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  1. We have 9 integrated slots that's dropping to 8; can we fix this- have 12 or the 9 back? Losing out on a slot feels pretty harsh.
  2. SPOILERS AHEAD: READ WITH DESCRETION I usually breeze past Otak/ used to think of him as a silly NPC, but after hitting Rank 5, he says this, which really pulled in my heartstrings: Otak says: "I was damaged. Deimos damaged me. Deimos damages everything." I'm not sure- something about seeing a carefree, happy go lucky NPC say something sad like that, acknowledge his failure/ the fact that he, the system, the place he is in is not perfect, felt really sad and is not sitting right with me. I feel empty, hollow for some reason after hearing him say that. To that end- I'm wonde
  3. Title; posted this over on Reddit, thought I'd crosspost it here too. When customizing our Warframe's appearance, can we toggle to hide our weapons please? It's often impossible to see a Warframe's body when half of its being covered by a weapon, and allowing us to toggle weapons as being carried or not will be a really nice addition. As a side note, can the Lenz backpack be made optional? It really obstructs syndanas.
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