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  1. It shows (or showed) in trade screen for some reason.
  2. Cool, now we get 1/80 of a wisp instead of 1/100. Why not just ditch hexenon and add some real rewards rather than ones already obtainable by killing enemies in the mode?
  3. I feel like if you want to appeal to different types of players, the challenges themselves (Elite weeklies in particular) need to have alternative condition(s) to complete. Just skipping challenges is not great - with current mathematics skipping Elite Weeklies and doing remaining ~83% of challenges is not enough to max out in 10 weeks (contrary to claims of 60-65% challenges always being enough) so why not give options to complete the same challenge? 60 minutes of survival could require surviving 20 minutes x3 times in one go or in multiple attempts. Ayatan challenge could allow collecting something else or doing some other mission as an alternative. It could even be possible to have some wildly reviled challenges go a lot more smoothly, like having a challenge require doing either 1 Conclave match or completing 1 sortie. Can't really complain about conclave challenge if it's not necessary.
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