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  1. It's kind of redundant for both of her weapons to be single target (or small area) focused. Maybe re-design her melee to be AoE focused. Maybe something like a whirlwind like animation where you have some ethereal looking extension going out a decent distance from her as she twirls about with her sword. No lock on since you'd want to position yourself in the middle of enemies. Or to combine your idea with it, do the pistol melee counter thing and make her heavy attack a decent ranged AoE twirl with the sword maybe with the range scaling with the combo counter as well so you're encouraged to build up an area attack and then strategically unleash it in a good spot or something.
  2. 1) This thread should be stickied, there's a lot of feedback on the event and I keep looking for this thread rather than posting new ones. 2) Just wanted to comment again on the 100/100 Murex being bad. When you have an hour or less, sometimes you join a flotilla that potentially could finish, but then it doesn't because there's not enough space squads or the ones that are up are dealing with bugs like no codes. This causes you to end up with 1/3 the credits you should have gotten. It also discourages people from attempting iffy Flotillas that may or may not finish, which results in more not finishing in time. 2a) As an alternative, I think either a region wide goal where all Flotillas count towards (with tiers and a higher overall cap), or, if that's not possible, add a per Flotilla tier system. IE: if you get to at least 25/100 everyone gets a 1x bonus in the mail when the time is up, at 50x you get 2x, at 75 you get 2.5x and at 100 you get 3x (or do 3x at 75 and make 100/100 a 4x bonus which would cap you at the current cap in a single full run if the flotilla gets to 100/100). edit2: when I wrote this I think I was thinking in terms of the current 3x total you get when you add up your score + bonus where the bonus is actually 2x, but the concept I think is good even though the example numbers may be too high. 3) I think the bonus cap should be higher regardless if you make any changes to the Murex goals or not. You can already get around it by jumping from Flotilla to Flotilla potentially, but that's then a risk in them not being finished in time. The current cap encourages you to try to spread out between multiple instances rather than stay on the same one to help it finish after you hit 5k. edit: 4) Switch rewards to Axi relics exclusively when you get to 4/5 on the Murex and ???+ on ground. Shouldn't be getting Lith and Meso relics from rounds where we're fighting level 100+ enemies. Also I need more Titania Axi relics.
  3. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: At the end of a space mission where we went 5/5 murexs it only displayed 24 credits at the end of the game on the pop-up. When I went to the flotilla I had 5,640 as a score. I can not remember if that was only my 2nd run or third, if it was my 2nd run than the actual score may have been correct and only been a display bug in the mission. REPRODUCTION: I don't know, it only happened once so far. EXPECTED RESULT: I should have gotten 2,820 credits I believe OBSERVED RESULT: It displayed 24 credits on the pop up at the end of the mission. REPRODUCTION RATE: It's only happened once.
  4. Sometimes when you're a client and a host re-starts a new RJ mission after you've already done one in that group, you start with no objective UI. Edit: and it never appears for the entire mission, you just never see the objective status, code status or oplink health etc.
  5. So Octavia master race inc? Or do they adapt to resonator eventually?
  6. I've used the Shedu some in the new event and have to say that the stagger mechanic does not belong on it at all. You frequently want to use this weapon at closer range, especially since it has a built in short range mechanic when it runs out of ammo. You literally designed this weapon to be used at close range then seemingly forgot shortly afterwards and added a self-stagger. It makes no sense whatsoever. The stagger on many of the weapons continue to make no sense. Just re-iterating my feedback that this effect should be removed except on the occasional weapon where it makes some kind of thematic sense for there to be a knockback from some massive explosion.
  7. Adding a new prime during a temporary event where I'm going to want to spend my game time getting points?! Hope you at least added the new relics to the event tables!
  8. I'm using him for the event, he's powerful at what he does, but I find his overall design clunky and will probably go back to not using him after the event. It's also awkward that he can block people from exiting the railjack, using the pilot's seat etc. That seems more like an oversight than an intended mechanic though. You should be able to CC invaders on the ship without worrying about whether you're blocking the exits. The only situation where being in the rift and being able to do any of those would be an issue is if Limbo himself gets into the pilot set while in the rift via his dash and is essentially a permanently invincible pilot, but even that isn't really a big deal. It doesn't make your ship invincible.
  9. While it isn't the most disappointing passive in the entire game, I do think it was lackluster. When I heard she was getting a healing passive I knew it wasn't going to be some massive healing amount that turns her into a big healer, but 4 hps seems too low. 5% health per second would actually be on par or better than a baseline Wisp Vitality mote (just looking at the healing value) for a 700HP+ character, so I don't really see them going that high for a passive (it would be fine at 300 hp probably), but it could use a bump. There's room between 4hps and 30+. I'm sure they're also considering that you're potentially reducing the amount of damage taken when utilizing Tribute to make a small healing value have time to do something, but Tribute is obnoxious to use still. Maybe they'll also consider taking one of the many suggestions on making it better that was much better than tossing in the clunky ability cycling system. IE: remove cycling entirely and make tribute give you stacks such as all the current tributes at 25% their current value stacking up to 4 times. You'd still have to get 4 to get full strength, you'd just be getting them with a dramatically less obnoxious control scheme. But anyway... Maybe change Upsurge to do a small amount of healing and energy regen (maybe even have it work during RW). I've always wanted her to have at least a minor energy regen mechanic of some kind and the name upsurge kind of fits that already. If they only want it to heal I'd say something like 10-15HPS would feel noticeable, 15 would be half of an unbuffed vitality mote (and the passive doesn't scale with strength). Having it proc in AW and work on additional targets it doesn't currently work on would be nice also.
  10. A few times when hosting I've noticed that just completely due to RNG sometimes a crewship ends up being right next to your next satellite and it just seemingly blows it up instantly when you pick it up before you can do anything. I've also seen it happen to other hosts when I was in their squad. Also, on an unrelated note, I feel like you originally intended the space mission to be harder, which is why you can cap faster in that mode than ground. In reality, space is faceroll easy and takes a lot less effort to fully cap than ground missions. It is even substantially easier to fully solo a space mission than fully solo a ground mission. I think you should adjust the amount of points you're getting to reflect that. Ground missions that go all the way to the end should be getting more per mission than space missions just based on difficulty. Space missions only fail due to the RNG issue with crewships I mentioned above.
  11. Agreed, this has been needed since RJ was released. When RJ was first released I think this was commonly reported as a bug since it seems like it can't be the intentional way for it to work.
  12. 1: TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Sometimes as a client when going to operator you get stuck in operator and it tells you ability use is prevented when you attempt to go back to your warframe. This happened to me twice so far during the Space mission, though I don't know if it's confined to space missions. If you exit the railjack in operator is puts you back into your warframe, however, if you go back into operator later, you are again stuck in operator and unable to switch back unless you're on the ship and use an exit. REPRODUCTION: I don't know, I go in and out of operator numerous times per mission and 90% of the time this doesn't happen. I'd guess it's some kind of client/host latency related issue, though the games it happened in weren't particularly laggy. EXPECTED RESULT: Not being stuck in operator. OBSERVED RESULT: Being stuck in operator. REPRODUCTION RATE: It's happened twice to me with two different hosts on different days out of ?? number of missions, only as a client never as host. 2: In my last game where I also happened to get the above operator bug, I got stuck on a RJ in the process of flying back to the relay when the host was flying back. It was just in an infinite loading/warp screen and never actually loaded the relay. When you pressed escape it had a menu to exit the relay even though I appeared to still be on the ship, so I left. The host happened to choose to fly back while their was a fatal breach between the 4th and 5th murex rather than complete the 5th for whatever reason, not sure if it's related.
  13. /sigh So I had done 2 runs already (edit: technically I had done 2 and part of one since I had done a partial one with me as host at the start then joined a random group with someone else hosting) and needed one more to cap. Started another game with the random squad I was already in, I wasn't host. My UI was bugged the entire time to never show objectives. I thought it was just a visual bug so I did the entire mission 5/5 with them anyway. I could drop my link and participate, but I never saw any code progress or anything like where objectives are usually shown on the UI. Mission ends, I get out, my score on the scoreboard was not changed at all. I did not get any additional points. I basically wasted my time in the last 5/5 mission as it did not count towards my score at all. I was ahead of the other people in my squad before the mission and behind them in score after it was over. That Flotilla was also at 100/100 after we got out and it mailed me my bonus which was only 6970. These were all in space missions, have no idea what caused it or how you could reproduce it.
  14. After a host migration I left and hosted my own mission in the same flotilla and it put me in the ship of the guy I had been in a group with before rather than using my own ship.
  15. Just posting this here quickly in case it either thing hasn't been reported before: 1) Got into a game where I wasn't the host where the host claimed the ship we were in was not his and it appeared to be a very basic ship without upgrades. 2) because of how weak the ship was it kept getting breaches as we were flying between murex. At the end, it got a fatal breach and sentient invasion at the same time. Both things were in the same spot. The sentient invasion thing blocked the breach, making it impossible to seal, which caused the mission to fail.
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