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  1. Maybe it has been a while, but I don't remember Ordis doing anything/ saying something that pulled on my heart strings as much as what Otak said.
  2. SPOILERS AHEAD: READ WITH DESCRETION I usually breeze past Otak/ used to think of him as a silly NPC, but after hitting Rank 5, he says this, which really pulled in my heartstrings: Otak says: "I was damaged. Deimos damaged me. Deimos damages everything." I'm not sure- something about seeing a carefree, happy go lucky NPC say something sad like that, acknowledge his failure/ the fact that he, the system, the place he is in is not perfect, felt really sad and is not sitting right with me. I feel empty, hollow for some reason after hearing him say that. To that end- I'm wonde
  3. Limbo bugs out the isolation vaults; the door sometimes does not open, or the limbo cannot enter the vault- getting it stuck on "Enter the Isoltion vault" to proceed to the t2/t3 bounties. Please fix.
  4. The game does not scale to 4K well; there is tons of empty space and on a 27" monitor- I need to physically move my head/eyes to take in information. If possible, please reduce the amount of horizontal space that the UI takes up, and increase the amount of vertical space. Note how far off the owned count is from the actual mod itself; I was used to the ribbon style and assumed I didn't have any. I need to physically move my eyes/head to look at the owned count. The UI scales way too much horizontally; it is once again hard to have my eyes scroll horizontally to pr
  5. Are the Scinithilian drop rates going to be addressed?
  6. What song is this in the background? I tried a google voice search but got niothing.
  7. As long as a certain someone isn't a part of this- I welcome this change! I honestly didn't feel safe playing Warframe knowing someone who can threaten players in-game and get away with it was a part of the program that DE spotlights around. Really curious to see how this shapes out.
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