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  1. The mecha Empowered Mod only goes 12m instead of 30 when maxed also doesnt proc always PLEASE FIX
  2. I cant use my umbral forma it doesnt go to the selection screen
  3. Name: Khora Age: 22 Sex: Female Sexuality: Bi About Me: I don`t take no for an answer. I have 2 cats that you will treat with the upmost respect and keep your gnarly kubrows away from them. I like sprinting threw missions and leaving at the first chance i get (Yeah i am one of those people). Don`t Feel offended when i out damage you. Lastly if you don`t like being tied up its already over end of story. ❤️ Cheers ❤️
  4. Can you Reduce this i Cant hardly play on fortuna to rank my Sanding or use my bro Ticker Cetus allows you to do them earlyer and to be honest its all i care about. Yes Rage at me for not like a 100% Better Verison of cetus but my PC cant handle it and i cant Handle the lag if i cant then i will be forced to buy everything with plat i dont have i am sure i am not the only one that has this Problem
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