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  1. I'm curious if there was any change to argon crystal drop chances in the void in any of the hotfixes since Deimos came out. When it first came out I felt like it was easily getting multiples almost every capture I did when I would go get some for the helminth and now I don't really. I'm not sure if the steel path booster is meant to apply to breaking crates and what not but it doesn't seem like there's any difference between normal and steel path when hunting for them. I thought the booster was effectively just a normal resource drop chance booster so I would think breaking crates to far
  2. The idea that the cast times are somehow a balance for what the ability does is simply not realistic. DE arbitrarily releases some abilities with god-awful base cast times and there's infrequently any discernible reason for that choice. IE: Xaku's grasp of lohk released with a laughable base cast time and thankfully it's being changed. Other frames like Revenant released with bizarrely slow cast times for seemingly no reason other than making natural talent a go-to mod choice. Far more powerful abilities than random slow abilities have much faster cast times baseline. There's
  3. I didn't. I'm currently at rank 7. I've only done a few infusions and subsume once a day. I'm glad the slots never really mattered since it would have been annoying, though it does seem that they only exist as an illusion to make it seem like the ranks have more meaning than they actually do.
  4. Now that they moved some mods to the rep I have 4 empty mod slots and am out of capacity on my mech (only formaed twice so far). As many others have already said, I feel like the kuva weapon mechanic of increasing capacity per forma would make a lot of sense here given how many mod slots mechs have and considering I would expect additional rare and higher capacity mods in the future.
  5. The defenses of bile costs are out of touch with reality and their difficulty tier list is just completely off and seemingly based on nothing but their personal stockpile or opinion with no thought to the actual difference in time investment from one resource to the other. IE: Cryotic takes 30 excavators for one turn in. Yet one of the only defenders of bile costs considers that the most trivial while rating argon crystals at a harder level when that's the easiest turn in. It takes a few minutes, maybe 5 if you're unlucky to farm the argon crystals for 1 turn in while taking over half an
  6. Another frame with a cycled ability demonstrating why it's a really awful control scheme to have in a fast paced game. All these abilities would be so much better with another control scheme. At the very least, give us frame specific key binding as an option and let us bind each ability separately. Spend some of your UI re-vamp time on expanding the key binding system.
  7. A lot of abilities would be more attractive if we could get a special augment slot for them. Taking up both an ability and mod slot to make them worth having in your build isn't ideal. Some other abilities just really need to be buffed or changed baseline to be more interesting. Random ideas: Make Spectrorage deal pure slash damage and have a 100% slash proc chance. It makes sense since we're dealing with breaking mirrors and it would make the damage actually useful. Could also throw in a touch of enemy level scaling to the damage value. Nourish Strike: making this apply to
  8. I feel that the endless excavators should actually excavate something. It would make sense to give a small random amount of a mining resources after each excavator completes. The bounty is even called strip mining, but we don't appear to be mining anything.
  9. In order to encourage people to experiment with more combinations while not eliminating the constant resource sink aspect that you clearly are after, I suggest adding a mechanic where infusing an ability gives a buff to that specific frame that reduces future infusion costs by 10% for that frame, stacking up to 5 times or something. The idea being they get used to infusions and it requires less resources to continue to infuse abilities into the frame. The buff would be frame specific but count against any infusion cost of any ability into that frame. That way you wouldn't be as worried a
  10. I got to rank 5 with the Entrati and the only rank up reward option was a trophy blueprint. That seems... um, disappointing.
  11. This is general feedback for archwing in any open world, but I'm noticing it a lot in deimos. The annoying rolling in the air stun whenever you touch a surface needs to be adjusted. It should never proc when you're not in sprint mode. You can be in the slower mode, be 1ft from a surface, barely tap in the direction of that surface and it counts as a collision of sufficient force to stun/spin you. I can see why you might want this mechanic when in sprint mode and moving really fast, but it's completely unnecessary when you're traveling in slower speed mode. It's especially annoying when looting
  12. I know you must have had conversations about vacuum before you launched and for some reason decided to go no-vac. Maybe it was just a bug and not ready. Maybe your anti-vac devs were given too much influence. Whatever the reason, the mechs need to have baseline vacuum. Running over drops will never ever be fun to 90% of your playerbase and you should just stop trying to get people to do it. I don't have most of the mods yet but I feel like even with them the energy economy is going to feel kind of weak. The 2 and 4 are strong but the 1 and 3 are not worth wasting energy on currently.
  13. It would be more useful if it used the same damage mechanics as the regular magnetize rather than the weaker directional version. If they want it in a cone there should be some other benefit like double range since it's only going in one direction or something.
  14. The new hotfix made Scintillant more common in the lower level bounty, however, it's still a completely unreasonable resource to farm. I have done a number of vaults and never seen a single one in the wild. It still does not spawn correctly out in the world or at least it certainly isn't as easy to farm in the wild as cetus wisps were, which is the item you compare them to.
  15. I decided to use my new mech while doing some bounties to play around with it and failed a control the area bounty segment because none of the kills it was getting counted towards the progress and I didn't notice until it was too late. This was on a low level bounty so the mech was basically one shotting all the mobs and getting a lot of kills that should have been keeping the counter at 100% easily.
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