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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  2. After this hotfix, returning to the drydock after a railjack mission causes the game to completely hang for about a minute.
  3. Yes, it seems the last pet you activated keeps roaming even if you switch to a loadout without a pet and even if you pick a sentinel or a moa in that loadout later. So if only the roaming pet loses loyalty, you could prevent loyalty loss in your kubrows by activating a kavat last.
  4. If you have the nutrio upgrade segment, it disables DNA degradation completely. My kubrows didn't lose loyalty since yesterday. I think not having a kubrow or kavat in your active loadout (edit: or in any loadout) prevents the loss of dna integrity and loyalty, but I can only test loyalty since I have the upgrade. Edit: I've put my Sahasa in one of my loadouts and Sunika in another, and now the Sunika is roaming in my ship and using the incubator allows me to see its stats. Switching to the loadout with Sahasa causes it to roam the ship, but the incubator shows me Sunika's stats. After a mission or relogging, it reverts to showing Sunika roaming, even though the Sahasa loadout is selected. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see which one's loyalty goes down, but I suspect it'll only be Sunika, since that one seems to count as being out of stasis.
  5. The drop chance being 11.11% means that you have an 11.11% chance of getting it every time, not that it will drop in 11.11% of your runs. You have a 90.5% probability of getting it in 20 tries. You were unlucky.
  6. warframe.com/droptables Velox's blueprint can be bought from the market. Velox parts drop from the first two granum voids, Stahlta and Stropha parts drop from all three.
  7. Unlikely. Usually there's at least a week of downtime, and she said "later in May" Edit: A week or two.
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