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  1. I am honestly hoping that we see unique tile sets for the planets that don't have them yet, which are: Photos, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Sedna. When we got the Wolf of Saturn Six I was hoping we would see a Saturn change to a network of prison systems in the clouds of Saturn and nope, still just the asteroid tileset...
  2. Honestly, the concept is good and the abilities make sense with one another and compliment each other. So yeah, I would play this frame if it came out. I like the idea of more diverse exalted weapons.
  3. I wouldn't call it hate, but just anger at the fact that Revanent isn't a very cohesive frame with its own lore. Plus, 1 -3 attempt to work together then 4 works against the rest of the abilities so... Rev is just a mess to be quite honest so I get why he would be mad.
  4. It just feels wrong for her kit. On some chronometer frame? Maybe, if it had good synergy, I could see it working. But with Protea, her 1 and 2 are great for damage, her 1 and 3 are great for survivability and keeping energy and ammo up, i mean there isn't a point where I want to use it. I even said when they first showed her off that I would have much preferred a bomb or exalted gun or something to the temporal anchor as it just doesn't mesh well with kit or theme. Now Vauban's tesla nervos and the augment, Wisp's bread surge, or Rhino's roar all feel a lot better and work better
  5. This update was great, a few bugs, but they are being ironed out. The one thing I won't forgive them is the Necramech boss fights. They had been doing really well with the multistage fights (exploited, new jackal, etc) that I was hoping we would continue this trend. Instead we got rehash of eidolons which is just depressing in every way shape and form (at least these ones can be cheesed by octavia). To literally come off of an update where they reworked the Jackal into a multistage fight and made it feel unique and then get a completely new boss who is just a meat bag with an invul is just a s
  6. The main problem was even with nerfing them is that people still would use them as the other options aren't up to par. I am really hoping DE looks at the metrics of which abilities are subsumed and used most and which are removed most (i.e. Most of my Protea friends have removed her 4 for things like tesla nervos, larva, and breach surge) and use that to look at the others and either buff or fix the abilities that aren't used as much.
  7. Pharoh during Fass, Medjay during Vome. Just get on your archwing and fly around the perimeter of the drift with the tranq gun and look for them. Make sure they get attacked by some infested (lead infest to them if need be) and bam, you got yourself an infested boi.
  8. I really hope they unvault Zephyr soon. I just want the prime accessories that came with her.
  9. I just noticed that Vengeful pull looks correct when I put it on my operator but on companions and warframes it sees do be scaled so small that there is just barely an effect around the stomach area. If this could please be fixed to where it scales properly as it does with the operators that would be wonderful. Operator Companion Warframe
  10. I lnow, for a jew open world this one has been surprisingly fun. Now iso vaults are kinda meh because yet another boss that the only way they can make it "hard" is to make 75% of our arsenal useless against it (hope they rework stuff soon so they can stop doing this) and the sad drop chance at necramech mods. Other than that, I have been having a pretty great time.
  11. This ability states: "Transmit a parasite to an enemy within 30m. Tentacles spawn from it and cling to enemies in 5m slowing them as they move further away from the parasite, and dealing 20 viral damage per second over 5 seconds." But, in practice only the host takes the slow and the damage as the parasite will not latch on to others. Also, if the enemy dies when infected by the parasite the parasite will change colour and persist in world for a longer duration but still will not cling to others. I just hope this can be fixed so the parasite will latch onto others, though the dama
  12. I just want to add, someone said you might not have to rank it to 30 before you consign it. So, let me check that to make sure. Edit: Yep, has to be rank 30, but you don't have to gild it.
  13. Just rank up another pet (you should have like 10 extra vizirs from hunting) to 30, then consign it to son. He gives you 10 tokens per predasite or vulpaphyla you consign.
  14. Big question about Anabolic Poison though, does it only increase toxin if you have it on your weapon or ability already, or does it add it if you do not have it and further increases it if you do?
  15. Predasite Wiki That link should have what you are looking for, and yeah I need 1 more green velocipod and 2 more birds and I have all the floofs as well! I know you can get grineer rollers as a spectre from Steel Meridian so that might be something to look for, but I would definitely love to see them as a companion. I was really hoping we would get serpent-like companion by now.
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