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  1. I suggest to use ice/steel/crystal instead of plasma. Something solid, that can pin targets. Otherwise its just a weird skin for Lanka. Also, projectile shaping must be visible to the player. Can you make a "shoulder viev" of the bow? I think the "rail connector" will block projectile visuals. Would be great if it could fire blobs of melted metal with uncharged, and formed steel rods with charged.
  2. Why not private? Why did you let someone random to join and leech?
  3. Before I would agree with this....But now I feel like it doesn't quite fit Warframe. I do love launching enemies upwards and chopping them up.... But ceilings are very low. Literally. Most on the time, it will be very awkward. BUT! There is another way to make Aerial melee quite a bit better: Allow vertical axis aiming. Most aerial melee attacks have horizontal hitboxes, so its really hard to hit stuff slightly above/below you. Like...Cameras, ceiling grates and scanbars. Animations are no problem here. Combos are very simple, and there is no leg animations,
  4. Instead of all this, I would simply disable Multishot on Glaive. Also, no "seeking" until 1st bounce (It sometimes goes sideways as it leaves Cedo, hitting anything but intended target)
  5. Once I suggested automatic locker opening if you run beside them. Warframe would extend his/her hand and simply slide it across all those lockers as you run by....or something like that. Limited range, yes....but you don't have to mash any keys. Just walk close enough to locker for your frame to slap it (animation will be overridden by other actions of course, not to get in the way)
  6. To me "respect" = consideration and care. In your 1st reply you made it pretty obvious that you don't really care if someone is bothered by certain cosmetics. That's why I asked to respect (consider). OP and I respect (consider) your preferences. We didn't suggest to remove wings and ephemeras from the game because you like them....even though we hate them much. Go now, self proclaimed bigger person. I hope that one day you will understand.
  7. I held myself back when I said "I don't like it".... It would be a disaster otherwise. Wording doesn't matter. Ignore the box. Get the contents. Bats and Wings are very "in da face" and give strong "event only" vibes. So I think only these 2 deserve the "disable". If bunny ears and pumpkin heads become permanent, those too should be added to the option. Armor is pretty subtle, Lich ephemeras too.... Syandanas are mostly OK...there are weird ones, but they are very rare to behold. I think DE should add "Event cosmetics" category (moustaches, wings, h
  8. I don't see any aggression. Are you offended by the fact that he doesn't like wings and flower pooping pink rhinos? I don't like them too. Am I aggressive? No. He just expressed his dissatisfaction with latest additions, and asked for a proper solution.
  9. I agree with OP. Option to disable all that visual clutter would be awesome. He asks for an option to disable other people's cosmetics and ephemeras. These add extra load and sht if you dunno. That will not affect you in any way. Its a display option. You must respect those who don't want to be bothered by your "fashion".
  10. I actually prefer projectile weapons in space. Its classic, "space invaders" style. Hitscan doesn't deliver at all...you just don't get to see how your projectile hits the enemy. Buff them all you like, but keep projectile mechanics.
  11. Big, bulky guns must be held a bit lower to avoid this: Its noticeable even from behind, during normal gameplay. Add "weapon height" check for these animations, so that bigger guns were not held so high up. Don't forget that Frames have pretty wicked helmet designs.
  12. To me is sounds more like he doesn't like the wings because they don't fit warframe's theme, and want them to be a "limited time item" (like bunny ears) instead of permanent item. I mean....he kinda says "I don't like wings" and not "I don't want others to have wings".... That's why I doubt its that bad.
  13. Isnt that the whole point of melee combat? Before striking, you must consider the distance between you and the enemy, as well as range and force of the attack you are about to perform. I mean...its not random. You know exact distance.
  14. Well..... Lets call em Button A and Button B then.... This is what I actually mean: Available inputs: button A (tap) button A (hold) button B (tap) button B (hold) Available commands: Melee attack / aerial melee / slam Heavy melee attack / heavy slam Throw/shoot Return thrown Detonate thrown (Heavy melee stats) Options: With gun in hands, hold Melee attack button to perform Heavy melee / Heavy slam On / Off With gun in hands, hold Melee attack button to Throw/shoot On / Off Slam Sen
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