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  1. Shadow8600

    Prime Access Holiday Noggles

    I've not received any of the noggles as of yet either. Wondering if the script is still running. Edit: Noggles received today 12/21/18. Thanks DE 🙂
  2. Buon Natale, Hitsu! Looking forward to your next skin, just wanted to once again put up a request for a Rhino skin lol. Hope you have a great holiday season and new year.
  3. I'd be willing to temporarily put my "Make Rhino Skin Next!" banner away for an Equinox skin. Knowing what you can do, I would be extremely excited for it.
  4. Shadow8600

    The Sacrifice: Update 23

  5. My Operator: Bonus Captura:
  6. Shadow8600

    Where is Update 22.13.0??

    Eyeing that Inaros skin.
  7. You just made my day. Can't wait to see what you come up with.
  8. I'll say it again, in case there's any hope. Rhino, please. lol
  9. Shadow8600

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.6.1

    Just like to say, since the update yesterday, Arsenal lag for me has been insane. Particularly choosing colors. The game damn near freezes for sometimes up to 20 secs.
  10. Couldn't agree more. This gave a lot of people who were tired/did not enjoy using frost, a chance to be a defensive player. Now, not so much.
  11. Shadow8600

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.4.1

    Friend and I were just saying the same thing.
  12. Shadow8600

    Warframe Update 22: Plains of Eidolon

    Getting network not responding a lot.