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  1. Wisp also makes great usage of Aero Vantage because of her passive, and while I do agree with your points I am trying not to derail this too much from a discussion about the lack a decent defensive ability for Vauban and the meme of a mine: vector pad.
  2. I feel that. Right now the hover mechanic makes her a sitting duck (no pun intended) unless you use it to move and even then the use vs cost is not compatible. I do hope she gets some attention as well.
  3. Yeah, I brought that up in my post. Because we have been asking for this for Vauban and they go ahead an plop it on a new frame. It is a bit of a slap in the face to Vauban players, not gunna lie.
  4. After the devstream it confirmed my fear that this new engineer frame would get the things we have been asking FOR YEARS for Vauban. Even before the rework we had all asked for deployables and a defensive and... both of those requests go to the new frame as DE ignores the request for Vauban. To top this all off, they give us Boost Pad 2.0 with Vector pad, which adds nothing to his kit. Please can we remover vector pad and get a defensive mine? It shouldn't be too much to ask, as you can obviously do it with another frame, so why not Vauban? Just give him a mine that is immobile and creates a nullifyer like shield (no it does turn off abilities) that has hp and decreases in size as it gets shot. After not taking damage it blows back up and last for the duration of his other mines, it's hp based on strength. This would work so much better for Vauban than those meme worthy vector pads. Please, please, please, DE, don't forget about Vauban.
  5. Would make more sense as an operator hairstyle. In any case, other games have used this hairstyle (Aion, BnS, etc.) and there is no problem. So if DE ever decided to then it would be possible.
  6. Ok, suggestion for a replacement of his current 3, the puddle. Instead of turning into a puddle he can cast a whirlpool that draws enemies under when they step on it, instead of him becoming one. This way can shoot into the whirlpool to damage the enemies inside and use it as a zoning tool. Just give it a reasonable duration and keep the scaling damage. But since that would remove his only defensive ability then I feel his two would have to be completely changed into a defensive. I think his one can work with a removal of the charge mechanic and fixes to the missiles getting stuck on geometry. His 4 needs better AI to seek enemies to be more useful. He needs a different passive as well, the current one just doesn't do anything useful at all.
  7. I really love seeing all of these ideas for Hydroid. Hopefully DE sees this and gives it some thought and helps out our favorite water boi.
  8. Trying to keep up with this one, didn't see your ideas but would be happy to read them. Sorry must have missed it the first time, my brain is working slow today. I probably need more caffeine.
  9. I also want to point out his lengthy charge time on abilities. Hydroid charging his 1 and 4 are quite long as compared to Vauban charging his 1 which happens rather quickly. Reducing the charge time might make the charge mechanic feel less clunky.
  10. Sounds similar to what I was thinking for Hydroid. Here is what I though would work well. Passive: Liquid Form - after casting an ability or exiting puddle Hydroid is immune to damage for 3 seconds. 1: Remover charge, but holding the ability lets you tag enemies. Tagged enemies will get hit with an initial barrage when the ability casts. 2: Allow quick tap to use the ability as normal, or hold down the ability to spend an additional x energy per second to continue in wave form and grow in size. 3: Increase puddle size the more enemies you trap within the puddle. 4: Add a final burst of damage when the ability finishes. This would add a bit more utility and be relativly easy to change.
  11. (Quoted hs0003 as we both have very similar issues and wanted to point that out.) Issues I have with Vauban 1) Tether Coil needs to be able to tether to more enemies, 2 is too low. 5 would be fine, or it could be affected by power strength. 2) Flechette Mine is lackluster. Sure, you can toss it in doorways and it does have a bit of a knock-back, but it really isn't amazing. Change it to slash and give it a status chance that is effected by power strength or something. 3) Why does Vector Pad exist? This is just reskinned bounce pad. It isn't useful in the slightest. Give Vauban a defensive mine, something that creates a protective dome or something. The boy needs defensive options, as there are enemies who cannot be CC'd and this mario kart speed pad ain't cutting it no matter how hard you try. 4) Why the hek is the cast animation so slow on Photon Strike when I have to wait for it to activate anyway? Speed up the cast animation and this one is fine. 5) Again, why is the cast speed so dang slow on Bastille/Vortex? Minor speed up on cast and it is good. If those things get fixed then Vauban would definitely be in a better place. I cannot comment on Ember because I don't really play her at all so I will let the other tenno comment on that one.
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