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  1. The main issue with his kit from the start for me was the anti-synergy between his 1 and 4. They added the energy pillar projectiles re-enthrall mechanic, but left in that his 4 blows up the pillars, which completely left in the obnoxious interaction between his 4 and his 1 and often makes you not bother casting his 1 at all if you're going to be using his 4 at all. If they simply removed the 4 detonating the pillars mechanic, you'd actually at least have a use for his 1 since the pillars would then keep re-enthralling on their own. You're not going to waste your time on his 1 so you can have a thrall for a few seconds before you use his 4 again. The only purpose his 1 currently serves is if you want to afk defend a mobile defense point or something. Also, I guess the thralls enthralled by energy pillars don't leave their own energy pillars so you couldn't chain them anyway, which means you'd have to waste your time re-casting his slow one for little to no benefit constantly.
  2. Borg1611

    Frost Rework

    I think these are pretty good suggestions. The other thread about frost recently suggested replacing his 2 with a defensive ability, which I thought was fine, but I actually like your snow globe suggestion better for giving him better survival outside of his stationary globes. Currently I never use his 1 or 2 outside of popping globes so trying to get people to want to use both of those would be great. While there's still a lot of redundancy with his 1, 2 and 4 in your suggestion, the use of his 1 and 2 is cheaper and has the added effect of the shatter. The passive suggestion would be more useful than his current one, though it's also kind of redundant since all of his abilities are about slowing and freezing as well. Maybe they could make his passive do something when enemies he freezes die/are shattered. Some people have suggested things like dropping orbs or giving him energy. I think maybe dropping ice armor buffs anyone on his team can pick up similar to the buff avalanche's augment provides (it could stack with it if you actually use it) would be neat. The buff needs to be changed to let adaptation proc through it though.
  3. I use frost to solo interceptions and sometimes lower level defenses (high range avalanche nuking). I can't remember the last time I bothered to cast his 1 or 2 outside of using his 1 to remove a globe. His 2 looks cool, but it doesn't serve any useful purpose at all. Avalanche is a better damage dealing ability + reduces armor and has a CC and can have a very large radius and hit enemies out of line of sight. I'd be fine with them replacing his 2 with a defensive buff/aura (as long as it wasn't a constant energy drain). That is something he currently lacks so it would be a nice addition to his kit. If they wanted they could merge his current 2 into his 1 in some way so it wasn't lost entirely (and maybe give his 1 a purpose besides popping globes in the process). IE: if you hit an already frozen target with freeze, ice waves erupt from the ground in ?all? directions surrounding the target. It would still be redundant with avalanche, but it would be a lot cheaper and look cool without wasting an entire ability slot. edit: another alternative idea to preserve ice wave after changing his 2 would be to change his passive so that whenever an enemy frozen by frost dies, ice waves erupt in all directions (maybe with a short internal cooldown if it was too intense in dense maps like onslaught)
  4. When discussing the new Ember re-work they specifically mentioned that the new ability "Immolate" originally had an energy drain, but it was removed because she was an energy hungry frame already and you wanted her to use her other abilities while immolate was active. This same logic should be applied to Razorwing. I don't think they'd even need to go to the trouble of adding a new resource meter or mechanic (they could, but I'm not sure there's time between now and when they intend to release the changes). I suggested in the other recent thread about her that they could add an energy mechanic to another ability so she can manage her own energy while using razorwing and casting other abilities. IE: make enemies affected by her 1 more likely to drop energy orbs when they die. Or, if they don't want her to be a source of energy to other players, make it so when an enemy affected by her 1 dies, it restores energy specifically just to her. I also think they should add a snare to her 1 so enemies don't fly off all over the place as easily/quickly. Alternatively, picking up a Tribute could restore energy just to her so that using it is actually energy-positive, scaling further with energy strength. And/or, just remove the energy drain on Razorwing entirely and maybe add a new mechanic such as, every time a Razorfly dies, a new one is spawned at the cost of X energy. This would enable energy restoration mechanics during her 4 while still having an ongoing cost in higher level content + solve the issue of having to re-cast her 4 just to spawn new razorflies (assuming it isn't already fixed by making picking up tributes spawn additional razorflies, it wasn't clear if that only increased the cap and spawned them once or if picking up additional tributes always spawns them). Using zenurik with Razorwing would still be annoying though even if you could due to the way we have to constantly re-apply it (which I think should be changed, but that's a separate issue). Basically they could just come up with some combination of small changes that use the same logic applied to the Ember re-work where you want her to be more actively casting other abilities while in razorwing, just as Ember wants to cast more abilities with Immolate up. ------------------------------ On a different note, I was thinking about how they want to maintain her theme of avoiding being hit between her evasion chance in Razorwing + negative hit chance aura from tribute + razorflies but still give her some damage reduction so she doesn't get one shot when she occasionally does get hit. Instead of having a lower flat DR % (which will only go so far) on top of avoidance mechanics, why not have a DR mechanic that ties into avoidance? IE: say every second she doesn't get hit, she gains 5 stacks of ?? (pixie dust?). Every stack of this buff reduces damage by 1%, stacking up to 100, but if she gets hit, she loses ?? stacks. That way you maintain her theme of avoiding damage to survive, and she is rewarded for not taking damage by having this increasing damage wall that allows her to avoid one shots when she gets hit with an AoE or occasional shots (taking 20 seconds from being at 0 stacks to build back up to 100% on the next hit). Maybe unnecessary when thinking of other existing mechanics, but adaptation really shouldn't be something you'd even want to equip on an avoidance frame since avoiding being hit completely goes against the mechanics of how that mod works. If you want to combine avoidance of damage and damage reduction, I think a mechanic where you build up DR when not being hit is more thematic and makes more sense.
  5. I have to use a negative efficiency build to care about resources on Hildryn even if you're not facing targets where her 2 works well/at all. Raska Kubrow's are OP with her shield regen wise. I don't have strong shield arcanes so I'm not sure how crazy her regen could be if you combine those with a kubrow. Haven + Aegis Storm isn't an AoE DPS powerhouse of course, but it's decent AoE when combined with the CC and utility. ---------------------------- In terms of the new meteor ability, in the clip I saw it seemed like it works like Garuda's 4 in terms of how it targets and hits enemies (but without a charge up mechanic)? Except in one part it seemed like it hit enemies out of line of sight that were really far away, so It may just be a huge radius? It looked like it would be a lot more fun to use than Ember's very passive and boring current WoF. Not sure why people would want the current WoF over that. https://youtu.be/0zW4ZxRzOmM?t=1692 That's the part of the stream about ember if anyone hasn't seen the abilities in action yet. Also, at around 34:55-35 she seemingly affected the enemies on the side with WoF when not looking at them and possibly out of LoS, which is why I wasn't sure if her 4 was a Garuda 4 style cone as it seemed at first, or something else.
  6. I don't think there needs to be an energy drain mechanic on it at all. I think it should be a choice to stay high heat, low heat or somewhere in the middle. You could do this by having it start at high DR like 90% and as you gain more heat, your DR is reduced, but you gain some other benefit(s) like efficiency and/or faster cast speed. If you want to be a glass cannon unleashing fiery death and destruction, you stay at high heat, but you become fragile. If you want to be tankier, you need to release your heat and stay lower. 50% meter could be 50% DR and at 100% it could be gone entirely. Or if they make the high heat meter a really powerful buff and want to make it even more dangerous, even when in a group with potentially other DR buffs, make it start at 90% DR going to 0% DR at 50% meter and then going above half meter actually increases your damage taken. It could be something like 1% more damage taken + 1% damage reduction penalty on any external buffs or adaptation per % above 50 on the meter (by having both effects you can balance it around other damage reduction effects without having to make it a crazy amount of extra damage taken that would be too extreme if she's solo). The buff could then be something like 0.5%-1%? additional cast speed per % on the meter and 1% efficiency (assuming it still caps at 75% total, this would allow you to gear for negative efficiency and still have high efficiency at high meter). The fiery explosion mechanic could still be there as a way to instantly dump all of your heat when you toggle your 2 off. It could do damage that scales significantly with your meter in a small radius.
  7. I wrote a long re-work idea for her awhile back that plays into the vampire theme and re-working the way she uses and creates energy to go along with it: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/885127-can-we-talk-about-trinity-trinity-ideas-discussion/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-9533171 If they just made minor changes to her, I think link should just be a toggle, it doesn't need a duration. In my re-work idea for link it actually gets two modes you can swap between where you link either to enemies doing what it does now, or link to allies and essentially have it work like a WoW spirit link style ability. I do think they should replace her 1 as well since hardly anyone ever uses it in its current form. My suggestion was to create an object that was a well of life instead of turning a target into one. It would pulse healing and remove status effects every pulse. It could also grant temporary status immunity on cast in a way that plays into my re-works theme (short version: every ability uses 100% of your remaining energy and if you're above a certain % it gets additional effects, except link has no direct cost, you just toggle between the two modes, her passive is a different form of energy vampire where dealing damage gives her energy and then her 2 is replaced with "energy leak" which lets you give energy to your team, her true damage from EV is preserved in a synergy between link and energy leak when bother are on).
  8. According to the wiki: "Damage percentage is applied to either the target's remaining health or 25% of its maximum health - whichever is greater at the time of cast. Each pulse inflicts at least 5 True damage." edit: so if I'm doing the math right and you meant 152% total, that would mean each tick does 38%, but following the rules above. So a mob with 100 health: after tick one would be at 62 health after tick two they'd be at 38 health (because you're doing 38% of 62 health in damage or 24 damage this time rather than another 38 damage) after tick three they'd be at 24 health after tick four they'd be at 15 health After going below 25 health, any tick from that point forward would do ~9.5 damage, so it would still take two more ticks from a second cast to kill them I think? edit2: though it does say "time of cast," not "time of tick." If it was really time of cast it should kill them in one cast with the numbers you stated so maybe it calculates per tick, I never tested it myself.
  9. On top of the things they've announced are coming I would add: 1) Make her 1 snare enemies so they don't potentially fly off all over the place 2) Make her aura buffs from Tribute affinity range so you're more likely to provide a group benefit as you're flying around (and can modify the range with one of the focus schools since they currently don't benefit from many stats). 3) I'd also consider throwing in another mechanic such as enemies killed while affected by her 1 are more likely to drop energy orbs. Then maybe make razorflies pick up energy orbs if she's missing at least so much energy. Since her little friends are able to pick tributes up now I think it would fit (and the idea would be they'd pick up the orbs much further away than her vacuum). Also, it sounds like razorflies still aren't getting a way to re-spawn outside of re-casting her 4 unless picking up tributes after you get your increased cap then respawn razorflies when they're dead? That should be changed too if that's the case. Either respawn at a set interval or make picking up the tribute trigger razorfly respawning in addition to increasing the cap. I'm not a huge fan of augments like razorwing blitz that fix baseline issues like how slow she is baseline, but this is really a bigger problem with many augments and not a Titania specific issue. I think some of the suggestions about entire ability re-designs or replacements are neat, but it doesn't seem like they'll realistically be doing anything that big for her between now and the estimated couple of weeks before they release them.
  10. My first thoughts on the Ember stuff was that her passive needed a much longer range, so I'm glad they're already changing that. I think maybe they should change the immolate meter mechanic so it's not just a penalty when you fill it. For example, maybe start the DR at max at like 90% with the bar empty, and then as the meter fills, the DR reduces to ??% at full, but as the meter fills, you gain a damage bonus or an energy cost reduction bonus if that was too redundant with her passive. That way you can decide if you want to leave the bar full for a different kind of bonus, or keep it low for high DR or somewhere in the middle. That would create more choices in how you play and use the meter instead of just the current don't let it get full or you have to start over mechanic. Toggling it off could then be the only way to release it entirely all at once by choice in an explosion that does a lot of damage based on how full the meter was.
  11. Some of them are pretty cool, though I think some solve issues that should be solved baseline. IE: Roar should be re-castable while active by default. I also still think augments should have an entirely separate UI and not compete for space with other mods. One augment slot per ability with multiple augments per ability > having to give up baseline stats to fit in an augment.
  12. We need a lot of hexenon and the only reasonable way to get a mildly decent amount is currently a group farming an endless mission efficiently (and even then a lot of people posting their numbers are using double boosters). It would be nice if this new mode that's most common round reward is hexenon actually gave a useful amount of it. Four is less than you can get from a random drop without a booster. I'd increase the hexenon reward values. Even if you increased them by say 5x, it'd still take 20 tier c hexenon rewards just to have enough to build Wisp.
  13. I did most of my arbitrations solo to not have to deal with migrations. I only did them long enough to get some mods I wanted. After all these months and all the feedback you received about why people didn't like the mode... these are the primary changes? It doesn't address the lackluster random buffs system which is ignored half the time because you give a buff to a frame that doesn't make it worth taking either because it doesn't need or care about strength or because it's too fragile even with that buff or that frame doesn't have meaningful utility in whatever kind of map is up. It doesn't address the duration vs. reward issues from one map type to another. It doesn't address years old issues on various tiles like garbage spawns or lack of power cells for solo players. Not impressed.
  14. Is the nightwave index mission fixed yet? Do we have to re-do it (again)?
  15. Just to point out, some people posting builds they like with her are using two rare shield arcanes that currently can only be purchased or farmed from time-gated RNGtastic Eidolons. Since this shield themed frame comes from Venus, and there are now two end-game shield/defense themed fights on Venus, I'm wondering why we don't have access to these arcanes on Venus? Why do you have to go back to Earth to get them and only during these clock-locked periods from fights with large loot tables? Without shield restoring arcanes there are a lot fewer viable options I suspect. I mean, try playing her with 75% efficiency and no shield arcanes and tell me how often and how long you can cast for example. Venus end-game fights are highly unrewarding currently and it seems like a solution to helping people get end-game arcanes that open up more build options is sitting there on Venus, waiting to get a better loot table.
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