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  1. I had 5 or 6 syndicate missions before the reset, had to do 10 to complete the challenge, but I did get the points. If you've done everything so far, you should be at rank 25 + 6000.
  2. Any challenges you already completed don't give standing again, so you don't have to waste another forma. But if you had 6 out of 10 syndicate missions, you'll have to do them again undortunately.
  3. Had the same issue. The cache is under the floor. Is there a secret room there?
  4. I did an infested rescue kuva flood, and I tripped the alarm (actually, I think it was celestial twin). I found the operative and then went into cloud walker and rushed to the exit, so I don't think I or celestial twin killed any guards, but if I'm not mistaken, there are no wardens in infested rescue. (Ticket 1949823 if you want to look at the logs.) I just did a regular infested rescue, and I got a cosmic specter, the highest tier reward, while doing a stealth rescue, but not killing any enemies, including any guards, which would normally be required to get the cosmic specter. So it seems infested rescue doesn't have wardens, and you automatically get the "killed all wardens" bonus, so you can't get the lowest tier rewards, and your workaround is not possible on infested rescue kuva floods.
  5. I completed a Kuva Flood (as client, joined the mission late), and did not get a requiem relic.
  6. Zylok is an event reward weapon. All event reward weapons were made tradable once they were added to Baro's inventory, with the exception of the last two, Ignis Wraith (but nobody cares outside of Switch, because you can trade the BP) and the Zylok.
  7. First, Mot is bad for farming the unvaulted relics. The bounties are far better for that, but if you don't want to do that, Marduk is also much better. In an hour of Mot, you get 3 C rotations with a 11.11% chance of getting an Axi A6. That's a 29.76% chance of getting at least one Axi A6 (1-(1-0.1111)^3). If you were to do Hieracon, you could do 48 excavators in an hour, which is 12 C rotations, with a 11.06% chance of getting an Axi A6. That's a 75% chance of getting at least one Axi A6 (1-(1-0.1106)^12). If for some reason you don't want to do bounties to get the unvaulted relics, Marduk is the best, since you can do it under 5 minutes, with a 5.88% chance of getting an Axi A6. So if you can do 12 runs in an hour, that's 51.67% chance for an Axi A6 (1-(1-0.0588)^12).
  8. Xini is bugged and doesn't drop Axi A6 in rotation B (it has two Axi P2 instead). That makes it significantly worse than Hieracon. Hieracon is the best place to farm it, just get a good squad, split up and do two excavators at the same time. Olympus, Mars is also good if you're bored of excavation, but it's less efficient than Hieracon.
  9. How can it be "still" ever other round when it was every round before the patch?
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