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  1. How did you check this? To the best of my knowledge- it shouldn't be possible to pull up the profile for someone who is offline?
  2. Yep- I would rather not have a mod in the game, than a bad mod that I grinded for almost an half an hour for that's taking up a mod slot and serves little to no purpose.
  3. Necramech Rebuke: Electrifies enemies within 20m for 3s and dealing 300 Electricity Damage when shields are depleted. 10s cooldown. It does too little damage, doesn't CC enemies (many enemies kept attacking me even after getting procced) at 9 cost. It's a bit pointless- and really needs to be buffed quite considerably.
  4. When people ask me- why have I stopped playing Warframe after investing four figures and over five years of my life into the game- it's this. No one's even acknowledging the above texture changes; we don't know if it is being looked at, or whether it's intentional or not. I've invested so much time- either getting equipment, rivens, making builds (testing/ forma), and buying skins- and the uncertainty as to whether my effort would have been for nothing in a few weeks has honestly been enough to turn me away from this game, for dare I say- good.
  5. SPOILERS AHEAD: READ WITH DESCRETION I usually breeze past Otak/ used to think of him as a silly NPC, but after hitting Rank 5, he says this, which really pulled in my heartstrings: Otak says: "I was damaged. Deimos damaged me. Deimos damages everything." I'm not sure- something about seeing a carefree, happy go lucky NPC say something sad like that, acknowledge his failure/ the fact that he, the system, the place he is in is not perfect, felt really sad and is not sitting right with me. I feel empty, hollow for some reason after hearing him say that. To that end- I'm wonde
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