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  1. I never use this tbh..... You gonna Spam that 1st anyway. Why aim it so thoroughtly? So i kinda agree with OP here. If spam of that 1st is intended (pretty sure it is intended), then it must be comfortable.
  2. I rarely get killed when knockdowned....And on higher levels im just more focused, so i dodge most of them...or simply kill CC before they do anything. But i do agree that Knockdowns are not very well made. Especially animations....just....so meh. I think: Shockwave's lifetime is too long. Especially in Fusion Moa's case. I often have to dodge same wave 3-4 times before it dissapears. Its too persistent for a "shockwave" Animations. Need. Work. Its extreemeply lame when Warframe "falls on the floor" midair and then stands up before hitting actual ground. I would add some level of limited ragdoll + a way to dodge out of that state. Like...Dodging as you hit the ground would let you "roll" out of knockdown. Otherwise you experience full recovery animations that happens when you fall off your K-Drive. Both Ragdoll fall and Dodges are already animated btw. A proper mix of those would work fine i think... Enemy hooks should not knockdown on impact. It should work like this: After hook hits you, there is small time window (like 0.4 sec) to react by shooting the enemy or using melee to cut the line..or something like that. After that delay enemy violently pulls you, causing ragdoll (you fall towards enemy). That way it would look and feel much better than how it is currently. Please note that "knockdowns" are supposed to be uncomfortable....And that you are supposed to dodge them. Getting Ragdolled because you catched one is totally fine.
  3. Heat sunder is fine with "pitch down" on the end (heat dispersion) But Cold one must "pitch up" at the end (heat collection)... Same sound just doesn't feel right...
  4. Just saying, but Meteors will look meh inside the ships and such. This kind of Visual is only great in open worlds.
  5. Not sure if these work with Continuous aoe damage of Ferrox throw....most likely they will only affect direct hits... But you can try Arcane Arachne, Arcane Primary Charger and Void Strike (madurai).
  6. Ok.Thanx. Bye. It wasnt really fruitful for me either, but i guess DE can get something from all that sht.
  7. Your question was: "If Octavia can have Strongest team invis in the game, Why cant ASH too" The answer is: "because Ash also can do things that Octavia cant. That is fine. Frames are different." What is not clear about it? You want Smokescreen to be recastable? It is recastable. You can sit in it and keep refreshing it as long as you have energy. I dont see any problem here. You can keep speculating, arguing and assuming....but i have not seen any good ideas coming from you. You only say "invis this, invis that, invis is perfect". That will not work with me. There is no Invisibility in my suggestion, and im NOT adding it. No WAY. I Hate invis. Deal with it, or make Your Own Thread with blackjack and Invisibility. Get tons of upvotes and make your dreams come true. \ That is the only way for you to achieve your Goals here, and arguing with me will not help you in any way.
  8. Same reason why Ash can do True damage, and Mesa/Saryn/Octavia cant. Frames are all different, and each does something better than others. Octavia's team invis is also better than Ivara's (Quiver invis arrow)...Does that mean Ivara needs stronger team invis? Nope. Arrow is fine and can be really helpful in certain situations. And it does not need any "broader conversation"...It will end up being a totall mess. One by one, that is how its done. Not true, as you might have Frost or Gara or any other Defensive frame in your team. Then you may run around with smokescreen, using that Aoe marking for faster wave killing. Its like Volt's shield. You dont have to place it on the Objective. You can utilise it for whatever you like. Defy....it has no Invisibility. You always say that its awesome tho. And then you say that Smokescreen cant be awesome without Invisibility. Thats...wrong. It totally can be awesome without Invis. Just like a fucton of other great abilities in this game. I have only 3 requirements: No invisibility, Works like actual smokescreen + extras(buffs or whatever), Reasonably limited. Rest of it i dont care about...
  9. K mom. Oh! Some constructive stuff. Lets see....hmmm... 1) Cost reduction checking Player state... I thought DE could use "if aimed at" thing like AW "projectile incoming" message and enemy dodges (Some enemies dodge when aimed at). So that if no enemy targeting currently paints you, you get cost reduction. It checks Player state (maybe it even works like this already...who knows) 2) Stealth Damage bonus.... Honestly, it Depends on DE and how they test/implement this. They can add any bonus... anywhere they want. Crazy. Again, it can check "if aimed at" and if "not" then Bonus stealth damage. 3) Freedom of movement..... I already said this....but it does not limit movement in any way. At all. Its entirely up to Players if they want to stay inside and hidden or not. Also, I dont want Ash to be a cheesy EZ "team invis boy" like Octavia... Wanted to keep Smokescreen as "situational" as possible. Make it a bit limited to discourage "constant invis" gameplay. 4) Build Variety.... I think it already got plenty. Duration will increase Screen lifetime, Range will increase its coverage, Efficiency will allow to spam it often if you use it to move around. Thats more than enough. As for strength....There are many possibilities. Can even affect how hard enemies are disoriented ( by adding more curves to their pathing lines). That would increase its "trapping" CC capabilities.
  10. His concept was called "Smoke" and later it was renamed to "Ninja". Smoke is his Element...and it leaks out. Literally. Its ingame. Solid / liquid particulates emanate from Ash's body. Ash, just like any other elemental frame, can manipulate it to create various tools/weapons. Volt makes Shield, Hydroid spawns tentacles...and Ash creates blades and clones. Have you ever wondered what Ash's clones are made of and why he emits smoke in his "Marking" mode? Right. As he marks his targets, he also fills the area with particles. Why go invisible if enemies already cant see because of smoke? Pointless. Such compromises are not to my tastes. There is a way to satisfy your desire of "constant and mobile invisibility": Smokescreen can move with Ash, concealing him and nearby teammates. That is basically same as invis. But i would take that only as Augment. Marking once would be built in function in that case.
  11. It does. Example: Replace Nova's MP and Frosts Snowglobe with Invisibility in yer imagination. Will their functionality go down? Imo it will. Will cool factor go down? Yes. I did same thing reversed with Ash's Invis. Replaced it with what it was supposed to actually be (according to theme and ability name)....And i liked it. Not only it would feel and look much better, it also adds new function. And that is exactly why i said: Because its a consequence of this change. Smokescreen change i suggested leads to functionality expansion and i cant do sht about that. Have to want them both, because these are inseparable. Weird, right? But that is how it works.
  12. That is because it made Objective INVISIBLE. Invisible objective = enemy AI breaks and they dont leave spawn zones. Smokescreen i suggested does not make Objectives Invisible. Pathing will still lead enemies towards Objective, but they will not be able to Aim at it directly... They will shoot the Smoke tho (whole cloud), because objective is inside. Am i not clear enough? I want Smokescreen to do exactly what its name suggests. Nothing more. Nothing less. Why? Because i consider Ash a "Smoke ninja", but none of his abilities produce actual Smoke. I dont even need massive Visual effects (but those are preferrable if possible). What i want is actual "0 visibility area" ability to replace current Ash's boring invis. Thats it. No ulterior motives. You keep suggesting me to make "Full ash rework" thread....but that is not what i want. Why dont you do it Yourself? Really, go for it, you have all it takes. Im sure DE will check it out and maybe even implement it if its really good. Seriously. It would be so much better than keeping that useless argument with me here... Its extra pointless and not constructive at all....albeit a bit fun.
  13. I dont mind, as long as it can be used with "body attached" holster without too much clipping. Basically, i want a physics based holster with very minor movement range (to avoid big clipping during action). Tho..."levitation animation loop" is not my thing. Stuff used in Nier got no physics.
  14. Weapons usually get misplaced and clip through Landing craft's hatch during "boarding" animation. Why not just hide them and show only warframe? I know i suggested this already 4 years ago......And im very patient and sht, but looking at that messy animation after every single mission finally got me. Im Disturbed. Cant find zen anymore.
  15. Why? Its ok. Pretty balanced ability. Putting marks on the same target is a bit uncomfortable, since you need to "slash" the target with your crosshairs several times...but i have no complains other than that. Every frame can do that with just weapons. Corrosive and Slash damages. If you want to find Ash's redeeming qualities....well its prolly only Fast Finishers. So does my Smokescreen, that also makes enemies blind to your presence. Point? I never said that Bladestorm sux. It does wnat it should without being too strong te become another "Peacemakers" or Saryn. I see Bladestorm as Additional Damage on top of my Weapon damage...because its "Fire and Forget" ability. Its a very nice and useful ability. DE allow us to "cover" objectives with Snowglobe, Mass Vitrify, Volt's shields, Vauban's Bastille and Cat lady's net. I dont see any issues with Smokescreen being able to make Objectives untargetable for a while. Sorry, but that is just wrong. 1) Smokescreen "breaks" line of sight. Enemies cant see you behind it. That is INFINITE range as long as there is smoke between you and enemy. It just requires smart placement...or Range mods (that would increase aoe to 30-40 meters and that is a HUGE zone to jump around) 2) Does Bastille Limit your movement in any way? What about Khora's strangledome or Gara's Mirrors? Nope. Free to move. Dodge as you like. Smokescreen doesnt lock you down either. 3) You dont have to be constantly invisible. Especially if you simply run through level (enemies are not that fast to react). Even if its "stealth run". You can always cast Smokescreen at enemy group if you feel like its not safe to pass by....Just like Ivara's Invis. Cast it when needed and its fine. Sure Ash got some Damage in his abilities (like many other frames)...but i would not call him DPS oriented. Octavia's Mallet and Ivara's Artemis can do comparable damage. But they also have much more tricks, including invis, team invis, CC and Mobility..... Ash, on the other hand, without any "augments" cant do as much as these. He can only Self invis, Bleed and Finisher. Just to compare: Ivara can Self invis, Team invis, Sleep, Damage, Steal, Stealth CC. Octavia can CC, Team buffs (speed, invis, multishot, damage), Aggro + Damage. And Loki....According to popular opinion he is a "waste of team slot" (saw it on forum somwhere...made me giggle a bit). Nah. Its not important to consider other people's opinion. Otherwise i will not be able to tell what I really want. And my Feedback will not be real anymore. To "consider" my feedback or not is up to DE. Cant help them here. And i also disagree on that second half. Adding another "subspecies" Frame is meh....And if i really wanted this, i would go and post a new Frame concept in "fan concepts section". Especially when Ash totally need some work. He lost his edge as of late. Too few tricks up his sleeve for a smoke ninja.
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