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  1. I hadn't played Warframe much in the last year or so. Came back to farm Nidus Prime with a friend. Some times we get this problem and sometimes we do not. It never used to happen. Nothing has changed on our ends as far as we know. I am behind a strict NAT because I'm using a 4g connection and it's my only option where I live, but this never used to be a problem. edit: To clarify, other than using a VPN, I will always have a strict nat warning because it's not my home network configuration that's the problem, it's just the way MVNOs are I believe. I do remember Rebecca once mentioning that they forward packets or something so that people with a strict NAT can still play. I'm curious if they changed something about that in the last year or so? I tried the cloudflare warp thing mentioned above. It removed my strict nat warning when logging in, but unfortunately we still got stuck with please wait either when he tries to join me or I try to join him. Yesterday we were playing together. Today we can't. No logical reason as to what is different. One time it happened and re-logging let us play together. Today we've both tried that multiple times and nothing. edit: we finally were able to play together either just randomly like yesterday or because I kept changing settings in my router and it finally worked. I still get the strict NAT warning every login, but we were able to group again regardless. I'm not sure if I used to get the nat-pmp warning as well, but I was getting that in addition to strict NAT earlier and was able to get that to go away fiddling around with settings in my router, so that might have been the main problem. It also now says upnp malfunctioning, but that doesn't seem to matter. 🤷‍♂️I have upnp on in the router and it shows having correctly automatically forwarded ports for Warframe, but I added them manually as well for the hell of it.
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