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  1. Kainosh

    Add Texture Palettes.

    I would only add this feature to Prime gold. Maybe 2-3 alternative textures for those metal bits. Coz i would so love to replace it with bone texture.... Or something. I just dont like all those shiny golden parts....some guns are so overloaded with it.
  2. Kainosh

    I appreciate Volt Now...

    Exept....Force lightning is a channeled cast. And Volt's Discharge is....a discharge. The only continuous part is enemies turned into "teslas". Also, augment mod cant alter ability's casting animation/mechanic this much. These only add certain minor effects. So....that would require a "tweak".
  3. Kainosh

    melee 3.0 losing manual block

    Various combos (4) are gonna be triggered by MOVEMENT DIRECTION. Means your favourite combos will be triggered by holding D or W or S while Spamming melee. Personally, i think that movement should not be involved in combos. Singular moves- yes....but combos? Combos are all about timing and learning...not just holding one button.
  4. Kainosh

    melee 3.0 losing manual block

    I believe that lack of "fluidity" was caused only by Swap animations. No swap delay/animation would mean instant switch from gun to melee. Instant full melee mode. No need to remove Blocking. No need for quick melee... Since you can just tap switch button and melee...tap again to gun... thats almost as fluid. Yes, you need to press 1 extra button...Is that such a big deal? People use slide attacks that require 4 buttons to be pressed at once...no issues.
  5. Kainosh

    I appreciate Volt Now...

    Well....If only Tesla (chain) range is moddable, and cone range and angle remain fixed (like Talons), then its not OP at all. Because it will not hit whole map from just one cast like it does now.
  6. Kainosh

    I appreciate Volt Now...

    You totally get it, man. Seeking ligtning shotgun. Besides, that way it can get buffed by Electric shield.
  7. Kainosh

    I appreciate Volt Now...

    I agree, Volt is great.... But recently i feel like his 4 is boring to cast. If only it was Aimed....like Garuda's talons. Maybe its me....putting too much in "Range"... But i want long chains without actually covering whole map with stun..... Kinda want Overload to be more focused and interactive.
  8. I dont like that. Instead of expanding blocking with new mechanics they just threw it away....for what? No swap animation? You know....DE could just remove swap animations and delay for same result....exept there would be not need to sacrifice blocking, that is essential for counters, aimed projectile deflection and other awesome features that we could get in the future. One step forward, two steps back....
  9. Kainosh

    melee 3.0 losing manual block

    Wait....what? Melee 3.0 gets Auto blocking? Do we lack buttons THIS bad? I mean....For guns we have: Aim , Alt fire, Fire. For melee it should be like...Block, Heavy attack/finisher, Normal attack. 3 buttons. +1 to swap from ranged to melee. All they had to do it to make Melee-to-Gun-to-Melee swap instant, with cancellable animation. Blocking has nothing to do with any of this.....why dafuc do they need to tamper with it....... Man, im so foken disappointed.
  10. This got real messed up.... Archguns can pierce "invulnerability" armor of Profit-taker, that cant be damaged by any other weapon.... But for some reason cant deal with Jackal's "invulnerability".....Even though Jackal is much smaller and certainly cant posess better armor. Same goes for Hek's Drone form...Its completely invulnerable to Archguns...Meanwhile Terra Frame (2nd stage) can be damaged by normal guns.... Need a proper "system" i think. Coz it feels off now. Inconsistent. My suggestion (simplified) : "Invulnerability" (certain enemy phases) turns into "Heavy armor" (massive damage reduction). "Vehicle" damage resistance type added. Weapons are separated into 3 "subclasses" : Anti-personnel, Launcher, Archgun (anti-tank) Anti-personnel = Deals Full damage to infantry/weakspots. Deals reduced damage to Vehicles. Deals greatly reduced damage to Heavy armor. Launchers (Anything that fires rockets/grenades) = Deals Full damage to infantry. Deals Full damage to Vehicles. Deals greatly reduced damage to Heavy armor. Archgun = Kills infantry instantly with lots of gore (direct hits). Deals Full damage to Heavy armor and Vehicles. Deals extra damage to weakspots. Infantry - Human-sized targets. Vehicles - All transport and Turrets (ramparts). That is how it should be IMO. Full invulnerability should activate ONLY for specific animations. How to treat Hek: Hek's Drone should utilise Vehicle resistance type + Weakspots. We can skip him anyways. Noone would care if Drone phase got weaker. Terra frame remains unchanged... (Tho i would buff it to Heavy armor + Weakspots if possible).
  11. If you do not have any quests active, that can be a leak from recent "hotfix". Or just a bug of current content....but i do not recall any "frost edge" lines. See if you can reproduce it....and then report as a bug.
  12. Kainosh

    Saryn & Baruuk

    It happens with almost every Holstering animation. Some abilities also have this issue. Volt's Shock for example. If you cast it and get interrupted (knockdown or heavy landing) it will repeat casting animations along with lighting....And that can be repeated by roll cancelling the animation again. Dunno why its not fixed yet. Pretty sure this issue was reported multiple times already.
  13. Kainosh

    Buff exodia force

    I would make this one similar to Infested arcanes, but for charge attacks. Like...It would send out Fluctus-like projectile that is very fast and can be aimed. Short range of 10m. Would turn any Zaw into a "gunblade" of sorts.
  14. Kainosh

    Merge Chanelling with Heavy Attack

    I know. It was just a very early and very lame demo anyway. A "subject to change" material. Personally, i would keep that feature. Mods need rebalance, and Combo counter mechanic need tweaks....but that "get more damage for longer chain" is a nice mechanic. Wasteful to just throw it away. Primaries/secondaries have pretty cool variation. Alt fire modes, Scope bonuses and such.... It would be sad if Melee were only "get Combo counter and Spend it on Heavy attack". Especially if its same for every weapon type.... I hope they will be different.