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  1. Oberon and Ash do not belong in high level Railjack reward tables. If Railjack really needs these Warframes in its reward tables, then they should be in the Earth and Venus Proxima regions. Players who are in a position to comfortably farm the higher level Railjack missions (e.g. Veil Proxima, Pluto Proxima) don't need Ash or Oberon. They most likely already have these Warframes or have better alternatives. Players who WOULD benefit from having Oberon or Ash aren't in a position to farm high level Railjack. It's just frustrating to everyone as they're getting non-evergreen rew
  2. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: Intended or exploit? Bonus Objective rewards are granted even on aborting mission, so long as objectives were completed. Bonus Objective spawns can be done quickly (~1 minute), then mission abort to dojo still grants reward. Not a cosmetic / visual bug. The rewards are actually granted. This affects both existing / old Grineer bonus objectives as well as new Corpus bonus objectives.) REPRODUCTION: Go do any mission, anywhere in the star chart, do the bonus objective, and then abort to dojo; it will show you the reward. It is actually awarded. EXPE
  3. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Mission objectives fail to spawn in if next mission is queued up before all bonus / mission completion rewards are displayed at the end of previous mission) REPRODUCTION: [R-9 Cloud node in Veil Proxima; after completing all objectives (including derilict node with infested), you can queue up the next mission before all bonus rewards have finished showing up] EXPECTED RESULT: [Rewards should be granted all at once, with pop ups cycling through them afterwards, much how rare resource pickups work at the moment; you will pick up multiple resources
  4. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Nautilus blueprint is not tradable, despite all other Nautilus parts being tradable & being acquired through the same RNG process (i.e. blueprint not purchased for credits from market) REPRODUCTION: [you can see this by going to your inventory (esc -> equipment -> inventory) and comparing the Nautilus components (Cerebrum, Chassis, Systems) against the blueprint, and seeing that they're marked as tradable, but the bp isn't. When trading with others (via clan dojo), bp does not appear as tradable item, but other components (flagged as tradable
  5. The new corpus crewships are obnoxious to deal with. Ordnance does not consistently hit all the shield generators in its AoE like it does with Grineer Crewships. The verticallity in Corpus Crewships is fine. It would be nice if the vertical pathways from top to bottom were slightly less cramped to allow the player to more freely traverse up & down (via means such as Nova's Wormhole, Zephyr's Tailwind, or even Valkyr's Ripline). Objective WP's in Railjack require you to be way too close to the objective to show up (Security Nodes prior to boarding capital ships are the most egregious o
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