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  1. I was wanting to build a tool out of historic riven disposition data; and was wondering whether if there is a resource with historic data for the same? i.e.- how riven dispositions varied by weapon over time? I tried manually going through each update since 19.0.0 when they were introduced, but most of the descriptions for the earlier changes are really vague and just say "increased" or "decreased"; and when rivens were first introduced- the base or starting dispositions for weapons were never accounted for.
  2. Long story short- I bought a Tennocon ticket, but can't attend the event because of Visa complications 😞 If anyone is from Seattle, WA; and heading towards Tennocon- I was wondering whether you'd be open to buying some event exclusive stuff (pins, necklace only) and bringing it back for me? I'll pay you for it ofcourse, and will be eternally grateful for the same! Longer story + reason (feel free to ignore)- I'm an international student in the US who applied for OPT (post graduation work authorization) 3 months back. Until I get my OPT- international students are strongly recommended against leaving the US, from fear of being unable to return. I applied for the OPT, believing it would reach me well before Tennocon, but recent estimates put it as being as far as 1-5 weeks more out- aka- I won't get it before Tennocon the day after. This leaves me in a bit of a pickle, because, well, hey- I've been playing Warframe almost exclusive since the past 3-4 years now, and was really looking forward to getting to speak and engage with the team whose game has had a profound impact on me as a person; and scream my lungs out in excitement during Tennolive (like last year, except was hoping to do it actually at the event instead of my room). While I've all but given up on the hope of being able to meet the people who've made the game and interact with my fellow Tenno, I was really hoping to at the very least have some of the exclusive memorabilia/swag from the event. To that end, I'm posting this here, in hopes that a Tenno who can make it to the event can buy it on my behalf and help me have a souvenir of happiness to place in my room. Thanks for reading!
  3. It's a little early for an April Fool's joke folks... Seriously, now where are the real accessories? Like an awesome coat perhaps?
  4. Every sniper rifle player simultaneously giggles in anticipation, while those with rivens yell out WHY ARE THESE FOOLS STILL BREATHING MY AIR!?
  5. Seems like a buff on paper; how's it a nerf? I'm genuinely curious to understand the mechanics change on a greater level.
  6. The change to Pax Seeker appears to be a buff; can anyone confirm?
  7. Hmm... Don't see too many Saturday hotfixes; thanks for the update folks! 🙂
  8. Bounty standing is still not fixed- if you're maxed out your standing with the Solaris for the day and do a bounty- your standing doesn't increase. For the regular syndicates like Arbiters and Suda, doing their missions still gives us standing- can this be fixed please?
  9. I know words don't do my feelings justice, but while the game is still downloading, I wanted to take a moment and appreciate all the work you folks at Digital Extremes has put into this. The sheer amount of effort, commitment, and love the team has put into makes me proud to be a part of this community and has made the game inarguably one with not just the best community, amount of content, etc., but also one with the best development team behind it and to that and- thank you everyone at Digital Extremes.
  10. Thank you Digital Extremes- thank you for making, supporting, and contuning to be fair with Warframe. I've been playing this game since 3 years, and the sheer amount of content that's been added is a spectacle to how much you folks care- and we, both me and my fellow players see this. With 4,000 hours and several people having met several people I call friends, and countless more who've been nothing short of nice, open, and mature- thank you for making Warframe, a testment to not just a great game, but great community and developers too.
  11. No... Freaking... Way... Tomorrow's by 22nd Birthday- if this actually lands tomorrow, guess who is going to be screaming with absolute manical laughter in the middle of their 100+ people lecture hall when this lands. Edit- (talking to DE) you guys have my passport information- check it if you don't believe me, haha. EDIT- I FU*KING LOVE ALL OF YOU SO FREAKING MUCH! I DON'T CARE IF THIS IS IN ALL CAPS- YOU GUYS ROCK! I WANT TO BEAR HUG ALL OF YOU SO MUCH! WARFRAME'S THE BEST FREAKING GAME OUT THERE, AND BY GEORGE I'M EXCITED AS ALL HELL! HELL YES!!! I'M MORE EXCITED ABOUT THIS UPDATE THAN MY BIRTHDAY- SCREW MY BIRTHDAY! WARFRAAAAMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
  12. Alright, probably just me, but I hope it is something absolutely ridiculous- like 100 million credits, 10,000 ducats ridiculous, and only available for this momentous day never to be seen again (not even at Tennocon). But then again, I have a gut feeling it is going to be something like Primed Streamline or Stretch (considering all that jazz a few months back), Primed Blunderbuss (extremely possible since we already have a primed CD variant), or, if I can dream, a Primed Rubedo-Lined Barrel (archwing base damage), or something that I'm less confident in but equally fun- a new cosmetic, Prisma Angstrum; and if we're going bats**t cr@zy here- Akeuphonia Prime (DE pls ;_;), or Prisma Aktonkor Prime (seriously, I'd drop 10,000 plat, farm non-stop for 1 billion credits, and sell myself to Nef Anyo till I got 1 million ducats for this beauty).
  13. Kinda off topic, but its my birthday IRL on the 11th (wow, didn't even notice it until I checked the calendar to see possible dates for the update); a part of me doesn't want to wait till then, but on the other hand- having the update come out on my Birthday would be a return to form/Warframe for me, so I'll be shut in my room on my Birthday playing the one thing I've grown to love over the last 3 years :3 ❤️ Edit- speaking of Birthdays, happy Birthday Reb! 😄
  14. Feedback: * If we're getting rivens- can we also get an increase to riven slots please? As a veteran playing sorties daily, by the sheer stroke of RNG- I have several good/god rivens that I don't want to dissolve- if we're getting more avenues of obtaining rivens now- I strongly believe the cap should be increased to 120-150 slots. * Rotation A seems a bit... unrewarding. At a 1,000 days, your account is pretty much that of a veteran- so you pretty much have weapons, platinum for exilus, and forma. I'd like to see B introduced twice rather than getting A. Other than that- B and C seem great! 😄 I mean, even with a booster, most people are looking at 10,000kuva/hour- so 50k saves about 5 hours of farming- so that's pretty handy.
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