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  1. I think that you might need to make a full list of these bugs with screenshots, and then spam in on their Twitter or whatever. I tried thoroughly reporting any animation/visual bugs in Bug section. It doesn't really work. These bugs are mostly ignored entirely. For example, incorrect rotation of some polearms were not fixed. I listed them all and provided screenshots in my bug report. Still "slapping" enemies with the side of the blade. I reported it like...3 years ago. After that I saw many other people reporting that same issue. No good. So yeah. If you really want some visual fixed, you gotta stalk them.
  2. Wait until DE add more RJ content.....Or until they "integrate" it into base game modes somehow (I heard they want to do that). Coz "main playerbase" already got what they wanted from RJ missions. This mode exhausted its "loot and lore" supply real fast. And Warframe doesn't provide enough challenge with its content to give it any "replay" value.... So yeah. Just gotta wait until DE add some RJ skin or Event or new "region". People will rush to Farm it, and that will be your chance to upgrade.
  3. Its not a "new game mode" actually. Its a part of the "quest"....Most likely, you will never play it again after you get what you want. Its droptable is not some evergreen sht. And that is why it nearly requires "quest item" Xoris that can also be used as a quite decent weapon. Its just like Paracesis. Honestly, its much better than Infested Salvage Nidus farm. More rewards, less time wasted.
  4. Would be nice if DE finally implemented that "Token system" they praised so much for so long already.... Then They would just replace these drops with Tokens. Add some NPC trader that would exchange tokens for evergreen resources or cosmetics.
  5. Dunno about hotkeys....Controllers don't have these. Instead I suggest expanding "waypoint" system for extra communication. Add held function to it with its own "Wheel" to place specific marks...Like "Go to", "Wait here", "Defend" and "Attack"..... These can be used to control Pets and other NPCs even. Voiceovers can play when you "waypoint" certain objects or enemies.....Like "Kill this one" or "Pick that up"....visible for all. Must be optional.....coz constant messages from other operators can be pretty annoying.
  6. Her 1, 2 and 3 do not really have any "ability unique" effects. Aoe heat and slash procs can be easily applied with weapons...And "Dispensary"...is just a pizza. The only Real ability she has is that "Temporal anchor", and this one is not very great at what it was supposed to do. Its just a "Free energy mode"....currently its the best use for this ability....and even for that its not really great. Energy is abundant, so its barely worth saving it like that. I tried using it for "safe suicidal attacks"...not great. Duration is not a problem....Real problem is casting time and animation. It can be sped up, sure, but its there...and it looks too dramatic for a simple "anchor placement"....360 T-pose spin....Who came up with this? Some ballerina out there? I suggest this: Replace Dispensary with Mark/Link ability. Allow Protea to drag someone/something along into "rewind" (only one object or person) Uses : Rewind objects/ frames to heal/restore them. Rewind Demo units to make em moonwalk away from conduit. Rewind your Heat turret to make it work twice as long.... And such. "Temporal anchor" MUST use a separate, automatically regenerating energy bar (cooldown). Once bar is filled, you should be able to Rewind without placing any anchors. Dying with Temporal Bar full = Automatic Rewind. No knockdown. No Anchor placement.....but short cooldown. Anchor recharge must be affected by her Passive too. "Each time you cast 3 abilities, you get 15% of your Temporal Bar restored"...or something like that.
  7. You are absolutely correct. But DE cant do that....or just don't want to. Because it would require lots of nerfs to Warframes and some weapons. That is a LOT of work for just a "mode"....Coz for good AI to work properly, you need to redo ALL enemies and ALL warframe AOE powers....their duration, stun times, cc and all that sht. Coz with current Warframe "power level" enemy's "skill" doesn't matter. Even their Numbers and amount of EHP doesn't. Can just CC them while stacking Spores and then they will die anyway. Or just Vauban them and then Melee, that will get crazy multiplier from all those hits (like we did in the old days when high level enemies were introduced for the first time) Also, check out how we do not even have "Enemy and AI" forum section. You cant even provide feedback about enemy units.
  8. Maybe as some Special Stance mod.... Or Exilus…. Coz I want to Disable dual wielding on my Glaives. It gets in the way.
  9. "Current Shield" must function like channeled ability (Ivara's Prowl in this case). Lasts until you run outta juice, increases drain when moving. Having both Drain and Duration is no good. Create Current Shield by Holding 3. Drop Current Shield by tapping 3 (turns it into Static Shield and starts duration countdown). No need for context action = shield will not be dropped when you open lockers or pick stuff up. Will be pretty nice this way. It should totally be compatible with Primary weapons...Because it works with Archguns.
  10. Don't need that. I never use that Held Tail Wind...no idea why its even there. Dunno what "evidence" are you talking about. I want to move. Not to hang still in the midair like some Regulator. Aim gliding does the thing for me when it comes to aerial time. I combine it with parkour and Tail Winds to stay airborne. When I need more, I use Glide mods. I like her abilities as is....exept Divebomb animation. Zeph must hit the ground with her Feet instead of faceplanting.... It might be hard to make her rotate right before the impact tho.
  11. I want "While airborne, Hold melee to Heavy slam" option. Will let me use Heavy Slams straight from Aim glide gunning.
  12. These telegraphs are not very distinctive tho. Ancient's stagger, shout and "tantackle attack" animations are quite similar to "Hook" animations. Its really hard to read sometimes, especially when there are several of them on the screen. I think that just Telegraphs will not entirely solve the issue. Proper solution would be: 1) Add distinctive Sound and VFX to telegraph animation. Make it stand out. 2) Roll/Dodge moves need a short window of immunity to grabs. Lich grab and Ancient hook can get you even if you time your roll properly...So staying away is the only real option here. 3) Grab and Hook must have limited "tracking frames" and "turn speed". Quickly moving behind the "grabber" should let you avoid its grab. 4) Ancient/ Scorpion Hooks must hold you "downed" until its dragging animation ends (you should be able to shoot, but not move while dragged). That is needed to make them feel dangerous on early levels. 5) Hooks should not deal damage on their impact. Instead, they should continuously damage you as you get dragged. Shoot them before they kill you and free yourself. 6) Lich should not be able to Grab Warframes from the Void. It happens a lot when I use Transferense before grab happens. With proper Telegraphs and avoiding methods, these can be pretty fun and fair to play against.
  13. Hmmm. Useless for Mobility. We have Bullet jumps, Latch and Void dashes. Those are simply faster than any "grappling hook". Combat? Dunno. We have some weapons with "harpoon" alt fire...Its not really worth it in this game. So.... no. Its pretty pointless. Barely have any uses, considering other options. And we don't have buttons for this stuff.
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