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  1. Coz it was the dumbest design possible... Tap-self, hold-team would be totally fine.
  2. I do not like Old Tracers on hitscan weapons. At all. Expecially on Extreemely long distances (AW or Sniping). They are kinda slow. Fulmin style Tracer does much better, but its a bit too intense to use on every weapon IMO..... Replace Lightning arc with SMOKE (or any other subtle effect, like Heat distortion) and boom! Some Particle sparks along the way and BOOOM! You get the idea. Its instant bullet Smoke trail with some elem sparks in it. Baaarely visible and very transparent. Can be used on any hitscan weapon too. Would look very Good on Grineer weapons. Coz they use Chemicals....and i would love their weapons to generate lots of smoke coz it fits. Need at least one for Tenno and Grineer anyways. Corpus already got that "laser" fx for hitscans, but Tenno and Grineer weapons still use old ones.
  3. Gotta agree....These need some Volume Up. Also, make Crits louder. Procs already have extra sounds....But Crits do not.
  4. Its Orb Vallis "Combat music". And i do not like it too. It does not quite fit the action. Too much synth...kinda annoying. And it aint got no energy. Never makes me pumped up and ready for some carnage....coz its just a weak ass background music from some toaster-roaster ad. Would like to be able to import music too. Some "Spring" by Vivaldi while chopping up Corpus will do me gud.
  5. Yes, they get stuck. I were able to get inside even (Zeph, AW or Void dashes) . Killed all enemies in it with melee. They also were just standing....AI bug. DE, Add "Enemy and AI" bug section please.
  6. Cant you just answer? Was it that hard? I asked because there is a reason. This issue can be somehow linked to Lega prism doing less (halved) damage to Eidolon when it walks in the Water. Maybe that bug Spreads from Prism somehow.
  7. Build a typer drone outta Legos. Safe. Motorise your mouse wheel with micro motor from RC drones for xtreeme semiauto action. Safe. Nerd it out like a boss. Noone can ban you for "cybernetic implants".
  8. Amp always same? What prism?Just answer.
  9. Its like that for 3-4 years already. And it was reported a few times. I guess setting a proper head rotation limit is less important than fixing some beam VFX when Mirage uses Ferrox during full moon night, while having Hall of mirrors active.....
  10. Use Electric + Viral. Viral Proc will halve their hp when you remove their shield. And electric damage is for some of them (satyrs and such have robotics) I use Viral Buzlok with CD MS riven. About 10 shots to down one (head marked)
  11. Ah...right. I kinda like it that way more tbh. Coz "flowing" pattern does not look good with texture seams. Wish it was "static ripple" like Rift sigil.
  12. Meanwhile K-Drives still bug out, playing "wobble" animation when you jump while holding trick buttons (M1and M2). And, of course, that blocks all the tricks exept "copter" untill you land. Happens quite often....almost every 3rd jump.
  13. Because its awkward when he goes jibberish as soon as there is a Boss' name in his line. Kinda ruined the encounter....coz i cared to listen to him properly for the first time.... Tho....I would prefer if he appeared without any warning, and were "whispering" his lines right during combat. Especially when he actually deals damge to Health. Something like "This one is for Hyena!" Would be MUCH more....intimidating. Coz now he talks too much.....gives too much time for players to prepare.....and then dies to void lasers like a lame ass moose.
  14. How exactly being able to hover a bit longer is a buff? Its not really better than running around on tileset maps....And in open world you can fly around all day without any of these mods. I would understand if Aim gliding allowed you to perform specific attacks on aerial enemies or something like that.... Like Glider Mantle from MHW allows you to Mount monsters easier....But we do not have anything like that....yet. Dunno. For now these are pretty useless....As basic Aimglide time is more than enough for me.
  15. What exactly is broken? Orange is Orange, Red is Red......
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