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  1. True...Something is off with this effect. Maybe this is the reason why its so overwhelming for me ( I play at 1920x1080). I know i asked for such VFX, but DE overdid it a bit. Especially with gas/smoke clouds. Mutalist cernos is unbearable now.... It also doesn't look good on Muzzle flashes....Because its too big (1m radius for enemies) and also looks like radial ripples. Thats not how heat distortion looks.... Certainly needs some tweaking.
  2. Dont Larvae. Stomping some random enemies also gives you stacks. Be faster.
  3. There is no time to notice it. Also, you can get radiated "mid cast" . Because its not polished. It should prevent casting and firing for a brief moment when you get Radiated.... And a big Red "WARNING" icon on the screen will help too.
  4. Mobile shield = Current shield. Stationary shield = Static shield. Official names. I think it would be better like this : 1) Hold cast button to create Current shield instantly (no need to pick up). 2) To drop Current shield, Tap cast button. 3) With Current shield active, Hold cast button to drop it and immediately create another Current shield. 4) Use context button to pick up Static shield (turns it into Current shield). Tap cast to drop (see 2) That way it will be perfect i think. Augment that allows other players to pick up Electric shields will still work with Context button.....Nobody use it anyways. Electricity=/= speed. Speed is Gauss. Kinetic. Volt is Electricity. Walking Tazer. Generator. Tesla coil. Volt's Speed ability boosts muscles with electric currents. That is why it doesnt affect Guns. Its not his main power and is just a clever use of his element. Also, Speed is for Melee builds. Its not for running around fast, but does help with that a bit. If you wanna run around, use Gauss.
  5. Armor is only good if you can heal yourself. Yes. Just because of this. If you cant (or don't want to) heal your frame, then it might be better going with shields... Before LS and then Operator healing abilities, Shield regeneration were pretty valuable..... Now your HP + Armor is a new shield that you regenerate manually.
  6. I like "resource spending" idea. They steal very insignificant amounts of lame stuff (unless its a riven...but riven is not a resource)....And getting it back doesnt feel great. So i would love if Lich turned those into something intersting....Or just built a new Thumper model and released it on the Plains for me to have fun with. Or got itself a jetpack and invisibility detecting visor. Anything really.....
  7. I dont need that. And i use latch a fuken lot. It lasts for 6 seconds unmodded. More than enough time to empty a sniper clip, do a Wall hop upwards (to refresh latch) and Repeat. If you r too slow for that, use mods. We have a lot of Latch duration mods. I do want it to be more sticky tho....It sometimes fails to attach. And DE totally need to refresh those old tiles with more platforming and verticality....Some Lua style Hovering platforms in combat zones would be great for latching.
  8. I need a way to anger my Lich really, really fast. Let me taunt it by farting its name for instant spawn. Once per Lich.
  9. We need a "high five" button.
  10. I dunno....That kind of sht makes me want to play less actually.
  11. Well...I suggested something similar before Melee 3.0. Told em to untie combo window (time between strikes that allows you to continue combo) from attack speed and make it moddable. That would make Hit1> Shoot > Hit2> Shoot> Hit3.... combos possible. And then Gunblades would have separate shooting and slashing that you could manually combine. As you can see it was not implemented. But yeah, that would somewhat solve the problem....Especially if we could mod "holding time" that would be equal to charge time.
  12. I see Lich battle was not improved in any way? No AI additions. No Lich body type expansions.... Meh. So i cant get a melee Lich that can fly....or a Lich that is super slow and tanky, with only one weakspot.... Or a very high detection range Sniper Lich that operates only in Plains and can blow your head off before you even notice it and relocates after every parazon poke? Because that is what i expected when you say "Randomly generated enemy"....It must be different every time, right? Like riven challenges. Some are so harsh that people even sell/abandon. I want Liches to be like that. A challenge. Not a Grind session. Right now, if you remove Grind, there will be nothing left. Only a slightly tough Heavy gunner with weird name.
  13. With high attack speed its too easy to accidentally trigger Heavy. Especially on sensitive kb. It just happens. Even i sometimes trigger it....and i never use very high attack speed. I think that "Hold E for heavy" MUST be optional. Im totally fine with separate button. Also, with gun equipped, Holding E should immediately perform Heavy attack. No matter if you have this Option on or off. Because there is no other way to do a Heavy attack/slam straight from Gun mode.
  14. I want them to have more AI classes. Caster, Melee and Ranged classes. Or more. Caster will have more damage based abilities and will use em often. Melee will rush you down with dashes, pulls, grabs and other agressive sht. Ranged will shoot from afar and will keep away from frames by using cc abilities and escapes. Each class must have its own set of abilities that FIT the role and work with AI properly. Coz i dont care about their personalities if they cant do combat properly. Also, I want to be able to Craft Requiems. Cant find Radshare for 3 days already...that extra bit of grind just burns me.
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