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  1. I see you have not played any decent slashers. Of course you would feel unfamiliar with this system. I suggest you play some, really. Dark Souls...it doesn't have good combat tbh. In both PoP (3D ones) and DmC you will quite often face more than one. Usually its 4-6 enemies (depends on their class). Enemy amounts are quite comparable. BTW, amount of enemies has nothing to do with Animations. If your DS character had much more armor and HP, and enemies were weaker in general and came in larger numbers, that would be a "horde slasher". Basically, its num
  2. Looks like some "Fortnite" kind of thing..... Sorry, but I prefer beautiful, full body animations (Prince of Persia, Devil may cry and such) and I can deal with any movement it results in. I agree that some stances have enormous amounts of "dash"....but that's no reason to degrade TPS melee into a FPS melee.
  3. I still want "Enemy AI and stats" feedback and bug sections.
  4. If "cutting" part rotates away from you, chainsaw will push itself towards you. There are real big chainsaws out there, and if this happens on a High powered one, it might get painful. Ripkas in general are just "wrong". Claw strike animations are too fast for chainsaws....you kinda need to press these against enemies for maximum effect. And their blades are not aligned with striking animations of many stances. But yeah, in case of Ripkas, chain rotation direction barely matters. They are small, and are used by augmented grineer and warframes.
  5. Change Slash to Heat for detonation and its done.
  6. Haha! Strength to the Grineer!
  7. Go to menu and enable "Melee autotargeting". This should help for now. It somewhat focuses attacks on a single target, preventing you from dashing behind it. And its not very sticky. But yeah, EEE combos gotta be redone at some point, as some of them really have too much forward movement.
  8. That's true.... I asked for open worlds back in the day... But I never expected that DE would abandon PoE so soon and just stamp another one. Especially considering how "Plains" go against the lore, where Earth were supposed to be covered with mutated trees entirely. So I expected a massive forest with skyscraper-sized trees and tree-mounted grineer platforms and bases. Parkour galore. Verticality. It would be like a huge Titanfall map but with trees instead of buildings.... DE have so many concept arts with this stuff, and yet they fail.
  9. You cant shoot while bullet jumping. You cant shoot while hopping the wall. You can shoot only if you Glide or Latch. Dude wants to shoot anywhere while wall running, like in Titanfall. Like it was before in Warframe. We could shoot while running the wall.
  10. Was thinking about that too. Grid sure is better for mouse than gear wheel. Especially for such a huge amount of items.
  11. DE removed stagger on basic attacks to prevent "stunlock" of enemies and let them retaliate..... but it doesn't do anything really. Enemies are too slow to fight our melee back.
  12. Because it will have very limited size in smaller tiles. And none of your teammates will let you get it to any decent size anyway. At best you will be rolling like 3-4 guys. Pinball/bowling is a pretty decent idea, as enemies will simply get damaged and ragdolled from collision while you bounce from wall to wall or simply dashing straight.
  13. It would be much better as actual gameplay thing for Grendel's 4. As in....Hold M1 to "charge" the shot, release it to launch forward at high speed (similar to pinball launching). Hold M2 to bounce off of the walls. Gain speed with each bounce. Release M2 to stop bouncing and decelerate. Can even get damage bonuses by bouncing off of someone's "static object ability" like Snowglobe or Glass wall or Vauban's pads.
  14. I will be pretty happy. Never minded it anyway... Being killed by my own explosives felt fair. Also, I don't like shield gating. It sucks.
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