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  1. CorerMaximus

    new AW-guns... maybe???

    How about this- automatic mini-rockets with large AoE damage and 50 round clips. Will it break the game? Probably. Will it be the most fun weapon to use? Absolutely. Alternatively- some form of an automatic beam weapon but with CRAZY range and beam radius- something you point towards a squad of enemies and even if they're 10-15m away from each other- boom- they're gone. Compensate for the damage by having the Tenno be only able to walk or be in operator mode to use.
  2. The rotating rewards from sorties a few years back to get new weapons (rare archgun with ammo that can only be obtained from standing) or warframes or something tied more thematically to the rest of the game such as resources or relic packs would be neat- I acknowledge I'm a minority when I say this- but for people who have arcanes and the platinum to not want to farm and trade them- the amp rewards and cosmetics don't feel that motivating at an initial glance. I understand they're quills, but perhaps an operator or void-energy powered archgun would be neat; even if it requires a 100,000 standing or something ridiculous.
  3. CorerMaximus

    Poor Poor Hystrix

    I legitimately believed that the Hystrix not damaging enemies was a bug; it's quite unfortunate if not.
  4. The ground archguns only follow and use Loadout A even if set to B (tried with all 8 mods on each loadout, 4 forma weapons) during the profit-taker fight and don't follow the set appearance slot- instead defaulting to A. When returning to Fortuna and having a squadmate restart the Profit-taker Quest 4 with the other members in the elevator- the other three members who did not start the quest cannot fast-forward the dialogue by pressing the LMB. Large ammo pads don't restore archgun ammo on the ground.
  5. CorerMaximus

    Mesa Prime Access is Live!

    It's a little early for an April Fool's joke folks... Seriously, now where are the real accessories? Like an awesome coat perhaps?
  6. CorerMaximus

    Bitwit Kyle included Warframe in his newest video! :D

    Moreso Corsair than Warframe. 😛 He didn't finish the introduction mission. See my post; got a small blurb going on in my OP explaining who Kyle is.
  7. To the unitiated- Kyle is one of the longstanding tech-YouTubers focusing on consumer PC hardware (CPUs, GPUs, PC cases, alternate format technology videos, etc.) who entered the scene through NewEgg, much like LinusTechTips did through NCIX. He branched off a few years back, and since then, he's grown to be one of (at least mine) go-to people for tech coverage alongside his 1.2 million subscribers. He recently uploaded a video, and guess which game made it into his coverage? Well, guess no more, just look at the thumbnail! 😄 Needless to say, this is awesome news, and hopefully the start of more coverage in reviews from other people in the space- namely Paul's Hardware, Gamers Nexus, LTT, and Jayz2Cents when including system benchmarks. (I mean, getting to a benchmarkable area would take hours, if not days though, and I doubt they'd have the patience to do so; I really hope they reach out for help when they need it 🙂)
  8. CorerMaximus

    Was fortuna worth the wait

    I fully expect no one to read this, but here we go- to kick it off- I feel part of why I feel what I do is because I'm bored and need to take a break. I have platinum, credits, resources, and much more to last for years worth of content, I'd pretty much lost all motivation outside of sorties and daily logins to keep playing. Fortuna bought us three new mechanical changes that could be bought over to the rest of the games- Kitguns, Moas, and perhaps K-Drives, alongside a few mods; the rest of the mechanics (bounties, fishing, skateboarding, resource sink debt-bonds, mining) were means to that end and were already done with PoE, they weren't "new". Not withstanding that, they were redesigned in a way to slow the pace of the game down in comparison to PoE- note how fishing in particular requires you to "zap" the fish after you throw the spear? Perhaps I was expecting too much, or was perhaps not excited enough when it launched, but I didn't find Fortuna fun per se; I already had god tier secondaries that Kitguns aren't able to reach with the same tier of rivens, grinding for K-Drive standing is a chore, and pet Moas can't even begin to compare with my 12,000+HP Kavat that triggers double resource procs and crit buffs. I don't mean to bring the mood down, sorry to anyone feeling a bit worse after reading this. Edit- I doubt I will be starting any new game though. Warframe's got me used to a level of transparency, communication, and balance/fairness that I have yet to see in another game, and honestly, part of the reason why I stop playing other games after a few hours. I'm probably going to take a break from gaming altogether for a few months, focus on my academic and professional life, and return back after a few months, hopefully with a new love for this game.
  9. CorerMaximus

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Every sniper rifle player simultaneously giggles in anticipation, while those with rivens yell out WHY ARE THESE FOOLS STILL BREATHING MY AIR!?
  10. TL;DR- Ticker's debt bonds are designed to be resource sinks; if you're having trouble farming rep and have acquired the rank of Old Mate- farm Synathid fish and trade them in for standing. Ticker's debt bonds can cost upwards of 3,000 oxium for 10x Advanced Debt bonds that in total yield 4,000 standing (10x 400). Needless to say, I've found myself blowing through upwards of 30k standing over the past two weeks since Fortuna debuted trying to get everything, and have begun to realize my deposits have been steadily falling, which became even more worrisome as I learned that my passively aquired stockpiles of resources, such as even Ferrite, are a pain to get again. I recently started fishing for Synathid fish for getting Ecosynth Analyzers, and they give S: 600, M: 800, L: 1000. Given most vets like me probably run with resource boosters and each fish takes about 6 seconds to snag, that's 3,000 oxium worth of standing at a bare minimum in 1 minute; it's broken. What I'm trying to get at is if you've climbed the ladder of Fortuna standing with debt bonds and can buy baits- STOP buying debt bonds and focus on fishing; or, if you know someone who has already unlocked Synathid bait, ask them for a taxi while they're fishing and offer to throw in dyes or something. Debt-bonds are a scary resource sink, and if you look at your stockpiles, you'll surely see a scary hit like I did.
  11. CorerMaximus

    Fortuna: Update 24.1.0 - TennoGen Round 14

    Seems like a buff on paper; how's it a nerf? I'm genuinely curious to understand the mechanics change on a greater level.
  12. CorerMaximus

    Fortuna: Update 24.1.0 - TennoGen Round 14

    The change to Pax Seeker appears to be a buff; can anyone confirm?
  13. CorerMaximus

    Almost no cave hotspots?

    If you aren't finding cave hotspots; restart your game- hotspots are tied to your entire session, and simply restarting the map won't affect things.
  14. CorerMaximus

    How do I catch Charamote fish?

    The slightly teal places inside caves with a bit of mist on top? Yep.
  15. CorerMaximus

    How do I catch Charamote fish?

    Title pretty much; I've used 9 bait, across all fish water in 3 wcaves in both hot and cold weather both before and after the update and haven't seen, let along caught even one Charamote fish. To anyone who has caught one; what did you do?