment that benefits from having as many thralls as you can, the issue with consistently having your horde maxed comes to mind, as they tend to die very frequently from allies (and the player themselves). However, I don't think it'd be a good idea to buff the survivability of the thralls. Rather, I'd love to see a buff to the persistency of the herd at large. As Enthrall works right now, you cast Enthrall on an enemy to create a 1st Generation thrall. By damaging other enemies, these can create more 1st Gen thralls. When they die, they create a 2nd Gen pil
  13. 100% agreed - Wisp is a good step in the right direction, though some may argue it's half a step too far.
  14. I'm absolutely in love with the look of the upcoming Gara Deluxe, but not as much once she sheds the glass with Splinter Storm - and with that being her main survival ability, she tends to go glass-less a lot. DE, please give Gara an Appearance toggle so we can admire dat glass at all times <3
  15. Is there some test server feedback forum where you could post this? I know you can send feedback on the arcanes, weapons and such, but I dunno about Gara.
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