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  1. If you make one AI change in the near future, it should be to make crew members capable of targeting radiators or other similar objectives (and it should be a top priority for them). Even if you park your Railjack right in front of a radiator and have gunners assigned and go into a base and expose the radiator, the gunners will NOT shoot the radiator that is right in front of them. If you assign a pilot, they'll just fly around aimlessly rather than go to a base with an exposed radiator and destroy it. This means that soloing missions with these types of objectives take just as long
  2. I don't know if this is possible, but one thing I would add to her is a QoL change for maps with low skyboxes. If she tailwinds up into a skybox, instead of doing a typical out of bounds port, she should automatically stop just below the edge of the skybox and possibly automatically enter hover mode.
  3. I noticed in missions where you have to access consoles in a base to expose radiators outside that even if you have assigned a pilot and gunners to your ship, they just fly around randomly outside and do not go kill the radiators when you expose them. When solo, this means that even if you have a full crew, they do not actually do what they should do when left in the ship while you are on the base. You are forced to teleport back to the ship and kill the radiator yourself, then go back into the base yourself just as you would have had to do with no crew. Crew AI needs to be able to do mo
  4. When doing Sanctuary Onslaught it failed to port my pet into the next area. My pet was alive on the UI, but nowhere to be seen. I also lost the effect of primed animal instinct and had no enemy radar anymore. This happened multiple times, but I don't know if it happens every time. I was on Zephyr when it did happen.
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: I was playing Zephyr in a Sanctuary Onslaught game and dive bombed into the portal. I was then stuck in a divebomb animation, unable to move, cast any ability or swap to operator. I was completely stuck, unable to take any action of any kind. /unstuck command moved me, but still in the perma divebomb. It wasn't until I finally died (which took most of that round) and was revived that I was released from this endless divebomb hell. When I came out of the portal in the divebomb animation I sort of floated over into a wall, but was then stuck, completely stationar
  6. I kind of miss this, especially with ramsled vs. lower level fighters. Maybe bring it back, but with more control. If you have boost and maneuver on separate hotkeys it's less clunky to control. You could also do something like hitting maneuver again while already drifting will do the charge/lunch functionality and require you have maneuver bound to a specific key while leaving the boost/maneuver combo key without the charge/launch functionality. Maybe it would feel too redundant with the new blink feature, I don't have that unlocked to see if it's a good replacement. I would really like
  7. The increasing/decaying RJ ability cost effectively just adds a cooldown to certain abilities to prevent you from spamming them, even as Hildryn. If you want the ability to only be cast at a certain interval, just add a cooldown and be done with it. Using a convoluted resource system to effectively just have a cooldown is weird and it makes it harder to tell at a glance when you'll be able to cast the ability again.
  8. I didn't do the event so the mode was completely new to me today. So far it's by far my least favorite "new" thing. The map/tileset that they're on is awful and difficult to navigate, especially as a mech. The map markers guiding you to the targets are inaccurate and difficult to follow at times, which wastes a lot of time in what appears to be a very time-sensitive mission. If they improved mech mechanics and improved the placement of the targets and/or improved guiding you to them, maybe it wouldn't be awful.
  9. Going through some RJ nodes, I didn't get credit for a defense node until I manually flew away to a new node, which seems unintended or confusing. I didn't play in the Orphix event so that mode was new to me. I failed it twice having no idea what I was supposed to do. It does not give you any clear indication of when you're supposed to move to another area. I had to look it up in the Wiki to even know wtf was happening. I also think Kuva Liches are a shame when playing solo. Just having them sit around waiting to "defend" feels like they are a waste of a crew slot half the time.
  10. I'm also hoping it's 30 of any wreckage. I can't imagine why anyone would have built 30 MK3s, but I stopped playing RJ mostly after I got MK3 weapons and my ship was pretty decked out. Not sure if people kept playing it and building more for some reason? It took me very little time to build like 20 tier 1 wreckage yesterday already though, so I thought maybe that third reward was reserved for something more time consuming, then I re-read the workshop and couldn't decide what it meant.
  11. A lot of people have already asked this, but I do think you need to clarify the wreckage bonus rewards ASAP. When I read it yesterday I read it as though you just needed to build 30 wreckage of any kind to get a tier 3 reward. Re-reading it today, it seems like the first bundle of rewards is from either a clan BP or a tier 1 wreckage. The 2nd bundle is only counting tier 2 wreckage and the third bundle is only counting tier 3 wreckage. The way you wrote it is ambiguous because you put a colon and then tier 1-3. It could either be calling the bundle of the reward tier 1-3 or it co
  12. Could we get an affinity bonus weekend before the patch (assuming it's not later this week) in case we want to go back and finish maxing our intrinsics before the patch?!
  13. Will this make Hildryn particularly good in RJ if you're interested in using those abilities a lot?
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