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  1. Not true. Rare ones spawn in groups of 2 or 3. By the time you find poop, track it and lure, you can scan entire map and capture 3+ of them. I can find flock of 3 rare birds + group of white velocipods (very frequent, they spawn like cazy….I have trouble getting green and purple ones even) and maybe even pharaoh/medjay predasites in one map scan. Its very potent for any rarity, but you gotta be fast if scanning for Vups or Preds...coz they can retreat. But they are huge and very easy to spot if you just look at infested. See that crawler fling his stuff somewhere? That's vulp o
  2. That's your mistake. Don't start them. Equip AW, equip T-rifle and fly around the map looking through scope. You will find groups of 2-3 crescent vulps roaming aroud. Using poop to hunt anything is so last year. Amesha's AW healing sphere will help you. Just keep that drone within the sphere.
  3. Yes, I understand....but how exactly should that be done? I mean....Do you want all EEE+ W combos to move you forward at constant speed (Hover. Same for all weapons) or animation driven (steps...your character moves forward only when taking actual steps). Try Cyclone Kraken (machete). See if it does it for you. Its one of those properly done stances imo. At least I never overshoot or miss targets with it. Its not entirely stationary during EEE...but movement is minimal. Will that do? Or is it still bad? If yes then why?
  4. Ah. That "free movement during combos" thing came from Andele….. I usually read it all, so it got mixed in somehow after you bothered me with a reply.... I was not very focused, my bad. But read my first reply. It doesn't mention any free movement. I even wrote that im not against any distance reduction....but making it completely still is not a good idea.
  5. I guess I went a bit too fast with my thoughts... There is a freaking misunderstanding going on again. For me "not moving" = feet are glued to the ground. Not even a slight movement. Only upper torso moves in attacks. Is that it? Or are we talking about "much shorter movement" on SOME of combos? With current animations and all that? Which one is it?
  6. That part when dude says " I want to be rooted in place for entire EEE combo animation ". Not all weapons will be good with that. Some need that slight forward motion, some don't. Im not confused. OP just never told us what weapons and what combos he struggles with. Also, this is the real issue, not the combo movement: And it can be fixed by "target lock".... Actually, it would be great if we could manually lock onto something with melee. Coz going into menu every time to enable or disable autotargeting when you change loadouts is not really great.....
  7. No its proper, as you cannot MOVE during strong attack. Its animation locked. As far as I understand, people here want to be able to freely move in any direction during ALL attacks. And I oppose this as its utter garbage.
  8. Its totally fine. Combos would look incredibly lame without it. Imagine a forward lunge animation when you move backwards or sideways. That would be S#&$. In all games that can be described as "stylish combo slasher" all combos have slight frontal movement due to animations. Stuff like Ninja gaiden, Bayonetta, DMC, MGR: Revengeance, Dragon's dogma, Dark souls. Even Skyrim uses that for "strong attacks", because melee actually needs proper footwork. That's the whole point. Its possible to tone it down a bit though. You just gotta report animations with ex
  9. Torch is basically a thin, very short plasma beam, that is protected and boosted by oxygen stream(bubble). It works only within oxy bubble...that's not "underwater", as plasma doesn't contact with water at all. Pretty much....if you replace oxy bubble with Fieldron adapted for underwater use, and increase plasma beam's length.....you get underwater heat beam weapon. But It is not a flamethrower still. No cone. No huge aoe. You get what you already have.
  10. You don't read at all....how can you understand if you skip? Beam can be protected from water with a forcefield "tube". You cant do that to flames because of shape. Its much harder to create lore for "underwater flame" than for "underwater beam" Also, beam already works in Space without any extras, so is much more practical than flames.
  11. Sure, but not instantly....unlike flames and gas. You still can bring light source deep underwater and it will work. Have you never dived? What I want to say is: Focused beam of radiation (light, heat or whatever) is BETTER for this than stream of fuel or gas. In many ways. Why should it? It fires solid waves of energy with high Slash. Those are like giant blades, and have great punch through. They are not superheated or somethin...so, yeah, no explosions. Its just a massive cutting line. Cuts water as well as anything in it. You can argue all you want
  12. If emitter is adapted to function underwater, and is submerged, nothing will explode. Just like it doesn't explode from contact with air in open worlds. Its very simple. Laser pointer works underwater and in space. Zippo lighter doesn't. Rest is sci-fi and oversizing.
  13. Its a SPACE "Flamethrower" that also might be used UNDERWATER. Flame, gas and fuel streams will not work in such diverse environments. That is why it is delivering Heat through laser beam. Flames would look hella weird underwater.
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