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  1. At the moment you can drag the A B C appearance slots. It would be useful, if we could drag the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Accents, Emissive and Energy colors around. The reason for this, is that often times we copy colors between warframes and other elements (Attachments, syandana, weapons etc.) but two colors will be swapped around or simply look better in another way. Instead of going in, picking the opposites for both, it'd be useful to simply drag and swap. Since there are dual colors on emissive and energy, you can limit it to the first choice and let the second choice
  2. On Valkyr, yeah, but subsumed and put on another warframe, you'll be hard pressed to justify that mod slot. At 280% strength (100% duration) you get 15 seconds of 84% increased attack speed. It's not nothing, but it's hardly worth extending and if you sacrifice a slot on it, the rest of your build will suffer and the speed likely decreases (when you have a high strength build). The way I see it, the idea is to replace something you weren't going to use anyway (for me it's Rhino's charge), to get something at least. As it stands it's not worth the hassle and if I have to start investing in
  3. Aww... oh well, maybe Nihil will get her later.
  4. That was one of the combo's I hoped would work, that's a shame. I tried out Warcry on my Rhino (I know, highly original) but the low duration plus the nerfed speed makes it very underwhelming and practically useless. You can get away with a ~30 second roar, but a 15 second warcry? Nah. It's not even worth the animation length. DE made damn sure you couldn't have fun with any of this.
  5. Radiation is a good bet. Magnetic is likely better. I used a Snipetron to suss out hidden weakpoints it had (before realizing it was on the back), but just going at range doesn't seem to be the single trigger. There must be more factors, like what's between you and him, or it just chains abilities in order or it's on a shared CD. I don't understand how you're easily beating the limbs and shields though, I've brought bigger guns with less effect.
  6. You figured out a simple strat, that doesn't mean it's easy. It's like me telling you to order something in a language you don't speak; It's super simple, you just speak the words. So you use redline to buff the "underpowered" soma, you blow off its arms, bait the charge and shoot it in the back when it does that? I'm not interested in the video at all, no, just tell me if I got it wrong. And what elements are you using, since you don't have to pump 200 rounds into each part?
  7. Don't want a balanced fight no matter what. Meaning at all costs. It's obviously not balanced in any sense of the word, it's cheap and breaks the norms of the game, making it out of place. When you say "lul did it with mah underpowa'd soma" it's just petty bragging making out the fight to be easier than it is. At least explain exactly what you did, where you shot and how you got around shooting it in the back.
  8. Yeah I've had the same experience, somehow easily oneshotting it with a melee weapon. Surely the bug would be that the client has an easy time, not that the host has a hard one. They're obviously supposed to be a challenge with mechanics that circumvent some of our arsenal in order to artificially increase the difficulty.
  9. You've successfully managed to combine every worst aspect of Warframe into one enemy: The Necramech. It has invulnerability phases, it ignores AoE damage, it's a bullet sponge, it has ridiculous amounts of armor, you need to kill one limb at a time, the weakpoints are not only not obvious but hidden (on its back? Really?), it has diminishing returns on abilities, it nullifies not only some of your warframe abilities but also your operator void jumps (EXTREMELY frustrating!) and it apparently reflects damage causing repeated one-shots. It doesn't even make sense lore-wise. If they're
  10. They can and should. It's not where we are now, they've rolled out a long line of nerfs for a good long while, reigning in what some think were the most powerful things and some that weren't, but were only whined about a lot, one example being the Tonkor. It doesn't work for Overwatch, it's plagued with constant rebalancing in attempts to deal with meta setups. The only solution they haven't tried is to up the numbers on everything and try again from there. Might work, might not, but it'd be a lot more fun. What they've succeeded at, is making a broad appeal game with an extreme emphas
  11. Yes, which is why I wrote strong weapons. Sure, they can help make up for bad/fun choices I agree.
  12. If you don't have fun when you power down or when you're overpowered, then the game is not and will never be fun for you. You're making sketchy arguments to validate the idea of balance being important as an objective truth. The game will never, ever, be a tailored experience. For that to happen, the mod system would need to disappear and the enemies would need to be scaled around a narrow band of damage output. Everything you're complaining about is easily mended by DE simply not catering to maximum output players, which is what I argued in the first place. Also you don't have to pr
  13. You subsume the warframe once and can put its ability on any amount of frames you want, as many times as you want, as long as you pay the material cost to do so (feeding the mouth).
  14. DE only knows three ways to deal with powerful players: Bullet sponge enemies, Invul phases and ability nullification. All three methods depend on circumventing everything you worked for, to make your gear powerful. They also keep adding circumventing game modes, like the Archwing and Railjack - Now it'll happen again with the mechs. All I want, is to go nuts with my weapons and abilities. That and fashionframing. The game isn't fun, because the gameplay and content keeps revolving around everything BUT the warframes. DE's solution to people using things over others? Nerf the thin
  15. No, I'm not. Ever since I saw the ability list, I knew it was going to be trash. Roar and Warcry, as excited as people are for them, are EXTREMELY BORING ABILITIES. They give you a stat boost and nothing else, they are the least interesting part of the game and they are not only overrated, they are pointless if you have strong weapons. Trust me, as someone who probably has somewhere near a thousand hours on an umbra-strength Rhino alone, Roar is something I rarely bother or need to use. It provides very little entertainment to the game. I use Rhino because he makes me immune to all
  16. They can assume people will overpower the content and choose not to do something about it. I know your gut reaction is 'of course they have to' but they really, *really* don't. You know one of the worst grinds I had to do, while farming for all the warframes? The new Jackal. They've time-gated the fight with invulnerability phases that force players to wait. It's a cool one-off fight, but if you have to do with 30 times to get that one Rhino part, it becomes a not only not-fun experience, but a toe curling repeating nightmare of stupidity. That's how DE deals with powers and weapons,
  17. Let us pick any and all abilities from any warframe, in any amount on to any other. If someone wants to take all Rhino's abilities and replace all of Loki's with them, just let them. It will be broken, overpowered and there will be buggy messes, but people will have fun with the game in a way they haven't had since they started mixing and matching mods. I'm sick of the nerfs and the mythical journey towards some sort of "balance". Just let us have fun with it.
  18. Use less powerful things and let others have fun with what they enjoy. Your sort of argument always loses because you want to be forced to use worse weapons and abilities in order to have fun, even if it means everyone has to suffer under your ideal vision of the game. No thanks, I want a power romp through the map and come up with the most fun and/or powerful combos possible. Builds are what the make the game fun, "balance" ruins that. Besides, a lot of people think balance is about making everything have an equal output and don't understand that it's a range of numbers that allow
  19. The end game screen and in-game tab screen are both unfit for purpose now. 1. Explain to me exactly, why I need to press a button to expand the INFORMATION screen to see fluorescent pink and edgy black/red "fashion" framing? It should be the reverse, if I want to have my eyes gouged out by the horrendous colors people use, THEN I should click the button. 2. The stat screen is more important than both the item and reputation/faction screens combined, they need to be reversed. 3. The text size and spread absolutely need to be returned to their original sizes so all information i
  20. It's god awful and especially in the in-mission screen is worthless now. Whoever designed this needs to go. What the hell is up with "designers" that have no clue on how to design a UI that is beyond all FUNCTIONAL and not something out of a deviantart rejects fan project!?
  21. Everything about this grind sucks. You have to get the currency, which is an annoying additional hurdle. The ghosts are way too OP; They do too much damage, they're too fast/ignore terrain, the time frame is too narrow, you need an actual efficient and powerful build to do this and the whole thing is on top of a mission (I don't care if it's only a capture or sabotage). The drop rate is atrocious. I'm not having fun doing this. At this point we need a currency that isn't premium, so we can grind out the game however we think is fun and then let us buy the damn things for that. Grindin
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