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  1. Disappointed in the most to see no discussion around kuva liches, and the sentiment that RNG on ship parts are here to stay. I've been a huge proponent for Warframe at my University, social circles, and even at work- I'm known as that guy who is crazy about the game. Ever since empyrean released, I've had coworkers and friends approach me, asking, "Hey, how's the new Warframe update?", and my response since the past 2 weeks or so has been, I don't know, I've been on break BECAUSE of the new systems being added in.
  2. Holy hell- yes, yes, YES! All those suggestions are spot on!
  3. You couldn't have hit it closer to home. I'm a veteran player with well over 4,000 hours logged in, and the kuva lich system frankly feels like a spit in my face- it kills co-op, wastes my time (I've received the karak -> seer -> karak -> seer, with each taking over 2-3 hours to get), and DE's unwillingness to acknowledge these problems/ broken system and instead, release the Railjack ship-building module feels like the developers don't care anymore. That, coupled with DE's incessant need to "slow" down progression by constantly introducing new resources and gating aspects of the game feels like a departure from what I've loved about the game by introducing contrived roadblocks. I was honest to god hoping to spend time this Thanksgiving break playing Warframe with the rest of my clan, but at this point- I'm just frustrated. I don't feel valued or heard, and the new systems are outright not fun.
  4. As a veteran, I'm holding off playing any more Warframe until they implement a system to get rid of your Lich immediately. I've received a Karak, followed by a Seer, followed by a Karak, followed by a seer. I don't have a lot of time to play games anymore, and if I can't farm towards what I want, I might as well not farm at all.
  5. Holding off till this is introduced. As a veteran, I've pretty much told myself "NO" until pubs are viable again and I can throw my Lich away if they have the same weapon with the same stats I've had. The 3-4 hour process of ridding your Lich is too much, and Warframe is meant to be a co-op game, I refuse to play it solo.
  6. Engaging with any lich, regardless of whether you win or not, should count as 10 thralls; this would incentivize people to help others with their liches- currently; going pub has more against it than for it as there is no real benefit to helping others with defeating their liches aside from goodwill.
  7. Will there be an immunity period for riven changes to new weapons? It is really disheartening to spent thousands of platinum or kuva on a riven for a new weapon or one that has just been primed only to have it nerfed in 3 months or so. For context- almost every primary/secondary weapon that has been introduced or primed in the last year have had their dispositions reduced with each disposition change.
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