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  1. Tanti auguri a teeeee, tanti auguri a teeeee, tanti auguri Azzurra tanti auguri a teeeee 😄 😄 😄 EDIT: e comunque io ti farò un regalo UwU
  2. This is a copypasta from my old post on forum: Arbitrations are missions designed for veterans of the game, both for the level of difficulty and for the single "life" granted. Given this, I still believe that they were very badly conceived. They are boring, tedian, and with not really adequate rewards, I speak in particular for the defenses, 10 WAVES to defend that guy who does nothing but go and put himself in the most unlikely places to receive an ayatan sculpture (not even full, at least in the sanctuary) the relics are radiant) is not gratifying. The survivals? You can do whatever you want, also form a team of 24 Nekros, 32 Hydroid and 57 Ivara (plus Trinity, you never know) but in the end the oxygen will end and you will be forced to go out, not by your choice, but by choice of game, and this is not gratifying. The defections? OH GOD. I don't even play the normal defections that are the worst kind of mission ever conceived, and that's all. Excavation and Interceptions are playable and balanced, with the right team you can stay in the game as much as you want, the problem is that are REALLY boring. THESE are the real problems of arbitrations, and now I would like to propose, if I can, the following improvements: 1-Maintain the current "double rotation" system (10 minutes instead of 5 in the surv, 10 waves in the defenses etc ...) and C rotation "fixed (ABCCCCCCC ...) but over time increase significantly the rewards after the first rotation C, for example: Arbitrations survival first rotation C = 2000 Endo / Orta / Mod second = 2500 / Orta with a star / Mod third = 3000 / Orta with 2 stars / Mod fourth = 3500 / Orta with 3 stars / Mod fifth = 4000 / Orta with all the stars/Mod sixth = 4500 / Una Orta with all the stars and an empty one/Mod etc. etc Surely a system of rewards so structured (maybe even for normal missions and not just arbitrations) would encourage players to stay in the game for longer. 2-The enemies in survival must drop more oxygen, I don't have to feel obliged to play with Nekros, and you have to correct the wrong spawn of the enemies since many times I find myself on the map with 1-2 enemies and obviously do not give oxygen ... 3-The defenses must be changed, instead of the guy put the cryopod. 4-Gradually increase the vitus essence obtained, as the rotations pass: A=1 B=2 C=3 C=4 C=5 etc etc. For now I can't think of anything else, if I have other suggestions I'll edit the post. Thank you.
  3. Here my video 🙂 Clan name: Shadow Fragments Created & recorded by Jack__The_Ripper_ Video for contest
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