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  1. I did most of my arbitrations solo to not have to deal with migrations. I only did them long enough to get some mods I wanted. After all these months and all the feedback you received about why people didn't like the mode... these are the primary changes? It doesn't address the lackluster random buffs system which is ignored half the time because you give a buff to a frame that doesn't make it worth taking either because it doesn't need or care about strength or because it's too fragile even with that buff or that frame doesn't have meaningful utility in whatever kind of map is up. It doesn't address the duration vs. reward issues from one map type to another. It doesn't address years old issues on various tiles like garbage spawns or lack of power cells for solo players. Not impressed.
  2. Unless they give her a % based attack of some sort to consistently get enemies into the sweet spot of 40% or lower, I don't think this augment would ever be reliable. If it's not reliable, it's not worth a mod slot over a more reliable form of survival.
  3. I absolutely hate that they sometimes add extremely slow base casts that feel like utter garbage just to make natural talent serve a purpose. If the ability has to feel like slow clunky trash baseline in order for natural talent to feel like it's worth a mod slot, there's a design problem. Natural talent should be targeted towards spammable DPS abilities, not used so you can make random abilities not lock you into an obnoxiously long animation in a fast paced game. All abilities should be smooth/fluid baseline. Natural talent should be used to spam fireballs on ember or lighting blasts on Volt, but those abilities are terrible in general compared to weapons and not really worth casting to begin with. So instead of making the kinds of abilities that natural talent should work well with actually worth casting, they throw in really slow animations on random new frames. They don't need to remove the mod, but they need to balance/buff the kinds of abilities it should actually be used with and stop adding random abilities with horrendous base casts that feel like trash without the mod. Also, maybe it's time to add a natural talent 2.0 type mod that does something in addition to adding cast speed. Or add several different versions with different secondary affects, but you can only equip one version at a time (like how you can only use barrel diffusion or amalgam barrel diffusion). IE: Natural Talent: +50% casting speed Natural Talent: Energetic Rush: +50% casting speed. Gain ? energy per second for the next ? seconds upon killing an enemy with an ability. Natural Talent: Foraging: +50% casting speed. Killing an enemy with an ability has an increased chance of dropping an energy orb (or maybe gain a buff for X seconds after using an ability that increases your chance of getting orbs so it works with CC/buff/debuff focused frames as well). Natural Talent: Rythm: +50% casting speed. If you cast a different ability within ? seconds of casting another, you gain 25?% power strength for ? seconds, stacking up to ? times. Natural Talent: Vampiric Touch: +50% casting speed. Killing an enemy with an ability restores X% of your maximum health (or maybe grants a buff restoring X% of your health per second for y seconds so it wouldn't be rapidly healing you to full constantly on an AoE frame). I just pulled those examples out of the void so I don't know that they're that great, but basically, make more caster mods for different frames/playstyles that feel like they're more worthy of a slot instead of making people feel like they have to randomly use up a slot for it because you randomly gave that frame horrendous base cast speeds. edit: also if you want varied casting speeds to mean something or involve more of a trade, have better base cast speeds all around, but also offer natural talent variants with negative cast speed like: Natural Talent: Resolute Focus: -50% cast speed. You are immune to crowd control effects while casting and take X% reduced damage while casting and for Y seconds afterwards.
  4. I absolutely hate cycling abilities and avoid playing the existing frames that have them, so I definitely support getting rid of cycling. Her 3 also sounds kind of lackluster, so combining it with her 1 would be fine. Currently Wisp's buff systems sounds worse than Titania's tribute, which even after the changes is still one of the worst buff designs they've ever come up with. Are the three different buffs really worth the effort of managing both by the Wisp and her allies? I think it will particularly be flawed when in a map where you constantly move. If you're on a capture or exterminate mission etc it may be worth your time to occasionally drop a buff and pick it up on the go if you can cast them fast, but you'll never use her 3 in that kind of mission unless it has an exceptionally fast base cast speed for both her 1 and 3 (which infrequently ever happens as their tendency is towards obnoxiously slow base casts to try to give natural talent some semblance of a purpose). Cycling abilities also are clumsy and slower to use regardless of the actual cast time of the ability. If they won't remove the cycling, I think they need to add better control options for all frames with cycling abilities. Let players just bind each ability to a separate key. They can be unbound by default and console players can continue to just use cycling if they don't have enough keys, but give the rest of us a less clunky option. Another option would be to allow us to bind two separate keys, one to cycle and one to activate so you don't have to deal with tap vs. hold. Two keys is still somewhat clunky since you have to press cycle multiple times to get to the ability you want, but it'd be an improvement. Another alternative to cycling would be to change her 1 to a paging function. You press 1 and it changes your 2, 3 and 4 abilities into the 3 reservoirs. You press 1 while 2/3/4 are reservoirs and they transform back into her other abilities. This wouldn't work for other frames that have 4 cycled abilities, but it would work on Wisp since she only has 3. The paging would be instant and cost nothing. It would just be another way of accessing her 6 abilities. Using that control scheme would also potentially let you do a hold 1 to do her AoE and let you change her 3 to something else if they wanted. Having a hold function could lead to accidental paging, but it's less annoying to deal with than accidental cycling since there'd be only 2 sets of abilities. TLDR: I like the idea and also hate cycled abilities. If they don't like, that I offered some additional suggestions to get rid of, or provide an alternative to cycling.
  5. If they were going to make a portal themed frame I wish it had been something like a suggestion I made a long time ago (I think anyway, I can't find it anywhere so maybe I didn't post it... but I thought there use to be a new frame suggestion sub forum that doesn't even exist so maybe it did and it was there...). It was based on the game Portal and the ability to make 2 connected portals on surfaces that you could see, move and shoot through. 1 and 2 made the portals. Using up two abilities just to make them I think would still be fun when you consider the various things you could do with them from shooting enemies at a distance through them, traveling through them, making enemies fall through them or the various odd physics of moving from a wall up out of a floor or down through a ceiling (the type of things you do in the game Portal(2)). I forget what my 3 suggestion was and my 4 suggestion was actually to make a giant death laser type beam channel through the portal, so I guess not completely unlike Wisp's 4 except that it involved using the portals you create with your 1 and 2. There was also a suggested mechanic where holding down 1 let you toggle a sort of cloaking mode for the portals so you could still see through them, but enemies couldn't and you could no longer pass or shoot through them.
  6. There's an option to press to cycle, tap to activate as well, but there's no way to do any of the things I mentioned as far as I know. Having to press and hold to do any action in the game still feels clunky and doesn't feel right in a fast paced game. The option only really helps make it slightly less obnoxious if you don't need to swap abilities frequently. I think the only reason this system exists is because of consoles and limited buttons on controllers. Adding more keybinding options for people who aren't key limited would make frames with cycle abilities feel a lot better.
  7. My only issue without having tried her is that I just hate cycling abilities. They're obnoxious and clunky and usually lead to you mostly just cycling to one thing (IE: sleep arrow) and only using that one thing and then getting annoyed when you accidentally cycle it instead of deploy it. They need to let us bind each cycled ability separately. Consoles may not have enough buttons, that's fine, but add an option to the keybind menu so that PC players or anyone with enough spare keys can bind each individual ability and not have to deal with the clunky mess of cycled abilities. They are ALWAYS awful to use. edit: or at least let you bind cycle/deploy to different keys or try out a paging system instead since there are only 3 flower things anyway, IE: press ability 1 key, this swaps your 2/3/4 abilities so that they now activate your different flower buff things. Press 1 key again to swap 2/3/4 back to your other 2/3/4 abilities. or anything else that feels smoother than the horrendous tap to cycle, press to activate
  8. Is the nightwave index mission fixed yet? Do we have to re-do it (again)?
  9. Same thing happened to me 2 manning it with a friend, it showed we got credit for it, the lady spoke at the end of the mission, but then when you look at episode status, it shows as incomplete. Did it again solo, completed it, it said I completed it, but it shows as incomplete still in episode status.
  10. Just to point out, some people posting builds they like with her are using two rare shield arcanes that currently can only be purchased or farmed from time-gated RNGtastic Eidolons. Since this shield themed frame comes from Venus, and there are now two end-game shield/defense themed fights on Venus, I'm wondering why we don't have access to these arcanes on Venus? Why do you have to go back to Earth to get them and only during these clock-locked periods from fights with large loot tables? Without shield restoring arcanes there are a lot fewer viable options I suspect. I mean, try playing her with 75% efficiency and no shield arcanes and tell me how often and how long you can cast for example. Venus end-game fights are highly unrewarding currently and it seems like a solution to helping people get end-game arcanes that open up more build options is sitting there on Venus, waiting to get a better loot table.
  11. Now that I've played her a bit: Her 1 needs QoL changes. I should be able to move freely while I am charging/holding the shot just like I can with a staticor. Charging should do something more than just increasing damage. Increase the AoE radius as well or make charging it feel like it's not just a clunky damage bonus. Her 1 should auto activate when going into her 4. I'm guessing the current functionality of it not working or being usable at all in her 4 unless you cast 1 before going into 4 is a bug? Considering this ability is using potentially a lot of your shields, it should feel stronger than just using another weapon, but currently it feels worse. I feel like no damage should be able to bypass her shield. You already easily blow through your shields as a resource if you're actually using abilities. You can get it back very quickly in various ways potentially, but I feel like there's enough of a danger in running out of shields and becoming vulnerable that she doesn't need a slash/toxic and dead weakness, especially as what seems to be a "tanky" themed warframe (ignoring the dragon key build that's probably considered an exploit anyway and doesn't let you use any of her abilities). I really think her 2 needs to always be able to do something, not just to armor and shields. Hildryn's entire theme of using shields as a resource means you can potentially cast a lot, but you infrequently care about or even want to cast her 2 in many circumstances. As an example, when hitting an enemy with no remaining shields or armor, Shield Pillage (which could probably just be renamed Pillage) could do magnetic or radiation damage and restore shields based on the damage dealt. The damage amount could either scale with the health of the enemy, or with Hildryn's maximum shield value to avoid making it a massive AoE nuke on higher difficulties (IE: it could do 10% of Hildryn's max shield value in damage which would only be 3-500 damage and require hitting at least 10 targets to fully restore her shields). I feel like her 3 has some decent potential, but it actually potentially does harm to any person using a rage focused build. A support ability should be helping, not hurting. I think you could fix that by adding an effect such as "While allies shields are at maximum, they gain x energy per second." I could also see it as just always active to make it simpler. Either way, the point would be that you're not energy starving people by blocking their rage mods as well as just making her a more appealing support. It also fits her thematically as she uses her shields as an energy source and is sending that energy to allies. It could be something like 5 energy per second, not stepping anywhere near Trinity/Harrow territory, but providing a decent boost to any ally that wants to come in range and use you as a battery or help make up for you rage-blocking them. The thing I enjoyed most while leveling Hildryn was actually her signature weapon because I leveled the Larkspur at the same time. Her kit was pretty lackluster, so I just had fun playing around with the Larkspur instead. Since it's her signature weapon, maybe you could throw in a mechanic to be able to use it more frequently. IE: while the Larkspur (or maybe any archgun?) is on cooldown, every ?50? shields spent on your abilities reduces the remaining cooldown by 1 second. I feel like that would fit into her theme pretty well since she's a frame with a big signature weapon and the mechanic would play into using her abilities to get the arch weapon back faster. She can't shoot it while up in her 4, but it would add another playstyle option to her. Also, it'd be nice if you could add an archgun specific hotkey outside of the gearwheel that also worked in (E)SO where the gear wheel is disabled. That's not Hildryn specific (though would be related if you gave her a faster archgun reset mechanic), but not being able to use an arch weapon in onslaught is kind of annoying.
  12. If you want to create a new kind of fight, and that fight takes awhile to do sans exploit, maybe have rewards that are meaningful? You get Hildryn and then there's nothing from the fight besides farming excessive amounts of mats many might not need or care that much about. The only really desired end-game item that's still elusive to a lot of players is arcanes, but the only place to get them is from Eidolons, which are still time locked behind the most horrendous time-gate system ever conceived. Having Venus fights not time-gated behind an awful clock was a huge improvement over Earth, but none of them drop anything interesting. Should you not want people interested in your newer content at end-game over the older content? Why weren't new frame arcanes created and added to Venus Orb fights, or some of the old ones added if they didn't want to go tot he trouble of coming up with new ones?
  13. I feel like this should be considered just a valid strategy. If you killed one vent, it'd freeze them and move into a longer process of destroying them. If you're smarter with it and destroy them all at once, you get to skip ahead to the outside phase. I would have simply fixed the scripting so it doesn't do all the dialogue in a clunky way and just skips to the "I'm going outside now" part of the script if you killed all the vents at once. Also, I was disappointed to see you released a hotfix without doing anything about the Nightwave weeklies. You took the time to nerf things that were beneficial to the players but aren't doing anything about Nightwave issues. Even if you refuse to change the requirements mid season, you could hotfix it so we can taxi people to profit taker so more people can get it done. I'd also prefer you remove the "with a friend" requirement since it's absurd that I can't just do the damn thing in a public game.
  14. You really should put out a hotfix that allows people to taxi to Profit Taker. A LOT more people will be able to finish that weekly if you do so. I have one friend that plays Warframe. He will not have the rep to get to the fight this week. That means he has zero chance to do it. I can do it if I add some random to my friends list since your awful design choice doesn't let me just get credit in a pub and you refuse to change any of the requirements mid season... I find it obnoxious that you've absolved yourselves of having to fix anything mid season and stated you're not going to change any of them. There's nothing preventing you from adjusting the requirements in a hotfix, you simply are choosing not to and that's a choice players should take note of. Common sense should have prevented things like Profit Taker with a friend, 3 forma or gilding from being in the list to begin with, but since that ship has sailed, you could do something about them if you wanted to. Instead it's essentially a social experiment/beta test that you're going to look at when it's all over and MAYBE make some changes to it for the next season.
  15. Even though several people already criticized the new weeklies and I upvoted all their posts, I just want to emphasize that the gild and forma weeklies are ridiculous. They even come dangerously close to pay to win territory if they aren't already in it. You should forma things when you want to do so because you're going to use them and want them to be more powerful. You should craft and gild things for that reason as well. Doing so just for the sake of a weekly is absurd and 100x worse even than the concept of mastery fodder. I happen to be building Hildryn so I'll probably just forma her, but it still shouldn't be a weekly (and is also highly annoying since I just used like 6 forma in the past few days and would have just waited until today if I knew there was going to be a forma weekly).
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